Chapter 100: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 100 Can you be responsible for the Lee family?

“How are you now? Are you better?”

“I feel better, and I should be able to leave the hospital at night.”

“Just now your mother called me and said Lord Lee asked our family to go back to the family dinner.”

“Family dinner?” Colin Ward was shocked. “Should I need to go too?”

“Yeah.” Doris Lee said, “I will come to the hospital to pick you up then!”

“Okay.” Colin Ward replied, then hung up.

Family dinner?

Colin Ward shook his head and smiled, but Lord Lee couldn’t keep his face any more.

In Lord Lee’s room at Li family’s villa.

Lord Lee sighed, “I know it’s all my fault…”

“Dad, since it has happened, this is just adding sadness to you.” Webb Lee said seriously.

“No, it’s my fault. If it weren’t for me, my family wouldn’t suffer with me now. This was originally my fault, but it affected the entire family.”

“Dad, don’t say that. The Li family was created by you. Without you, our family would not have what it was today…”

The hard work of Lord Lee made the life of the Lee family much easier, but because of Lord Lee, they were about to return to their previous life in an instant.

Lord Lee sighed again, “Okay, don’t say anything.”

This was also a decision he had to make. Deep down in his heart, he didn’t even bother to admit Baker Lee as his son!

In the evening, Doris Lee picked Colin Ward from the hospital, went home and changed his clothes, and then drove to the Li family villa.

After arriving, Doris Lee sat in her seat and did not get out of the car.

Colin Ward asked, “Are you nervous? Or don’t you know how to deal with it?”

Doris Lee pursed her lips, “Both!”

Not long ago, she was the project leader and Lee group’s general manager, bringing the Li family together to make money. Now, Baker Lee had been suppressing Lee group, and her position had become awkward. And she didn’t know how to face Lord Lee.

Colin Ward took Doris Lee’s hand and said softly, “Don’t worry. The development of things doesn’t depend on your will, you just need to be yourself.”

Doris Lee replied, “By the way, why have I never heard my dad mention my grandma?”

With this, Colin Ward sighed, “Your grandma is the deepest and most painful scar in your father’s heart. He probably doesn’t want to expose him to others!”

Doris Lee nodded, and it was true.

Then they got out of the car one after another and walked to the villa.

However, when they were about to go in, they were seen by Fox Lee who walked out, and Fox Lee immediately stopped them.

“Colin Ward, Doris Lee? Do you dare to come here?” Fox Lee was surprised at their arrival. At the same time, he felt more disgusted with them.

Doris Lee did not speak, and Colin Ward faintly replied, “Lord Lee asked us here.”

“Bah!” Fox Lee remained suspicious. “You are the one who caused our Li family to be so downhearted. How could Grandpa let you come? It’s a sign of mercy that we didn’t beat you up!”

Doris Lee bit his lip, feeling a little angry. He clearly knew why the Li family became the way it was now, and he said that to them. He did this on purpose. But if she repeat this reason, Fox Lee would definitely feel more annoyed, right?

Colin Ward glanced at Fox Lee faintly, “Why don’t you become smarter? You are such a stupid dog!”

“What are you talking about?” Fox Lee glared at Colin Ward angrily. “You dare to call me a dog?”

“Did I specifically refer to someone?” Colin Ward blinked innocently. “Oh, if you say that, then that person might be you!”

“Colin Ward!” Fox Lee gritted his teeth. “You fucking dare to scold me?”

The way Colin Ward saw Fox Lee seemed to regard him as a mentally retarded one. He shook his head helplessly, and then said to Doris Lee, “Doris, let’s go in, lest we get infected by him.”

Doris Lee replied, not quite sure what the infection might be. But she still followed Colin Ward inside.

How could Fox Lee give up easily after being scolded by Colin Ward?

So Fox Lee stepped forward and stretched out his hands to stop him, “You are not allowed to go in! You are not welcome here, get out of here!”

They stopped. Doris Lee reminded again, “Grandpa really asked us to come.”

“Bah!” Fox Lee said in disgust. “Do you also call him name Grandpa? Do you have this qualification? Grandpa doesn’t recognize your family at all, you are all bastard!”


Colin Ward slapped Fox Lee with a direct backhand.

Fox Lee could scold him, but he couldn’t scold Doris Lee.

Fox Lee covered his face with his hands and looked at Colin Ward angrily, “Colin Ward, you dare to slap me? Wait and see!”

“You made Li family have no money to earn. Everyone in the Li family wants to kill you. I will ask someone to come over and kill you now!”

Colin Ward didn’t feel fearful, “I advise you to ask your grandpa, otherwise, your fate will only be worse!”

“Do you think that I will believe it if you say so?” Fox Lee still didn’t believe that Lord Li would invite the man who caused them to go bankrupt.

Colin Ward took Doris Lee and continued to ask, “Are you really not letting us in?”

“I will never let you in!” Fox Lee said viciously.

Colin Ward nodded, “Okay, then I’ll go back with Doris Lee. Anyway, you didn’t let us in in the end.”

With this, Doris Lee followed Colin Ward and walked outside.

Fox Lee was a little surprised by this. He thought the two would still stay here and not leave. Then he had the opportunity to call someone to beat them, but now they were leaving like this?

At this time, another car parked outside the villa.

Baker Lee and Eva Gray got out of the car.

Fox Lee showed a gloomy expression when he saw them, and quickly walked over.

“Why are your family so brazen? You stick to us like garbage!”

Colin Ward and Doris Lee stepped up to greet Baker Lee and Eva Gray, and then briefly talked about the situation.

Baker Lee frowned. “He means we can never go in, right?”

“What are you guys? Is the Li family’s villa a place where you can come easily?” Fox Lee said disdainfully.

With this, Eva Gray said angrily, “He is your elder, how did you talk to him in this way?”

“Elder?” Fox Lee sneered disdainfully. “Did my grandfather recognize him? Did the Lee family recognize him?”

Eva Gray wanted to say something angrily, but was stopped by Baker Lee.

“I will ask you one last time.” Baker Lee said flatly, “Can you be responsible for the Lee family?”

“Nonsense!” Fox Lee snorted coldly, “I am my grandfather’s most beloved grandson. In the future, the entire Lee family will be mine. Of course I can be responsible for this!”

“Okay, I see.” Baker Lee nodded, pulled Eva Gray around and drove away with Colin Ward and Doris Lee respectively.

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