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Chapter 105 – 106: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 105: Food poisoning (1)

After more than half a month of practice, Venus was able to cook something basic and she had mastered the steps and essentials of cooking, so she decided to do it today, starting from the easiest one—Eight Treasures Porridge.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Qin, Venus measured the rice into a small pot, poured in the right amount of water, turned on the stove, and started to boil it with medium heat, then switched to low heat.

Fine products came from slow work.

Looking at her increasingly skilled movements, Mrs. Qin was wearing a kind smile and said softly, “Young lady really has the potential to be a great chef. Though it has only been a few day, you almost know how to cook.”

Venus shook her head and said gently, “Actually learning more isn’t a bad thing. If I learn how to cook, I can cook for myself in the future, instead of relying on others.”

Actually, what she didn’t say was that if one day her brother came back, at that time if she could get rid of Kerry, she wanted to be able to make soup for her dear brother.

Mrs. Qin didn’t know what she’s really thinking and she just thought she wants to learn how to cook so she can improve her relationship with Kerry. As the saying went, if you wanted to make a man stay, cook the food he loved.

The two of them chatted as they made it, and soon the heat of the porridge came out through the edges of the lid, and Mu Venus quickly opened the lid and picked up a spoon to gently stir a few times.

According to Mrs. Qin, if she didn’t stir it, the rice inside would stand at the bottom of the pot, affecting the taste of the porridge.

After getting used to the smell of grease in the kitchen, Venus no longer found it unbearable and she did like this mode. At least when she was in the kitchen, it was easy not to see the two disgusting people.


What were they doing now? They must be sitting on the living room sofa, waiting for dinner.

This time Venus was not right. The huge LCD TV in the living room, at the moment as usual, was playing some hot channel, while Xinyou who was sitting on the sofa was watching with interest.

Kerry had gone to the study at the moment, dealing with the company’s documents.

Xinyou took a sip of warm coffee and the white fog blurred her sight, with her fingers in the pocket, thinking about what she should do next.

In the kitchen, both Mrs. Qin and Venus were there, so how was she going to do? Making up a reason to let Mrs. Qin go?

Thinking of this, Xinyou finally made a decision, staring at a figure in the kitchen, and said resentfully to herself, “Venus, this time, you fuck off.”

Xinyou slowly stood up and walked to the kitchen door. Looking at the busy ones inside, she said, “Mrs. Qin, where did Uncle Wang put the Blue Mountain coffee beans he purchased two days ago? Can you get some for me?”

Mrs. Qin looked at Xinyou, who was leaning on the door with a gentle face, and nodded, saying, “No problem. I’ll go and bring it for you right away.”

After saying that, she took off her uniform, went to the sink to wash her hands, and walked out of the kitchen.

Looking at Mrs. Qin’s back, Venus fixed her eyes on the porridge pot, deliberately ignoring her unkind scrutiny.

The porridge was almost done, so Venus took a spoon to stir it. The aroma of the hot porridge mixed with the white mist came to her, which made her relax a lot.

Being overly concerned, she didn’t even notice that Xinyou was behind her.

“Wow, good. Look delicious. Venus, you really learn a lot from Mrs. Qin, right?” Xinyou glanced at the porridge in the pot, raising a sarcastic smile.

For her bad tone, Venus had already gotten used to it. she still needed to do lots of things now, so she didn’t want to get entangled with her. Without turning her head back, she said coldly, “I don’t have time to deal with you right now. If you want to fight, find another time!”

Ever since Xinyou said that last time, Venus was always on guard against her. It’s not that she’s afraid of her, it’s just that she’s so cunning that Venus couldn’t let her guard down.

The porridge was ready. Seeing Mrs. Qin was not coming, she directly went to the cupboard, taking out three sets of tableware. Each one had different flower patterns and Xinyou immediately saw the one belonged to her, the one with peony.

Xinyou said in an annoying voice, “I don’t know who owns this set of daisy patterned chopsticks. Bad taste. This kind of petty flower is really annoying!”

A sulk rose inside when she heard that she was purposely picking on her, but she didn’t want to pay attention to her right now, lest she ruined her porridge if she went crazy.

When she was sure that the porridge was ready, Venus turned off the fire and began to serve it into the bowls, but she only served two ones and put on the set of chopsticks with peony pattern on them.

Xinyou knew Venus did it deliberately and she was dissatisfied, “Venus, what do you mean? I think you’re doing it on purpose!”

Looking at Xinyou’ s ‘indignant’ face, Venus sneered and said indifferently, “Do it yourself, or you can wait for Mrs. Qin!”

Chapter 105: Food poisoning (2)

Xinyou knew she was retorting her, so she curled her lips and her face was full of dissatisfaction, “How dare you? I’m telling you, since now I’m nice to you, you should be grateful. Serve the porridge for me, or I’ll tell Kerry how incompetent you are as a cook!”

Venus really wasn’t afraid anymore. She pursed her lips, but her tone was calm, “Go ahead. It would be a lot easier for me if he could remove me from this position.”

Seeing her look like she was dying to be like this, Xinyou was furious and she found that recently Venus was better at arguing with her.

Xinyou should really do something practical to teach her.

“I was just joking, and I’m not going to do something like this that the gain is not worth the loss!” Xinyou looked smug and said with a malicious tone.

Venus wasn’t surprised. She had known her for four years, and she knew her better than anyone else after seeing her true face.

“It’s none of my business.” After serving the porridge, she turned around and took out a tray from the cupboard.

Xinyou focused on her movements, with a grim smile on her face and said, “Even if I were to do it, I would do the best. I want you to die, to disappear in front of me!”

Xinyou’s eyes were a little flickering as she spoke, but Venus didn’t see it because she was back to her, but when Xinyou said that, she felt some unease.

She had a feeling that Xinyou was tactfully telling her that she was about to deal with her again…

Venus stiffened, but she quickly returned to her original state. She turned around with an expressionless face, holding the hot porridge and walking to the dining table.

Looking at her back, Xinyou withdrew her gaze and landed unkindly on her bowl, smiling wryly.

When Kerry came down from the stairs, he saw that Venus was carrying the food to the dining table, and for some reason, when he noticed the cartoon patterned apron on her, he felt warm inwardly.

Passing through the stairs of the living room, he came directly to the dining table and sat down, and when he only saw Venus was busy around, Kerry frowned, “Where is Mrs. Qin?”

Naturally, this was said to Xinyou, who was already seated on the side, and Xinyou replied while picking up his favorite food to him, “Mrs. Qin saw that there is no more coffee beans you usually drink, so she went to get some when she was preparing dinner.”

Kerry heard it and didn’t care, instead he noticed Venus who was tidying up the kitchen and raised his voice, “Stop it. Hurry up and eat.”

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When Venus heard his words, she didn’t want to go against him, so she took off the apron and came to the table to sit down and eat.

She didn’t think that Kerry was out of kindness or concern, but as for the reason, she couldn’t figure it out, but she didn’t want to know.

Anyway, he couldn’t think about something good for her.

Xinyou asked with an expectant face, “Kerry, how is it?”

Kerry chewed and nodded, “Not bad.”

The praise was naturally directed to Mrs. Qin, for Venus only cooked porridge this time. As for the dishes, it was Mrs. Qin finished it. Venus knew they would comment on their work, but even if it was praise, she wouldn’t be happy.

They said a woman cooked for the ones she cared about, family or loved ones. Whether it’s Kerry or Xinyou, they were nothing to her.

Venus drank the porridge, and found that although it wasn’t as good as Mrs. Qin, it was already not bad.

Not bad.

Venus cheered herself up.

Xinyou glanced at her unintentionally and picked up the spoon and gently drank some hot porridge, praising her hypocritically, “Venus, your porridge is really good, especially the cinnamon in this and the fragrance is smooth and soft. The taste is really good, Kerry you should drink more.”

Kerry was calm and he took some and indifferently said, “Just so-so. Much worse than Mrs. Qin.”

Hearing his words, Venus snorted inside. Since it’s far worse, why he still drank it? What’s wrong with him?

Looking at him as he continued to drink the porridge, Venus really had the urge to throw it away. She had cooked it herself and she definitely didn’t wat him to drink.

Xinyou concentrated on her porridge. Soon she finished half bowl of porridge and she elegantly picked up a napkin to wipe her mouth.

Her fingers gently touched the edge of the bowl and spoke, “Kerry, let’s go for a walk in the courtyard later. It’s not good for you to sit in your office all day.”

Chapter 105: Food Poisoning (3)

“Okay.” Kerry said casually.

A smile played on Xinyou Qiao’s lips. But within a few seconds, the smile on her face froze. Her face instantly turned pale. There was sweat coming out on her forehead, and her hands covered her stomach.

“It hurts. “Xinyou was full of pain and her voice was weak, “Kerry, my stomach hurts.”

Kerry hurried to her side, asking nervously, “What’s wrong with you?”

Xinyou’s brow was furrowed. Her face was constantly oozing sweat.

Kerry stopped asking. He hurriedly picked up Xinyou and walked to the door.

When the man who was already on duty saw Kerry, he hurried to Kerry and said, “Mr. Ye, Will you need the car?”

“Yes, have the car brought around now.” Kerry looked full of anxiety and shouted loudly. Then the man hurried to prepare the car.

At this point Kerry looked at the pale face of Xingyou in his arms and said softly, “Just hang on a little longer. We’ll be at the hospital soon!”

Xinyou seemed to have fallen into a coma and no longer responded, which made Kerry’s heart sink.

The car drove quickly and Kerry got in as fast as he could. They went straight to the hospital.

Kerry guarded the outside of the operating room. He was confused as to why Xinyou had a stomach ache.

There was doubt in his mind as he gradually recalled Xinyou’s pained look. He knew that things weren’t that simple.

After three hours’ rescue, the door of the operating room was finally opened. Soon the doctor came out. Upon seeing the nervous Kerry, he said, “Miss Qiao is out of danger. You don’t need to worry too much.”

Kerry’s sighed with relief and asked, “Dr. Li, what’s wrong with her?”

“We tested a large amount of sleeping pills from Miss Qiao’s stomach. The initial diagnosis was that she was suffering from food poisoning.” Dr. Li said truthfully.

Kerry’s brow furrowed and something occurred to him. Then he said, “I see. Thank you, Doctor.”

Dr. Li smiled, “If you has something, you can call me anytime.” Then he left.

Just then, Xinyou was pushed out of the operating room by the nurse. Looking at her pale face, Kerry’s heart ached, as if his heart was pricked.

“Henry, go back to the Ye family right now.” He said to Henry suddenly.

Henry nodded respectfully and quickly left.

Xinyou was transferred to the VIP ward. Kerry was just about to step through the door when his cell phone rang in his pocket. He stopped to pull out his phone. After looking at the number, he answered it.


Chapter 106: Venus is in trouble (1)

“Mr Ye, is it convenient for you to check the files in your computer now? I have sent the Cooperation Planning with Xinrui Group to your email.”

Kerry said flatly, “I have something to deal with now, I’ll check it tomorrow.”

“I got it. See you!”

“See you!”

Kerry hung up the phone and walked into the ward. He walked gently to the bedside and asked softly, “Xinyou, are you feeling better now?”

Xinyou gently shook her head and said weakly, “What’s wrong with me, Kerry? What did the doctor say?”

Kerry did not answer directly, but asked gravely, “Xinyou, why did you have a stomachache?”

Xinyou‘s eyes opened wide, as if she was trying to recall something, “After having supper, I’ve got a stomachache.”


As he caught the word, he was suddenly enlightened.

Kerry touched her cheek gently and comforted her in a soft voice, “The doctor said you ate unhygienic food, you should get more rest, ok?”

Xinyou nodded and said lovely, “I see.”

With his soft eyes staring at her, Kerry whispered, “Take a nap now, I need to leave for a while.”

With a little bit gloomy mood, she said expectantly, “Kerry, can you stay here with me? I felt alone…”

With a comforting smile, Kerry said, “I am going to handle the formalities for you. I’ll be right back.”

Xinyou was relieved and smiled, “Ok!”

He didn’t left the ward until he was sure that she has fallen asleep. A complex expression came over his face, then follows a ray of utter coldness.

After walking out of the ward, Kerry was inwardly furious. He clutched his hands tightly, then took the phone out of his pocket and made a call.

“Herry, Did you discover anything?”

With full of gravity, Henry replied, “Lord, it was found that the incident had something to do with your wife.

When Henry said that, actually something snapped inside him.

To his surprise, Venus, who usually seemed well-educated, was so poisonous. And he thought that the lord would definitely not be merciless this time.

“Could you be more specific?”

“Yes.” Henry continued, “Miss Qiao was only poisoned after drinking porridge. It was in that bowl of porridge that we detected a lot of sleeping pills. In addition, I learned from Mrs Qin that it was your wife who cooked the porridge tonight.”

Hearing Henry’s reply, Kerry was not very surprised, because he knew clearly that she was really a ruthless woman.

Once the wicked woman had pushed Xinyou down the stairs cruelly!

She always troubles Xinyou before. But he didn’t expect that she would do such a cruel thing.

Venus, I think I have belittled you before, now I have a new understanding of you!

“Henry, What do you think I should do with her? The doctor said Xinyou was just now out of danger. What is Venus doing now?

He thinks she should be managing to escape, after all she has done such a vicious thing, she can definitely imagine how he would punish her!

But to his surprise, he was wrong again.

Henry replied, “She is having a rest in her bedroom.”

“Having a rest?” Kerry was astonished, shining a cruel smile in his face, and said, “Well, Venus, you are so ‘great’! Henry!”

“I”m here, lord!”

“Now bring Venus to me at once!”

Henry was stunned for a moment, and then said, “Yes.”

Chapter 106: Venus Is in a Critical Condition (2)

Venus was then brought to Kerry. She knew she would again be blamed for what happened to Xinyou when she saw Kerry’ s murderous glare.

And just like she expected, Kerry delivered a hard slap across Venus’s face. So violent was this slap that Venus was sent moving backwards. She then bumped against the glass behind her and broke it into pieces. A sharp fragment stabbed into her body and she was racked with excruciating pain.

Blood dripped down her back. It was warm and sticky. She went numb because of the pain. She wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and looked at Kerry blankly.

Kerry’ s glare got more vicious when he saw Venus was still so calm. Venus felt her heart was pierced by his steady gaze. And then, Kerry asked in a cold voice: “Why did you poison Xinyou’s food? Do you know that she almost got killed?”

Venus shuddered, not because she was shocked, but because she found it unbelievable that Xinyou was willing to make Kerry hate her at the cost of her own life! Xinyou is indeed a crazy woman.

Kerry couldn’t believe that when her crime was found out, instead of repenting of what she had done or denying her crime, she was thinking about something else.

He delivered another two hard slaps across her face, but Venus was still expressionless. Kerry was so irritated by her indifference, and he was seized by a strong desire to strangled her to death.

“Venus! Why didn’t I realize you are such a vicious woman! Why don’t you say anything! Are you too ashamed of yourself or what!!!” Kerry roared.

Venus felt her face was burning, and a warm liquid trickled down her nose. She rubbed her nose, and found it was blood.

A mirthless smile appeared on her face, and she looked lost and defeated. And then, a sharp pain seared through her chest and she despaired.

She went numb because of the overwhelming pain, and she shouted with great resentment: “Kerry! You are such a bloody fool! You are such a freaking moron! If I poisoned her food, why would I make it so freaking obvious!!!”

Kerry arched his brow, and his anger didn’t subside at all. He said: “You are a woman with no moral scruples!! And there is nothing that you can not do!”

“And so, I will poison her food in front of so many people, and then, I’ll keep the soup so that you can find the evidence and hit me!!” Venus laughed dryly.

Kerry found Venus’s defense rather reasonable, but he recovered himself and said in a cold voice: “So you are saying that Xinyou poisoned her own food? Don’t you think that is ridiculous?”

What Xinyou did was indeed rather ridiculous, but at least she achieved what she wanted. She successfully pushed Venus into a corner, and now Venus stood no chance to prove her innocence.

“I am not going to keep explaining if you don’t believe me. It is of no use.” Venus’s face was blank, and not a tinge of emotion was to be noticed in her voice.

“So, you admit it. You poisoned her food.” Kerry stared at her, and his voice was vicious. Venus felt if she said yes, Kerry would choke her to death in an instant.

“If you believe it was me, just call the police. Let them put me in prison.” Venus said coldly.

Kerry was obviously surprised by her answer. He laughed suddenly and said: “I’m not going to call the police. It’s a domestic affair, and I’ll handle it myself.”

Then Kerry walked closer and closer to Venus, and Venus was so nervous.

“Kerry, what are you……No!!!”

An acute pain shot up her arm, and she almost fainted. She looked at her arm, which she could no longer feel, and cried. Tears streamed down her face together with her sweat.

A cruel smile spread across Kerry’ s face. He said: “I only teared an arm of yours down, and you screamed hysterically. Then what about Xinyou? She suffered more pain than you did!!”

Venus’s body was quivering. She felt blood was surging through her veins and her chest was about to explode. Then, she puked blood violently and lost her consciousness.

Kerry looked at her, and he felt a pang of regret. He walked up to her and patted her face, but she gave no response. Then he dragged her to bed and went to look for a doctor.

Chapter 106: Venus Is in a Critical Condition (3)

Doctor Li hurried over to help. After checking her condition, he shook his head sadly, which made Kerry rather nervous. He asked: “ How is she?”

“She lost too much blood, and we need to give her a surgery right now.” Doctor Li said gravely. “There are glasses on her back, and we need to remove them right now!”

Kerry looked at Venus with mixed feelings. He wasn’t sure whether he wants to help her or not. Because he believed Venus should be severally punished for what she did.

Doctor Li then said: “If we wait any longer, she will die!”

Victor soon changed his mind after hearing what Doctor Li said. He replied determinedly: “You must save her! Whatever the cost maybe!”

Doctor Li wore a grim expression, and he called some other doctors, and they took Venus into a surgery room.

Kerry took out a cigarette and lit it up. He sucked on the cigarette hard, and what Doctor Li said just now echoed in his head.

“If we wait any longer, she will die!”

Kerry suffered from a terrible panic attack when he heard she was gonna die. This kind of feeling was so strange to him and he couldn’t understand why did he feel that way.

He pointed his gun to so many people and pulled the trigger for so many times but he never panicked!

Kerry couldn’t understand. His rationality told him that Venus deserve to die for her wickedness and viciousness, but why did he decide to save her, so determinedly, when he realized she was actually dying?

Kerry walked into Xinyou’s ward, and saw Xinyou was peeling an apple.

“Kerry, you are finally back. I thought you are not coming.” Xinyou smiled sweetly when she saw Kerry, and her voice was filled with excitement.

Kerry sat on her bed, and touched her forehead to feel her temperature, and he was then reassured that Xinyou was doing alright. He asked: “I told you I’ll be back soon. What do you want to eat? I’ll buy some for you.”

Xinyou flung back her head, as if she was thinking very hard, and a few seconds later, she said: “I want some chicken wings!”

Kerry nodded and said: “Fine. I’ll buy them.”

Xinyou pouted her mouth sadly when she heard Kerry was leaving again. She begged him: “Please don’t go. You can ask someone else to buy them, and you stay here with me.”

Kerry found Xinyou warm, nice and comforting. He said: “Fine, I’ll ask He Zhang to go later.”

Xinyou nodded happily. She then noticed there were big stains on his gray shirt. She reached her hand out and touched his shirt, and found it was blood.

Xinyou was frightened. She asked concernedly: “Kerry, why did you bleed so much? Where are you hurt? How did you get hurt?”

Kerry placed his hand on her shoulder to calm her down, and he said: “Don’t worry. This is not my blood.” Then he was again seized by sheer panic, because he remembered Venus, and he wondered whether she was out of danger or not.

“Then who got hurt?” Xinyou calmed herself completely when she heard it was not Kerry, because she didn’t care anyone else other than Kerry. She asked this question out of curiosity, not concern.

Kerry didn’t answer her question. He tucked her in and said: “You take a good rest here. I have something to deal with. And later He Zhang will bring you the food.”

Xinyou didn’t want him to go, but she knew she couldn’t be too clingy. She nodded and said: “Okay, you can go. But come back soon.”

Kerry nodded and left the room.

When he walked out of the room, a doctor rushed to him and said in an urgent voice: “Miss Mu is now in a very critical condition, and she desperately needs a blood transfusion, but we don’t have the type of blood she needs.”

Kerry’ s expression was grim, and he asked anxiously: “Then what do we do now?”

The doctor wiped his sweat and said: “We need a blood donor! We need to find someone who has the same type of blood with Miss Mu’s. Or, Miss Mu will probably…..”

“What! Say it!”

“She will probably never wake up again.”

Kerry gasped. He said in a hurry: “I’ll find the blood donor. How much time does she have?!”

The doctor wiped his sweat again and said: “One hour.”

Kerry was shocked. He realized if he failed to find the blood donor within a hour, Venus would never wake up again.

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