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Chapter 109 – 110: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 109: Xiaozi’s superpower (1)

Venus let the nurse to take her needles. She looked at her arm calmly, which was covered with blue Intravenous infusion sites.

Since she married Kerry, she had been injured often, so going to hospital was a regular occurrence for her.

At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open, and then Henry Zhang walked in. He said with a blank expression, “Mr. Ye has asked me to go through the discharge formalities for you. The car is waiting downstairs, so we can go back anytime.”

Venus nodded.

Henry’s brow furrowed and said with a respectful attitude, “I’ll wait for you in the corridor.”

He turned to leave and Venus saw his look of contempt. Now she was vicious, cruel, and ungrateful in anyone’s eyes.

But she didn’t care what anyone thought of her.

When the nurse left, Venus picked up and walked out of the room she had been in for over one week. Then she followed Henry down the stairs and went straight to the car to Ye family.

To be honest, she would rather stay in the hospital than in the Ye family. Everything in Ye family made her feel sad.

After about 30 minutes, the car finally stopped in the villa of Ye family. Looking at the familiar villa, Venus had mixed emotions.

The only thing that made her happy was that when she got back to the house, the first person she saw was Xiaozi, the one who could brought her surprises.

When she opened her bedroom door, she saw Xiaozi standing in the air, and his appearance made Venus very happy.

“Xiaozi, what are you doing here?” Venus asked.

Venus looked surprised. Everything in the room was floating in the air.

Xiaozi turned around slowly, smiling, and asked, “Where have you been the last few days? Why haven’t you come home? I thought you’d moved away.”

“Where can I go?” Thinking of this, Venus sighed softly, “I can’t leave here.”

Xiaozi was confused. He didn’t understand why she said she couldn’t go instead of she wouldn’t.

It was only one word difference, but it meant something different.

Venus nodded. Looking at Xiaozi’s confused expression, she said softly, “You don’t understand. Let’s not talk about this.”

Hearing that she didn’t seem to want to explain, Xiaozi nodded and said, “Well, my power has increased greatly lately. Now I can move the objects of greater size, do you want me to show you?”

“Yes.” Venus instantly nodded.

“So what object do you want me to move?” Xiaozi asked.

Venus thought with his chin in his hands, and then she noticed the bed. She asked curiously, “How about this bed?”

Xiaozi observed the bed carefully, and then nodded, “I’ll try.”

After saying that, Xiaozi disappeared instantly. He was now located above the bed. He stretched out two fingers and said something at the same time, and then the bed moved slightly.

With a flick of his fingers, the bed rose upwards slowly and rotated continuously.

Venus looked stunned. She could even feel the bed’s rotation driving the air currents around it to blow her hair around.

After about 10 minutes, Xiaozi waved his hand and the bed in the air began to fall gradually, eventually landing on the ground.

“What’s wrong? Why did the bed fall off so quickly?” Venus asked, puzzled.

Chapter 109: Xiaozi’s superpower (2)

With moon-white clothes fluttering lightly, Xiaozi instantly came to Venus Mu and gently wiped away the sweat from her head with the cuff of his gown and spoke, “I’m still not very good at manipulating something of this size.”

Venus nodded and said in understanding, “It’s okay, you’re already very good.”

Looking at her face, he suddenly noticed the scar on her forehead, frowning and asking, “What happened to your forehead?”

Venus gently shook her head and answered, “It’s okay, I accidentally bumped it.”

Looked at her, who was apparently telling lies, his expression became quite strange.

Venus didn’t tell the truth and the scar was actually Kerry’ s ‘masterpiece’, but she said so because she didn’t want Xiaozi to worry for her.

For her, Xiaozi was like a star. Although he was not as bright as sunshine, it was still warm for Venus.

Xiaozi was with a little bit of mystery, but Venus still had some affection for him.

If one day, she could really leave this place, would there be any chance to meet him again?

What she actually wanted to ask was if he was willing to leave with her…

Thinking of this, Venus suddenly realized that if she had already…

Xiaozi looked at her quietly, with his purple eyes glowing, he sensed that she was lost and could also feel her sadness.

Why was she lost?

“What happened?” He asked gently.

Venus shook her head, trying her best to hide the thoughts in her mind and casually said, “I feel just a bit stuffy.”

When Xiaozi heard her say that, he raised a smile and said, “Feeling stuffy? How would you like to smell the flowers or listen to the birds singing?”

Venus thought he was going to take her to hang out again, so she said happily, “OK.”

However, Xiaozi turned her head and went to open the window of her room, through which she could vaguely see the garden in Ye’ s mansion.

Venus looked puzzled and paid attention to his next move.

Only to see the wave of his hand, he then drew a circle in the direction of the garden, muttering, and this movement kept going.

As she stared at the window, Venus was curious at first, and she was surprised when she saw birds flying in from far and near, in line!

To her amazement, each bird was with a brightly colorful flower in their mouths.

Amazing! Venus couldn’t help but exclaim in her heart.

The birds entered directly into Venus’s room through the window, hovering around the room, keeping chirping. Venus could also smell the fresh and fragrant aroma of flowers.

Venus was in surprise, staring at what was happening in front of her. She thought that was it, but she didn’t expect that Xiaozi moved his fingers and those birds loosened their mouths in passing.

The flowers fell off one by one, but in the end, they didn’t fall to the ground, but float in the air.

Xiaozi moved his finger again, and then the flowers that were originally lined up began to gather together, as if the flowers were alive. In the end, all the bouquets gathered together.

“What a beautiful garland!!!”

Venus couldn’t help but exclaim, and at that moment, the garland began to move towards her, slowly coming above her head, suddenly falling straight down as if it had lost control.

Before Venus could react, the beautiful garland eventually landed steadily on her head.

“Beautiful.” Xiaozi looked at the flower fairy-like Venus and praised her.

In her eyes, Venus was elegant and simple, not sexy or artistic, as if she was as gentle and pleasant as the girl next door.

As soon as Venus heard his praise, she blushed, not knowing how to reply.

He pursed his lips and asked, “Now are you happier?”

Venus was stunned, for she didn’t expect that Xiaozi could see that she was in a bad mood. It seemed that everything that had just happened was just to cheer her up. Knowing this, she began to feel warm.

Chapter 109: Xiaozi’s superpower (3)

Except for her brother, Xiaozi was the only one who cared her feelings.

Venus Mu nodded, truly happy inside and said, “Thank you, I’m much more relaxed now.”

“That’s good.”

Xiaozi slowly came in front of her, touching her finger with white fingers, whose tone was gentle as water, “Whether people can live a happy life, all depends on themselves. You have to learn to regulate your own mood, then you will live a lot more comfortable.”

Hearing this, Venus teased, “Xiaozi, I didn’t think you were still a philosopher.”

Xiaozi smiled and said, “This is my perception of life. Life is short, cherish it!”

Venus’s mouth twitched, sighing that Xiaozi had turned into a literary youth.

Xiaozi chuckled, abandoning all his coolness. He was really funny and happy now…

Venus rolled her eyes, but inside she felt happy about his such change. She liked the kind and gentle Xiaozi now more than the original one, who was hard to get close to.

“By the way, do you want to experience what I’m feeling now?” Xiaozi smiled mysteriously and asked slowly.

Venus was a little puzzled and asked, “What do you mean?”

Xiaozi pondered for a little and said, “I mean, do you want to experience the feeling of walking through the clouds?”

After hearing that, Venus first froze and then she spoke, “You mean you’re going to use magic to get me up in the air?”

He nodded and said, “Yes, do you want to experience it?”

Venus considered the situation, and finally nodded after she was sure that her life would not be in danger.

Xiaozi clasped his hands together and only the index fingers of both hands were upwards. Then he closed his eyes, muttering something unknown, and suddenly with his eyes open, his purple pupils instantly lit up.

Venus felt as if there was an invisible force that dragged her upwards from her feet, and her body went upwards smoothly until it came to mid-air.

She overlooked the ground beneath her feet, looking at the various pieces of furniture that hovered and swung around her, a thrill of excitement within her.

She could fly!

Xiaozi arrived in front of her, and the two of them stood opposite each other. Looking at her surprised look, he smiled with pleasure and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Venus stretched her arms and grabbed the floating flower potted plant and let it go, only to see it still floating in the air.

“It’s all like magic! It feels super cool!”

Xiaozi nodded and suddenly waved his hands, only to hear a scream immediately coming from the room. But he had set up a barrier before to prevent people outside the room from hearing it.

Venus looked full of fear and she only saw Xiaozi’ s slender legs. Only then did she realize that she was pranked by him, making her upside down!

Venus craned her neck and her tone was with some anger, “Xiaozi, hurry up and turn me back. I’m about to throw up!”

Venus felt like she was doing a handstand against a wall right now, with her head just right to the ground, and as soon as the magic was gone, she’d probably hit her head!

With Xiaozi’ s hand waving again, Venus’s body turned rapidly, and when she reacted again, she found that she was ‘lying’ in the mid-air.

Xiaozi was in the same posture, who leisurely elbowed his head, looking calm and relaxed, making Venus very envious.

Venus learned his posture, causing Xiaozi to laugh.

Venus blushed, for what her posture was not as elegant as his…

“What are you laughing at?” She couldn’t help but ask.

Xiaozi shook his head and answered, “It feels like you are just so… cute!”


When she heard that word, Venus blushed again, for she thought he’d say ‘ridiculous’!

The two of them played for a while. Xiaozi came up with a prank every now and then, and every time it caused Venus to stop heart beating. She felt that if she kept playing with him, she would probably be scared to death.

Venus was relieved and said, “Xiaozi, that you still… put me down first, I’m feeling a little tired.”

“Tired? Why are you tired when it’s me who’s obviously using mana?” Xiaozi looked wry and spoke.

Venus was guilty, but she had to say, “I’m a little dizzy in mid-air. Maybe I can’t stand to leave the ground for a long time.”

Hearing this, Xiaozi stopped embarrassing her, and with a quick move of her finger, Venus was rapidly descending downwards, frightening Venus!


Venus quickly closed her eyes, just when she thought she would fall on the floor, she suddenly felt soft underneath her body, and when she opened her eyes, she was lying on the bed.

Venus was about to speak, but the door was knocked by someone, then the voice of Mrs. Qin came, “Young lady, it’s lunch time.”

“I’m Coming.”

Venus replied immediately and, in that instant, Xiaozi disappeared…

Chapter 110: Venus might be pregnant (1)

Venus Mu sighed heavily and crawled out of her bed. Only then did she realize that all the things in the room had fallen in their original positions. If she wasn’t 100 percent sure that she had experienced this for real, she would have thought that what had just happened was just a dream.

Opening the door, Venus happened to see Mrs Qing leave. She had sensed the change in Mrs Qin recently. Mrs Qin seemed to have been avoiding her intentionally. Though Venus had noticed it, she didn’t blame her.

Instead, she thought this was better for her. Everyone was staying away from her, and then she wouldn’t need to care about others’ feelings whatever she did.

That was good to her.

Venus walked out of the room and went straight down the stairs to the dining room. She found that the food placed on the table was only enough for her to eat.

She got a little confused, weren’t Kerry Ye and Xinyou Qiao at home? Why didn’t they come down for dinner?

But she didn’t care what happened to them, instead, she felt more comfortable without Kerry and Xinyou. Facing them could only make her disgusted!

“Young Mistress, you can have your lunch first. Young Master asked me to to stagger your meal times from today onwards.” Mrs Qin said in a heavy tone, standing beside her.

Venus was totally unconcerned. She showed a smile and said to Mrs Qin, “I see, Mrs Qin, you can leave and do your own work.”

After Mrs Qin left, Venus began to eat. It was not a bad meal. Mrs Qin had prepared two dishes and one soup for her: sauteed tofu in hot and spicy sauce and stir-fired beans and crucian carp soup.

Venus was eating slowly. After taking a sip of the soup, she suddenly felt sick and started retching.

Venus hurriedly put down the spoon and ran straight to the bathroom on the first floor, vomiting violently into the washbasin as if she was about to vomit up everything in her stomach.

Perhaps the noise she made was so loud that it attracted Mrs Qin’s attention. Mrs Qin instantly walked into the bathroom and looked stunned when she saw what happened, then stepped forward and patted her on the back.

“Young Mistress, what’s wrong with you?”

Mrs Qin frowned. An unbelievable thought flashed through her head as she continued to ask, “Could you tell me where it hurts?”

Venus kept vomiting for a while until she felt her stomach turned empty. She turned on the tap and rinsed out her mouth. Then she said, “I’m fine, Mrs Qin, leave me alone.”

She wasn’t sure why this happened, thinking that maybe it was because too many things had happened recently and she was a little anxious.

Mrs Qin followed where Venus went, she was very concerned, “Shall I accompany you to the hospital for a thorough examination? There will be more troubles if you don’t take it seriously. It may developed into a long lasting disease.”

Venus shook her head, then said weakly, “It’s okay, I’ll go back to my room and rest for a while, I’ll be fine soon.”

Mrs Qin sighed again and said sincerely and earnestly, “We are both women, I know what might cause this. You’d better go to the hospital to have a check, what if the vomiting is not caused by illness?”

Hearing Mrs Qin’s words, Venus thought about this carefully and suddenly comprehended her implication, breaking out in a cold sweat. She said in a panic, “You’re saying…”

“Yes, Young Mistress. I’m glad you realized what I’m saying. I’ll immediately ask Uncle Wang to take you to the hospital, there’s no harm having a checkup anyway.” Mrs Qin explained.

Mrs Qin said to herself, “If Venus is really pregnant, then she’s expecting Young Master’s child. I must take care of Venus very carefully in the future, or else I’ll be in trouble if anything goes wrong!”

“This should be reported to Young Master as soon as possible…”

Venus was helped by Mrs Qin and got into the car arranged by the Ye family, her destination was still Central Hospital.

Venus couln’t help feeling pathetic for herself, she was destined to be tied up with the hospital. She hadn’t even left for one day, but stepped into the hospital again.

On the other side, after seeing the car leave, Mrs Qin went back to the house and went upstairs to the third floor, she knew that Kerry should be working on the third floor now.

Mrs Qin came to the study and knocked on the door as usual, speaking, “Young Master.”

No one answered and the study sounded quiet as if no one was in there. She was wondering maybe Kerry wasn’t in the study. But the door suddenly opened when she was about to leave.

Kerry looked cold and asked indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

Mrs Qin stood aside cautiously and answered respectfully, “Young Mistress suddenly vomited while having lunch. I’m worried that she might be sick, so I asked the driver, Xiaoliu, to take her to the hospital for a thorough examination.”

Chapter 110: Venus might be pregnant (2)

After hearing Mrs. Qin’s words, Kerry Ye frowned and his tone carried a hint of coldness, “You said she threw up?”

Mrs. Qin nodded and replied, “She’s still throwing up pretty badly, so I asked her what’s wrong. She said she wanted to vomit after drinking the seafood soup, so I think…”

Mrs. Qin didn’t finish all her words, but Kerry already understood, so he nodded and said, “OK. Keep an eye on her for the next few days, and if there is anything wrong, tell me immediately.”


After saying so, Kerry closed the door, and Mrs. Qin was relieved.

Why did she feel that young master wasn’t happy? Is it because he was still not sure if young lady was really pregnant?

The first thing that came to Mrs. Qin was that young lady had been doing some unacceptable things lately. Maybe she pissed off young master, so he was so cold?

Thinking of this, Mrs. Qin quickly went upstairs and said to herself, “No matter what young master was thinking about, it wasn’t something she should worry.” But at the moment she opened the door, she seemed to see Miss Qiao…

Kerry closed the door, with a strange expression, so he didn’t even notice when Xinyou Qiao came out of the bathroom.

Xinyou was still blushing, recalling the scene just now.

Noticing the marks on her neck, Xinyou smiled. Just now she felt his passion, who seemed to have accepted her. His kiss was so domineering, but gentle…

If Mrs. Qin hadn’t interrupted, maybe they’d… Why couldn’t she make it happen?

Xinyou was depressed.


Kerry’s call caused Xinyou to come back to her senses. She answered, “Kerry, what happened?”

Kerry didn’t look too good and he fondled Xinyou’ s face, whose tone was low and magnetic, “Xinyou, you go back and rest first. I’ll have a remote meeting later.”

Hearing him say that, Xinyou felt that he was a bit odd, but she didn’t want to ask, so she said with some loss, “Okay.”

Looking at her slender and beautiful back, Kerry turned back to his cell phone and quickly dialed Henry He’ s number.

“Young master?” Henry’s voice came from the phone.

Kerry lit a cigarette with some unknown irritation and dense white smoke covered his face, so it was unable to see his expression. Only to hear him coldly said, “Henry, you go to help me investigate one thing.”

Center Hospital

Venus Mu stepped out of the car and looked at the door of the hospital, feeling terrible.

She was really worried and hoped that she was just physically sick. If it was really that result, she absolutely couldn’t accept that she, pregnant with Kerry’s child!

She really hated him and if there were more relations with him, she’d really break down!

Even if it really was…

Venus had already made up her decision that if she was really pregnant, she wouldn’t have kept him!

Venus came directly to the outpatient of gynecology and obstetrics and she first came to the registration room. She then was reminded by the staff to go to outpatient room to wait.

The chairs at the entrance of the department are sitting on a number of women, some of whom were accompanied by their husbands. People were chatting with each other to pass the time.

Venus’ s number was 36, and the doctor had just called 15, so there were still a lot of people. Venus waited in the corridor, looking at the people here.

Next to her was a young couple and she noticed the wife’s bulging abdomen.

The husband was massaging his wife’s leg, while looking at her belly, whose eyes was filled with tenderness, and said, “Honey, do you think our son will look like you, or like me?”

The wife’s face was piled with a bright smile and she pouted, “Son? Or maybe a girl?”

Hearing her words, the husband answered, “Right. It doesn’t matter. It’s both of our kids anyway.”

Chapter 110: Venus might be pregnant (3)

Hearing her husband’s words, the wife smiled happily and then said, “How do I know if he looks like you or me? What do you think?”

The husband pondered for a while and spoke, “I wish to be like you. My wife is beautiful and no matter it’s son and girl, it will surely be lovely.”

After hearing the husband’s words, the wife said, “Of course.”

Standing beside them, Venus’ s eyes became red, feeling bitter inwardly.

The wife was not outstanding, even a little bloated because of her pregnancy, but when her husband talked about wanting the child to look like the mother, she felt envious inside.

Once upon a time, the love she had hoped for, was like this!

She thought that her man didn’t have to be too rich and being ordinary was OK, as long as she was treated well, she would feel content.

But now, although Kerry Ye was handsome, talented and wealthy, she was not happy at all.

If others knew, they might laugh at her for being ridiculously ignorant.

Just like Xinyou Qiao had once said, “Venus, you are simply a winner after marrying to Kerry.

So funny….

Venus scoffed; did she win? How she felt like not only hadn’t she won, but lost her life completely!

She didn’t marry Kerry of her will and Kerry married her for some other purpose. There was no mutual admiration and love, only the indifference.

She sometimes wondered what her life would be like if she wasn’t her brother’s sister, or if he didn’t have anything to do with Kerry.

Maybe because of the stress of life, she could just find a normal man who appreciated her and get married and live the most normal life.

If that’s the case, at least she would be happier than now!

Ever since Xinyou moved into Ye’ s mansion, she made the marriage more vulnerable than ever.

No matter how Xinyou sets her up, she would hate her but not blame her. Even though she was the one who interfered in her marriage, if Kerry hadn’t given her the chance, how could she have successfully got between them?

If they had no feelings for each other and if Kerry really did like Xinyou, then why couldn’t he leave her alone and then just marry her. Wouldn’t that be better?

She had never felt more ashamed of Kerry than this moment!

He wouldn’t let her go and he didn’t give a commitment to the one he liked. He was wasting two women’ s time at the same time. Was there anything more infuriating than this?

If he wanted to love someone, please care her. If not, please let her go.

As she was thinking, she suddenly heard the doctor call her name, “Number 32, Venus!”

Venus came back to her senses and hurriedly entered the room, finding a young female doctor sitting there. Venus noticed her badge, which read, “Intern doctor Xiaoyan Du.”

Perhaps noticing her gaze, Xiaoyan explained, “Hello, lady. Originally the doctor was Dr. Sun, but he had a meeting now, so I can only temporarily replace him.”

After hearing her explanation, Venus nodded and said, “It’s okay.”

Xiaoyan nodded and said, “I’ll tell you first, because I’m an intern doctor and I don’t have any work experience at the moment, so I’m only responsible for recording your file. The specific results will have to wait until Dr. Sun’s diagnosis. Please tell me your contact information, and we’ll report the results to you then.”

Venus nodded and filled in her contact information from the book she handed over.

When everything was done, Dr. Xiaoyan began to ask, “What kind of problem are you having?”

“I was feeling extremely nauseous this morning, so I want to know if I am pregnant.”

After hearing Venus’s words, Xiaoyan nodded and said, “It’s very likely. Well, I’ll do an ultrasound for you later.”

When she heard her words, Venus immediately nodded and then the doctor stood up and walked over to the south side of the room. Venus noticed that there was a door with a sign that said “b-ultrasound and color ultrasound”.

At that moment, someone was apologizing, “Doctor, I’m sorry, I just went to the bathroom, and I just realized I missed my number when I came back.”

Xiaoyan stopped, looking at the young woman and asked, “May I know your number and name?”

The young woman said, “I’m number 32, and my name is Venus!”

After hearing the young woman’s words, Venus was stunned. She checked her number again, which was clearly ‘number 36’, and was embarrassed to realize that she had gotten it wrong.

After hearing that, Xiaoyan turned around and asked Venus, “Are your number 33?”

Venus shook her head and said with a look of helplessness, “I’m number 36, but my name is also Venus.”

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