Chapter 108: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 108 Colin Ward Was Injured

With this, Doris Lee and Flora Lewis both trembled. They really felt so flustered that they forgot to call the ambulance.

Colin Ward secretly cursed that his luck today was really bad!

The mental patient felt even more angry after being controlled by Colin Ward, “Damn!”

With this, the man actually took out a bottle of sulfuric acid from his pocket.

Colin Ward’s eyes widened in shock. What the hell was this patient going to do with sulfuric acid in his clothes!

“I will kill you! Go to the underworld!”

The man yelled angrily, ready to open the bottle of sulfuric acid, and then threw it in the direction of Doris Lee.

Both Flora Lewis and Doris Lee were terrified.

As long as it was stained with a little sulfuric acid, the human skin would be burned, not to mention a bottle of it.

Colin Ward immediately grabbed the hand he was about to throw out, trying to snatch the sulfuric acid bottle from his hand.

The strength of this man was also great. They fought for a long time, and Colin Ward didn’t grab it, and he was punched a few times by the man.

Flora Lewis helped Doris Lee, “Do you want me to carry you?”

Doris Lee looked at Flora Lewis and was moved. She shook her head and said, “I will support you and jump over!”

“Okay!” Flora Lewis grabbed Doris Lee.

Doris Lee slowly moved away from Colin Ward and the mental patient by jumping.

With this, Colin Ward breathed a sigh of relief, at least the current situation was safe for Doris Lee.

But because of Colin Ward’s relaxation at this time, this man found a chance, “How dare you steal my woman?”

While he was talking, one of his hands had already opened the sulfuric acid bottle.

Colin Ward secretly said that the situation was bad. Looking at the sulfuric acid bottle smashed in the man’s hand, Colin Ward gritted his teeth and rushed directly.

After all, he was a man, and he weighed a hundred pounds. Colin Ward pounced with all his strength and threw the man directly to the ground.

Meanwhile, the sulfuric acid bottle in the man’s hand fell out and hit the ground. Some smoke came out.

Seeing this scene, everyone around was very frightened.

Doris Lee and Flora Lewis looked at Colin Ward nervously.

Especially Flora Lewis. She used to think Colin Ward was useless, not worthy of Doris Lee. But now, without anyone stepping forward to help, he was so brave to fight the dangerous patient. He even rushed to fight for the dangerous sulfuric acid bottle in order to prevent Doris Lee from being injured by sulfuric acid.

If he was unlucky and the sulphuric acid bottle was accidentally broken or opened, then the consequences could be imagined.

At this moment, Flora Lewis’ view of Colin Ward had changed a lot. He was actually not as useless as she thought, and he was a man who was desperate for his wife.

When she looked at Doris Lee, she finally knew why Doris Lee didn’t want to divorce Colin Ward.

For a man who was desperate for himself, any woman would love it.

She would inevitably have some envy. But Doris had always been her best friend, and since she could be guarded by such a man, she was still happy about it.

Fortunately, the sulfuric acid bottle was thrown away, and neither the man nor Colin Ward touched it.

Colin Ward was also relieved. If he was touched by that, he would be destroyed.

The mental patient was instantly angry because he failed to succeed. He rolled over and pressed Colin Ward and then waved his fist.

Colin Ward’s reaction was untimely, and he received two punches, which made him grin because of the pain. It made him have the idea of learning some martial arts moves from Gerd Ward.

At this moment, the man actually took out another item from his clothes, and it turned out to be a fruit knife.

Colin Ward gasp when he saw the fruit knife. Damn it, was he having a grudge against the fruit knife?

“Colin Ward!” Doris Lee felt extremely nervous when she saw the fruit knife. She couldn’t help but want to walk over, but she sprained her ankle. As soon as she took a step, she squatted down because of pain.

When Colin Ward saw the man already holding the knife in his hand and lifting it up, he was so frightened that he raised his hand to block it when it was about to stab him in the chest.

At this time, he used his right hand again, and he held it on the blade again. It made the wound that hadn’t been healed long before being cut open by the knife again.

Colin Ward frowned with pain. But he could not relax now. If he relaxed, he would die.

The man thrust the knife hard, revealing his hideous face, as if he must stab the knife into Colin Ward’s body.

“No!” Doris Lee cried out in fear. Some tear slipped quietly across her cheek.

It was the first time Flora Lewis saw Doris Lee care so much about Colin Ward. This feeling seemed to be deeper than she thought, so it made her feel a little shocked.

At this moment, a tall man suddenly emerged from the crowd. The speed of this man was very fast, and he was behind the man in an instant. He grabbed the man’s hand with his hand, then lifted it up again and kicked him out.

Everyone widened their mouths in shock.

Was this fucking too cruel?

Doris Lee and Flora Lewis were in a daze, showing frozen expressions.

Colin Ward heaved a sigh of relief, reluctantly stood up, “Do you come here too late?”

Gerd Ward glanced at Colin Ward faintly, “You are troublesome.”

At this time, the people from the hospital finally arrived. Several people joined forces to restrain the mental patient, and then took him into the car.

Gerd Ward was gone before everyone noticed.

Colin Ward walked weakly to Doris Lee, cheered up and said with a smile, “It’s okay.”

Everyone around was applauding, praising Colin Ward for his bravery and fearlessness.

Doris Lee had red eyes, and there were still tears on her face. She looked at Colin Ward’s smiling face, and her inner worries broke out, “Colin Ward! Do you want to die, don’t you? You are really amazing, aren’t you?! My ankle is sprained, hurry up and carry me! “

Because of the angle, neither Doris Lee nor Flora Lewis saw that Colin Ward’s hand was holding the blade, so they both thought he had just received a few punches and was not injured.

Colin Ward smiled bitterly, turned around reluctantly, carrying Doris Lee on his back.

However, when his palm grabbed Doris Lee’s thigh, he shivered from the pain, but he gritted his teeth.

Doris Lee felt his tremor, but thought it was the pain of his punches,and she didn’t care about it.

In addition, Doris Lee was also angry at Colin Ward’s disregard of his life. Whether it was the bottle of sulfuric acid or the knife, she was extremely scared at the time. If something really happened, she didn’t know what she should do.

After getting in the car, Colin Ward continued to drive with pain. Along the way, Doris Lee didn’t speak to Colin Ward.

After returning to the villa, Colin Ward carried Doris Lee back to the room, and then went downstairs to the living room.

The blood on his hand had stained the bandage red.

Colin Ward removed the bandage, and the wound looked terrible. This was a long wound across the palm of the hand. In addition, his last injury was not completely healed, and he was injured again this time, so the wound seemed to get deeper.

At this point, Colin Ward was completely exhausted. When he got home, he was already safe, so Colin Ward didn’t support himself, fell on the sofa and fell asleep.

Doris Lee, who returned to the room, complained dissatisfiedly, “He didn’t come up to please me!”

When she looked at her red and swollen ankles, she hummed, “He doesn’t come for me at such a good opportunity. He is so boring!”

After being alone for a while, Doris Lee planned to go in and take a bath.

But when she took off her clothes, she found that her legs were covered with blood.

Doris Lee was shocked. It was exactly where Colin Ward’s hand was when he carried her.

Colin Ward turned out to be injured!

Doris Lee ignored the pain in his feet, put on her pajamas, leaned on the wall and jumped to find Colin Ward.

After opening the door of the room, she found that Colin Ward was not in his room. Doris Lee immediately went downstairs, and finally saw the drowsy Colin Ward on the sofa in the living room on the first floor.

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