Chapter 11 – 12: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 11: Is it true?

But I haven’t said anything yet.

Did the world go crazy?

Doris sat in the car in a trance for a while. Seeing the contract in her hand, she finally thought that she had really succeeded.

After calming down, Doris didn’t go back to the company, but went home directly.

From the beginning, it was Colin who asked her to get this cooperation. She felt that it must have something to do with Colin. She wanted to ask.

When she got home, she saw Colin. He was cooking.

Colin looked at Doris and said with a smile, “Are you back? So early today? “

Doris nodded. After changing shoes, she went back to the room, and then to the kitchen.

Looking at Colin, Doris said: “I succeeded in financing today.”

Colin smiled, “what do you want to ask?”

“Why do you want me to get cooperation with the Marquis group?” Doris asked directly.

Colin knew that she would ask. He just replied, “I have a classmate in it.”

Doris still doubted, “your classmate’s position is very high?”

“Well.” Colin nodded, but did not say what position was in the end.

Doris no longer asked, but said: “thank you.”

If his classmate was not in Marquis group, she would have failed.

Colin smiled and winked at Doris,”I am your husband. You don’t need to say thanks.”

Doris’s face was red. She glared at Colin and turned back to her room.

Colin’s heart was thumping. When Doris glared at him, he thought she was really lovely.

Doris went back to the room and touched her hot face shyly. She felt warm when she thought of Colin’s words just now.

The next morning, Lee family gathered in the meeting room again.

They all looked upset. It was obvious that the financing was not very smooth.

Especially Fox.

Fox had a good talk with Barr. But he was too happy so that he said the family had arranged Doris to come and talk about the cooperation with Martin group.

However, Barr became angry when he knew about it and said, “let Doris come to talk to me. I will not talk to anyone but her! Hum! None of you is qualified for that! “

Fox’s face was bad at that time, and he was invited out by Barr.

When Fox saw Doris enter the conference room today, his face was full of anger. He stared at Doris.

“It’s a critical time now. Everyone is at a loss. Only Doris, you are so relaxed and comfortable. You don’t care about the company at all. You should not be cultivated by the company. You are heartless!”

Because of his great anger, Fox was outspoken. He said a lot of mean words.

All the people in the conference room heard and looked at them.

The old Mr. Lee was silent. Even if Fox’ words were so bad, he didn’t say anything.

Other people saw this. They thought the old Mr. Lee allowed and they all began to mock Doris.

“Hum! She must know she can’t make it so that she gives up and enjoys everyday.”

“Doris can be so carefree, for she doesn’t know the conditions of company now. No wonder she is still a small employee.”

“Shit, she must be not satisfied with Lee family! She thinks that Lee family has treated her unfairly but she should know who she is! “

Doris pretended not to hear. She was used to these cold words.

The old Mr. Lee looked at people and coughed. And then people can keep silence.

“How about yesterday?”

With that, everyone did not dare to look up because none of them was successful.

At this time, Doris said lightly: “grandfather, general manager Zhang of Lanbo port agreed and he will give us 100 million dollars.”


With a crisp sound, the old Mr. Lee’s teacup fell on the ground and broke into several pieces.

The assistant immediately asked someone in to clean it.

People were shocked.

“No way!”

“How could it be possible?”

After a while, Fox came to his senses and snorted, “Doris, do you think you can be forgiven by telling such a lie? What kind of enterprise is Lanbo port? It is the branch of Marquis group. You are just a small staff! How can you cooperate with Marquis group?”

“Right! How can Marquis group finance easily? We are a small enterprise at most. They can’t cooperate with us! “

“Ah, it’s a lie at obviously. Even if they are willing to inject capital, how can they spend 100 million dollars?”

Doris frowned and took out the contract. “This is the contract with them. Grandfather can have a look at it. General manager Zhang said that if it is right, it can be taken back and signed and sealed.”

People were stunned.

The old Mr. Lee took over the contract.

Fox was anxious now. He said reluctantly.”Doris, you take the fake contract to fool people. Do you think we are all stupid?”

“Oh! She is good at actiong and fake contract is necessary! “

“So what? It’s fake. It’s impossible for Lanbo port to give money! “

The old Mr. Lee was annoyed when he heard these, but he couldn’t hide the joy and excitement in his eyes. “Shut up!”

Suddenly, the crowd was quiet and shocked.

“Is this contract true?”

How can the old Mr. Lee not know the true or false of the contract? Because of this, he was so excited. Lanbo port can make a capital injection of 100 million dollars and only wanted 10% of the shares of Lee family. To Lee family, it was just like a big pie, which was free.

Fox clenched and he regretted.

If he knew that Lanbo port can cooperate so easily, he didn’t change. If he didn’t change, Barr wouldn’t have the chance to humiliate him and drive him out!

After looking at the contract several times, the old Mr. Lee handed the contract back to Doris with a kind smile. “Doris, you have done a good job this time. You will be the person in charge of this project in the future. If you have any need, just say. Grandfather will try to satisfy you.”

It was the first time to see the old Mr. Lee so kind to her. She felt a little weird.

But everything was moving in a good direction.

Doris took over the contract, smiled and looked at Fox.

Fox naturally regarded this as Doris’s provocation.

Doris said in a light way: “yesterday we made a bet. If I succeeded, what would you do?”

Fox glared at Doris angrily, “just a joke. Are you serious? Besides, if I didn’t change with you, would you have succeeded? “

Doris snorted, “a joke?”

“If I didn’t succeed today, what would you do? You’d like to announce that I have no relationship with Lee family immediately. And you will hope I can leave Lee family, right? “

“All of you.” Doris looked around. “You will humiliate me, ridicule me, and even make me kneel down to kowtow to Fox, right?”

People looked at each other. This was right. They knew what they would do.

Doris looked at the old Mr. Lee, hoping that he can be a little more fair for the cooperation.

But the old Mr. Lee just coughed and didn’t open his mouth.

Doris sneered. She was really too naive. Why did she still have the hope at this time?

But she was resigned. She really wanted Fox to kneel down, but she couldn’t do it without the old Mr. Lee permission.

As for Marin group’s cooperation, Doris didn’t care at all!

But the old Mr. Lee has always been more partial to Fox. Now in this situation, how can he allow?

Hum! No matter what she did, her status was always inferior to Fox!

Doris didn’t want to say more. She just looked at Fox and said, “if you don’t kneel down, I don’t care at all. I don’t care about the financing of Marin group. I just want you to know th at. Don’t always think that only you can do things well. Others are not worse than you!”

Finish saying, Doris, ignoring Fox’s embarrassment, turned around briefly and left.

Chapter 12: Give the progress to Fox

Fox’s face was black when he heard Doris’s words. Although he didn’t kneel down, he felt more disgraced.

After Doris went out, she received a call from Eva.

“What a good daughter! I am really proud of you. You got such a large amount of financing! Come home for dinner tonight! Mom will make lot of dishes.”

Doris nodded and said”OK.”

It seemed that her cousin told mother the news again, so that she would call her immediately.

After Doris went back to the rental house, she saw that dishes were on the table and the smell of the food was floating in the room.

Looking at Colin, she said guiltily, “Mom lets us go home for dinner.”

Colin was stunned for a while, and nodded immediately, “good.”

Doris was surprised. Colin agreed so simply? He has made dishes on this table. Wasn’t he angry?

After returning home, Eva was very enthusiastic to Doris. She took Doris’ arm and let Doris sat on the sofa, “Doris, you are really my pride! You even got the contract with Lanbo port. You are more promising than those people! “

Doris smiled and looked at Colin.

Colin found Doris looked at him with a smile. He also smiled naturally.

But Eva immediately changed her face, “what are you laughing at? You just stay at home without doing anything. When she is in trouble, you couldn’t help her. You are useless! “

“Mom…” Doris frowned. If it wasn’t Colin, she couldn’t make it.

Colin just smiled, “I go to cook dinner.”

Doris was stunned for a while. Colin went to her side and said quietly,”don’t say that.”

Colin went to the kitchen.

Doris looked at him doubtfully, and then continued to chat with Eva.

In the kitchen, Colin saw Baker and laughed, “Hi,Dad.”

Baker said, “let’s cook together.”

They were making dinner in silence.

In the living room, Eva said angrily,”hum! The men of others are capable. Look at them, both of them are useless! “

Colin: “…”


In the evening, an Audi car stopped in front of Lee villa.

Fox went in with many gifts. “Grandfather, these are all for you.”

“You are so kind,” the old Mr. Lee said with a smile.

Fox sat down and said with a worried look: “grandfather, in fact, I’m here for one thing.”

“Say it.” the old Mr. Lee looked at Fox.

Fox was worried, “grandfather, you also know that this new project is very important. If you let Doris take charge of it, I’m afraid she will not do well!”

“Doris, she has always been a small staff, and doesn’t know these. Grandfather really rest assured?”

The old Mr. Lee said lightly: “but she got the contract and I can only let her take responsible for it.”

“Grandpa, that’s because she is lucky. It happened that Lanbo port needs to find investment and she just caught the opportunity. One of my classmates is a manager in Lanbo port. If I go there, I can make it too. Maybe there will be more financing. “

The old Mr. Lee was expressionless.”Can it be more than 100 million?”

Fox stopped for a moment and said, “even if it can’t be more than one hundred million, when I go, there is one hundred million at least!”

“What’s more, grandfather, if it wasn’t for Doris’s flash marriage and she married a useless poor boy, we would not have needed finance now.”

“That waste has no use at all. He just eats and drinks without paying all day long. Later…”

Fox shut up quickly.

The old Mr. Lee took a look at him, and understood what he meant. After a while, he asked, “how are your cooperation?”

“We had almost finished but we have a cooperation with Lanbo port now. If it has been done, it is equal that we get the support of Marquis group which is much better than Martin group, so that I haven’t agreed to cooperate with Martin group yet.”

The old Mr. Lee nodded, “well, Marquis group is really a good Choice. Martin group is nothing. In that case, you’ve been a senior executive for a long time and you’re experienced, so you should be in charge of this project.”

“Thank you, Grandpa. Enjoy the tea.” Fox handed him a cup of hot tea excitedly.

The old Mr. Lee took the tea and took a sip. “The importance of this project is needless to say. You can sign the contract tomorrow. You must do a good job in the project. Grandfather admire you most.”

“Don’t worry, grandfather. I will not let you down.” Fox replied with a smile.

The next morning, everyone gathered in the conference room again.

The old Mr. Lee first glanced at everyone, and then announced, “Fox will be responsible for the signing of the contract with Lanbo port, and Fox will also be responsible for the new project. Doris, please hand over the information in your hand to Fox.”

Nobody was surprised. After all, Doris’s status in Lee family was not high. It was a very normal thing.

At the moment, Fox also thought it was normal. His hands were around the chest. He looked at Doris arrogantly.

Doris was startled and opened her eyes, “grandfather, but I…”

“Stop! Fox has always had such experience. What’s more, if you, a small staff, go to Lanbo port, they may think we are arrogant. You can’t afford when the contract is ruined.”

Doris still wanted to talk again, but the old Mr. Lee was staring at her. She can only shut up.

After the meeting, Doris went out with her head down.

At the door, Fox looked at Doris proudly, “Doris, how do you feel? Isn’t it good? “

Doris stared at Fox. She knew that it was Fox who did it. Fox didn’t like her at all. Now, it was strange if he didn’t rob this opportunity!

“Fox, don’t think you are successful when grandfather let you be in charge. You may not be able to sign the contract!”

Fox looked at Doris like that she was an idiot, “Doris, who do you think you are? Can this contract not be signed without you? You think highly of yourself!”

“Well, I’ll tell you! I asked this contract. Grandfather loves me more at home. Don’t be wishful! “

“What’s more, I really have a classmate working as a manager in Lanbo port. If I went there, this contract must be signed. Maybe we can get more benefits!”

Doris clenched her fists and didn’t want to say. She went home directly.

After returning home, Doris locked herself in the room and didn’t come out.

Seeing this, Eva was worried. She knocked on the door and went in with Baker and Colin.

“Doris, what’s the matter? What happened? ” Eva asked anxiously.

Doris frowned and said, “grandfather let Fox be responsible for the new project.”

“What?” Eva was angry, “why? This is you who get the contract. Why give it to him? “

“Father is too partial! Fox must say something bad in front of the old Mr. Lee. I must chat with the old Mr. Lee.”

Finish saying, Eva was about to go out, but was pulled by Baker, “you calm down!”

“Calm down? How can I calm down? Fox and the old man don’t regard Doris as their family. It’s the cooperation that Doris got. Why should they take it away? “

Baker was also very helpless, “this is good.”

It can avoid Fox taking the project to avenge.

“Good? Bullshit!” Eva was even more angry, “You are really useless. Your daughter has been bullied, but you still said good!”

Colin looked at Doris, and thought she was really lovely! Everything was written on the face, but she would get a lot of loss!

“Don’t be angry, mom.” Colin said a word and then said to Doris: “don’t worry, Doris. I’m here.”

Doris was stunned and looked at Colin quietly.

Seeing this, Eva scolded: “just say some bullshit! Is it useful? You can’t help her.”

Colin was very helpless, and said: “I want to make a phone call. I will come back soon.”

Eva looked at Colin. “As soon as Doris has difficulties, you just call other. Is it useful? At least you should think an idea! Waste!”

Doris looked at Eva, “Mom…”

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