Chapter 1: Such a Bum – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Kris, pour out our feet-washing water.”

Two women were sitting on the sofa, who had just finished their foot bath. They were now lazily leaning on the couch, gorgeous and beautiful.

The two were Kris’s wife and her best friend.

Hearing his wife’s words, Kris bent down and poured out the water, not daring to have any complaints. He was not rich or powerful than his wife, so he had to obey.

After two years of marriage, he had no status in the family at all.

His wife and mother-in-law often yelled at him for trivial things, and if he dared to answer back, he would be thrown out of the house.

In this family, Kris’s status was not even as good as a dog.

Two years’ marriage to Mary Su, he hadn’t even touched her hand! Every day, Kris could only sleep on the floor, because Mary not only hated him but also despised him from the bottom of her heart, thinking that he was not like a man!

Laundry, cooking, and cleaning up the house were Kris’s daily work. He also needed to prepare three meals for a day on time.

A few days ago, he accidentally added a little more salt to the food, and his wife scolded him like a son for half an hour.

One night, Kris coughed, which woke Mary up. She directly kicked him to the ground and told him to get out of the room.

That day was their first wedding anniversary, but there was no candlelight dinner or love! That kick also made Kris know the fact—they had no love at all.

Two years had passed, and Kris had already gotten used to this kind of life.

The only reason for this kind of life was that he was poor, so that he married into the bride’s family, receiving no respect.

The most painful thing was that after more than two years of getting along with each other, he had fallen in love with Mary, who never showed any respect to him and always called him a loser!

“Is this Stockholm syndrome?” Kris laughed at himself.

From the most prestigious family in Jiangnan, as the Young Master of the Chen family, he was reduced to need to beg for pity from a woman. What a great irony.

Two years ago, Kris used twenty million dollars to buy fifteen percent of the shares of Jiangnan Energy Group.

At that time, hundreds of people in Chen’s family accused Kris, saying that he lost the family’s money because of investment, or he used the money to make false accounts.

Others said that he had ill intentions to misappropriate family funds for personal enrichment. With the unanimous consent of the family, Kris was expelled from the family. Even his parents were expelled from the family and removed from the genealogy!

In these two years, Kris experienced humanity. His friends used to be close, all stayed away from him. Having been expelled from his family and without a penny on him, Kris, in order to survive, could only choose to be a bridegroom like this!

Even the wife didn’t know the cause of the marriage. “Mary, how obedient is your husband!” Mina Li, her best friend, said. Mary sneered, “Obedient? I’m sick of seeing him. Everyone else is married to the rich second or third generation, but it’s my bad luck to marry such a loser. Look at his poor face; he looks like a hick. Tomorrow is Su family’s annual meeting, and it’s shameful to take him there.”

Mina looked at Kris, and she agreed with Mary saying so. He was really shabby in those cheap clothes. Mina didn’t want to answer Mary, so she laughed and skipped the topic, “Mary, family shame, let’s not talk about him. I’ve heard that your company had some problems recently?”

Mary nodded and said, “We have invested in two restaurants in the past two months and lost several million dollars. Now the company is having capital operation problems, needing eight million dollars. If we don’t find an investor within a week, we will have to sell the company’s other property.”

Mina looked worriedly, “Eight million? This is not a small amount of money. Who would take so much money to support you.”

Mary didn’t answer but turned to stare at Kris, who was eavesdropping, “Kris, what are you doing here? Get your ass out there and wash my clothes.” “And my dress, in my lockbox,” Mina said.

Hearing this, Kris put the clothes into the washing machine. Thinking about the high school reunion tomorrow, he washed his clothes as well.

As soon as he put the clothes inside the machine, his phone rang. It was a text message.

138**** 8888, after counting the end numbers, he found there were a total nine eight. Wasn’t this from Chen’s family? Kris read the message, and he was stunned.

“Young Master, please help the Chen family. The Chen family’s financial chain is broken, and we need your support!”

Wasn’t it funny to turn to me for help? Two years ago, the family kicked me out. Now I got nothing. Why me?

Kris frowned, and his phone rang again. This time it was not a text message, but a call.

Kris then answered it.

Before he could say anything, the urgent voice of the housekeeper was heard on the phone, “Young Master, I beg you to help the family. Two years ago, you bought the share of Jiangnan Energy, which have now multiplied many times, please… If you don’t help the family, the family will go bankrupt!”

“F*ck, what did you say?”

Kris almost threw his phone out. He hung up and searched through the closet for a long time, finally finding a black bank card in a corner. This card had been forgotten since he joined the Tang family, and now it had been two years.

This card was applied when he was still in the Chen family, which was a symbol of status. Each card had 24-hour exclusive customer service. He hurriedly took out his phone and dialed the customer service directly!

“Hello, Mr. Chen. Welcome to call the 24-hour personal assistant. How can I help you?” A sweet female voice came over the phone.

“Please, check my balance for me.”

“Yes, please hold on.” The personal assistant said slowly.

It was just a few seconds before the assistant said again, “Mr. Chen, the balance is large, beyond my authority. Please bring your ID card and go to the bank’s VIP window to inquire.”

Before she finished speaking, Kris hung up the phone! At this point, his brain was in a total mess, and his heart was pounding furiously as if it would jump out of his chest in the next moment.

The number was too large, beyond access! Ha! Two years, two years! Two years ago, he had been expelled from the family because of this investment. Still, two years later, this investment had given him such a big surprise! So, what he wanted to know now was how much money is in this card!

“Mary, look at Kris, calling to check his balance!” Mina couldn’t help but laugh and said. Mary shook her head and laughed, “I give him two hundred pocket money every day, and he’s saved quite a bit of money for two years.”

“Mary, just see him like a dog.” Mina finished her words, and the two women laughed together.

Kris excitedly ran over and looked at his wife, “The eight million that the company desperately needs, how about letting me help you?”

“Ha, ha…” Mina laughed so hard that her belly hurt, and she looked at Kris and said, “Kris, do you know how much eight million is? Mary only gives you two hundred dollars a day, and if you can bring eight million dollars, I’ll suck your dick.”

“Seriously?” Kris smiled stupidly, “Then remember your words!”

At this time, Mary finally couldn’t help it. It’s not even enough to be poor in general, but now he was still bragging in front of her best friend. Mud does not hold the wall. She impatiently waved her hand, “You quickly get lost and go make up the bed. Don’t mess around here.”

Kris said ‘yes’ and turned around to leave.

That night, Kris was so excited that he couldn’t sleep. This sudden good news was like a dream. Tomorrow, he must personally go to the bank and check the balance!

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