Chapter 11 – 12: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 11: Are you seducing me?

Venus Mu was kind of a neat freak so she gave up the second thought. She opened the bathroom door to see if there’s anyone out there, and there was no one.


Venus ran out immediately from the bathroom with her naked body and went straight to the closet trying to find a piece of clothes to wear.

It’s just, inside the closet were all male clothes; she had no choice but to pick a white shirt randomly.

Just as she took the shirt in her hands and was ready to dress herself when suddenly the door was opened from outside.

“Ahhhhh…..” Venus screamed at once and covered her naked body with the shirt, saying, “Get out!”

Kerry, who just entered the room, got startled but then looked over towards Venus; what a beautiful scene of temptation!

He smiled lightly and locked the door from inside. He looked at Venus not far from him and said, “A slut is a slut! It’s still daytime now; but since you can’t wait to seduce me, I would very much like to cooperate!”

While saying those words, Kerry started to walk towards Venus. The beautiful scene in front of him only made him more thirsty, and he loosened his tie consciously.

“You…you…” Venus was so scared that she couldn’t move. She immediately put on the shirt and kept moving backwards. “I…I am not seducing you! Stay away from me! This is my room! Get out of here!”

“Your room? Huh!” Kerry couldn’t help laughing coldly, “This is my room, and the whole villa belongs to me; here you are, being naked in my room; it’s obvious that you are seducing me, isn’t it?”

What? His room?

Venus was shocked but soon she realized it; no wonder the closet was full of male clothes…But how could John arrange them to stay in the same room!

But it’s also reasonable because they were already a couple. It’s just, she really feared this man; especially his blue-lake eyes, which got her so scared.

“I…I didn’t know it’s your room, I…I shall go now…”

Venus said consciously and tried to walk around him and leave the room, but before she could actually take a few steps, Kerry jumped over and pushed her against the wall.

With her back against the wall, Venus was shivering because of fear, “Let go of me; Please, let me go…”

“You took shower in my room, dressed in my shirt and now want me to let go? Quit dreaming!” Kerry said with his eyes filled with lust.

His crazy kisses fell wildly like hard rain drops, on Venus’s lips, cheeks, neck and…

“Ah…you scum bag, let go of me!” Venus was struggling in fear but her man seemed to have put more strength.

He untied his tie and threw it aside, and then grabbed her both hands violently and put them above her head to stop her from resisting, while his other hand kept igniting her fire of desire non-stop.

“Didn’t I tell you, that you are sexier when you are totally naked?”

Right after he finished his words, he ripped the shirt off Venus’s chest and thus she was totally exposed in front of him.

“Ah!” Venus screamed. Kerry grabbed her on her waist and them threw her on the bed beside him, then pressed himself closely on her…

Chapter 12: The perfect eight packs

It was already half past night when she woke up the next morning.

Venus Mu was awakened by the sunshine out of the window; she turned around and then opened her sleepy eyes.

The ceiling seemed so strange to her; where’s this place?

Venus immediately sat up from the bed and the pains from somewhere inside her body made her totally clear, that she’s a married woman and it was Kerry Ye’s house.

Speaking of Kerry, she couldn’t help getting furious. That man just didn’t know when to stop and tortured her so many times last night violently. She fell asleep then got awakened, then fell asleep and got awakened, over and over again; she didn’t finally fall asleep until dawn.

She kneaded her temple because she could still feel pains in her head. She moved her body to adjust her position but felt so painful that she immediately breathed hard.

What a rough guy he was!

“Bastard!” She cursed in a low voice then bit her lips. Lucky that Kerry had already left so he wouldn’t have to see how embarrassed she was and laugh at her.

While she was thinking of this, the bathroom door was opened from inside; the naked Kerry walked out of it.

Venus got shocked at once. She looked at the perfect and delicate V-shape figure with eight packs. As he just finish showering, the water was dripping from his hair to the shoulders, the abdomen and all the way down to his…

She swallowed her saliva and got stunned. Though she had sexual experiences already, it was still her first time to look at a man’s body so directly face to face…

At that moment, Kerry started talking, “Are you done watching?” He hooked up his mouth and seemed a little careless.

“Eh…” Venus was pulled back from her thinking and realized what she was doing. She blushed and immediately turned her face to look out of the window, not daring to look his way, “You…you can’t blame me for looking at your body; why didn’t you put some clothes on!”

Kerry laughed lightly, “I thought you had enough last night; I didn’t expect you to be so thirsty so soon. Well, I don’t mind if you want a morning exercise!”

Morning exercise…

How could Venus not understand what he meant? She became even more embarrassed and said with a red face, “No, no need, I am done watching; please put some clothes on…”

Her body still ached from last night. How could she take another torture from him!

“Huh!” Kerry hummed and seemed careless. He did not give her hard time; instead, he just put on his clothes and left the room.

She waited until Kerry left then she turned her head back. She breathed in relief. She felt she might provoke him as he seemed to get horny anytime and anywhere.

Then Venus got off the bed with great pain and fell as soon as her feet touched the ground.

She had to rest for quite a while before she could make it to the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, all she could see was her miserable self having been tortured rudely.

This damned man!

After taking shower and cleaning herself, Venus found that there were actually many female clothes in the closet; seemed that they were ready for her. But she really couldn’t bare living in the same room with Kerry anymore; she could die if he kept torturing her like this.

She had to figure out a way!

Venus sighed, got dressed and then left the room for breakfast downstairs.

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