Chapter 109 – 110: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 109: Something Happened

This time, at this class reunion she participated in, Lei Du was happy to see her students all achieve success, so she drank a lot of wine.

But she frequently looked at Rui Liu while drinking the wine, and she hurriedly stood up and made an excuse to go to the bathroom as well after seeing Rui go to the bathroom, which was quite confused for other people.

Lei entered the bathroom right after Rui just came in there.

Then she closed the door, looked at Rui awkwardly, and said: “Rui, can I ask you to do me a favor?”

Rui understood at once. No wonder Lei had been looking at her when she was in the box just now. She thought it was because her makeup was messed up, so she came here to fix it. But the reason was that her teacher needed her help, which was quite beyond her expectation.

She nodded and said, smiling: “No problem, teacher, I will try my best to help you.”

During her three years in high school, Lei was very good to her, and she was also a grateful person.

Lei took a deep breath and said quite awkwardly: “You are an actress of the Huanyu Group now, right?”

“Yes,” Rui nodded.

“Then you must be in good relation with the boss of the Huanyu Group, right?” Lei said: “I…I also wanted to be an actress, can…can you introduce me to him?”

After hearing what Lei said, Rui was very surprised. How could her teacher have such a thought? Didn’t she want to be a teacher anymore?

However, at least, her teacher had good figure and appearance as well, and she was on behalf of the teacher group to sing every time her high school held a party.

Although she was almost thirty, she had that kind of mature and intellectual temperament, which Rui lacked.

Lei looked at Rui nervously, since her student was extremely famous now, she would definitely make it if Rui was willing to introduce her to that boss.

“Teacher, in fact, the boss of the Huanyu Group is just…”

She stopped talking before she finished her words, since she almost forgot that Kris Chen had told her many times that he did not want too many people to know his identity.

But, now that Ms.Du had asked her for help, it would be too ungrateful for her to refuse Lei. And if other people knew about it, they would say that Rui even disowned her own teacher after she became famous.

Of course, she would not do that kind of thing to destroy her own future as a famous star.

She thought for a moment and said: “Okay, I will ask him for you.”

“That’s great!”

Lei became extremely excited after Rui agreed to help her. She came to Rui to express her gratitude: “Rui, I indeed didn’t misjudge you and chose the right person to trust!”

Then she said: “I will send you some of my photos, then you can show them to the boss of the Huanyu group.”

Lei said as she sent her photo to Rui.

She was very confident about her appearance and figure, especially her bookish style, which many female stars did not have.

She was sure that the Huanyu Group’s boss would definitely be interested in her as long as he saw her photos.

Having no other choice, Rui had to send her photos to Kris one by one.

At the same time, in the Xiluo Bay, the people from those noble families had all entered into the cave.

Since the cave was very large inside, there was plenty of space for those rich young people to rest.

By that time, it was completely dark, and someone built a bonfire outside the cave. Those three families gathered in groups around the campfire to chat together and enjoy this boisterous atmosphere.

Both Kris and Tianba Li regretted not having met each other earlier. Although they had only known each other for half a day, they shared similar personalities and viewpoints, which made Tianba quite delighted.

They chatted freely, and every time they talked about something exciting, Kris would express his unique viewpoints, which made Tianba applaud and admire.

Tianba’s wife found it kind of boring as she listened to the two men chat about all kinds of things, so she wanted Tianba to accompany her to take a walk along the coast.

By the way, Tianba’s wife was called Xuan Song, who was also great beauty.

But none of those men present dared to peep her, since she had a strong personality and aura field.

If not, then the Li family would not have agreed to their marriage since the family’s people were all related to the underworld, and only people with a strong aura field could repress and control their subordinates.

Kris, being very sensible, stopped talking at once. And Tianba also understood his meaning after seeing Kris make a face, so he stood up with a smile and embraced Xuan’s waist, saying: “I’ll take my wife out to take a fresh breath, and we’ll talk later.”

“Okay!” Kris nodded, smiling. Tianba and Xuan were a good match, and apparently, they were very close to each other.

Kris felt a little boring after Tianba left, so he leaned against the cave wall and looked at the stars all over the sky outside.

At that time, Mary Su and Xiaorou Xu came over and sat beside him.

“Kris, can you tell me how you killed the shark at that time?” Mary asked him to be a little curious and scared.

If he hadn’t been talking to Tianba, she would have asked him then.

For God’s sake, that was a shark, the overlord in the sea, and no matter how strong he was, it was still impossible for him to kill a shark in the sea.

Kris turned and took a look at her, then he said with a smile: “Nothing, I just knocked it out after punching it several times.”

Though Kris’s voice was not loud, many people around had heard him.

His words made them burst into laughter.

The guy was such a fucking braggart. He knocked a shark out after just punching it several times? He thought he was a superman?

What the fuck! Had he lost his mind since he became the son-in-law of the Su family for a long time?

He really thought that he was a hero?

Bao Cao spat in disdain and raised his middle finger in the air to show that he didn’t believe what Kris said at all.

Kris didn’t have an interest in bothering with such people like Bao, so he said leisurely after he stretched out his arms and adjusted his position: “Fortunately, I found a dagger under the sea, and I killed the shark by stabbing it in the brain.”

Then he continued to say: “Well, I don’t know who threw a dagger there with great kindness. If I know who it is, I will definitely thank him face to face.”

The object he just talked about was clearly Bao, and he almost pointed at Bao’s nose to say those words.

Such an idiot, he threw the dagger in the crowd of those girls so that he could run away, which attracted the shark later.

Fuck, was this guy intended to make trouble by rubbing it in Bao’s face on purpose?

Bao felt as disgusted as eating a dead child, and he was ready to argue with Kris, but there was suddenly a cry of alarm on the beach at that time.

“Help, come on! Something happened!”

After Tianba finished shouting, he held Xuan and ran over hastily: “Help, is there a doctor, is there a doctor!”

He shouted to the crowd, and his calm face showed a panic-stricken expression this time.

Xuan closed her eyes in his arms, and it was apparent that she was in a coma.

Everyone gathered around him after listening to Tianba’s shout, they were all very stunned to look at him, without knowing what had happened on earth.

What was going on? Didn’t they go for a walk while talking and laughing just now? How could she be in a coma now?

Supposedly, this was a good chance to curry favor with the Li family for those people, but they all knew nothing about treatment, so they were unable to curry that favor as they hoped at all.

When everyone did not know what to do, a girl walked out of the crowd.

She was Jue Qiu, the eldest granddaughter of the Qiu family, and she was 23 years old as a senior student in college who majored in medical science.

Tianba was delighted at once after he saw her, he said quickly: “Come here, have a look at my wife.”

Jue crouched down, pressed her hand against Xuan’s neck after looking at her pupils, and she felt Xuan’s pulse at last. Then she sighed and shook her head: “Her pulse is very weak, and her pupils are lax. I’m afraid she will be dead in two hours.”

“Miss Qiu, you are lying to me, are you? My wife is still curable, right?”

Tianba could not help but tremble, and at this moment, he felt extremely scared at the bottom of his heart. As the eldest master of the Li family, he had seen all kinds of big scenes, and he was not scared even if he was put a gun to his head.

Jue sighed, with a sad expression: “Sorry, I’m afraid I can do nothing about your wife’s symptoms.”


Tianba’s mind went blank as if he was struck by lightning.

How could that be possible?

Jue was a top student in the first-class medical school in China, and she also had been an intern at the military hospital for almost a year, so she definitely had great ability, which was not inferior to any major hospital attending physicians.

But even she said that kind of words as well, then Xuan…

No, she would be fine, no matter how.

Tianba picked up his wife and looked at Bao with his red eyes, shouting angrily: “Bao, didn’t you arrange an ambulance for the outing this time in case an emergency happens?”

Chapter 110: I believe in him

Tianba Li’s eyes almost burst into flames, and his handsome face put on a ferocious looking.

“If something happens to my wife, I swear I’ll kill you all.”

His words scared the hell out of Bao Cao because Bao knew clearly that Tianba’s always faithful to his words. Compared to Li Family, the Cao family is frivolous.

“Mr.Li…I’m… I’m getting on it…”

Seeing Bao’s pale face out of fear, Lan Yu was also anxious. Although what Bao did was shameful to all, the whole family is doomed if they failed to solve this problem.

Bao tremblingly took out his phone. However, in despair, he found the place is so remote, and no signal can be received.

He couldn’t help but shudder. He thought he’s doomed and not knowing what to do.

Just when he was trembling with fear, Kris Chen said: “Fine, stop it. The place is too remote, there’s no signal.”

Hearing Kris said this, Bao even wanted to strangle him, doesn’t he ruin Tianba’s hopes?

What Kris said after then, however, was even more striking to Bao.

“Even if the hospital sent an ambulance, it would have been too late. By then, the poison would have spread throughout her whole body.” Kris said lightly.

“Son of a bitch! How could he do this to me!” Bao was angry and afraid, but he knew the top priority is to calm Tianba down: “Tianba, I remember there is a satellite phone nearby, I’m going to…”

However, Tianba didn’t even pay attention to him, but anxiously asked Kris: “Kris, is there a way to save my wife?”

Kris was just about to talk, but Mary Su next to him said ahead of him: “No, no, no, Mr.Li, how could he possibly have the ability to save your wife…”

While speaking, she calmly pulled Kris back and whispered: “Kris, don’t talk nonsense, how could you know how to save her!”

They’ve been married for nearly three years, if Kris really knows some medical skills, how could she not know it?

This is a life-and-death matter, they couldn’t be more careful.

Kris smiled, patted Mary’s hand, and stepped forward. “Don’t panic, Tianba,” he said. “I ask you, did your wife eat something earlier?”

Kris found that there was foam at the corners of her mouth, so he immediately affirmed that she must have eaten something poisonous.”

Hearing Kris’s words, Tianba nodded and said: “Yes, she ate the wild pineapple, which was picked from a tree not far away.”

Wild pineapple?

Kris was speechless and patted on the forehead. What she ate was not wild pineapple, but another kind of poisonous fruit called ‘Moluo Fruit’, which is also an important material used in refining pills.

He didn’t expect to find Moluo Fruit in this place. It was a worthy trip. But now the first priority is to save Xuan Song, Moluo Fruit will be there anyway. He can pick it later.

“I see. Now put your wife down, make her lie in a flat position in front of me, and pull up her T-shirt to reveal her belly button.” Kris thought for a while and said.

It’s not difficult to detoxify the Moluo Fruit, actually. According to the record of “Prescriptions Recipe”, what he needs is just one Buddhist relics pill. Tianba’s wife will be detoxified.

Of course, it is not the normal kind of Buddhist relics (The cremated ashes of Buddhist spiritual masters), it’s just a kind of pills. And the material is not difficult to find. He just needs the leaves, sap, and the root of the Moluo fruit tree to refine the pill.

The refining pill takes an hour, and to stop the poison from spreading to other organs, Kris had to seal off her acupuncture points.

However, it’s not an easy thing. Because some of the acupuncture points are very secret, he had to let her lie down in a flat place.

Kris’s words made the people around him muddled.

Oh, my God. What is this fool doing?

This is a matter of life and death, even Miss. Qiu has nothing to do with it. Kris is just a failure who’s married into Su Family. Is it possible that he’s better than Miss. Qiu?

Besides, how could he have the nerve to get involved in Li Family’s business? Is he trying to kill himself?

He even let Tianba lift up Xuan’s T-shirt and let her lie down in front of him, isn’t he crazy?

“Kris, are you crazy?” At this time, Shen Chu shouted loudly: “Do you want to die? How dare you take advantage of your sister-in-law!”

“Fuck, you bastard.” Bao took the opportunity to jump out, pointing to Kris’s nose and scolding him, “You son of a bitch, your own wife won’t let you touch her, so you want to take advantage of your sister-in-law, right?”

Kris helplessly shrugged his shoulders, stood up, and waved his hand: “Ok, since you’re so angry, you must be able to save her. Come here, she’s yours now. You can save her, can’t you?”

His words made the two who’s originally angry shut up at once.

If they knew how to save her, they would have been jumped out to take the credit, then Kris won’t be here right now.

“All right, shut up.” Tianba’s face darkened, glaring at Bao and Shen, and then took a deep breath. He put Xuan lying on the ground, and then lift up her T-shirt, unveiling her slender waist.

In an instant, all the men around him swallowed. But they also saw Tianba’s furious face, they had to turn their heads away, dare not to look at Xuan.


Tianba coldly hummed and looked at Kris: “Kris, what should we do next?”

Kris sat cross-legged on the ground again and said to him, “Tianba, go to the tree where you just picked the fruit. Bring some sap and roots here as soon as possible.”

Then Kris’s finger tapped Xuan’s navel lightly.

Valve! (The acupuncture points near to the navel)

It’s three inches above the belly, which is very important. As long as the belly is sealed, the flow of gas and blood in her body will be slowed down.

After Tianba heard Kris’s words, he rushed out and soon disappeared in the dark.

After he left, Mary said hastily, “Kris, why don’t you listen to me? Mr.Li’s wife is so ill, can you save her? It’s a matter of life and death.”

She was angry, anxious, and also kind of jealous.

When she saw Kris’s hand gently tapped on Xuan’s navel, she felt very uncomfortable.

“It’s all right. I can detoxify her.”

Mary had almost fainted when she heard this.

Since he’s not a doctor, how dare he said that?

Mary’s tears streamed down: “Kris, he is Tianba, he’s ten times more powerful than us.”

But Kris did not speak, he just focused on sealing Xuan’s acupuncture points, and then used his inner energy to unseal it.

Soon, Tianba brought the things Kris wanted. At this time, he was dirty and muddy all over the body. But he didn’t care, and hastily handed them to Kris: “Kris, please save her.”

Kris took over and was just about to say, “Don’t worry.”Hai Su suddenly jumped out and said eagerly: “Mr.Li, you can’t listen to him, he is just a failure married into our family, he didn’t know how to save your wife at all, you can’t trust him.”

He was also upset at the moment, how could Kris know how to detoxify? And if Xuan died by accident, he’s afraid that the whole Su Family will be buried.

“Right, Mr.Li, you shouldn’t be misled by him, this man clearly knows nothing.”

“I see, he just wants to show off, Mr.Li. Don’t trust him.”

Everyone was gossiping, which enraged Tianba.

“Shut up!” Tianba could not bear it anymore. He roared and looked at the crowd with flame in his eyes: “You’d better shut up. Kris is saving my wife now. If you dare talk nonsense, I’ll kill you right now. Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking? Aren’t you just afraid that Kris failed to save my wife and implicate you? I’ll tell you what, even if he failed, it’s none of your business, so shut up!”

After this, Tianba looked at Kris with a firm looking: “Since Kris has promised, he must have the confidence, no matter what happens, I believe in him!”

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