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Chapter 101 – 102: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 101: Mad Kerry (1)

Venus Mu looked disapprovingly and said, “What do I have to care about? You give me a gorgeous live, but what a pity to Miss Qiao.”

“If you really think so, from tomorrow, you prepare the family’s meals!”

Venus frowned, feeling remorse.

“I won’t.” She said in a righteous manner.

Kerry said indifferently, “I’ll let Mrs. Qin teach you. You’re right, instead of letting you fight against me, why not let you do something practical for this family?”

Venus was so angry that she had to say, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll poison you?”

Kerry smiled coldly and said word for word, “If you dare, I’ll let you go to hell!!!”

Venus snorted and said indifferently, “To hell? Don’t you think I’m in hell right now?!”

He was the devil in hell!

Kerry hooked her chin, wearing a cold smile and said wryly, “Venus, you’re getting more and more eloquent. Is it that I haven’t paid enough attention to you lately?”

Venus shook off his hand and headed straight for the door, but suddenly, she was pulled by him and then she ran into his hot chest.

Venus looked pale and struggled desperately to get up, but she didn’t have enough strength, so she could only allow him to toss her down onto the big bed.

Staring at him, Venus shouted angrily, “Kerry, let me go, or I’ll be rude!”

Kerry didn’t care at all about what she was saying and said indifferently, “I advise you not to waste your efforts, or you’ll be the one to suffer later!”

Venus blushed, knowing what was about to happen. She began to tremble, finding he was erecting.

Just when he was about to get her, she felt a sharp pain in her waist. Then in a moment of hesitation, she was already under his control.

“Kerry, you bastard!” Venus roared with resentment.

Kerry seemed to enjoy everything and his tone was low but magnetic, “What can you do to me?!”


Venus just wanted to curse, but her mouth was instantly blocked by him. His hot and wild kisses invaded her mouth, making her teeth numb. She suddenly bit his tongue.

Kerry felt the extreme pain from the tip of his tongue, causing him to leave her lips in an instant. His wonderful lips began to ooze blood, adding an evil charm to him.

“Venus, how dare you! Bitch!”

Kerry was rude and Venus instantly fell down to the bed. Venus frowned, and her knee skinned was painful.

Kerry didn’t pay any attention to her, directly breaking her legs, then…

Venus looked full of anger and she stretched out her hand to try to stop him, but she couldn’t stop him. Instantly, she felt a coldness inside, and suddenly found herself lying… on the floor.

The extreme coldness coming from her back made her body couldn’t help but tremble. She noticed the flashlight on the bedside table and she quickly took it over and turned it on, targeting at Kerry’s eyes.

The bright light that suddenly appeared caused Kerry’s eyes to appear briefly blind, and he roared, “Venus, you fucking woman! Do you want me to be blind?!”

Venus took the opportunity to push him away and directly rushed naked into the bathroom. Then she locked the bathroom door, relieved.

Looking at the wound on her knee, Venus couldn’t help but curse, “Kerry, you dummy! I hope you go blind!”

After closing his eyes and opening, he gradually could see things clearly. When he saw she disappeared, he was angry to the extreme.

Thinking of her desperate resistance, Kerry was more furious. This bitch could resist him?!

How dare she not let him touch her?

Who was she going to keep herself for? Hao Nangong?

Thinking of this, Kerry couldn’t calm himself down. He grabbed the lamp from the bedside table and smashed it on the floor.

Venus, who was hiding in the bathroom, only heard ‘bang!’, which really scared her. She then cursed inside, “What’s wrong with him!”

Kerry glanced at the broken pieces on the ground, turning around and walking towards the door. He slammed the door as he passed by.

Venus, who was always paying attention to the movement outside, was relieved and carefully walked out of the room when she heard that sound of the door and made sure he had left.

Looking at the ‘gloriously sacrificed’ lamp, Venus felt sorry for it. The first thing she did was not to pick it up, but to go and lock the door first, lest he came back again.

Closing the door, Venus began to clean up the mess. After ostrich-like staying in the room for a long while, Venus then walked out of the room.

Down the stairs, Venus wanted to go for a walk in the garden, and when she passed the living room, she encountered Xinyou, who was watching the entertainment news.

Venus didn’t want to pay any attention to her and walked directly past her towards the door, but Xinyou didn’t want to ignore her. Just after she passed her, a gloomy voice came, “Where are you going? You’re not going on a date with a lover, are you?”

Venus looked tense, slowly turning around and said in a cold and clear voice, “Xinyou, have you just eaten shit? Why can’t you say something nice?”

She laughed coldly, her eyes filled with contempt, and said disdainfully, “It depends. I only say something good to nice people, but not bitches!”

“Oh, really?” Venus retorted, “Aren’t you a dumpster? Selective recycling?!”

Xinyou looked pale, quickly walking forward and slapping her. Looking at her gradually red and swollen clear marks, she was gloating, “It seemed that no one has never taught you how to behave yourself. Bitch!”

Chapter 101: Mad Kerry (2)

Venus Mu snorted, without saying anything else. Then she raised her hand and directly gave her a slap. Looking at Xinyou’ s incredibly angry look, she said indifferently, “You really need someone to teach you how to behave yourself, otherwise, you never know what you’re doing!”

Xinyou covered her painful face and yelled in anger, “You bitch, you dare to hit me?!”

“What? Wanna a fight? Come on.” Venus stared at her coldly and spoke.

Xinyou showed crazy viciousness on her face. Venus’s slap was a shame, for she had never been treated like this before. She wanted to take a revenge as soon as possible.

Just at this moment, Kerry suddenly appeared on the stairs, so Xinyou seized the opportunity and she quickly turned into another one, who looked miserable. Her tone was with some grievance.

“Venus, I know you don’t like me. Don’t you hate me staying here? OK, I’ll leave.”

Venus had seen Kerry at the same time, and she knew that Xinyou would make use of this.

As expected, what Xinyou said managed to attract Kerry’s attention and he quickly walked to her side, full of concern, “Xinyou, what’s happening?”

Xinyou was originally covering her face, but she suddenly took her hand away, making her poor face seen by Kerry, which even oozed out little blood.

Her tears fell down like waterfall, and her breath was a little weak, “Kerry, you’d better let someone send me away. It’s not appropriate for me to stay here.”

After saying this, she glanced at Venus.

Venus snorted inwardly, for she didn’t remember her slap being so powerful that it could actually bleed! But she’s obviously targeting her. How hard-working she was.

Compared to the last time she deliberately fell down the stairs, what she did today was not worth mentioning.

But Venus no longer kept her mouth shut as usual and allowed her to complain before she got punished by Kerry.

Although she didn’t want to explain to him, it was necessary for now.

With a shocked expression, Venus asked in a loud voice, “Xinyou, don’t say so. Why move out? I always treat you as my dear sister.”

After saying this, she fondled her hair to show her swollen right cheek. Unexpectedly, Xinyou began to feel panicked.

Kerry looked gloomy, stunned when he saw Venus’s cheeks and asked, “What’s going on?”

Xinyou bit her lower lip and the stinging sensation made her cry even more as she sadly spoke, “Kerry, this has nothing to do with Venus. It’s me… I’m the one who wanted to leave here.”


Xinyou looked full of loss, with a hint of reluctance in her eyes. Then she said, “I never belong to this family. It’s inevitable that people will gossip about me if I keep living here.”

Kerry looked at her fragile and uncomfortable expression, especially her swollen face that was oozing blood. He spoke in a much lower tone, “Tell me, who made your like this?!”

When Xinyou heard this, she burst into more teats, as if she had been wronged, and said weakly, “I did it!”

Kerry grabbed her wrist and ordered, “I want to hear the truth!”

Venus looked indifferent. Her husband, not caring in the slightest about his wife’s swollen face, but caring about another woman in front of her!

She thought that perhaps she couldn’t be as vicious as Xinyou, who was not only cruel to others but even more cruel to herself. What a horrible lunatic!

Xinyou remained silent, making Kerry finally turn around and stare at Venus filled with anger and questioned, “Venus, is that you?”

Venus frowned and sneered, “Can’t you see my face? Or is it because I didn’t cry that I’m so non-existent?”

Kerry frowned and didn’t answer.

Venus smiled and said indifferently, “Since there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first. I won’t disturb the two of you.”

Looking at Venus’ s back, Xinyou was filled with helplessness, and she used her trump card—closing her eyes and pretending to faint.

“Xinyou, what happened to you?” Kerry looked stunned, catching her falling body and shouted anxiously, “Henry!”

Henry immediately came to Kerry. When he saw the unconscious Xinyou, he was stunned and spoke, “Young Master .”

“Hurry up and call Doctor Han!”


Kerry immediately carried her upstairs, and as he passed her room, he told Uncle Wang beside him with a sullen face, “Uncle Wang, from today, young lady is not allowed to leave her room!”

Uncle Wang looked stunned and couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master, are you sure?”

Kerry stared at him coldly, so Uncle Wang immediately stopped saying anything. He only then spoke up, “You tell her to find out what she had done wrong, otherwise she will never be allowed to come out!”

Uncle Wang nodded, “I got it.”

Venus was grounded and the door had been locked from the outside. Uncle Wang said that the key was kept by Kerry, meaning that it was all up to Kerry to decide to release her or not. .

Looking at the ceiling, Venus was wearing an awkward smile. She really felt it was ridiculous and she was more pathetic than ever.

She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t.

Xinyou slapped her, and her husband didn’t care about her at all.

Well, he hadn’t cared about her the entire time, even his marriage to her was like an atonement. How could she get mercy from him?

She blamed no one but herself for being so weak that she couldn’t fight against him. She couldn’t decide her own destiny!

Just as she was thinking, there was a knock on the door, and then the door was opened.

Venus didn’t turn her head back. It was now noon, so it must be Mrs. Qin who came to deliver the food.

“Young lady, the food is on the table. Remember to eat more.” Mrs. Qin said with a respectful attitude.

Chapter 101: Mad Kerry (3)

Venus Mu waved her hand and said, “I know.”

Mrs. Qin sighed softly and then left.

Venus glanced at the meal on the table, but she didn’t have any appetite.

Like a canary in a cage, she had lost not only her freedom, but also her dignity.

She has to get out of here.

Venus clenched her hands tightly. She didn’t like to compete with anyone about anything, but Xinyou Qiao always troubled her. She had set Venus up over and over again, so Venus had to suffer Kerry’s torture over and over again.

Looking at the sky outside the window, Venus had a plan suddenly.

“I have to leave here.” Thinking of this, Venus quickly jumped off the bed. She looked around the room for a rope. She was on the second floor and it wouldn’t be too hard for her if she climbed down through the window.

But she searched everywhere and she couldn’t find any ropes that she could climb down the stairs. She was discouraged and lay back on the bed. When her hands unintentionally touched the soft sheets, she got an idea.

She worked in fashion design, so she always carried some tools with her, like scissors. She used the scissors to cut the sheet into several strips of cloth, and then knotted the edges of the cloth, but found that it still wasn’t long enough.

She searched around. Finally she focused her attention on the curtains. She stepped forward and gave the curtains a hard tug, and the plain curtains immediately fell to the floor.Then she quickly cut the curtain into a few strips of cloth.

When the rope was made, she hid it under the bed, waiting for the night to come. With the strict security system of the Ye family’s house, she needed to make an escape plan ahead of time.

For now she lay on the bed to nurse her strength and then she soon fell asleep.

By the time she opened her eyes, it was already dark, with only the moonlight streamed in through the open window.

Venus got up from the bed quickly and looked at her watch, which showed the time to be 11pm. She took out the bag she had already prepared and carried it on her back. Then she took out the rope from the bed.

She fastened one end of the rope to the bed and threw the other end down the stairs, then moved slowly down the rope.

As her feet touched the ground, Venus sighed with relief. Untying the rope around her waist, she headed straight for the front door.

The house’s security system beeped suddenly. Kerry opened his eyes, got up from the bed and walked straight out of the bedroom.

“Henry, what’s going on?”

Kerry’s eyebrows furrowed in dissatisfaction. He sat on the sofa, waiting for Henry to give him an explanation.

Henry was pondering how to explain. It took a few seconds before he said, “We caught a person who was trying to climb over the wall.”

“Who is it?” Kerry raised his eyebrows and said.

“It’s Miss Mu. She tried to escape and just happened to be spotted by the bodyguards patrolling tonight.”

“Bring her up here.” Kerry said coldly,

When she was brought in front of him, Kerry smiled as he looked at Venus.

Venus ignored him and looked elsewhere. She had expected that she would be caught, but she hadn’t expected it so soon.

“Where are you going in the middle of the night?” Kerry crossed his arms behind his back and deliberately asked.

Chapter 102: What a bitch! (1)

Venus looked extremely calm and answered with a meticulous answer, “I’ll go anywhere, but not here.”

Kerry looked slightly shocked and stood up straight. Eventually, he stopped in front of her and asked condescendingly, “You know what I hate most is people that are self-righteous? What do you think I should do to punish you?”

Venus stiffened, a strong ruthlessness appearing on her face, and her tone was indifferent as she roared, “Kerry, don’t waste time asking me. Do as you wish. You know I don’t have the ability to resist anyway, right?”

In that case, why he always asked her? And instead of appreciating him, she hated him even more!

Looking at the undisguised hatred on her face, Kerry waved his hand, saying indifferently, “If you know so, then why would you do such a stupid thing?!”

Venus sneered and said coldly, “You treat me like a prisoner, and you still expect me to be grateful to you?”

Kerry frowned, saying indifferently, “This is what you got after such a long time ‘prison life’? Instead of reflecting on what you’ve done wrong, you are still arguing with me?”

“Reflecting?” Venus snorted, “I almost go mad tortured by a maniac and a blind man. The blind man even now wants me to apologize to the maniac?”

Hearing she was satirizing him, Kerry looked a little gloomy and said with an icy tone, “It seems you don’t want to admit your fault! In that case, go back to your room. When you figure it out, you can be free!”

Venus stared at him, with both her hands clenching and glanced at him with extreme contempt, “Well, since I’m guilty, do I need to die for my sins? Then you two can live a happy live, right?!”

Looking at her disdainful look, Kerry pulled her hand and questioned with an unpleasant tone, “Venus, are you threatening me?”

“How dare I.” Venus said this with seriousness, but she was full of determination, “I’m not confessing.”

“Venus, don’t think that I’m threatened by you just because you say such things! I, Kerry, have always hated being threatened. Don’t return to your room and now I’ll give you a chance to gain your freedom.”

Then he picked up a knife from the table and threw it to Venus.

Without any hesitation, Venus picked up the knife and directly put it on her wrist, about to cut it.

Just a second before she did so, she saw Kerry appear in front of her in an instant, grabbing the knife directly, with some anger, “Venus, how dare you!”

Venus looked still calm, as if she was not going to slit her wrists just now, but cutting tofu and said without any emotion, “People live only for pleasure, and since I can’t be satisfied, what’s the point of living?”

She hated to continue paying for Xinyou’ s lunatic behavior. Not only did she have to deal with her various tricks every day, but it had to end with her being skinned. It was so tired.

She was never just doing it for Kerry and she really did want to do it. It would only end when she died, right?

Kerry looked nervous, recalling her unhesitant look at the time. A strange emotion came from his heart which he could figure it out what exactly it was.

He only knew that he did have some regrets. He shouldn’t have tested her with this.

He had long known that though Venus was weak on the surface, there was some stubbornness inside her and if he touched it, she would do something unexpected.

As expected, it was close…

“Venus, bravo. How did I never realize before that you are so determined?!”

Venus could hear the sarcasm in his tone, but she didn’t care about it at all and just replied, “Thank you.”

“Are you trying not to let me see it? Or I know too little about you?”

Venus didn’t want to answer.

Kerry didn’t get angry and said with a soft tone, “I hope you keep it and never die too quickly, otherwise it won’t be fun anymore, right?”

After saying that, he no longer paid attention to her and went straight up to the second floor.

Looking at his cold and strong back, Venus frowned and could only go upstairs and return to her room again.

Waking up the next day, Venus confirmed that Kerry had indeed not restricted her, so she felt relieved.

After all, a heroine act of yesterday wasn’t something she had the courage to do anytime.

Chapter 102: What a bitch! (2)

Slowly climbing out of bed, she sighed as she looked at what was still there on the bed— the ‘rope’ made of curtains and sheets.

Venus reached out to unfasten it and then tossed it into the drawer of the bedside table.

She entered the bathroom to freshen up and just at this moment, it suddenly came with Mrs Qin’s voice from the outside.

“Come in.” Venus said as she made the bed.

The door was opened from the outside and Mrs. Qin appeared in front of her, only to hear her say with a respectful attitude, “Young lady, young master said that from today, you need to assist me in preparing the three meals.”

Hearing this, Venus looked extremely calm and said, “I don’t know how to cook.”

“Young Master said that I will be the one to teach you, and you will start your kitchen life from today.” Mrs. Qin replied very carefully, but she was a little bitter inside.

Looking at Venus’s dedicated hands, Mrs. Qin could easily judge that she was someone who had long been living a comfortable life. Kitchen, for most learners, would hurt them, and if young master knew she got hurt, he would definitely blame her.

However, it’s young master’s order, Mrs. Qin didn’t dare to obey it. Then she thought that she could give her some easy tasks, keeping her away from those dangerous work.

When Venus heard Mrs. Qin’s words, she didn’t retort back, but gently nodded and spoke, “OK.”

Since she still needed to work during the day, Kerry’s so-called ‘three meals’ was just dinner. Breakfast was in a rush, lunch was eaten in the company, so she only needed to assist her to prepare dinner.

Venus wen to the company by car, when Xinyou had already arrived at the company. Venus deliberately glanced at her face, thinking of something.

Xinyou was in a good mood, but when she saw the calm face of Venus, she felt irritated.

She had heard from the cleaner this morning that Venus had escaped by climbing over the wall last night because she couldn’t stand it any longer and was later found by the security guard, who then brought her back to Kerry.

But what was unexpected was that not only was she not punished, but she was set free.

What the hell was going on?

Xinyou was puzzled, filled with dissatisfaction. She was gloating, “Venus, I heard that you tried to escape last night, but ended up getting caught by the security?”

Venus turned on her computer, entering her password, and began to design, ignoring her obvious provocation.

Xinyou was sullen, her eyes filled with viciousness. She said with resentment inwardly, “Venus, you dare to ignore me? Don’t worry, I’ll make you regret it soon!”

“I’m rather sorry for you. After all, things would have been much easier for me if you’d left.” Xinyou said directly, expressing her dissatisfaction about her not leaving.

Venus looked indifferent and said in a low mood, “I’m not as ‘smart’ as Miss Qiao. I’m surprised that you can pass out as soon as your eyes close! If I had this ability, I might have thought of a good way to leave here.”

Facing Venus’s mockery, Xinyou didn’t want to care and said with disdain, “Don’t talk nonsense. I was indeed sacred by you at the time.”

Venus sneered and said in a rude tone, “Xinyou, it’s a pity that you don’t be an actress. I really admire you!”

At that time, Henry went to call Dr. Han, and just before Dr. Han arrived, Xinyou happened to open her eyes. The first word she remembered to say when she ‘woke up’ was, “Kerry, my face hurt. What happened to it?”

She looked pitiful and her eyes could easily make men want to protect her. what a bitch.

Venus wanted to clap her hands at the time, and it felt like she’d have no problem to win the Oscar.

Xinyou didn’t care at all about Venus’s mockery, but instead saying with pride, “Venus, you should have known long ago that you can’t win me! I advise you to know this, or I promise you that you’ll live every day of yours in the hell!”

Venus was expressionless and said in a clear voice, “Xinyou, I’ve seen all of your tricks. May I see something new?”

Xinyou clenched her hands, but was still wearing a smile, “Of course. Definitely make you remember forever.”

“I do believe that,” said Venus mockingly, “Then I’m looking forward to your next show.”

After saying that, she didn’t pay any more attention to her, and she also didn’t see her viciousness in her eyes.

For Venus, whether it was Xinyou or Kerry, they were nothing to her. Only her dreams mattered.

She knew that Xinyou would be unhappy and she would definitely fight back. However, since she couldn’t stop her, why kept thinking to add more trouble to herself?

As the saying goes, ‘fight fire with water’.

At the end of the day, the three of them returned to the house. If in the past, Mrs. Qin should have already prepared dinner, just waiting for them to start.

But Venus noticed that Mrs. Qin didn’t tell them to go to the dining table to eat today.

She didn’t mind and went straight up the stairs, wanting to go back to her room to rest, but was stopped by Kerry.

Looking at him, Venus frowned and asked in a clear voice, “What are you doing?”

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