Chapter 107 – 108: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 107: A hard choice (1)

Kerry Ye gazed at the sky through the window, unable to say what he felt right now inside. Ever since he heard the male doctor’s words, he began to feel some burden on his heart, as if he was strongly trying to stop this from happening.

Didn’t he extremely hate Venus Mu? She just poisoned Xinyou Qiao last night, so why did he feel bad now hearing that she would die?

Kerry closed his eyes and opened them again, regaining his usual sanity.

He thought that he wasn’t caring her, but Venus was his wife. If she died abruptly, the rumors would keep spreading.

But at the moment, he seemed to have forgotten that he, Kerry, had always cared nothing about the opinions of others, but followed his heart.

To some extent, he didn’t want Venus to die, but he seemed not to realize it.

“Henry He.” Looking at him, Kerry was solemn, whose tone was serious.

Henry walked up to him at a swift pace, bending down respectfully and asking in a steady voice, “Young master, what can I do for you?”

Kerry frowned and he gently lifted his wrist to look at the time, his voice low and dark, “You are now rushing to the company immediately. Send a document to all the staff and tell them whose blood is AB type to rush here immediately!”

Henry looked stunned, but he quickly knew what he meant and immediately answered, “Yes!”

“And…” Kerry looked much more serious and his voice was low, “Remember, you have 40 minutes, because we only have an hour! “

Henry nodded and left the hospital immediately.

Kerry looked complicated, staring at the door of the operating room. Looking at the constantly flashing lights above, he began to worry her.

With time passing by bit by bit, there was less than ten minutes left from the deadline, but still no news came. Were they still in the company, or on the road?

Kerry gradually lost his patience, so he took out his phone and dialed Henry’s number.

“Hello? Young Master.”

Kerry calmed down and asked, “Where are you now? How much more time do you need?”

At the moment, Henry was on a downtown commercial street. Looking at the long queue, he was anxious and said, “Young master, it’s rush hour now. I’m afraid it will be difficult to get there for a while.”

Kerry tightened his grip on the phone, “Then what to do? If no one gives blood transfusion to Venus, she’ll die soon!”

Kerry didn’t want to lose his temper in front of anyone for Venus, but right now he just couldn’t help it!

Just thinking of her turning into an ice-cold corpse, he couldn’t help but raise an uncontrollable surge of hostility within him, making him want to kill!

Henry never expected that Venus was so important to young master, so he had to re-examine the relationship between the two, but at the moment he couldn’t think too much and he needed to think of a solution.

Suddenly, Henry thought about someone.

Thinking of this, Henry first hesitated, and then realized that Venus’ s life was more important, so he still had to say it, and it’s still up to young master.

“Young Master, Miss Qiao is Ab blood type. Do you still remember the last time, when Miss Qiao fell down the stairs, it was young lady who gave her a blood transfusion? You may…”

Henry didn’t finish his sentence, but it made Kerry in a tangle.

He strongly opposed to doing so. Venus was seriously injured this time, which was due to herself. He could only blame her for being too narrow-minded. She was so vicious that she even poisonedx Xinyou.

How could he let her make sacrifices for her? Mu Venus doesn’t deserve it!

But on the other hand, he knew very well that if Henry still hadn’t arrived in 5 minutes, then what was in front of him would be a choice.

One was to agree to Xinyou giving Venus a blood transfusion, then she could live.

The second is to oppose Xinyou giving Venus a blood transfusion, then she would die.

It seemed like every choice was tough, and Kerry was hesitating now.

If he agreed, it would be too unfair to Xinyou…

Just as Kerry was thinking, the door of the operating room was opened and out came the male doctor, whose expression was extremely solemn, making Kerry more worried.

Chapter 107: A hard choice (2)

“What happened?”

The doctor was sweating, asking in anxiety, “Mr. Ye, have you found a blood type that matches Miss Mu’ s?”

Kerry Ye was nervous inside and calmly said, “Yes.”

The male doctor was relieved and immediately said, “You quickly tell them to report to the lab and test the matching degree. We must start the operation immediately!”

Hearing him say so, Kerry became more and more anxious and asked, “How long can Venus Mu hold on at most?”

The male doctor frowned and what he said was quite hopeless, “Ten minutes. If she can’t get a blood transfusion, she will be in danger of losing her life!”

“Shouldn’t there be 20 minutes?”

The doctor shook his head and said in a serious tone, “She has already in a shock coma early. If we delay any longer, then she…”

Kerry didn’t let him continue. He contemplated a little, knowing that there was no time left, so he hurried to Xinyou Qiao’ s room door and gently pushed open the door.

Looking at her serene sleeping face, Kerry hesitated once again and he was somewhat unable to speak.

Just at this moment, the conversation coming from the corridor caught his attention.

“Dr. Li, haven’t you found someone with a matched blood type yet?”

“How’s she?”

“The patient’s vital signs is starting to decline and the director is now trying hard to perform cardiac resuscitation, but it’s too late…”

Kerry looked shocked and all the hesitation within him disappeared. He pushed Xinyou’ s shoulder, seeing her confusing eyes.

With determination, he said indifferently, “Xinyou, I want to ask you to do me a favor.”


Operating room

Xinyou looked pale. The white syringe on her arm, inside the red liquid flowing into the medical blood storage bag.

And right in front of her, through the white gauze, under the illumination of the medical light, a few doctors were busy, and lying on the operating table was Venus, who she hated so much.

She suddenly felt extremely funny, yet incomparably sad.

At this moment, she could no longer deceive herself.

Because of her, she was finally lying on the operating table, and as she heard the doctor at the door reporting this to Kerry, she even wanted to clap her hands!

The harder situation Venus was in, the happier she was. No one could blame her for being vicious, for it was Venus who had been lording it over and not letting go of what belonged to her!

If she could die, then she didn’t feel any guilt. After all, she wasn’t the one who caused her to be like this!

Xinyou lowered her head, looking at the blood that belonged to her, rapidly flowing away, as if everything that was already hers was once again getting farther and farther away from her.

She couldn’t just accept this!

She especially remembered Kerry’s appearance just now, that man who was always the boss, the god in her eyes, had ‘inquired’ her to give Venus a blood transfusion.

She was so angry at the time that she even wanted to throw away all her hypocrisy and say a firm ‘no’ to him.

She didn’t want and wouldn’t give Venus a blood transfusion. She desperately wanted her to die, then how could she allow herself to save her?

But she held back, for she knew how hard it had been for her to get to this point. She couldn’t admit defeat, even when it was hard, she couldn’t stop here!

“Is Venus sick? Is it serious? You need a blood transfusion, right? Well, I’ll get ready right away…”

She did say so and she still remembered Kerry’s grateful and touched look, and the way he took her hand and said he would make it up to her later.

Chapter 107: A hard choice (3)

She did begin to hesitate, thinking that even if she did give Venus Mu a blood transfusion, what could she lose?

But when she saw her own blood flowing out continuously, the jealousy and resentment in her heart was like a fierce bison, crushing her inner organs.

Just then, the white curtain was opened, coming into a young nurse who looked nervous and took away her transfusion bag that was already full. Then she replaced it with an empty one.

Looking at her blood, passing through the same transfusion tube and finally flowing into Venus’s body, Xinyou Qiao couldn’t tell how resentful she was!

Why Venus could get her blood so easily? What did she deserve this?

Xinyou became more and more angry, whose hands contracted uncontrollably, but then she felt a sting at the arm, only to see the blood flow backwards…

Just before she could realize this, the nurse who had just gone returned. Seeing this, she was full of tension and rushed up to help, comforting Xinyou, “Please don’t move. It’s dangerous.”

The arm where the needle was began to bruise, but she didn’t feel anything, and soon the nurse removed the needle.

But before she could react, the needle stuck precisely into the blood vessels of her left arm…

“Great, the patient is temporarily out of danger. Quickly go to tell Mr. Ye, so that he won’t be anxious.”

At this moment, the director’s voice came from the operating table and then the sound of the operating room door opening was heard. There were footsteps getting further away.

Xinyou gazed at somewhere, completely losing her mind, but the nurse who removed the needle for her, smiled brightly and said happily, “Miss Qiao, your friend is out of danger. Thank you.”

Looking at her eyes filled with admiration, Xinyou’ s lips slightly hooked, wearing a calm and gentle smile, and said indifferently, “Really? That’s good.”

Kerry stood in front of the operating room, looking at Xinyou who was being supported, his heart ached.

She looked extremely embarrassed, and just when she saw Kerry, Xinyou suddenly regained her senses.


Kerry quickly caught her falling body, looking at her sweating all over, and gloomily asked, “How is she?”

The doctor beside him, Dr. Li, examined her and said, “Kerry, don’t be anxious, Miss Qiao is a bit weak because of the transfusion. I will immediately send someone to give her some nutritional fluid and I believe she will recover soon.”

Hearing him saying this, Kerry was relieved and he picked up her and placed her gently on the bed. At the same time, several doctors pushing Venus, who had just finished the surgery, passed by him.

Kerry didn’t move, but he just asked the nurse who came to give Xinyou an infusion, “How is Venus?”

The nurse looked at him, trying to ignore the beat of her heart and spoke, “Mr. Ye, Miss Mu is fine for now, but she will be hospitalized for a period of observation.”

Kerry looked indifferent, but lightly nodded. Then he focused on Xinyou again.

Venus slowly opened her eyes, but the sunlight made her unable to open her eyes, so she couldn’t help but raise her hand to block it, but was stopped by a crisp and agile voice.

“You’re getting an infusion, so don’t move your arm.”

Only then did Venus notice that standing next to the hospital bed was a young girl in a pink nurse’s outfit, and said with a cautious face.

Facing her kind reminder, Venus nodded obediently.

She also gave a few instructions before pushing the bed out of the ward.

Once the nurse left, the door was opened again and Venus frowned, clearly unwilling to see the visitor.

Kerry looked at her disgusted expression and a surge of anger rose within him. He was still cold and indifferently spoke, “Don’t you want to see me?”

Venus didn’t want to pay attention to him, so she just looked out the window. She didn’t want to see that face even for a second.

Kerry quickly came to her, lifting her chin and forcing her to look directly at him. He said wryly, with a sneer, “Venus, is this your way to show your gratitude to me?!”


Oh, had he forgotten who caused the injury to herself? What an asshole.

Seeing that she still ignored him, Kerry began to laugh. His tone was full of sarcasm, “How nosy I am! If I’d known you were like this, I should have let you die there!”

She remained unconcerned in the face of his evil words and stared straight at him, but this made him pissed off.

It was as if she was telling him that he was just nosy…

Kerry suddenly felt a little weird and he couldn’t help but wonder if this operation made her a mute. To verify this answer, Kerry immediately began to test.

“Ah! Kerry, you psychopath!”

Venus rubbed her arm that was red from his pinch and roared.

She realized that meeting him in this life was the most terrible thing in her life.

Why did he keep doing such annoying and shitty things?

Seeing her finally make a sound, Kerry wore a gloating smile, “I thought you were dumb for an operation. I just want to make sure that you’re not as what I think.”

He’d better have his brain stimulated first! What a nutcase!

“Why aren’t you talking again? Do I still need to stimulate you again?” Kerry said, gnashing his teeth.

Chapter 108: Stop seeing each other (1)

“What the hell do you want? Don’t you have to work?” Venus mocked him. She had held her anger for too long and she had to vent it.

She had taken the blame for Xinyou Qiao so many times. Since she woke up, she wouldn’t tolerate Xinyou anymore.

“You’ve recovered well, haven’t you? Now, you dare to meddle in my affairs.” Kerry mocked too.

After hearing that, Venus said coldly, “You know what? Every time you talk, you’re like the …….”

Venus deliberately didn’t finish her sentence.

Kerry’s eyebrows raised and asked coldly, “Like what?”

Kerry’s intuition told him that what she wouldn’t say something good for him, but he was still curious about his image in her heart.

Venus snorted, “Like the devil.”

“So that’s how you see me. Am I that bad in your eyes?” Kerry shouted.

In the face of the angry Kerry, Venus still smiled brightly, “Yes. You’re the devil in my eyes.”

“Then aren’t you the devil yourself?” Kerry blurted. “Aren’t you the one who poisoned Xinyou?”

“Whether I admit it or not, you all think it’s me, don’t you?” Venus said coldly.

By setting her up, Xinyou put the ‘bad guy’ label on her. No matter what she did, she was a bad person in the eyes of others. So she didn’t care what others think of her anymore.

“Henry has investigated it. The porridge you served to Xinyou had a large amount of sleeping pills in it, and you’re still arguing?” Kerry said angrily.

“I’m not the only one in the family. I cooked the porridge, but it can’t prove that I put the sleeping pills in the porridge.” Venus snorted and her tone was full of contempt.

“I also didn’t believe you did it, but Mrs Qin was looking for coffee beans and left. You were the only one in the kitchen.” Kerry said coldly.

“So what, you didn’t see me poison her but you think I was the one who did it?”

“Mrs Qin has no motive for poisoning Xinyou. She’s been in the Ye family for over 10 years and I know what kind of person she is.”

Venus was outraged, “I didn’t say that it’s Mrs. Qin who poisoned her. I think everyone is a suspect, but you just assume I did it?”

“Who do you suspect?” Kerry said indifferently.

“Xinyou Qiao. Can you be sure you know her completely?” Venus’s voice was cold and his tone hid a touch of hatred.

She had just learned from the nurse that she almost died innocently because of this, but it was Xinyou’s blood that saved her. She wouldn’t believe that Xinyou would save her. She must have done it on purpose to show her kindness. She was trying to use this opportunity to get her kind image out in front of everyone again.

Hearing her suspicious words about Xinyou, Kerry wanted to slap her for a moment. He’d seen heartless people, but he’d never seen people who returned someone’s favor with hate like Venus.

“You’re alive now because of the blood transfusion that Xinyou gave you, otherwise you’d be dead.” Kerry stared at her.

Venus said sarcastically, “So should I need to kowtow to her and thank her for saving my life?”

Venus felt it was ironic that she needed to thank Xinyou when it was obvious that Xinyou had set her up.

“Venus…you…” Kerry clenched his fists tightly. “Why would I want Xinyou’s blood to save you in the first place?”

Chapter 108: Stop seeing each other (2)

“You really have no shame. If Xinyou didn’t give you her blood, you wouldn’t have a chance of lying here alive.”

“Did I ask her to save me? I would have been better off dead if I had known that she would save me.” Venus said indifferently.

Venus felt very sick at the thought of Xinyou’s blood flowing through her body.

“Venus, you’re actually jealous of Xingyou, right?” Kerry stared at her, but found only mockery in her eyes.

“Why am I jealous of her?” Venus said coldly.

Kerry snorted, “Usually vicious people are jealous of virtuous people, do I still need to explain this?”

“That’s ridiculous.” Venus said disdainfully.

“I came to find you for something, not to argue with you. You’re a patient, so I’m not going to argue with you. When you recover and get out of the hospital, you’ll have to apologize to Xinyou in front of everyone in the Ye family.”

Hearing him finish, Venus even found it hard to believe. It was Xinyou who had caused her so much trouble. It was impossible for her to apologize to Xinyou.

Venus pondered a little, tried to remain calm and said, “I can apologize to her, but on one condition.”

“Name it.” Kerry asked.

“You have to agree it first or I won’t say anything.” Venus smiled coldly.

Kerry pondered a little and spoke slowly, “No, you say it first.”

“You’ll have to apologize to me in the company first.” Venus said coldly.

“Are you kidding me?” Kerry scoffed. “Do you think it’s possible? You made a mistake and you want the person you hurt to apologize to you.” Kerry said.

He suspected Venus was out of her mind, or she wouldn’t have made such an irrational demand.

Venus scoffed, her tone full of sarcasm, “Even if I did hurt someone, it would be Xinou Qiao, not you.”

Kerry looked at her coldly and said disdainfully, “You’re not qualified to make a deal with me.”

Venus said coldly, “You are in no position to make a deal with me, too. I am the victim in our relationship. You’ll have to apologize to me first.”

Kerry felt ridiculous at the look on her face. No woman had ever dared to make a deal with him before. Not only was what Venus was doing crazy right now, but she was unreasonable, or she wouldn’t have dared to make the demand for him.

“Venus, none of the people who made me apologize will get out of my sight alive.” Kerry said seriously.

“I don’t care. All I know is that if you don’t apologize to me, I won’t be able to apologize to Xingyu Qiao.” Venus ignored his threat and returned coldly.

Chapter 108: Stop seeing each other (3)

Kerry Ye looked at her indifferently. He didn’t understand why she was so ungrateful for being saved, and he was also unhappy that she was so indifferent to him. Thinking of this, he stared at her for a moment, then turned around and left.

Seeing him leave, Venus was relieved. No matter how calm she pretended to be, the shadow of being tortured by him could not be erased in her heart.


The glass piece on her back was removed by the doctor, but the unhealed wound still gripped her painfully.

Venus gently touched her right arm. She still remembered that her arm was dislocated due to a misplaced bone.

She hated Xinyou Qiao who caused all this, and even more so, she hated Kerry for treating her like this.

Maybe Xinyou and Kerry were of the same world. They were all selfish, cruel and without mercy.

Just at this moment, a cell phone rang in the room..

Venus looked at the caller and hesitated slightly before answering the phone, “Hao, do you call for something?”

On the other end of the phone, a familiar gentle voice came from the line, gradually soothing Venus’s sadness.

“Venus, are you at work now? How about we meet up sometime?”

Venus took a deep breath and said directly, “I’m sorry. I think what I’ve said is very clear. It’s better if we stop seeing each other.”

Hearing her words, Hao Nangong said softly, “Venus, when you said that, I’m very sad. Why are you so cruel to reject me?”

Suddenly, Venus couldn’t bear to do that to him. Hao was the only friend who was sincere to her, and she didn’t want to hurt his heart.

“Hao, why are you doing this? We cannot be together.” said Venus.

“I just love you. I’m always pestering you now, so you hate me.”

Mavis sighed deeply, rubbed her aching temples, and said, “No. I just need time to calm down. I need to think about our relationship.”

Hao was suddenly relieved. But he couldn’t bear the fact that he couldn’t see her again, which would really break him.

“Okay, Venus, I’ll give you time. A week or a month?” Hao asked.

“A month.” Venus thought about it and said softly.

“Okay, after a month, I want to know your choice.”

Hanging up Hao’s phone, Venus felt a headache all of a sudden and was plagued by all kinds of emotions inside.

She didn’t really want to lose Hao, but he kept forcing her to make a decision.

Venus knew that Hao liked her, but because of that, she had to think about their relationship. She didn’t want him to get hurt one day.

She had some low self-esteem now. She felt that now she wasn’t the simple girl she had been before. She hated her current life and she even felt that she was not good enough for Hao. After all, she had already married to Kerry.

Besides, she thought Hao was just her friend. She didn’t have feelings for him.

“If I refuse Hao’s request, will he still be good friends with me?” Venus thought.

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