Chapter 101: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 101 Go Right Now

“You’d better leave now, don’t affect my mood here!” Fox Lee turned to enter the villa, and happened to meet Jason Lee.

Jason Lee saw the scene just now.

Jason Lee and Doris Lee were the same age, they were both three years younger than Fox Lee, and were the son of Robert Lee, the second son of the Alan Lee. Because they all knew that Fox Lee was the most favored one, they had been following Fox Lee.

“Brother, what happened just now?” Jason Lee asked.

Fox Lee snorted coldly, “It’s nothing, it’s just driving away the unwelcome people. I don’t know that they are so brazen that they dare to come to the Lee family.”

With this, Jason Lee’s face changed.

The Doris Lee family was notified by Alan Lee and their family was ordered, and Jason Lee was the person responsible for the notification.

Fox Lee didn’t pay attention to Jason Lee’s face and walked in directly.

Jason Lee came to his senses and followed.

While in the car, Doris Lee was a little curious about this, “Dad left just like you.”

Colin Ward smiled and said, “Since they have all come to drive us away, if we don’t leave, then we are really shameless.”

After returning to the villa, Baker Lee called Colin Ward to the top-floor balcony, while Doris Lee followed Eva Gray to the kitchen to cook.

On the balcony, Baker Lee sat on a wicker chair and looked at the scenery in the distance, and said flatly, “We must hurry up.”

“What?” Colin Ward was confused.

Baker Lee said lightly, “Lishi Company.”

Colin Ward paused after hearing Lishi Company, and said with a helpless smile, “Dad, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

Baker Lee glanced at Colin Ward and said, “It’s also a good thing that you don’t understand, which will bring you corresponding benefits.”

With this, Baker Lee added, “Change is coming, and we must prepare early.”

At this time, Colin Ward was really unclear about this, “What do you mean by that?”

Baker Lee said no more.

In Lee family’s villa.

There were several tables in the dining room, and each table was full of people. Only one table was empty.

At seven o’clock, everyone was seated on time, and then they all looked at Alan Lee.

Alan Lee was the highest-ranking person in the family. At this kind of family banquet, if he did not eat, who would dare to eat first?

However, after half an hour, Alan Lee still did not speak.

The Lee family felt a little anxious.

“What’s going on?”

“I do not know!”

“It looks like he is waiting for someone!”

“Who is he waiting for? Isn’t this a family dinner?”

Fox Lee also felt a little hungry. With the help of being favorite grandson, he was the first to ask, “Grandpa, everyone is here, let’s start the dinner!”

Webb Lee glared at Fox Lee, then looked down at his watch again.

Alan Lee set his eyes on the empty seats and said flatly, “Wait a second.”

Fox Lee wanted to say something, but was stared at by Webb Lee and could only sit and wait.

One hour passed.

Two hours passed.

Everyone lacked patience, and the meal time passed.

Fox Lee was even more so. He was originally a little fat, and at this time he felt very hungry.

“Grandpa, it’s late now…” Fox Lee couldn’t help saying.

With this, Alan Lee glanced at the time and frowned slightly, “What’s the matter? Robert Lee, didn’t I ask you to inform?”

With this, Robert Lee said quickly, “We have already notified!”

Bob Lee said immediately, “Is it because they don’t want to come?”

“No way.” Webb Lee guessed.

Alan Lee frowned. If they really didn’t want to come, then Lee family…

“Why? We are all a family, why wouldn’t they come?” Robert Lee hurriedly began.

With this, everyone immediately remembered something, and their faces changed slightly, and they lowered their heads, not daring to interrupt.

At first everyone didn’t understand who Alan Lee was waiting for, but now they knew. But no one dared to speak.

That was a big mess at the time, and now Alan Lee was holding a family dinner, hoping to wait for the Baker Lee’s family to arrive, so his thoughts were self-evident.

After a while, Fox Lee couldn’t help but said, “Grandpa, it’s already late now, shall we eat first?”

“Dad, shall we eat first?” Webb Lee also asked.

Everyone nodded because they were very hungry.

With this, Alan Lee said firmly, “If we can’t wait for them, we won’t eat.”

With this, everyone dared not speak.

However, the people sitting in the adjacent seats were whispering.

“It’s been so long, they definitely won’t come!”

“Yeah! If you wait like this, they won’t come tomorrow morning!”


Another half an hour passed.

Bob Lee couldn’t help but said angrily, “The Baker Lee family is really too much. Our family is waiting for them. It’s already so late, if they don’t want to come, they have to say it in advance!”

“Shut up!” Alan Lee patted the table with his hands. “You all have to wait patiently today!”

Bob Lee didn’t dare to continue talking.

At this moment, Fox Lee was shaking all over.

His attention was all on eating, and he didn’t even think about why Alan Lee was waiting?

However, after hearing “Baker Lee” just now, he suddenly understood.

Alan Lee said that this was a family dinner, and it was naturally from Lee family. Since everyone in the Lee family was here, except for the Baker Lee family who was driven away by him.

At this time, Jason Lee glanced at Fox Lee and felt a little hesitant.

Webb Lee said suddenly, “Dad, shall we make a phone call?”

Alan Lee was silent for a moment, then nodded and said, “Okay.”

Webb Lee quickly took out his cell phone, dialed Baker Lee’s phone and opened for hands-free.

However, not long after the call was connected, the other party hung up.

Both Alan Lee and Webb Lee’s faces were a little gloomy.

Webb Lee called again.

This time, the call was connected.

“Any problems?”

With this, Webb Lee smiled and said, “Baker Li, we have a family dinner tonight, why haven’t you come yet? Have you encountered something urgent?”

Baker Lee knew what it was, so he said flatly, “Nothing urgent.”

“Well…” Webb Lee felt embarrassed.

Baker Lee said sarcastically, “I remember that when you drove us away, you said that you would never let us into the Lee family. You are calling to let us participate in the family banquet now, you really broke your promise as always. .”

Both Alan Lee and Webb Lee had their faces straight.

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