Chapter 105: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 105 Do You Have Five Million?

“Haha…” Tint Chen was amused. “Colin Ward, are you fucking dreaming? You’re just a manager. Can you come up with five million?”

Arthur Bourn also laughed, “Boy, do you want to pay them back? You have to examine your own ability! That is five million, do you hear it clearly? This is five million!”

Colin Ward looked faint and didn’t care about it

Tint Chen said viciously, “Colin Ward, don’t you fucking make trouble here, okay? Get out of here!”

If he didn’t stand up just now, his dad had already written down the agreement. Although this would cause them to owe 10 million, as long as his sister could marry Stuart Bourn, then everything was not a problem. He could also continue to work at Bourn’s company, and maybe even be a manager in the future. His such good plans were all ruined by Colin Ward!

Colin Ward glanced at Tint Chen coldly, “Money is not a problem, I promise to pay it back later.”

“Colin Ward! Are you stupid? Where the hell did you get five million?” Tint Chen shouted, “You are just a manager, don’t make noise here, okay?”

Colin Ward ignored them and instead called Adam Moore.

“Five million, Luping Village, I will give you an hour.”

“Can you pretend to do it in a more vivid way? You just hung up the phone with one sentence, who are you bluffing? I’m afraid you haven’t even made the call, right?” Tint Chen said with a smile.

Arthur Bourn also smiled, “Smelly boy, don’t get in the way here. If I feel unhappy, you will be carried out today!”

“In one hour, the money will be returned to you immediately.”

“An hour?” Arthur Bourn snorted coldly.

Tint Chen couldn’t wait, “Uncle Bourn, don’t listen to him talking nonsense here. He doesn’t have that much money at all.”

Colin Ward said lightly, “What? You’ve been waiting for several years, can’t you wait for an hour now?”

“Okay! Just one hour!” Arthur Bourn really wanted to see how he would end this farce in an hour, and wanted to see if he could have five million!

Along the way, Adam Moore drove so fast that he was almost caught by the traffic police before arriving at the last moment.

“What’s the matter? It’s an hour.” Arthur Bourn squinted at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward glanced at the door and said flatly, “You should be patient.”

Arthur Bourn was choked and his face turned ugly.

Tint Chen mocked, “Colin Ward, an hour has passed. Where’s the money? Huh! I knew you were…”

Before he could finish his words, several ultra-luxury cars suddenly appeared at the gate of the yard. Then, those luxury cars stopped at the gate of the courtyard.

The car in the front stepped down and a middle-aged man was running towards Colin Ward.

Behind him was a group of men in black suits with portable safes.

Adam Moore trotted and came to Colin Ward. Because of his fat body, he panted slightly, “Chairman, I’m really sorry. I’m late…I hope you can forgive me.”



Everyone was shocked.

Did he call Colin Ward in this way?

After being shocked, Tint Chen laughed loudly, “Colin Ward, where did you invite the acting crew from. They acted quite alike! Haha…”

With this, everyone showed a look of contempt.

In fact, Arthur Bourn also thought that Colin Ward was looking for someone to act, after all, that was five million. How could a smelly person get so much money?

However, Colin Ward didn’t say much to them either, just winked at others and said lightly, “Open the box.”

With this, Adam Moore repeated to the person behind him, “Quickly open the box.”

So the rows of men in black suits all stepped forward, holding the boxes in their hands and slowly opening them.

After seeing the money in the box, everyone widened their mouths in surprise.

Tint Chen also shut up.

Arthur Bourn’s previously disdainful eyes disappeared.

Tony Chen and Abby Dong were shocked.

Was this fucking five million cash?

Everyone had to believe that Colin Ward’s identity was probably not as simple as they thought. After all, people who could collect five million cash in one hour were definitely not ordinary people.

Colin Ward was very satisfied with their expressions and said flatly, “Bourn, you should count five million, and here is a lot of money.”

Why would Arthur Bourn still count money at this time? He also knew that there would be so many boxes to hold money!

Colin Ward snorted coldly, “I don’t have to pay you for these five million. Because I don’t have the obligation to pay for you.”

“But Auntie, I thought you had understood that Nina White is a person, not a cargo. But I think you still don’t understand now, you still use her as a cargo to pay off the debt!”

“As parents, you treat your children sincerely, but what about you? You are doing everything you can to harm your children! Oh, because no matter what you do, Nina White will not refute it. Because you are her parents and she is very filial, so even if you sell her as goods, she will agree.”

“But have you ever thought about her thoughts? Have you ever thought about whether she would be happy? I think you must not! You will always only have your son in your heart! You feel that as long as it is for your son’s future, it doesn’t matter what your daughter’s happiness is, isn’t it?”

Following Colin Ward’s words, Tony Chen and Abby Dong were shaking…

What did they do?

Abby Dong cried bitterly, and Tony Chen also felt uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Colin Ward stared at Tint Chen again, which caused Tint Chen to take a step back in fright, almost unable to stand still and fell to the ground.

Colin Ward asked coldly, “Tint Chen, are you Nina White’s real brother?”

“I am! Absolutely!” Tint Chen thought about what Colin Ward wanted to do. If he was Nina White’s own brother, then Nina White’s face should be taken care of, and he should show a little affection.

However, Tint Chen was wrong.

“Do you have a fucking face to say yes? Which brother will harm his sister?” Colin Ward said sharply.

“Have you ever thought about your sister’s feelings? Have you cared about her? You haven’t! You only know that you make use of your sister to get the benefits you want and do it for your so-called future!”

Tint Chen was afraid to speak.

Colin Ward snorted coldly, “I tell you, as long as I say a word in Tianbei City, no company will hire you! Don’t continue to think about your future in your fucking life!”

Tint Chen’s face turned pale.

If Colin Ward said this before, Tint Chen would definitely laugh at it, but now, he was just scared.

These people who came with the money were still standing here. Each of them wore a Marquis group badge. Adam Moore also called Colin Ward chairman, so his identity was self-evident.

He was the chairman of Marquis group.

Marquis group was very powerful in Tianbei City. As long as Colin Ward said something, no company would dare to hire Tint Chen.

Colin Ward glanced at Tony Chen and Abby Dong who were crying, and said flatly, “I tell you today that Nina White’s marriage will be determined by her. If you dare to force her, I can guarantee that in the entire Tianbei City, no one is allowed to marry her without my consent!”

At this moment, Nina White shed tears, but the figure of Colin Ward in her mind became clearer and clearer.

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