Chapter 107: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 107 Mental Patient

Lenard Wang did not answer him, but continued, “The Marquis group involves all many fields, except that it does not involve the insulation board for external wall .”

“Since we have to do it, we must do it thoroughly.”

With this, they all showed sinister smiles.

Just before getting off work, Colin Ward suddenly received a call from Doris Lee.

“Flora Lewis invites us to dinner tonight, remember to come.”

Colin Ward wondered, “Does she invite us to dinner? Is it convenient for me to go?”

Doris Lee also felt a little puzzled, “Flora Lewis said that you must come and she may have something to say.”

After work, Colin Ward drove directly to the restaurant address that Doris Lee said.

At the table, Doris Lee greeted Colin Ward and ordered food. Flora Lewis took Doris Lee and whispered, completely ignoring Colin Ward.

Colin Ward didn’t care about it, but took out his phone to read the latest news.

Suddenly, he saw a report, which seemed to be a patient who ran out of a mental hospital in Tianbei City, and the patient’s mentality was no longer clear and tended to be violent, and was currently being searched. This report also drew the general public’s attention to stay away from danger.

After reading the news, the dishes came up.

At this time, Flora Lewis said, “Colin Ward, do me a favor!”

Colin Ward felt a little nervous, thinking about the fake boyfriend last time, and always felt that it was no good for Flora Lewis to ask him for help. But he still asked, “What is it?”

“The second phase of the Lanbo port of your Marquis group is about to be completed. Have you booked the insulation board in advance?” Flora Lewis asked.

Colin Ward replied, “Under normal circumstances, we will choose the company we worked with before. But since you said that, do you want the Marquis group to book your products?”

“Aren’t you talking nonsense?” Flora Lewis gave him a blank look. “Our company mainly produces this product. If we can cooperate with the Marquis group, this is of course the best.”

Colin Ward breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s very simple. Even if we have already booked, we can still use your products directly.”

“What do you mean by that?” Flora Lewis blinked suspiciously. “Could it be that you have the final say?”

Colin Ward nodded, “Yes, it’s me. We can use your products first.”

“Gee!” Flora Lewis was skeptical. “Can you manage so much? I asked you for help just to ask if your assistant can talk to our company.”

“…Well then, I’ll go and ask for you.”

After they finished their meal, they heard someone yell as soon as they walked out of the restaurant.


There was chaos.

“Run! This is the mental patient who ran out!”

Doris Lee and Flora Lewis were still in a daze, but Colin Ward reacted instantly. He pulled Doris Lee, then grabbed Flora Lewis’ wrist, “Go!”

However, their luck was so bad.

Because the crowd was running around, Colin Ward couldn’t see which direction the person was in, so he chose a random direction, which happened to be the direction of the mental patient.

“Fuck!” Colin Ward shouted.

Doris Lee and Flora Lewis also came to their senses, and they screamed.

At this time, not far in front of them was a middle-aged man wearing a hospital gown. This man had short hair, and his face had clear wrinkles with his widened eyes, and his hideous face was revealed.

At the moment, he was looking for something to vent his anger.

Because the screams of Doris Lee and Flora Lewis attracted the attention of the mental patient, he immediately turned his head and looked over.

Colin Ward’s first reaction was to run, and he actually did so.

However, when he pulled Doris Lee and Flora Lewis, he did not have the fastest speed. It didn’t take long before they were caught up by this mental patient.

The mental patient reached out and grabbed Doris Lee’s hair, then pulled it back.

Doris Lee yelled out of pain, while her body leaned back.

With this, Colin Ward felt extremely angry. Oh shit! This person dared to do something with Doris Lee.

Colin Ward turned around, grabbed the man’s wrist with his hand, and kicked at it again.

The man let go in pain, and took a few steps back.

“Go first!” Colin Ward shouted to Doris Lee and Flora Lewis.

Flora Lewis pulled Doris Lee, “Doris, let’s go!”

Doris Lee regained her freedom, regardless of her painful scalp, she looked at Colin Ward.


Flora Lewis felt very anxious, “Doris, he is doing so for us. If we don’t go, we can’t go if Colin Ward can’t stop him later.”

Doris Lee bit her lip. Before she could speak, Flora Lewis stomped and pulled Doris Lee to run.

They only ran a few steps, because they ran too fast and Flora Lewis pulled her hard, Doris Lee sprained her ankle without running steady.

Flora Lewis stopped and asked anxiously, “What’s the matter?”

“I twisted my ankle.” Doris Lee frowned from the pain.

With this, Flora Lewis felt anxious, “Can you still go?”

Doris Lee tried to stand up, and as soon as she stood still, Doris Lee squatted down because of pain.

With this, Flora Lewis knew Doris Lee’s ankle was severely sprained and felt even more anxious. Fortunately, now they could be considered a little farther away.

As soon as Doris Lee and Flora Lewis ran away, the mental patient rushed over, trying to chase them.

Colin Ward immediately ran over and stood in front of the mental patient.

The mental patient glared at Colin Ward and shouted, “Get out of the way!”

Colin Ward felt a little frightened when he saw the man’s expression. He seemed to kill someone with his eyes, hoping to kill these enemies with his own hands.

But Colin Ward didn’t let go. If he stepped aside, Doris Lee and Flora Lewis would suffer.

With this, the man stared at Colin Ward viciously and suddenly shouted, “Fuck you, the adulterer and adulteress! You scumbag! You dare to sleep with my woman! I will kill you today, how can you go to sleep with my woman?”

Colin Ward felt complicated, was this person cuckolded?

“Brother, you have admitted the wrong person. I am not.” Colin Ward tried to communicate with the man. What if he could calm him down?

“Who the fuck is your brother? You dare to sleep with my woman. I must kill you today!” The man roared, clenched his fist and charged.

Colin Ward hurriedly avoided, while grabbing the man’s wrist with his hand, “Brother, we can discuss it, I really didn’t sleep with your woman.”

This man had already become delirious, and couldn’t hear anything at all. He had determined that Colin Ward was the one who slept with his woman.

At this moment, Colin Ward took the time to look at Doris Lee. He found Doris Lee squatting on the ground while Flora Lewis was with her, which made him anxious. What happened to Doris? It looked like she has twisted her ankle, what could he do?

Colin Ward quickly thought of a way, shouted to Doris Lee and Flora Lewis, “Call the ambulance!”

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