Chapter 105 – 106: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 105: Fall in Love

On this occasion, however, people in the water didn’t panic as before in that the “shark” had just been easily killed by Bao Cao, who was a damned good killer, so this one must be killed too.

Now they were far from the shore, they would be safe as long as they hid behind Bao.

“Come on, Bao, kill it!”

“Double killing!”

Kris Chen froze when he was listening to the shouts of the people on the shore.

What trick did Bao want to play? Why did he do that again?

Bao muddled when he looked at the shark. He thought: what happened? Didn’t I let the boy pretend for once? Why did he come back?

As he muttered himself, he saw a shadow in the water, giving a violent shudder.

Fuck, this is a real shark!

It must be attracted by the blood.

His face had been suddenly drained of all color. He cried like a lost soul: “Swim, swim to the shore!”

Seeing Bao was shouting like a madman, Lan Yu asked confusedly: ” Bao, why are you so nervous? You have a weapon in your hand!”

Bao was so scared that he left Lan behind and swim to the shore desperately.

Being pushed away by Bao letting him down so that he shouted: “Why did you leave me ‘alone? Wait for me…”

Hearing Lan’s cry, Bao glanced back: “Lan, this is a real shark, run for it or you will die… Eh-hem.”

All he wanted to do now was to swim back to the shore where he would be safe. He didn’t want to lose his life here.

But the shark seemed to be running after him alone. He almost shit his pants when Bao turned around and saw the shark getting closer.

“Fuck, don’t chase me, go bite them.”

Bao was shouting and swimming hard, but he still couldn’t swim against the shark.

Bao suddenly called to mind a piece of news that he saw by chance in the critical moment. The news is that: shark’s sense of smell is so sensitive that it can smell blood from far away. Then, he remembered that he had pierced the blood bag with the dagger, this dagger…

He suddenly realized that the shark went after him in that it was excited by the smell of blood.

In his anxiety, he totally neglected others and throw the dagger into the girls’ group impartially.

He really did open a can of worms in that the shark moved it’s tail and swam bluntly to Xiaorou Xu, Mary Su, and Qing Chu.

“Bao, what were you doing just now?”

Lan confused as he couldn’t believe that Bao brought trouble to him..

At the moment, everyone realized that what Bao killed was a fake “shark”, while this is a real shark!

“Ah, help…”

Mary paled with fear as she looked at the shark, went straight to her, and she wasn’t good at swimming.

It’s over. She was going to die… At that moment, all women in the water could not help screaming. With a noticeably over-sized jaw. The shark bit Mary bluntly.

Several women closed their eyes in horror as they feared to see what happened.


Mary’s voice revealed despair, like a weeping cuckoo.

As she floated in the water and Waited for death to come, a few seconds passed, she was still alive. She was shocked when she opened her eyes. Not only her, but all the people in the water were stunned by what they saw.

They swore that they’d never seen anything like it in their lives.

Kris Chen rode on the shark’s back with one hand tightly grasped the shark fin and thumped the shark down.

The scene was so shocking that they forgot to cry. With each powerful punch, the shark’s back would be dented a piece.

The shark wagged its tail violently as the pain. The sharp fins cut wounds in Kris’s arms, leaving the jaws wide open to bite him.

The sharp teeth looked so ferocious in the sun that one bite would kill Kris.

Blood oozed from the wound, dripped into the water, and soaked through.

The shark smelled the blood and became even more furious. “Run, what the hell are you doing?” Kris shouted loudly with fiery eyes.

He has not recovered from the gunshot wound. Moreover, he grappled with the shark fiercely so that he could feel the blood pouring out of the wound.

“If we leave, what will you do…”

When Mary looked at Kris fought against the shark, she burst into tears..

Sorry Kris, Sorry, I had misjudged you, only you would be so desperate to protect me…

“Fuck, run, I’m going to divorce you if you don’t leave!” Kris could not help swearing, and this was the first time he swore at Mary and threatened her with divorce.

Hearing what Kris said, Mary nodded her head in a panic: “I will go, I will go…”

She knew that Kris threatened her to go. He didn’t want her to wound. She cried and swam towards the shore, silently praying for Kris didn’t have an accident.

At this point, the others in the water responded and swam desperately to the shore. “No!”

Kris exclaimed and slipped off the shark’s back.

At this time, everyone was nearing the shore. Still, Xiaorou just swam only a third of the way, it was difficult for her to swim on as she was rather a delicate girl. Now she overdrew her strength as getting frightened.

The shark, who had just been taking multiple blows, went mad. It ignored Kris but rushed up to Xiaorou.

Seeing the shark was swimming toward her, Xiaorou was so frightened that the whole person was in a great panic. The shock made him forget to continue swimming.

“Come on, swim to me!” Kris shouted at Mary.

Hearing his voice, Xiaorou came back to earth and had some confidence, and then she swam toward Kris desperately, but she swam very slow as she almost overdrew all her strength.

At the moment, The people on the shore were in a terrible hurry, especially the wooers of Xiaorou were anxious to jump into the water to save the beauty.

But at the thought of sharks were the most powerful and ferocious creatures in the sea, they gave up the idea. After all, After all, beauty was not as important as their own lives, was it?

So they just stood on the shore and shouted. “Xiaorou, come on, you can’t give up.”

“Swim on, the shark will soon catch up with you.”

When Xiaorou swam to Kris, he also swam to her. Finally, he swam to the side of her, held her slender waist, pulled her into his arms.

His hands stuck to her back. He channeled his inner strength into her body.

When Xiaorou was almost exhausted, a warm force entered her back and then inputted her body, which made her felt herself fill with strength. When she saw herself being held by Kris, she felt a sense of security.

“Swim back to the shore. I’ll take care of the shark.” Kris leaned over her ear and said.

Xiaorou trembled as she brought up without a man who spoke to her close. Moreover, this man was Kris. Her heart was suddenly in a mess.

She started to fall in love with him as he was really brave when he fought with the shark. Now, she cared about nothing, even if he was the live-in son-in-law of the Su family. As long as she could be with him, she could give up everything.

Instantly, the idea popped into her mind and then grew like a weed.

Her face suddenly was burning hot as she felt bashful.

How could she have such an idea?


At this moment, with a loud bang, the spray splashed behind Xiaorou.

She turned her head sharply and saw the shark, more than ten meters long, leaping into the air, opening its jaw and biting at Kris.

Chapter 106: Sun-Moon Rotation

Holy shit, such a big shark!

Bao Cao was terrified, but fortunately, he was running fast enough.

Although everything he had done before was in vain, but his own life’s more important.

He shuddered when he looked at the shark’s bloody mouth. Kris Chen would die for sure.

As expected, the shark jumped up high and opened its mouth wide to snap at Kris.

Even though Kris had become a practitioner and had possessed the help of inner energy, he had no way to borrow power in the water, so he couldn’t avoid this snap completely.

His arm was slightly sliced by the shark’s sharp teeth, so it pulled out a long line of blood.

The blood reddened the seawater instantly.


People on the beach were in a state of shock, watching the huge shark stick into the sea like a torpedo.

The huge splash concealed Kris, and the shark followed to dive under the water, and for a time, the sea was calm.

“It’s done, this kid is really dead now.”

“Oh, this is what happens when you don’t have enough to play tough.”

Kris disappeared along with the shark. People on the beach not only had no sympathy, but they kept taunting, as if what Kris had only himself to blame.

He’s just a useless son-in-law, it’s nothing if he died. Everyone would like to hear that anyway. Besides, their chance would come if Mary becomes a widow.

Listening to the cold-blooded and heartless words of everyone, Mary felt like the sky was about to collapse. She sat on the ground with a limp.

Was Kris really dead? No… He couldn’t die, absolutely not, I won’t allow it, I won’t allow it!

“All of you shut up.” With red eyes, Mary said, “What time is it that you guys still laugh at him, hurry up and save him! Go!”

Mary’s words made everyone look awkward, so they didn’t dare to look at her.

She must be kidding, asking them to save a loser? Did he deserve it?

Besides, is that 10-meter-long shark in the sea harmless? Who would dare to go? That literally seeks for death.

Mary didn’t expect them to do anything. After all, they weren’t from her own family.

Family members wouldn’t let Kris die, would they?

So Mary set her eyes on Hai Su.

Hai Su sensed Mary’s gaze, and he felt a little bit awkward. He faked a sorrowful face, “I really want to save Kris, but I don’t know how to swim. Besides, Kris has already sunk to the bottom of the sea, there’s nothing I can do about it…”

Hearing Hai Su’s hypocritical words, Mary felt like her world fell at her feet. She lost control, and tears began to flow. She was so desperate.

Seeing Mary being so despair, Hai felt he couldn’t describe how carefree and comfortable he was. He sneered and continued to push her, “Mary, it’s all your fault, it’s you who killed Kris. Kris wouldn’t have gone to the competition if you hadn’t agreed to participate in this competition. If it wasn’t for the family not to lose 100 million dollars, Kris wouldn’t have accompanied you to the sea, you remember, it was you who buried Kris with your own hands.”

Tears blurred Mary’s vision. She looked at the calm sea with blank stares, felt that her heart was broken.

It had been almost three minutes after Kris had sunk to the bottom of the sea, and there was nothing but blood on the surface of the sea.

Just when everyone thought that Kris was dead, no one knew that Kris was fighting the shark with his every effort under the calm sea.

Relying on his amazing willpower and desire to survive, Kris fought with the shark underwater.

Although he was in a mess, but the shark was no better than him. Kris kept punching the previous wound that he made on the shark, and its spine on the one side had collapsed entirely.

However, the pain also drove this shark into complete madness.

It targeted at Kris and rushed over with its wide-open mouth.

Damn, this shark was really powerful in the sea. The one to die would definitely be him if it went on like this.

The strong desire to survive forced him to avoid the attack. In the meanwhile, he mobilized the few remained inner energy in his body.

It’s up to this strike whether he could survive or die.

“The Holy Bible of Sun-Moon Holy Cult!”

At this moment, two round balls, one red and one white, spinning around Kris at high speed, churning the seawater around his body.

This move was a consummate skill that Kris had stolen from the Holy Bible of Sun-Moon Holy Cult of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, the Sun-Moon Rotation!

The red and white balls were shaped by Kris with his inner energy, the red one was made of inner energy of extreme Yang, while the white one was made of inner energy of extreme Ying, representing the sun and moon.


There was a hint of madness in Kris’s eyes, and in the next second, he carried the sun and moon balls and rushed over.


The sun and moon balls bombarded the shark’s massive body, knocking it over instantly.

The next magical scene was, one side of the shark’s body was covered with a thin layer of ice, while the other side was directly cooked. But even appeared like that, the shark wasn’t dead yet.

Kris’s intention to kill surged and the Spear appeared in his hand, the sharp blade pierced through the shark’s tough skin directly, blood inside its body spurred like a fountain.

This time the sea was dyed like red ink, and the people on the beach were confused.

“Fuck, what’s going on? Why there’s so much blood.”

“Tragic, this blood must be that son-in-law’s, look, that part of seawater is all dyed red.”

Someone said that Mary felt she was struck by lightning in the crowd, and her entire soul was completely gone.

She kneeled on the beach, her eyes gazed at the sea vacantly, the memories of she and Kris over the past two years was like a movie flashed in her mind.

No, he’s not going to die… It’s a lie.

How could he die?

I haven’t loved you enough. How could you leave me alone…?

“No… I don’t… I don’t believe…” Mary stood up and ran to the beach madly, crying out, “Kris, come back quickly…”

“I don’t allow you to die, do you hear me, Kris! Come up quickly, I’ll never scold you again…” Mary cried until her throat was hoarse with grief, but the sea was still calm.

Some sensitive girls in the crowd couldn’t help but wipe their tears secretly.

At this time, Hai walked over and said hypocritically, “Mary, don’t cry, Kris is gone, you’re crying so sadly, he’s already gone ….”

Before he could say the last few words, he saw Kris’s head come up in the sea not far away.

“Who said I was dead?”

Hai was so scared that he even sank to the beach, holy shit, he saw Kris covered in blood and holding the shark’s dead body in his hand.

After arriving at the shallow water, Kris stepped on the sand and just dragged the shark step by step to the beach.

“Mary, how about I treat you with shark fins?” Kris, covered in blood, squatted in front of Mary and grinned.

Looking at Kris, who was covered in blood, everyone present was dumbfounded.

The air around them seemed to become sticky at this moment, and they could hear the sound of their hearts beating violently.

No… This wasn’t real… How could someone kill a shark in the sea with his bare hands!

Everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them, and even if they didn’t believe it any longer, the tens of meters long shark’s dead body couldn’t be faked.

For a time, their eyes on Kris were filled with shock and incredulity, as well as a hint of awe.

Mary stopped crying and dried her tears to take a look, and saw Kris’s pale face appear in front of her.

“Why is my baby wife crying so sadly.” Kris reached over and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, “Don’t cry, I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Pfft,” Mary snorted with laughter. At that moment, all the grief in her heart turned into joy. At this moment, she saw this man standing in front of her alive. She almost couldn’t hold back from rushing up to hug him.

But Kris acted so closely with her in front of so many people also called her baby wife, she was shy, timid, her courage vanished in a flash.

“Who is your baby wife? You just wouldn’t be bashful, will you!” Saying that she even tilted her head, not daring to look Kris in the eye.

“Kris, are you alright?”

At this time, Lan Yu and Xiaorou Xu also came up from the side.

If it wasn’t for Kris, they all would have died!

Looking at Kris’s wounds, Lan Yu was heartbroken, and Xiaorou even couldn’t help but sob.

Seeing Kris surrounded by three beauties made the men present jealous to the point of madness.

Looking at the two people’s worried faces, Kris said lightly, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

This feeling of being cared for was really good, especially Xiaorou. This girl was actually in tears. He couldn’t help but want to reach out to wipe her tears. However, at this time, a young man wearing golden glasses walked over with a smile on his face. He looked at Kris with a face of admiration and said, “Brother, you are awesome, Song Wu killed a ferocious tiger in the ancient time (a story in the Water Margin), now Kris fight shark in the sea barehanded, you are simply more powerful than Song Wu. “

The man said, after a pause, the words changed, “The funny thing is before some people said that you are a lazy freeloader and coward, now that I think they are talking bullshit!”

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