Chapter 103 – 104: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 103: Beg me, I’ll let you go (1)

Kerry Ye pointed at the kitchen and said, “Didn’t Mr. Qin tell you that from today, you will be in charge of the cooking duties.”

Hearing this, Venus Mu remembered what Mrs. Qin had said in the morning. She then raised a disdainful smile and said indifferently, “Why should I cook for you? I’m not the babysitter you hired.”

Couldn’t he really think she would serve him? No way.

Kerry snorted, his tone carrying some sarcasm, “Venus, don’t you remember? I bought you, and besides, I’m still your moneylender now. Isn’t that enough?”


“Don’t forgot. You owe me a million yuan. What, you want to deny it now?!”

Hearing him mention the money, Venus looked startled and inevitably felt a little guilty, so she said, “It’s just cooking. What’s so hard about that?”

Looking at her walking towards the kitchen, Kerry began to feel gloating inwardly.

If he knew that mentioning the million was so useful, he should have said more times.

Venus walked into the kitchen and found Mrs. Qin washing vegetables, so she walked over to the sink and spoke, “Mrs. Qin, teach me how to cook, OK?”

Mrs. Qin looked up, unexpecting that she was so voluntary, so she was relieved, and hurriedly said, “Alright. Young lady, it’s your first time in the kitchen, so let’s start with simple ones. Today, you will learn how to wash the vegetables.”

When Venus heard her words, she quickly answered, “Okay.”

In this way, the two of them cooperated with each other to finish today’s dinner. In the living room, Kerry was flipping through today’s financial evening news, while Xinyou was watching TV’s entertainment information.

Just thinking that Venus was busy in the kitchen, surrounded by fume and dirt, Xinyou was in a super happy mood at the moment.

Was there anything better than this feeling? The one she hated was serving her!

Kerry, who was relatively much calmer, glanced towards the kitchen several times, and he saw this behavior as surveillance.

In fact, there suddenly emerged a strange feeling, which he couldn’t tell it. He was just hoping tonight’s dinner could be early on the table.

Venus focused on Mrs. Qin, watching her doing all sort of things and felt grateful. She came to know that what she had eaten every day was not easy to make.

Watching her, Venus tried to remember the steps of cooking.

“Young lady, have you seen it? Every dish has to be added with salt, and some soy sauce, both of which not only make the food look much better, but also make it more delicious.

Hearing Mrs. Qin’s explanation, Venus nodded and said, “I got it.”

Mrs. Qin was making mushroom & chicken and only to see her skillfully put the cleaned black chicken, mushroom and condiments in a pot, beginning to heat it.

About half an hour or so, Mrs. Qin felt that it was almost ready and said to Venus beside her, “Young lady, the only thing left is to put salt. You can have a try.”

When Venus heard her say that, she was no longer restrained, and went directly to take out some salt with a spoon and slowly put it into the pot.

Mrs. Qin wanted to try it, but she thought she should let young master be the first one, for it’s Venus’ s first time to cook, so she directly turned off the fire.

Then Venus helped Mrs. Qin to serve, but she was stopped by her and said, “Young lady, the dishes are very hot. Why don’t you go and set the chopsticks?”

Venus went directly to the table to do it.

Kerry smelled the aroma of food coming from the table, and for the first time, he felt a good appetite, and before waiting for Mrs. Qin to greet him, he said to Xinyou beside him, “Xinyou, it’s time for dinner.”

Xinyou nodded and directly turned off the TV, following him to the dining table. Looking at the seemingly tasty food, she snorted inside.

She knew Venus and she knew it was her first time to cook, so the dished must be horrible.

Thinking of this, a brilliant trap came to Xinyou…

Seeing Kerry was on the table, Mrs. Qin smiled happily and said softly, “Young Master, this mushroom & chicken, young lady helped a lot. You and Miss Qiao can have a try.”

Venus felt shy after hearing this, for she just put some salt and the other credit should go to Mrs. Qin.

Chapter 103: Beg me, I’ll let you go (2)

But Mrs. Qin was for some good deeds, so she naturally wouldn’t deny her. she was just eating, silently.

Hearing this, Kerry Ye glanced at her and then allowed Mrs. Qin to pick two pieces of chicken for him. He picked up his chopsticks to have a try, chewing for a while, and then put down the chopsticks.

He frowned and his tone carried a hint of unbearable pain, “Water.”

Venus Mu froze. Was it too salty?

Mrs. Qin hurriedly handed him a glass of water, looking at him with a nervous face, confused.

“Why is it so sweet?! Venus, you don’t think of sugar as salt, do you?”

Xinyou Qiao similarly put down chopsticks and gulped down the milk, with a look of great pain.

She had no doubt at all that Venus was doing it on purpose. Was she expressing her dissatisfaction with cooking? couldn’t she tell salt from sugar?!

Her mouth was filled with a sweet and greasy taste, making Xinyou want to vomit. She quickly drank the glass of milk to ease the taste in her mouth a little.

Venus knew she was wrong and she actually put sugar in it. Imaging the taste of that dish, she couldn’t help but frown.

She was glad she hadn’t eaten it, otherwise she would have vomited…

Looking into Kerry’ s eyes, Venus maintained calm and said frankly, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Kerry looked full of suspicion and said with an annoying tone, “Don’t tell me that you can’t even tell the difference between sugar and salt.”

Venus appeared innocent and said directly, “The jars are not labeled.”

Hearing what she said, Kerry immediately said to Mrs. Qin, “Mrs. Qin, after eating, take young lady to label all the jars.”

Mrs. Qin directly replied, “Yes, young master.”

Venus was upset, but she was unable to resist. For the first time in her life, she could understand what was ‘A man standing under the low eave has to lower his head.’

The work of washing dishes after the meal also became Venus’s work. Kerry ordered that Venus should do it all by herself. Judging from his look, she knew this was definitely a revenge.

With her work clothes around her and rubber gloves in her hands, Venus stood at the sink pool cleaning the grease-stained plates.

She felt like she was definitely enduring too much. Since she married Kerry, her spirit had suffered a lot and now it was her body.

She wondered if she owed him from her last life! Why she should be treated like this?

After spending about half an hour, she finally cleaned up the half-high plates. She felt a sudden backache and finally sighed, taking off her apron, and walking out of the kitchen listlessly.

She wanted to go straight upstairs, but she didn’t expect to pass by the living room, just in time to meet Kerry’s thoughtful look.

Venus looked startled and had a bad feeling inside, so she wanted to just ignore him and walk straight away, but he didn’t want her to let her go, obviously.

“Have you done?”

Venus stopped and turned around to answer, “Yes.”

Kerry nodded and asked again, “Did you make notes on all the jars?”

Venus suddenly trembled and she looked full of frustration, “But Mrs. Qin isn’t here and I don’t know most of the spices, so I can’t do it at all.”

She thought she could get away with this, but apparently Venus thought it wrong.

Only to see Kerry sip his coffee, he smiled wryly and slowly said, “There is another way.”

Venus looked stunned and asked, “What?”

“Taste it all.”

After hearing his words, Venus said with incredulity, “Kerry, you’re not kidding, are you?! And it’s not funny!”

He must be kidding.

Chapter 103: Beg me, I’ll let you go (3)

She had just opened the cupboard just now and there were a hundred different kinds of spices there. It was impossible for her to taste all of them.

Kerry Ye looked serious and said with coldness, “I’m not joking.”

Venus Mu’s mouth pursed and said coldly, “Impossible! Show me, please.”

“Do you think you’re qualified enough to negotiate? Don’t forget, you still owe me a million, and as a moneylender, it’s already my great mercy that I don’t ask you to pay it back immediately.”

Kerry spoke righteously, as if he was the one who suffered.

When Venus heard him talking about another the money, she was furious inside, for she had never met an asshole like him.

He made her life harder. He must do this on purpose.

Venus looked incomparably stiff and expressionless, but her voice was not vulnerable, “I do owe you a million, but we made an agreement that I have three-year time!”


“Although you are the moneylender, you can’t be so arrogant before the deadline.”

Venus finished in one breath and she no longer paid attention to him and walked straight to the second floor.

Looking at her thin but straight back, he somewhat began to get furious.

Well done. She was resisting him now!

Had he been so indulgent lately that she was constantly challenging his bottom line?

Venus returned to her room. She first went to the bathroom, cleaning off the smell of grease on her body. And then she lay on the bed. Before her hair was dry, she fell asleep.

Looking at her funny sleeping posture, he really despised her. He slowly looked down, stopping at her chest. He was captured by he tits and he wanted her.

Fucking woman…

Venus felt there was a hot stone pressing against her chest, making her uncomfortable. She tried to push it away, but suddenly a sharp pain came from her waist, causing her to regain her consciousness.

Opening her drowsy eyes, she found that it wasn’t a big stone, but Kerry!

“Kerry, what are you doing in my room? Why don’t you sleep in your own room?” Venus frowned, and because of her headache, she had enough sleep, and her tone carried some irritation.

Kerry sneered and he didn’t care what she was saying, and his tone was low, “Of course I want you to do what a wife should do! Or do you think I came for chatting?”

Venus pursed her lips and she was restless. She was so sleepy right now and she really didn’t want to do that with him!

“I’m sleepy, will you let me go today? Or, you can go to Xinyou!” Venus closed her eyes, expecting him to leave quickly.

Hearing her words, Kerry directly leaned down to bite her slender neck.

‘Hiss!’ Venus couldn’t help but take a deep breath. The pain from her neck made her conscious for an instant, making her extremely angry. She roared, “Kerry, are you a dog?! You’re insane! Don’t you know it hurts!”

Kerry looked much calmer, but he was still thinking what he was doing was righteous, “Venus, how dare you?”

Venus was a bit aggrieved and complained, “You’re insane! I advise you to go to the hospital before it’s too late!”

What he was doing? He must have bitten through her neck, or it wouldn’t have hurt so much!

Kerry looked with annoyance and he stretched out his hand to press on, where he had just bitten. Seeing her in great pain, he was gloating.

“It hurts! Kerry, stop!”

His fingertips kept rubbing, and the pain intensified, making Venus cry hard.

Kerry ignored her and even used his nails to lightly scrape her injured part, causing her to wince in pain.

“Beg me.” Kerry looked sullen and said with an indifferent tone, “As long as you beg me, I’ll stop.”

Why? He’s the one who did the wrong thing!

Venus gritted her teeth, unwilling to beg him.

Kerry’s movements were so hard that he could clearly feel her trembling, so he spoke again, “Beg me.”

Venus looked sullen and with determination, she opened her mouth to bite his arm with endless hatred, as if she wanted to bite his flesh off!

Kerry stiffened, looking at the resentment in her look and sneered. He reached out his hand to clamp down on her jaw to forcefully open her mouth.

Venus’s jaw felt so painful, as if her bones were about to be crushed by him, and she tried to ignore this pain, with her eyes staring at him, more like a silent confrontation.

“Venus, I found out that you are naturally disobedient. What you showed to me before was all fake, Have I been so indulgent that you even forget how to behave yourself?”

Chapter 104: He only wants her body (1)

Venus Mu sneered and her tone was disdainful, “Kerry Ye, you think too much of you! Indulge me? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

Had he ever spoiled her since marrying him?

Every time, she suffered a lot from his torture. Every time, she felt tired.

Kerry was not annoyed, but his tone was indifferent to the extreme, “Venus, don’t be ungrateful. You’ve trapped Xinyou for so many times, but I didn’t look into it. You should be grateful to this!”

Hearing him mention Xinyou, Venus was furious.

What Xinyou had done to frame her quickly went through her head.

First, the design paper was torn up by her, making her the laughing stock; then she entered Ye family and was aggressive towards her; next, she deliberately rolled down the stairs, making her get kicked out of the house by Kerry…

Everything she had done was like an arrow coated with deadly poison, shooting at her heart with cruelty.

It caused her wounds to fester, and even after healing, she couldn’t forget the pain.

Venus laughed coldly with tears, her tone filled with pity and sorrow, “Kerry, you dummy! You’re being fooled and you don’t even know it! How pathetic!”


Venus’s face was averted, and the fiery pain from her cheeks came, as if her heart was burning.

Kerry looked gloomy and terrifying, with eyes glowing with horrible cruelty, as if he was going to swallow her.

“Venus, you’ re really disgusting! Do you know what I hate most? It’s women like you who are not only vicious, but also self-righteous!”

Venus curled her lips, which was full of sarcasm and disdain, “If I am so disgusting to you, why are you hesitant to divorce me? You face a woman who disgusts you every day, and you can still eat and sleep with her… You seem to enjoy self-abuse, don’t you?”

Kerry sneered and said indifferently, “You don’t need to provoke me. As long as I don’t catch Tianye Mu, divorce, never!”

Venus looked stunned and said with calm, “Good. Just to get back at my brother, you can even marry someone you don’t love at all!”

Kerry didn’t take it seriously, with his hands tugging, only to hear a ‘Hiss’ sound and the soft silk nightgown on Venus’s body fell off.

Touching her delicate and beautiful skin, his said in a husky voice, “As long as you can please me, I can continue being with you.”

Venus stared at him, with anger inside.

What did he take her for? A prostitute? Damn it.

Venus tried her best to resist, but she was fixed on the bed. He fondled her hair with his hands while getting into her body violently.

“Mm…” Venus gritted her teeth, silently enduring his rude attack without any pity, but only the single getting in ang out…

After a while, it was over.

Venus was limp and tired and she even couldn’t lift her fingers. Feeling that he had left, she began to sob.

Xinyou looked at her watch. Though it was getting late, but Kerry still hadn’t returned to his room, which made her somewhat anxious.

She had been waiting in Kerry’s room, wearing a sexual nightgown, and she desperately hoped that she could become his woman!

She had thought that Kerry might be in his study office, so she was lying on his soft bed waiting for him. Though she was a little nervous, even wanting to run away because she was too shy, she was always cheering herself up.

“Xinyou, don’t be afraid, you can do it! After tonight, Venus can’t threaten you anymore!”

But it was already over the middle of the night.

Finally, someone came and she knew it was him.

Xinyou felt nervous, and she wrapped herself in the blanket, full of expectation.

The door was opened and then he came in. The room was immediate as bright as day.

Chapter 104: He only wants her body (2)

Xinyou Qiao looked up with a shy face, but after seeing how he looked at the moment, she was devastated inside.

He was naked and wearing only a pair of underpants, showing off his perfect physique, and if it were a normal day, Xinyou would have blushed.

But when she saw several fresh scratches on his body, Xinyou almost passed out!

As a woman, how could she not know what those represented?


He obviously hates that bitch, but why he still slept with her?

She had waited so long for him, but this was something she never expected.


Kerry returned to his room and turned on the light. He looked stunned when he saw Xinyou lying on her bed.

“Xinyou, why are you here?” Kerry frowned and his tone was full of surprise.

He didn’t know that his every move at the moment unintentionally hurt her again.

Xinyou’s eyes were red, with her hands clenching and her red nails deeply into her flesh, but she didn’t feel anything. Her tone carried obvious aggravation, “Kerry, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Have you gone to Venus’s room?”

She felt painful. Intense pain and bitterness was almost about to drown her, and right now all she felt was endless darkness.

Kerry looked startled, but he still wanted to say the truth, “Well, you should quickly go back to your room and sleep. You still have to go to the company tomorrow.”

After saying this, he turned straight around and walked in stride, directly to the bathroom.

Looking at his back without any hesitation, Xinyou was hurt. She jumped out of the bed recklessly, but instead of walking towards the door, she just ran forward and hugged his waist.

Feeling her soft body, Kerry stiffened and only after a long while did he turn around. Looking at her aggrieved face, he said softly, “What?”

Xinyou bit her lower lip, her voice filled with sadness, “Kerry, why don’t you want me? Why would you rather choose Venus?”

Was she not as good as Venus? Why he didn’t touch her?

She was so close success, every time…

Kerry focused on her face, and he knew he really wanted to protect her. He gently wiped away the tears and spoke, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

How could the most intimate state between a man and a woman be called ‘hurt’?

Xinyou wanted to ask him, but her sanity told her no. She couldn’t push him too hard, otherwise it would only make him bored with her. Then he would be farther and farther away from her!

Xinyou lowered her head, still wearing a smile of relief and said gently, “It’s okay. I’m already yours anyway. Kerry, I can wait, until you are willing to love me.”

Though she obviously was hurt, but she forced herself to smile. Kerry was a little moved, with his hands fondling her soft hair, and said gently, “Xinyou, why are you so silly?”

So silly that he wanted to cherish her more, so silly that he felt sorry.

Xinyou looked at his gentle look and was very satisfied inside, which was what she wanted. She wanted to be a ‘good wife’, who could endure her ‘husband’s’ occasional mistakes, but would be ‘generous’ in showing understanding.

She knew men too well, and it’s better to get his permanent affection than to get his temporary favor.

Only then would he always remember you, and no matter how he played with other women, he would always remain a place for you…

It had to be said that Xinyou’ s EQ was too high, and it was definitely unfortunate for Venus to meet her as an opponent.

By the next day, Venus opened her eyes and dragged her sore body into the bathroom, allowing the cold water to wash her entire body. She tasted something salty and it was only then did she realize that she was crying.

Looking at the naked body in the mirror, she could clearly see the bruises. Not only his eyes were cold, but also her heart.

She could still recall what Kerry had said last night, making her heart ache.

In a few years’ time, she has turned into the one she hated.

Kerry was right. Her current situation was not much better than a prostitute and the only difference was that a prostitute pleased countless men, but she only pleased one.

When she was tired of crying, Venus gently wiped away her tears. Taking a towel next to her to put it on, she moved quickly out of the bathroom.

After dressing up, Venus opened the door, not expecting to see a face that made her lose her appetite.

“Xinyou, what are you doing standing in my room in the morning?!” Venus frowned and her tone was full of impatience.

Xinyou looked at her face and a horrible thought came to her. She really wanted to tear her disgusting face apart, so that other men would hide away when they saw her!

“Of course I want to see your hypocritical face!” Xinyou smiled coldly, her tone full of disdain, “It seems that you didn’t sleep well last night, huh? The dark circles on your face are just shocking!”

Venus sneered and said with an indifferent tone, “Do you think you’re better than me? Look at your dark circles. Are you a panda?”

Hearing that she compared herself to a panda, Xinyou was mad.

She snorted and coldly said, “Venus, don’t gloat! It seems that you missed the days, right? Do you still remember my ‘special care’?”

Venus immediately understood that she was trying to enrage her, so that she could let Kerry punish her.

Chapter 104: He only wants her body (3)

Venus Mu regained her calmness, and she said coldly with a smile, “What you’ve done is truly unforgettable, but I have to remind you that you will ruin yourself one day!”

“Xinyou, you will be punished one day.”

She believed there was justice, but the time hadn’t come yet!

Xinyou felt funny about what she said, “Please! Are you still a teenager girl? How can you still believe such saying? Do you think I’d be afraid?”

Venus didn’t want her to be afraid, for a woman who betrayed her soul, how could she be frightened by her words? She would definitely keep doing wrong.

“I’m sure you’ll find it out soon!” Venus snorted coldly and said calmly.

“I don’t know, but it’s true that you’re about to have a lot of bad luck!” Xinyou raised a smug smile, with her eyes glowing with viciousness.

Hearing what she said, Venus clearly knew there was going to happen something. Xinyou never said anything baseless and since she said that, it just meant that she was planning something again.

Venus needed to be careful!

“What are you going to do this time? Roll down the stairs, or pretend to be pathetic?” Venus looked cold, but inwardly, she was wry.

Xinyou looked full of sarcasm and her tone was full of disdain, “I never something once again! This one’s going to be a big show and I’m sure it’ll be one you’ll never forget! By the way, don’t forget to prepare the coffin in advance!”

Xinyou’ s vicious words, which were laced with curses, making Venus a little frightened.

She hated her to such an extent just because of Kerry?

So how scary was she, and when was she going to do it to her this time?

“Xinyou, you’re just crazy right now! For a man, you sold your soul to the devil, and don’t you ever think about whether it’s worth it or not!”

Venus was trembling, not with fear, but with anger!

How did she end up like this?

Even if she wanted to marry Kerry and become the young lady of Ye family, why didn’t she go for it with her own efforts! Why do something so despicable?

Even if she won in the end, would she be able to face herself? Wasn’t she ashamed?

Xinyou sneered and said indifferently, “Venus, don’t say this! You now dominate everything, and how dare you accuse me?!”

Venus was furious and shouted, “You are unbelievable! I’m telling you, I’m not going to let you do everything you want. No matter what schemes you play in the future, you’ll never get away with it!”

“Oh, really?” Xinyou said with a contemptuous tone full of disapproval, “OK, I’ll see what you can do! Just wait, sooner or later, I’ll make you kneel before me and beg for mercy!”

Xinyou stared at her with a face full of resentment, then turned around and left on her heels.

Venus felt her eyes go black, so she leaned against the door to support herself. The cold and salty liquid flew out of the corners of her eyes once again.

It had all changed, everything had changed.

She missed the old days in school so much. They walked side by side, they read books together and they discussed the problems together.

It seemed like it was still as clear as yesterday, but it was different.

She remembered the rumors she had overheard, when her classmates had warned her that Xinyou had been spreading bad things about her, but she didn’t believe them and had even accused them of bad intentions.

Now when she thought about it, she would feel how stupid she was, not knowing how to judge people. She trusted her for so many years.

“Venus, you are just a tool to embody my values, like a green leaf to set off a red flower…”

Venus lowered her head, bitter inwardly.

She was so silly, so silly…

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