Chapter 101 – 102: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 101: The outing party

Hearing what Kris Chen said, Mary Su smiled sweetly and pulled him to buy some clothes.

Mary originally wanted to buy him a suit, but Kris had been wearing looser clothing during these two years; of course, he feels uncomfortable wearing a suit.

Finally, at his urging, Mary chose two sets of high-end casual clothes for him.

It turned out that it’s much more comfortable to wear casual clothes.

Kris felt relieved, and when he’s just about to pay for it, he was stopped by Mary.

“I haven’t bought clothes for you since we got married. Let me pay for you, please,” Mary said with a smile.

Kris felt the warmth, and it suddenly occurred to him that they are becoming like the real couple. Next day in the morning, Cao Family sent a car to pick them up.

Cao Family is just a second-class family in Westriver City, but more famous than Su Family. The cars they sent were all Mercedes-Benz RVs. Dozens of RVs lining up looked really snatched.

Mary wore light make up to join the outing party. On her neck was the necklace called “Heavenly City”. And she’s clothed in a flowered dress, which made her even more impressive.

Especially her jade-like slander legs exposed, most men were attracted by them.

After a few hours, the car arrived at their destination-Xiluo Bay.

Xiluo Bay is one of the most famous bays in Westriver City. However, perhaps because of it was invested privately, it is out of bounds to the public and refuses to serve the ordinary tourists.

Sea can be seen everywhere, but Xiluo Bay is the only Bayin Westriver city.

People who come here on vacation are the most wealthy and respectable ones. They don’t care how much they have to pay for this. They just want a quiet and cozy environment, which is exactly what Xiluo Bay is.

When they got to the relaxed area, people from other families also came.

People sent by other families were all the younger generation. After all, it’s time for the elderly to step aside. These young people are going to take over their family business anyway.

And this is a good chance for them to communicate with other family’s youngsters. It might help them a lot in the future.

As soon as Kris got off the car, he saw a group of people was sitting there, chatting, and laughing.

He looked carefully and found that he knew some of them.

Hai Su and Yu Su from Su Family, Fei Yu from Yu Family, and others Kris didn’t know their names.

Seeing Mary and Kris came, they all stood up and greeted.

Especially those men, they couldn’t move their eyes from Mary.

With blossom-like face and jade-like skin, Mary was so brilliant.

Su Family is just a third-class family, but there are a few beautiful women in the family. Yu Su and Mary Su were undoubtedly the most beautiful ones among all the women there.

Hai was still staring at Mary coldly. Now Mary has become the company president, but Hai has never changed his perspective of Kris. He still regarded Kris as the low-status son-in-law of the Su Family, who couldn’t even compare with a servant.

Kris came over, Hai couldn’t help teasing him: “Wow, it’s unbelievable that you didn’t wear your shabby clothes.”

The words fell, people around there all laughed.

Though Kris is good at fighting, Hai knew Kris couldn’t do anything to him with so many people around.

Making sure that Kris won’t hit him, Hai became more unscrupulous.

“Hai, isn’t he your brother-in-law?”

“Don’t say that. He’s just a flatterer of our family.”

“A flatterer?” One of the other family’s successors said curiously: “Since he’s low-status, what is he doing here?”

“He should thank Mary, who brought him here, or he’ll never get the chance to come to this kind of place.”

People all laughed at hearing this.

Kris laughed contemptuously without saying a word.

Since he has promised to Mary that he won’t say anything, he’ll not break his promise. Besides, if you are bitten by a dog, you can’t bite it back, can you?

However, Hai’s words enraged Mary. She said coldly: “Hai, don’t you forget your identity as a family member. What you did is insulting our family.”

Then Yu, who’s standing nearby, came to the rescue and said: “Stop it, please. You shouldn’t accuse your own families.”

So many successors of other families were at present, and Mary was the one being insulted when Hai embarrassed Kris. Besides, she is the president of Su Family’s company now, isn’t Hai insulting Mary?

Most importantly, they are from the same family, which made things worse.

Hai curled his lips scornfully and walked away without saying anything.

Right then, a young man in a casual suit walked to Mary with a smile on his face, he reached out his hand and said: “Nice to meet you, Miss.Su. My name is Shen Chu, I’m the second son of the Chu Family. I’ve always admired you so much. It’s my privilege to see your impressive face today.”

Hearing what the man said, Kris felt kind of uncomfortable.

But isn’t his name too funny?

Shen Chu…

Doesn’t it sound like Sheng Chu? (“Cattle” In Chinese)

Thinking of this, Kris couldn’t help laughing. How could Shen’s parents give him such a ridiculous name?

“What’re you laughing about? Is my self-introduction so funny?”

Shen heard Kris laughing and got furious at once. He pointed at Kris’s nose and shouted. Damn it! How could such a beautiful woman get married to a failure like Kris? Though they’re not the real couple, Shen felt angry.

Shen always looked down upon Kris, now Kris laughed at him when he’s introducing himself, he got furious immediately: “Don’t you dare laugh again. I’m gonna rip your mouth off. Where’s the funny part of my self-introduction? You tell me.”

“No, it’s good. Your self-introduction is great.” Kris was trying hard not no burst out laughing: “And your name is even better than your self-introduction.”

Hearing his words, people there all froze, then they tried to read Shen’s name silently.

Shen Chu… Shen Chu… Sheng Chu? Simultaneously, the word came to their minds. They were staring at each other, they wanted to laugh, but they couldn’t. The expression on their faces was really weird. Obviously, they were trying to suppress their smile.

“Fuck you.”

Shen certainly knew what they were thinking, he cursed in rage and rushed to Kris to beat him.

At this moment, Mary blocked his way and said: “Mr. Chu, it’s just a joke, you don’t need to take it seriously, do you?”

“Of course. You’re right.” Hearing what Mary said, Shen’s anger dissipated in a second, he acted as nothing happened earlier.

He smiled and reached out his hand, trying to shake hands with Mary, “Mary, you are my goddess. Can I call you a goddess?”

If someone likes humiliating others so much, then he should be humiliated by everyone.

When Hai was ridiculing Kris, Shen also echoed and humiliated him. It seemed that he really enjoyed this. Kris felt not guilty at all to fight him back.

What’s more, Shen tried to flirt with Mary in front of her husband, isn’t he humiliating Kris in another way?

When Shen reached out his hand for the second time, Mary just smiled and used four of her fingers to shake hands with him, then she stepped back behind Kris. Her beautiful gesture made everyone speechless.

As soon as Shen touched Mary’s jade-like hand, she pulled back. Shen didn’t even have the chance to feel the warmth of her skin.

He felt a bit depressed, right then, he looked at the other side and became excited again.

Not far away from them, two beauties got off the car.

They were no one but Lan Yu and Xiaorou Xu.

No sooner did they get off than others noticed them. They couldn’t help but exclaim.

The two women are not less incredible than Mary is.

The moment they showed up, they have become the focus of everyone.

One of them is the well-known pushy beauty in Westriver City. The other is the Xu Family’s highborn daughter, it’s difficult for them not to be noticed.

Today, Lan has taken off her uniform. Also, she didn’t wear casual clothes. To everyone’s surprise, she was wearing a dress. Despite the conservative style, it didn’t cover her good looks at all.

Most of the men were stunned. Because Lan always wears the policewoman uniform instead of the dress. It’s the first time she’s wearing a dress in public.

Kris froze for a while. This woman is really conservative. The night before yesterday, it suddenly occurred when she was wearing a conservative-style gown but failed to hide her slim figure. Although he just caught a glimpse of her, but she looked really enticing.

Xiaorou was in a rose-colored dress, her hair was behind her ears, she looked so mild and elegant

The moment two women showed up, the atmosphere became cheerful.

Xiaorou was still a single woman, which stirred up every man there. They’ve made up their minds to behave themselves in front of this beauty.

Chapter 102: Competition

However, Xiaorou Xu ignored them directly and walked straight to Kris Chen. She greeted him delightedly, “Kris, you’re here too.”

Yet when she saw Mary Su standing beside Kris Chen closely, she still felt lost.

Lan Yu also came over and said to Kris with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to come.”

Lan Yu was somewhat curious when she saw Kris. The Cao family’s family gathering has been held every year, yet she didn’t know Kris at that time, so she never thought he’d be there this year.

“Well, I come along to broaden my horizon.”

Kris nodded with a smile.

However, the people around them were stunned.

What the hell?

How do the lady of the Xu family and officer Yu, the beauty know this loser? And they have a good relationship when listened to their communication.

This made them jealous.

Shit, they hadn’t even spoken to the beauties yet, but beauties walked over to talk to this useless son-in-law who was standing still. How could they stand it?

The jealousy in their eyes was about to spill out. And Bao Cao’s face was even more ugly. His fiancée didn’t come to talk to him as soon as she got off the car but actually went to look for another man. Wasn’t that embarrassing him?

Let alone this man was Kris.

Thinking about the previous feud between him and Kris in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, Bao Cao felt even more uncomfortable as he walked over to Lan Yu and said with a sneer, “Lan, it’s nothing new, he can only participate in this outing thanks to his wife. Otherwise, he’ll never be able to attend upper-class activities on his own even in his next life.”

His words were filled with arrogance as well as contempt as if he was so lofty and mighty.

Oh my god, it’s so funny.

As soon as Bao Cao’s words were spoken, people around him laughed out loud, all of them were glancing at Kris with ridicule in their eyes, and they didn’t conceal it at all.

“Bao Cao, how can you say that?”

Lan’s face changed slightly. Bao wouldn’t still be here so securely without Kris. He would have been killed by the Sun-Moon Holy Cult long ago.

Bao couldn’t slander Kris because of that.

“Lan, are you my fiancée or his fiancée? How can you always speak for this guy?” Bao said with discontent.

A hint of panic flashed in Lan’s eyes, “What are you talking about? We’re all here to have fun, I just don’t want to be affected, I’m not going to take part in this outing if you keep acting like this.”

“Don’t, Lan, I won’t say anything more about him, okay?” Bao’s tone softened when he saw that Lan said that she wanted to leave.

However, although he said so, that was not what he was thinking.

Fuck you, Kris, small trash also dared to come to the upper-class people’s outing, see how I would make you look ugly later on.

Just at this time, a middle-aged man in a suit with few white hairs came over with a microphone, “Haha, sorry to let everyone wait for so long. And I’m honored that everyone would attend to this gathering.”

This man was Bao Cao’s father, Zhengliang Cao, the Patriarch of the Cao family, and the initiator of this gathering.

Zhengliang Cao cleared his throat, looked around, and saw the gallant and vibrant faces in the crowd. He said with a smile, “There are a lot of new faces today, and people at the party are getting younger, which means the younger generation is stronger. And every one of you is an outstanding young man from your family. I hope you can have a good time and exchange ideas at this outing. As for the rules, I’m not going to say much. If anyone doesn’t know, just ask your surroundings. I’ll just say one thing, everyone must pay attention to your own safety.”

Saying that, Zhengliang continued, “Unlike previous outings, this time we are here in Xiluo Bay, so I prepared a lot of fishing tackle for everyone, it’s up to your ability whether you can fill your bellies or not later on.”

Interestingly, this time you actually have to make your own food. You would bring a bunch of ingredients, and the chef would cook it in previous years.

However, this also brought a lot of fun. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to catch the fish yourself and cook it on the grill?

“Let’s go!”

After Zhengliang said that, everyone went to grab fishing tackle eagerly and then headed to the beach.

There were quite a few beauties from other families who had changed into bikinis, put on sunglasses and sunscreen, they were ready to enjoy a good sunbath.

However, no one forgot that the theme of this gathering was still making friends and socializing.

Many people gathered in groups holding wine glasses, chatting, and exchanging business cards.

Of course, there were also some weird ones.

Like Bao, Hai Su, and Shen Chu, they were constantly mocking Kris, and they would almost make use of every opportunity to elaborate their disdain for Kris wherever they went.

Of course, all about how Kris could only rely on a woman and how useless he was.

Seeing quite a few people pointing fingers at him, although Kris wasn’t seemed to be bothered, he was a bit annoyed indeed.

Fuck it, were these people sick?

Kris was also irritated.

He looked at how Bao pointed at him while he burst his sides with laughter. That man was so mean.

He so regretted that he should not rescue this guy at the Sun-Moon Holy Cult no matter how harder Lan begged him.

After they got tired of chatting and saw a scenic trail which was not far from the center of the Bay, someone suggested, “It’s so crowded, why don’t we go to the beach and swim?”

This was a good proposal, many people wanted to do so. They looked towards the beach to see a group of hot girls in bikinis were playing beach volleyball.

There was also Xiaorou and Lan. They couldn’t help but get excited at the thought of being able to have fun in the water with these beauties.

However, although Mary, Lan, and the other girls also wanted to go swimming, they were a bit hesitant.

They thought that this was just a simple outing, how could they think of swimming, so they didn’t bring their swimsuits.

At this time, Bao stepped forward and said, “It’s so boring if we only swim, how about this, let’s have a competition!”

Shen Chu next to him, asked curiously, “What kind of competition?”

“See the island in the center of the bay?” Bao pointed to the small island in the center, “Let’s have a competition that represents our family. Each family chooses two people to compete, a man and a woman, and the first family that landed on that island win.”

This competition sounded good, kind of interesting.

As a bunch of rich ladies and lords who drift with the wind and the current, there’s no need for a competition for them, but they would get bored because there’s no challenge in their life.

At this time, they all got so excited when they heard about the competition.

Fei Yu of the Yu Family also came up and said, “Since it’s a competition, there’s always a jackpot, right?”

Bao thought about it. He nodded and said, “Of course there’s a jackpot, but I have to state the rules first, the participated families have to offer 600 million dollars. And then whoever comes in first will have the money.”


600 million? What was it like?

Many people’s family assets are less than 600 million dollars. They can’t lose everything just to participate in a high society competition. Right?

After some people from small families heard Bao’s words, they all couldn’t help but gasp at surprising, and their once excited hearts cooled down.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to participate, but their assets didn’t allow them to do so.

Damn it, I must force the Su family to participate in this competition later on, and I’ll humiliate them severely in public if the Su family didn’t dare to participate.

Bao sneered in his heart. He was on the swim team on campus. Who could swim faster than him? He’s going to win this competition!

As long as the Su family participated in this competition, he could take the opportunity to screw the Su family, 600 million, the Su family would be crushed or bankrupt. He didn’t believe the Su family could have so much money.

At that time, he would go to the Su family to ask for money, and if they couldn’t offer it, he would have the Su family issue an IOU.

Of course, would he be mercy only when Mary and Kris kneeled in front of him and begged him sincerely?

“Hai Su, your Su family will send someone to attend, right?” Bao said with a glance at Hai Su beside him.

Hai laughed and didn’t speak.

Mary wore the trousers in the Su family now, how was he qualified to speak?

Besides, it was 600 million, how would he dare to talk nonsense.

If the Su family lost 600 million, the family would instantly fall apart and be close to oblivion.

Seeing that Hai was still silent, Bao curled his lips and said with an unkind smile, “Is the Su family don’t have the guts to participate? Why are you so cowardly? Not even daring to send people to the competition. It’s really boring. I thought your Su family only has one coward, the live-in son-in-law Kris. It’s ridiculous that the whole Su family are so timid.”

He continued to say, “Hai Su, are you a man? Do you dare to join us, if you don’t dare to, draw a line with us while you can, I won’t bring you to any party in the future.”

Hearing this, Hai became anxious. Bao had quite a reputation in the high-class society. He now talked like that in front of so many people. Hai would definitely be isolated if he didn’t join the competition.

“How could it be, how could our Su family miss such an interesting competition!”

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