Chapter 109: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 109 You Are A Fool

“Colin Ward!” Doris Lee exclaimed and jumped over.

Colin Ward was in a coma and did not hear Doris Lee’s voice.

Doris Lee squatted on the edge of the sofa, reaching out to look at Colin Ward’s hand. She immediately saw the long and deep wound on his palm and the stitches on the side of the wound.

Seeing the blood-filled wound, Doris Lee couldn’t help crying.

“You are such a fool!”

He clearly knew that he had a wound on his hand, and he didn’t say anything. He was trembling at that time because of this wound!

Doris Lee felt a little self-blaming. She only felt dissatisfied, but forgot that Colin Ward had just fought with a threatening mental patient, and she forgot to ask if Colin Ward was hurt.

Seeing Colin Ward, who was sleeping very well, she felt angry and ridiculous. She finally got up and took a blanket and covered him. She lay in his arms and fell asleep together.

The next morning, Colin Ward dreamed that a fruit knife was about to be inserted into his chest, and suddenly he woke up, gasping for breath.

Later, he found Doris Lee sleeping in his arms.

Colin Ward couldn’t help but sigh with emotion as he watched Doris Lee’s face while sleeping.

When they first got married, Doris Lee threatened her neck with a fruit knife and said, “We are only married by agreement and we are not really married. If you dare to touch me, I will kill myself immediately.”

Later, the people in her family disliked him very much, and even mocked him in various ways. Doris Lee said lightly, “Thank you for your tolerance, but we have no feelings between us. When the time is up, let’s get a divorce!”

Later, because he was drunk and obsessed with Doris Lee again, he ran to her room inexplicably, and finally Doris Lee took a paring knife in fear and stared at him all night.

Now, Doris Lee was sleeping in his arms.

After three years, Doris Lee’s attitude had changed little by little, and he was really happy about it.


Colin Ward wanted to reach out and touch Doris Lee. As a result, he just stretched out his hand, and a tearing pain made him scream.

Doris Lee frowned upon hearing the sound and woke up.

“I’m going to cook.” Doris Lee got up quickly, hiding her shyness.

Colin Ward couldn’t help feeling a little regretful, if he kissed her, it would be great.

After breakfast, Colin Ward planned to go out.

Doris Lee stopped him, “What are you going out for?”

Today he had made an appointment to meet with Alan Lee, but he couldn’t speak directly, so he just said, “Something is going on at the company.”

Doris Lee hummed, “You are not allowed to go!”

Colin Ward was surprised. Doris Lee was rarely so tough, but he still had to go out today!

“Doris, there are really important things to deal with.” Colin Ward said helplessly.

Doris Lee hesitated and said, “If you want to go, we have to go to the hospital first.”

“Okay!” Colin Ward nodded. If he did not deal with his own hands, it was estimated that he would be infected.

Doris Lee drove to the hospital.

The doctor glanced at Colin Ward’s palm and said flatly, “Your hand was injured before, and it’s been cut. You just don’t know how to cherish your body.”

Colin Ward nodded and replied, “Yes, I won’t repeat this mistake in the future.”

With this, Doris Lee finally remembered and asked, “How did you get hurt before? Didn’t you say that your palm was hurt at the stone?”

Colin Ward paused, and then briefly talked about what happened that day. However, he omitted some details to prevent Doris Lee from thinking about it, and there was no need to trouble her.

With this, Doris Lee felt very self-blame. She didn’t expect to encounter such a thing after he left, and she didn’t even ask a few more questions. She suddenly felt that she was simply incompetent as a wife.

When he walked out of the hospital, Colin Ward said, “Go back first! I’ll be back when I’m done.”

Doris Lee shook his head. “Anyway, I have asked for leave. I will go with you. Besides, can you drive with your hands?”

“…That’s fine.” Colin Ward nodded. Anyway, he also went to the Lee family, which didn’t matter.

After Doris Lee got in the car and asked where to go, Colin Ward replied, “Lishi Company.”

“Lishi Company? Why are you going there?”

Colin Ward could only say, “Actually, I am representing the Marquis group to acquire Lishi Company today.”

Doris Lee was silent for a while, and then drove off.

Now, Doris Lee’s mood was still a bit complicated, especially since Lishi Company was being acquired by Marquis group. Too many things happened in a short period of time, which always made her feel unreal.

In the meeting room of Lishi Company.

Alan Lee summoned everyone in the Lee family.

Alan Lee sat in the main seat, glanced at everyone and said, “Later, the chairman of Marquis group will come to Lishi Company for acquisition. From now on, Lishi Company is a subsidiary of Marquis group.”

Everyone became silent.

Although everyone had known the news a long time ago, they still felt a little uncomfortable to it.

Alan Lee added, “But before being acquired, I have something to announce.”

With this, everyone immediately sat up straight and looked at Alan Lee.

Fox Lee on one side stood tall, as if he knew something important to announce, and he showed a triumphant look.

“From now on, Fox Lee will serve as the chairman of Lishi Company and everyone give him a warm welcome.”

Everyone felt in a daze, reluctantly clapped their hands and then looked at Fox Lee.

In fact, everyone understood that Fox Lee was Alan Lee’s most beloved grandson after all, so the fact that the position of the chairman was passed to Fox Lee was so natural.

After all, after being acquired by Marquis group, this position would decline accordingly. But if he was the chairman of the board, then this position was always higher than the general position.

Fox Lee didn’t think deeply about the benefits, but felt very happy. He finally took this position, because it was the position he dreamed of.

Alan Lee then nodded and said, “Now the new chairman will say a few words.”

Fox Lee stood up excitedly, walked to Alan Lee and then said to Alan Lee, “Grandpa, should you get up?”

Alan Lee was shocked.

Others were also shocked. Was Fox Lee too bold, right?

Fox Lee said, “Isn’t this seat for the chairman of the board? I am now the new chairman. Shouldn’t I sit at it?”

With this, Webb Lee straightened his face, “Does it make any difference where you sit?”

“How can there be no difference? I am the chairman, I should sit in the chairman’s seat.” Fox Lee said righteously.

Webb Lee wanted to scold Fox Lee, but Alan Lee got up, “I really should give way.”

Fox Lee glanced at Webb Lee triumphantly, sat at this chair, enjoying the feeling of being able to scan everyone. He finally cleared his throat.

“Well, I will be the chairman now. Although our group is about to be acquired by Marquis group, don’t worry. With Marquis group supporting us, our future development will definitely be very good. As chairman, I will naturally seek more benefits for everyone.”

“Of course, before this, in order to protect everyone’s interests, I announced that you should transfer 10% of your shares to my account. You can rest assured that I will not do anything with this share. These shares are only with me temporarily, and the money is yours.”


Everyone was shocked.

“This is inappropriate.” Alan Lee said lightly.

Fox Lee explained, “No, this is a very appropriate approach. You should know that the Marquis group is about to acquire us. Everyone’s shares will definitely be affected, and some people’s shares will even be taken back. As the chairman of the board, the impact on me should not have been so severe. I am thinking for everyone.”

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