Chapter 103 – 104: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 103: Shark is Coming

“Hai Su, you…”

Mary Su’s face turned pale. She was about to stop him, but who knew that before she could finish her words, Hai Su said ahead of her, “Mary, Bao Cao has already said that our Su family can’t afford to be disgraced, can we?”

No matter what, he was the eldest grandson of the Su family, and although Mary was in charge of the family, how could he let himself be looked down.

In that case, who else would be willing to listen to him? Hai Su wouldn’t be able to stay in the upper-class society in the future.

Besides, he was already dissatisfied with Mary took control of the family, and if he lost this swimming competition, Mary would definitely be blamed.

He smiled and made up his mind that he would let Mary and Kris compete later, and then when they lost the competition, he would go back to snitch to the Su family so that he could mobilize everyone to force her to hand over her shares.

The more he thought about it, the more complacent he became, how could he be so smart!

Feeling that people around them were staring at her, Mary was so stiffened that her heart was trembling when being watched by so many silver-spoon kids. Bao Cao was the host of this gathering, it’s not appropriate to refute his invitation rashly.

Furthermore, people born to fight for themselves, how could she let the Su family be looked down upon.

“Good, our Su Family will participate in this competition.”

“Great, you are deserved to be the head of the Su Family, Miss Su is truly courageous.” Bao Cao gave her a thumbs up, but he was sneering in his heart.

In the end, the families that joined in the competition came out, and there was a total of five families that could participate in this competition, the Cao family, the Su family, the Yu family, the Chu family, and the Xu family.

According to the rules, each family sent a man and a woman to participate in the competition, ten people in all.

Xiaorou Xu actually had no interest in this kind of competition at all, but she didn’t want to disappoint her brother, who was so jolly, so she agreed to his plea.

The Yu family was Fei Yu and his wife.

And the Cao family was Bao Cao and Lan Yu naturally, it was recognized by everyone that Lan Yu was Bao Cao’s fiancée, so everyone had no objection to her participation in the competition.

The Chu family was Shen Chu and his cousin Jing Chu.

Lastly, the Su family was Kris and Mary without a doubt.

After determining the participants, everyone was boiled. A 600-million-dollar gamble was so exciting that whoever could win the prize would receive 2.4 billion. The jackpot was too tempting.

And the beauties, whether it was Mary, Lan Yu, or Xiaorou Xu, all of them were top-notch beauties, and it was so much fun for them to feast their eyes.

With so many beauties swimming together, they were about to drool.

While everyone laughed and cheered, Bao Cao took the opportunity to send a text message on his phone while changing clothes.

Then it was seen that on the beach not far away, a young man from the Cao family got in the water quietly while everyone wasn’t paying attention.

At this time, Zhengliang Cao also approached and asked for the situation when he saw how boisterous the place was. After some questioning, he understood what was happening.

He quietly gave a thumbs up at Bao and laughed in his sleeve. This kid’s really smart, he knew that his son was in the swim team on campus.

He’s truly the son of Zhengliang Cao. This competition could be said that his son would gain the prize four out of five. Cao family would get this 2.4 billion for sure.

Thinking of this, Zhengliang took a step forward and said, “This competition has everything settled, all that’s missing is a referee, I think I can be the referee.”

He said with a whistle taken out from nowhere and whistled, “Players now took their places.”

On the other side, Mary stood beside Kris and said with some nervous, “Kris, I… I’m not very good at the swimming…”

Kris smiled and comforted her, “It’s alright, I got this.”

Seeing that Kris looked like he prepared to win, Mary didn’t worry anymore and nodded her head with a smile.

When Zhengliang saw that they were ready, he blew his whistle, and a shrill whistle was sounded, ” On your marks! Get set! Go!”

Splash! Splash!

As soon as the order was heard, ten people instantly dived into the water and struggled to swim towards the central island.

“Wow, they’re swimming so fast!”

“Come on!”

“Speed up!”

The people on the beach were shouting. All of them were so excited. This was a 2.4-billion-dollar gamble that equal to all the family assets of a middle second-rate family.

“Xiaorou Xu’s starting position is so graceful…”

“Mary isn’t bad either, she’s just like a mermaid!”

“As expected, beauty is a beauty, even their swim strokes are better than others.”

Almost all of the men on the beach have gazed on Xiaorou, Mary, and Lan Yu.

Although Jing Chu wasn’t bad either but compared to the three beauties, there was still a bit of gap.

As everyone was focusing their attention on the three ladies, someone in the crowd shouted, “Guys, look there!”

Then everyone switched their attention to the other side.

It was seen that Bao and Fei Yu were changing various strokes in the water as long as they looked great, sometimes butterfly, sometimes breaststroke, the spectators on the beach were all applauding.

On the other hand, Kris was dog paddling, which’s commonly used by country folks. Although he looked a bit ugly, he swam very fast.

Because Kris was once the young lord of the Chen family, it’s reasonable to say that he would know how to swim as it’s a necessary event for upper-class society, yet he was not interested in swimming, he had used all his energy to learn the Baji Fist (a kind of martial arts) and antiques.

After being kicked out of the Chen family, he accompanied his parents to stay in the countryside for a while, and that’s when he learned how to swim in dog paddle.

“Oh my god, you guys look at the Su family’s live-in son-in-law, what kind of swim stroke is he using…”

“Oh my gosh, it’s actually a dog paddle, laugh my mouth out!”

As soon as people heard it, they were all guffawed.

Since Mary had just got in the water, she was not too far from the beach, so she clearly heard those scoffers.

She couldn’t help but look at Kris, and she felt a mixture of anger and amusement when she saw that swim stroke of Kris.

Kris mustn’t receive any professional training with such an ugly swim stroke. How could they win the competition with a dog paddle? Although he wasn’t slow, it looked like Bao. The others have been professionally trained that they swam so well that there’s no need for competition.

Mary panicked at the thought of having to pay 600 million dollars if she lost the match!

That’s 600 million.

With the Su family’s current situation, it would be hard enough to take out 60 million, let alone 600 million.

What would the Su family do if they lost the competition?

The president of the Su family would no longer be her.

The more she thought about it, the more she flurried. She couldn’t help but try to speed up, but swimming wasn’t something she’s good at, trying to win like dreaming.

Just at this time, there was a sudden scream from the beach.

“You guys, look, what is that!”

“Fuck, isn’t that a shark’s fin?”

“Jesus crazy! Shark, how could shark appear in Xiluo Bay?”

“Come back here, there’s a shark in the water!”

“Swim back, there’s a shark!”

The ten people who were still struggling to swim came to a halt when they heard the people’s shouts on the beach.

They looked around and found a fin surfacing in the water which was tens of meters away from them.

God, a shark!

It’s really a shark!

Seeing this fin, Mary, Xiaorou, and several women screamed in terror in an instant.

Thanks to the movie Jaws, they had a natural fear of sharks.

“Everyone swim back!”

Although she had now reached the innate-power stage, Lan Yu shouted loudly, she couldn’t beat a shark even if she had extremely powerful skills as they were in the water!

Hearing Lan’s words, everyone was so panicked that they forgot the competition and quickly swam towards the beach.

Six hundred million was a lot, but it wasn’t as important as life.

Seeing that the fin was getting closer to some ladies, some timid girls on the beach screamed and closed their eyes, not daring to see the bloody scene.

But there were still two people who didn’t swim back, one was Bao, and the other was Kris.

Kris couldn’t help but laugh, a shark?

If his memory served, there were no sharks in Xiluo Bay, and how could sharks be let into a private high-class entertainment place. There were usually shark-proof nets at the Bay sharks entrance that couldn’t get into Xiluo Bay.

On the other hand, sharks don’t eat humans. Generally speaking, sharks would not take the initiative to attack humans unless they are curious, or humans want to seek death and take the initiative to provoke them.

But what made Kris curious was, how could Bao be so calm?

This kid almost peed his pants when he was caught by Changkong Yin, he didn’t look like a bold person. He’s a bit abnormal today.

If things go wrong, there must be something deviant. Kris thought about it, and combined with what he had just thought of, he realized that the shark was probably a faked one.

Chapter 104: Another shark

The “shark” had already rushed among the women. Mary Su, Xiaorou Xu, and Lan Yu were all pretty scared.

“Kris Chen, come and help…”

In such an emergency, the first thing that came to Mary’s mind was to call for help from Kris.

Kris already knew that this “shark” was carefully prepared by Bao Cao, who was just seeking the limelight by doing this.

So, let it be.

At this moment, after hearing the shouts, Bao immediately turned around and swam towards them, shouting: “Damned shark, come and get me.”

He swam, sparing no effort, splashing the water. His reckless made the girls on the shore moved, and they looked at him sentimentally.

“Why is he so bold, is he not afraid of death?”

“He’s so man, so handsome…”

And the men on the shore were applauding for him. Well done, Bao; you deserve to be Cao’s son.

At this time, Mary looked at Kris with disappointment.

Why didn’t he come to save me, why it is others’ fiance who is rushing over regardless of himself…

However, at this time, the “shark” suddenly turned its direction and swam towards Lan.

Lan was so blanched with fear, she couldn’t help shouting, “Bao, come and help me…”

Lan, who was so brave that she remained calm in the face of gangsters, was so scared of the shark.

Bao was wild with joy, haha, it was up to him to be a hero to rescue the beauty.

In order to be like a man in front of Lan, he had prepared the “shark” attack for a long time.

Although this “shark” was coming violently and rushing through the crowd, but… this “shark” didn’t seem to bite…

Fei Yu and Shen Chu glanced at each other and gradually regained their strength; they began to swim to their girlfriends to protect them.

Kris did nothing but watching the performance of Bao.

At this moment, Mary felt the enthusiasm in her heart was dampened.

At this critical moment, he was indifferent there.

Mary was sad, it seems that she had expected too much from him recently…

“Bao, come here…” Lan was afraid, kept beating on the water, hoping to scare away the “shark” in this way, but to her desperation, however hard she beat the water, this “shark” seemed have localized her and without withdrawing.

“Lan, don’t be afraid, I’m coming!” Bao cried loudly, pretending to be very nervous. He held the dagger prepared in advance and swam hard.

In ancient times, Wu Song was fighting the tiger, and now, it is Bao fighting sharks. Thought of this, Bao couldn’t help feeling excited.

He swooped down into the water and dived to Lan’s side. He held Lan in one hand and clenched the dagger on the other hand, plunging into the water without stop: ” I will kill you, so you will never scare my girl!”

He tried hard every time, but he hit the air.

Lan didn’t know the truth, and pressed tightly against Bao, felt very appreciated.

Although Bao is her fiancé, as a traditional girl, she insisted on giving herself to him on the wedding day; they had never even kissed each other, even hand in hand was seldom.

Now, at this Great Divide, Bao should save her regardless of danger, which made Lan deeply moved.

It turned out that he could also be so brave, and I had misunderstood him…

Seeing Bao’s wonderful performance, Kris can’t help laughing. It was a waste that this guy didn’t go to be an actor.

Although the people on the shore couldn’t see what was really happening, someone took the telescope and couldn’t help but exclaim: “Bao ran to save Lan. He has a dagger in his hand and is dealing with sharks!”


One stone stirs up thousands of waves!

People were in an uproar. It was unexpected that Bao should be so courageous that he dared to fight sharks in the water.

While admiring him, people were also worried about him. The shark is the king of the sea. Who dares to fight it with a dagger?

At least none of the hundreds of people on the shore dare.

“Bao, come on, drive away from the shark!”

At this time, there was someone in the crowd shouting, and everyone came to cheer on.

“Come on, Bao, well done.”

“Real man!”

Hearing the compliments from the shore, Bao was even more proud.

His thrusting stopped, and when the “shark” approached, he raised the dagger in his hand again and shouted, “I will end your life!”

After one stabbing, the “shark” shook suddenly, and the sea water became red.

Soon the “shark” sank and disappeared.

With the disappearance of the hark, the scene ended successfully.

Bao took a deep breath and looked at Lan with a terrified look: “Okay, Lan, the shark was driven away by me…”

“Thank you, Bao!”

“Shark” was driven away, and they were saved. At this moment, she suddenly felt that her fiancé was so brave.

“Look, look, the shark was driven away by Bao!”

The man holding the telescope said something, and everyone cheered immediately.

Thunderous applause sounded, and various exclamations arose in the crowd.

“Wow, Bao is so cool that he killed the shark in the water.”

“My god, Bao is so cool. I decided to accept him as my idol from now on!”

In their eyes, Bao was like them, enjoying affluence and protected by bodyguards.

But the what happened before them,

completely refreshed everyone’s views on Bao.

He was so handsome, so mean. A lot of girls on the shore were infatuated. Bao now enjoys the praise and applause of everyone like a triumphant hero.

He proudly held Lan in the arm in the water.

“Wow, Bao is going to kiss Lan!”

The man with the telescope shouted, and the people on the shore followed to kick up a fuss putting their hands to his mouth and shouted, “Have a kiss.”

“Hurry up!”

“Have a kiss…”

Bao painstakingly arranged such a plan, waiting for this moment, what he had been thinking about for so long, was finally realized today.

Lan was so shy that she couldn’t kiss at all. So many people looked at her, as a traditional woman, she can’t let go.

She gently pushed Bao away and whispered: “So many people are watching, be serious.”

Although she had already begun to try to accept Bao in her heart, she still hadn’t gotten along with this acceptance, and she can’t kiss him in front of this many people.

Bao was not angry when he has pushed away, but said with a grin: “Lan, don’t be angry, it’s just that you are too beautiful, and I can’t help myself. “

He clearly felt that Lan’s cold heart began to warm up. He had plenty of time to capture his heart. There was no need to rush for a while. He enjoyed the process of hunting very much. Forcing the prey to the hopeless situation step by step is more wonderful than acting without thinking.

Kris shook his head. What a good show.

He smiled and turned to Mary.

After swimming to Mary, seeing she did not look herself, Kris asked, “Mary, what’s wrong?”

Shouldn’t you be scared by the “shark” just now?

Mary gave him a disappointed glance and said indifferently: “That’s all right, I’m in a bad mood now, don’t talk to me.”

With that said, she turned to swim towards the shore and refused to look at Kris again.

She felt very cold in the heart; seeing other’s fiance fighting sharks regardless of the danger, she was both envious and wronged.

There is no way to compare him and her husband.

What made her feel most ridiculous was that when Kris went to find a job, she thought he had really started with a clean slate. Now it seemed that all this was fake; you can never make a crab walk straight, and he was still the same “rubbish”.

She suddenly regretted it now that she should not have decided to take him to the outing yesterday.

Kris was also confused. Why she wasn’t happy?

When he was about to catch up and ask, he heard a cry from the shore.

“Look, look, there is another shark there!”

“Gosh, how come there are another sharks?”

In the exclamation of people, Kris couldn’t help looking around, and he saw that the blackfins appeared again on the water surface not far away.

And this fin was much bigger than that one’s just now!

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