Chapter 102: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 102 Have They Been Here Before?

“Have you been here before?” Webb Lee asked in surprise.


Baker Lee hung up directly.

Everyone looked at each other.

Alan Lee glanced at everyone deeply, and said nothing.

Webb Lee understood what Alan Lee meant, and immediately shouted, “Their family has been here, who has seen it? Who has driven them away? Who has said that?”

With this, Fox Lee felt very nervous and lowered his head to minimize his presence.

But he really couldn’t figure out that his grandfather actually invited Baker Lee’s family to come here, why on earth?
At the dinner table, Jason Lee glanced at Fox Lee, then hesitated and said, “I just saw.

With this, Fox Lee looked at Jason Lee suddenly, feeling very scared.

“Did you drive them away?” Webb Lee asked.

Jason Lee hurriedly waved his hands and said, “It’s not me, it’s my cousin. I just saw him drive them away.”

Fox Lee’s face became very ugly.

The others were all looking at Fox Lee.

In order for the Lee family to continue to develop in the future, Alan Lee finally let go of his dignity and intended to recognize the Baker Lee family. Now, Fox Lee had destroyed all of this.

With this, Fox Lee immediately slapped the dining table with his hand and stood up, “I drove them away! Their family are all bastards. What qualifications do they have to enter the door of our Lee family, they are not qualified!”

Webb Lee shivered from feeling angry, “You are an idiot! Shut up!”

Fox Lee felt unconvinced, “Am I wrong? Their family is not recognized by us, then they are not eligible to enter the Lee family. They will never be in the Lee family!”


Webb Lee slapped him directly and slapped him.

“Do you know what you are talking about?” Webb Lee glared at Fox Lee angrily.

Fox Lee covered his face with his hands and showed an expression of disbelief, “Dad, you actually hit me for that wild species!”


Webb Lee slapped him again and said angrily, “What happened to me when I hit you? Do you know what our Lee family will face next because of your stupidity?”

Fox Lee didn’t seem to care about it, “Even if Baker Lee’s Xinxi group is very strong, can they surpass the Marquis group? We can ask the Marquis group foro help!”

With this, Webb Lee was extremely angry because he was really stupid. Was it so easy to communicate with Marquis group? Did he think that Marquis group’s help would be unconditional?

Others looked at Fox Lee as if looking at a fool.

At this time, Alan Lee sighed, “Okay, let’s eat!”

With this, the atmosphere instantly became depressed.

Everyone looked at Alan Lee’s old face and he grew older in an instant and they had a very sad feeling.

“Dad…” Webb Lee called.

Alan Lee looked calm and said flatly, “Eat.”

Everyone looked at each other and then at the dishes on the table.

The food was cold.

Webb Lee had to take his place.

Alan Lee only said that he asked everyone to eat, but in fact he didn’t eat at all.

No one wanted to look at Fox Lee anymore. This was the only chance for the Lee family, and it was all destroyed by Fox Lee. No one wanted to pay attention to him again.

Fox Lee also sat back. Accompanied by a “boom”, he sat directly on the ground.

His chair was taken away. Not only that, after seeing him sitting on the ground, no one glanced at him and no one spoke.

Fox Lee felt wronged. He felt that he had done nothing wrong. The Baker Lee family were all bastards, so they were not eligible to join the Lee family.

Why did everyone treat him this way?

He was not wrong!

Therefore, Fox Lee hated the Baker Lee family more and more.

Villa in Lanbo port.

Colin Ward did not understand what Baker Lee said, but Baker Lee changed the subject, “It was not accidental that I asked Doris to marry you.”

With this, Colin Ward was shocked. What did Baker Lee mean by this? Did he know more than he thought? If this was the case, Baker Lee was really horrible.

“You have to treat Doris well, otherwise, no matter what the price, I won’t make you feel better.” Baker Lee said lightly while looking at the distance.

Colin Ward nodded quickly, “Dad, you can rest assured that I will treat Doris well.”

After Colin Ward and Doris Lee returned home, Colin Ward sat on the sofa in the living room, lost in thought.

Just now Baker Lee said that he should seize the time to acquire Lishi Company, and also said that a change was coming, and what did it mean to prepare for this?

Did he mean someone would target the Marquis group soon? But so far, only one Martin group had the ability to compete with them, but the Martin group could not pose a serious threat.

As for the Crystal Group, Lenard Wang was there, and he felt relieved. He also believed that Lenard Wang would not betray him.

So, he had only offended Yeshi Company recently, but what was the purpose of Yeshi Company? They couldn’t really do anything to Marquis group just because of the last time, right?

Forget it. He had to discuss with Nina White tomorrow.

After thinking about it, Colin Ward looked at the time and found that it was 11 o’clock in the evening.

Colin Ward stood up and went back to the room.

The next morning, Colin Ward woke up, sat up suddenly and slapped his forehead.

Did he miss something again last night?

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