Chapter 107 -108: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 107: Tianba Li

The man who was talking is Tianba Li, a member of the Li family.

Tianba said that without the slightest scruple, and he thought poorly of Bao Cao, Hai Su, and their men.

The silver-spoon kids were bound to clamor according to their characteristics.

However, to people surprised, Bao and Hai and others didn’t dare to speak at all even though they looked surly.

And all those present were the same. They all wore a funeral face as if newly bereft of both parents, but dared not to say anything.

Kris looked at Tianba in surprise. Who is the man, and what makes him so haughty? Wasn’t he embarrassing the silver-spoon kids that he said say such things in front of them?

Was he not afraid of being attacked by them all?

In fact, Tianba was really not afraid of that. The Li family is second to none in Westriver City. It’s definitely a first-class family.

They dared not to venture to offend Tianba.

You know, the old trade of the Li family is not business. They are really good at street smarts.

Take Hu Li, for example, although he gets mixed up with social circles, he is just a small potato in the eyes of the Li family’s people.

Several decades ago, Tianba’s grandfather dominated the Westriver City with his iron fists. Hu’s father was not even born at that time.

Today, decades later, Li family’s business has spread all over Westriver City and radiated to the whole country. There are really few people in Westriver City who dare to offend the Li family.

In recent years, Tianba’s grandfather has grown old. Apart from the main issues of the family, Tianba has the final say of other things.

So though Tianba is young, he is definitely on an equal footing with the masters of other families in Westriver City.

Even Hu Li and Lin Li must call him “Brother Tianba” respectfully when they see him.

Influenced by his family, Tianba has a forthright temper and likes to make friends. He makes friends with those people who he looks up to. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor.

Kris is arguable in the lowest position among them. As Kris is a live-in son-in-law, they all laughed at him. They thought Kris had disgraced men, so none of them had any respect for Kris.

But at the crucial moment, he fought the shark at his own risk in order to buy time for them, which made Tianba look at him with new eyes.

Although Kris was a little curious, he didn’t know about Tianba. Kris said with a smile, “You overpraise me. I was lucky enough to kill the shark.”

After hearing what Kris said, there was more appreciation in Tianba’s eyes. Tianba couldn’t help stepping forward to say, “You are free of arrogance and rashness and willing to save people from danger. You put all the credit to good luck. I seldom admire a person, but today I admire you very much.”

Tianba then reached out his hand. “My name is Tianba Li. I really want to make friends with heroes like you. What’s your opinion?” Tianba said.

Kris smiled. It’s the first time that a person took the initiative to make friends with him since he was thrown out of the Chen family.

Kris reached out his hand and shook Tianba’s hand.

However, when they were shaking hands, Kris saw there are dozens of horrifying scars on Tianba’s arm. Kris knew they are knife scars.

What does Tianba do? Why he has so many knife scars at such a young age.

At the same time, when Bao saw them two were shaking hands, he was mad with envy.

“Damn you, Kris. How lucky you are that you can get Tianba’s appreciation. Fuck you. I worked so hard to arrange the shark attacks. Not only am I upstaged by Kris, but Lan ignores me also.” Bao thought.

Bao threw good money after bad, and he let Kris deprive himself of the glory that should belong to him.

Just then, Zhengliang Cao pushed his way out of the crowd and said, “Well, now that we’re all safe, let’s call it a day.”

“As I said when we got off the bus, lunch is up to you. Now the shark comes at the right time. We’ll roast the shark and then go to find the camping site,” Zhengliang added.

“Oh, let’s go roast the shark!”

A crowd swarmed to the shore and lifted the shark up.

An hour later, they began to look for a place to camp after they were full.

They looked for more than ten minutes but didn’t find a suitable place. At that moment, an excited voice came, “Come here, everybody. I’ve found a big cave here. It’s big enough for all of us to rest in.”

After hearing the shout, all the people were delighted, and they rushed towards the entrance of the cave quickly.


At the same time, the entrance of the Huanyu Group was crowded. Thousands of fans gathered around the door and blocked the exit. They craned their necks to look inside the group, and there was excitement in their faces.

Many entertainment media of Westriver City also came. They all focused the camera on the gate of Huanyu Group.

Everyone was waiting for a person.

It’s Rui Liu.

It’s been a long time since the microphone incident. PR has bleached the matter perfectly. Rui has become a popular star in the country in a short time with the resources of Huanyu Group.

Rui has a sweet face and a hot figure, and she also sings well. It seems that she was predestined to be famous.

With good audience popularity and strength, she also won the champion of “I’m a Big Star”.

With this honor, Rui seemed to be plated with gold. She is the most potential actress in the entertainment industry.

As soon as a person becomes famous, all kinds of advertising and endorsement come to him.

She shoots TV series and films, and many entertainment companies also made offers to her. She also engages in commercial performance and lucrative second careers. She makes countless money.

A company called Tianxia Entertainment was willing to pay 6 million dollars to invite Rui to play the lead in a film.

When this invitation was sent out, many artists of Huanyu Group were very envious.

That’s a low price is low for an A-list star, but don’t forget Rui’s at the start of her career.

6 million dollars is enough to invite a B-list movie star.

Tianxia Entertainment is an established entertainment company with strong strength. Its channels are all over the country, and its resources are very rich.

The popular group “Airplane Girl 101” belongs to it.

Yesterday Rui went to Tianxia Entertainment to read the script and happened to meet the president of Tianxia Entertainment, Jian Zhen.

It’s nothing, but when Jian saw Rui, he couldn’t move his eyes away from Rui.

How beautiful she is! She is charming in every way, and her eyes are more enchanting. She is a real beauty in the world.

Rui was unhappy at that time. It’s obscene to look at her body constantly when she was reading the script.

After reading the script, Rui’s satisfied and agreed to play.

But Jian took the opportunity to sit beside Rui unexpectedly. He grasped Rui’s hands and said that she was tired of reading the script, and he would massage her hands.

The script is only ten pages long. How could she be tired?

He’s obviously putting upon her. Rui was angry at that him. She threw off his hand and stood up to go.

But when she just stood up and hasn’t taken a step, Jian embraced her thin waist and took a deep breath of the charming aroma of her. “You are so sweet. I fell at first sight of you,” Jian said enjoyably.

Jian is the president of an old brand entertainment company, and he has seen all kinds of female stars. But when he saw Rui, he thought the female stars he had seen before are not inspiring to look upon and not worth mentioning at all.

Rui almost vomited when she heard his disgusting words. She struggled to free herself and said, “Mr. Zhen, please treat me with respect. I’m not a slattern.”

Though she knows the entertainment circle stepped into is muddy, she preserves her moral integrity and doesn’t go along with the crowd.

Besides, Jian is too ugly. He’s got a nasty look on his face. He’s surely not a decent man.

Chapter 108: Willing to lead a depraved life

Jian Zhen saw that Rui broke away from him, but he was not irritated for her. He had seen lots of such women. As long as he lures these females by money plus his honeyed words, they would fall to him arms without any considerations.

“Oh, sorry, I was abrupt for doing that.”

Jian Zhen smiled cunningly: “As long as you could make fame from the TV show “I am a big star”, you must have paid lots of effort on the performance, so be smart, you stay with me tonight, I am willing to use my entertainment company’s resources to make you a first-line star, even an international superstar.”

The proposal he put forward sounded very attractive. Generally speaking, an actress who has just debuted, if he or she had any chance to become a star, would try to sacrifice everything, even going to bed with a strange person.

Jian Zhen believed Rui was no exception, so he walked to Rui with a smile and stretched out his hand to touch Rui’s smooth thigh.

This time Rui couldn’t help it. She slapped on Jian Zhen’s face directly. The sound of a clear slap sounded, and Jian Zhen was stunned by this slap.

By the time he responded, Rui had walked out of the office with anger.

“Bitch, you dare to beat me, do you know who I am? I am the president of World Entertainment Company, how dare you offend me, do you still work as an actress?” Jian Zhen shouted at her back: “You wait and see, in a few days, you will be kneeling in front of me and call me father!”

He was furious, if some big international star did not give him face, it would be okay. After all, such big stars are with huge commercial value, and they do not need to ask him for something. However, Rui, a little actress who is new in this industry, should dare to despise him, which made him furious.

He decided to use all his resources to pressure Rui to make her kneel in front of him, call him father, and then sleep with him for a few nights before he is satisfied.

Hearing his words, Rui left without looking back.

Getting out of the World Entertainment, Rui sat angrily in the car. How could there be such a shameless person?

She decided to call the agent. She was no longer willing to act this part.

Then she took out her mobile phone and called her agent. However, in the meantime, his high school classmate Hai Wang called her and invited her to attend a classmate’s party.

After all, everyone did not have a good time at the party the other day.

Rui thought about it and went to a classmate’s party, just as a means to get some relaxation.

Thinking of this, she hung up the phone, started the car, and drove to the Muse Hotel.

Soon, Rui came to the private room. As soon as she appeared, she instantly became the focus of the audience.

She has become a big star in her classmates’ eyes, and all stood up from their seats and greeted Rui as they saw her coming.

Rui sat on the top position like a moon, and beside her was her class teacher in high school, Lei Du.

She did not take part in the last classmate’s party, she didn’t come for private business, but this time she came.

Lei Du, 29 years old, is a famous beauty teacher in the school. Nobody would ever be absent from her class. Not only that, she is also the most popular female teacher in the school.

Several years had passed, Du Lei Du is still the same as before. Especially after years of maturity, she has faded away from her original tenderness and greenness. Now she is intellectual, mature, charming, and sexy.

Wearing a pair of gold wire glasses, she looks very sexy.

Lei Du sat next to Rui, in terms of their appearance or figure, they are no different, they are all great beauties.

The boys fixed their eyes on these two ladies, with eyesight straight on them.

Hai Wang couldn’t help but exclaim: “Ms. Du, after all these years, you haven’t changed at all, you are still so beautiful.”

Hai Wang’s mouth was sweet when he was in class before, although his academic performance was average.

When he was in school, Hai Wang didn’t have the courage to say this. But now that he had been around, and he had achieved some success, so his courage was naturally becoming greater, and he dared to say these teasing words.

Lei Du smiled softly and said, “Hai Wang, you were good at talking when you were in school. Now you have been working for years, and your mouth is just getting sweeter than before. And Rui Liu, this slim and beautiful girl is now a big star, congratulations to all of you!.”

She was a little proud when she said this, after all, they were her students before, but she turned around and said: “But Kris and Zhi Sun left me clear impressions. The two of them sat at the same table, and one was the best student and the other the worst student, I wonder how do they become bosom friends at last?”

As for Kris, yes, he was the class monitor then, and the Chen family has strict rules to regulate him, so there was no problem in Kris. But Zhi Sun was different. He occasionally did not attend classes, smoked, drank alcohol, and wooed girls, all of such bad habits were with him then, so I thought Kris would be negatively influenced by Zhi Sun more or less.

Take smoking, for example, Kris learned this bad habit from Zhi Sun at that time. In order to protect Kris from being “contaminated”, I had tried the best I could then.”

As soon as Lei’s words fell, Zhi Sun, who was sitting in the corner of the corner, smiled embarrassedly: “Miss Du, your memory is really good, but I have now changed to a gentleman.”

At school times, Zhi Sun was being defined as a bad boy in the eyes of all the teachers at that time, but Kris had excellent academic performance and a good personality. In the eyes of the teachers, Kris was a nation-level good student.

Zhi Sun was a bit embarrassed hearing this, for it was him who he encouraged Kris to do a lot of bad things at that time.

Thinking of student days, Zhi Sun sighed: Kris, all the classmates have come for this party, where are you now? How come you did not come here?

As his best friend at school times, Kris’s not coming was a big pity for him.

At this time, Lei Du looked at the crowd and said, “Huh, why Kris did not come? Did you guy fail to inform him?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Hai Wang jumped up and said, “Miss. Du, you don’t know, Kris made great achievements on “business”. He doesn’t work anymore, and he just does housework and cooks food at home, so he feels great staying at home as an adopted son-in-law. He is not like us. We have to work hard to make a living.”

“Haha, sounds ridiculous!”

“Yeah, everyone thought he would be the greatest in business, but Now he seems the worst one.”


After hearing Hai Wang’s words, the people in the room couldn’t help laughing, ridiculing Kris one by one in a mocking tone.

“Miss Du, we have brought word to him to come to this party. Maybe he is not free today!”

“He must have too lots of housework today, so he could not get out before finishing the work well!”

“Teacher, don’t you know? Kris is now a famous fool in Westriver City!”

“Shut up,” Zhi Sun couldn’t stand listening to such nonsense, so he stood up and said, “How could you judge your classmate behind his back like this?”

Although Zhi Sun is a poor guy, he values dignity above all. After all, Kris never owns them any favor, how could these people judge him and abuse him in such a nasty way?

“Zhi Sun, what’s the matter with you? Let’s tell Miss Du about Kris’s achievements!”

Zhi Sun just ignored them and sat back to his position.

At this time, Lei Du fell face down. What the hell was going on? Kris became an adopted son-in-law? How could it be possible!

You have to know that Kris had always been with leadership’s charisma while he was in school. Although he learned a lot of bad habits from Zhi Sun, his grades were still excellent. But how could his conditions get so worse now?

Was it because he was driven out of the Chen family and got hurt?

Lei Du thought for a while, it was very likely that for that reason that Kris had become a despicable adopted son-in-law.

She sighed in her heart and felt very sorry. She was very optimistic about Kris’s future, but now it was really embarrassing to talk about him anymore.

And her original sympathy for Kris dissipated in her heart. The feeling was as if she had planted the good seed, but the fruit turned to be a rotted one, the difference was so huge that she was disappointed at Kris.

Her voice sounded with indifference: “Don’t mention Kris any more, he is to blame for his downfall, you guys don’t be like him.”

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