Chapter 11 Flattery – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Du~” Mingdong Wei answered the call just after the phone rang twice. Mary even deliberately pressed the loudspeaker of the phone in order to let Xiaorou hear what they would say.

Jane Tang looked at the contact and was delighted at once, “My lovely daughter, so your necklace is given by Mingdong. He’s such a good man and so good to you, you must cherish him.” Her voice was so loud that the people who sat at several other tables nearby all heard her and started to look at them.

Jane deliberately said those words to let Kris Chen know that he was totally nothing compared with Mingdong. But at this time, Mingdong was holding a boxed meal, squatting down by the side of the road and gobbling the food.

He was very surprised by Mary’s call. Didn’t she know that he was broke?

He took a bite to eat, thinking who he offended on earth now that even the Chen family could not protect him anymore. As the sister of the head of the Chen family, his mother had an important position in the family. However, she was from the branch of the family.

He even begged her to talk to the patriarch, but the patriarch was just tight-lipped and only said that he had offended the wrong person.

At present, Mingdong was so poor that even a dog would be disgusted at seeing him. Although he didn’t know why Mary called him, he still answered the phone: “Hello, Mary.”

“Mingdong, I have received the “Endless Love”, it was very beautiful, it’s…very kind of you.” Mary blushed a little and said: “I want to ask you, can you buy any other necklaces of the “Heavenly City” series?”

“Endless Love?” Mingdong hesitated for a second and said: “Mary, do you mean the fake necklace made by someone who I spent 20 dollars hiring?”

“A fake necklace?”

“Yes, I wanted to give it to you a few days ago, but it was thrown away by your stupid husband, right?” Mingdong smiled and said: “It was still in my house, if you want it, I can sell it to you at a low price.”

“Sell it to me?” Mary was a little confused. It seemed that the necklace was not given by him now that Mingdong said such words.

“The necklace costs half a million, counting the cost of labor and the materials. For the sake of our acquaintances, I can sell it to you at the price of 490 thousand dollars.” Mingdong was delighted because he thought he could earn some money by selling the necklace now that he was very poor.

“No, thanks,” Mary hung up the phone. It seemed to be a bit complicated. Who sent it on earth? Suddenly, Mary saw Kris, who was sitting at the table nearby. Or…it was him?

She suddenly remembered Kris saying that he would send her the real “Heavenly City” after throwing away the things sent by Mingdong that day… Could it really be him? Mary couldn’t help looking at Kris.

Kris touched his belly, he was very full because no one competed for all those good dishes on the table with him at all. It would be better if they didn’t look at him with disgust.

After wiping his mouth, Kris burped contentedly. He started to smile after he happened to see Mary was looking at himself.

“Oh, what am I thinking of? How could he afford such an expensive gift? It’s impossible.” Mary sighed and stopped guessing. “Well, the hairpin on the woman’s head is kind of interesting. It seems to be an antique.” Kris took a look at Xiaorou, who was sitting beside Mary. She had a white jade hairpin in her hair, and it seemed to be made in the Ming dynasty, judging by its style, which was clearly an antique.

As the saying goes, people collect antiques in a prosperous age and collect gold in a discord age. Since the Chen family invested many antique treasures, Kris developed the ability to identify antiques under his family’s influence. Besides, the Chen family even invited the most excellent Chinese treasure connoisseur, Mr. Wang Qian, as the chief treasure connoisseur of the family.

At that time, Kris followed Mr.Wang to learn from him during every summer vacation. If he didn’t mistake, the hairpin on Xiaorou’s head should be carved from jade. It should be made in the Ming dynasty, and only the royal nobility could wear it judging by its style.

Any antique related to the royal family would be extremely expensive, and if it was taken to auction, it would at least be sold at the price of 10 million dollars.

“Okay, be quiet, everyone.” At this time, the elderly lady of the Su family stood up from the principle position. She held the hands of Mary, saying kindly: “Mary, now tell me, how did you negotiate with the Huanyu Group?”

Mary stood up, looking a little embarrassed, she thought for a moment and then said according to the fact: “That…That day, I waited in the conference room for a few minutes after going to the Huanyu Group. The assistant of the President came and told me that they wanted to work with us though I didn’t even see the new President of the Group at all.”


“Such a good thing!”

“Did I get it wrong?”

“So she signed the contract without making any efforts, such an easy thing!”

“Yes. I thought she was competent. If I’d known it was that easy, I would have done that job.”

As soon as Mary stopped talking, all the other people started to discuss her.

After hearing those slanders and queries, Hai Su stood out from the crowd at once and walked to the elderly lady, saying in a low voice: “Grandma, the day after I got kicked out with my gifts by the Huanyu Group, we sent Mary to negotiate again. It must be the sincerity of our Su family that touched the Group so that they could promise to cooperate with us.”

Then he continued to say:“ If someone else went to negotiate instead of Mary, he would no doubt make it. Therefore, I hope you can consider this thing carefully.

What Hai meant was quite easy, he just wanted to take the credit for himself.

The elderly lady had always had a preference for Hai, and she should agree with him after hearing his words: “What Hai said makes sense, Mary, if it were not for the lead of Hai, you couldn’t sign with Huanyu Group so easily. In my opinion, you and Hai should share the credit.”

With the elderly lady’s partiality, Hai became even more complacent, he said as if he had held the justice: “Grandma, as a member of the Su family, it does not matter at all to suffer a little grievance.”

“Good, the children of our family, should just be like you,” the elderly lady nodded appreciatively.

Hearing the praise of the lady, Hai became more excited: “ Grandma, I heard the Huanyu Group signed a new actress, who was called Rui Liu and was very beautiful. I think the Group will definitely make efforts to provide her chance to become famous. If our Su family can train this actress and push her to the market, we will definitely earn a great amount of money! I am willing to negotiate with the Huanyu Group on behalf of the Su family tomorrow.”

“Good.” The elderly lady was very satisfied with Hai: “ Hai, you really grew up now, and you can share the family burden with grandma.”

Mary and Jane both felt a little uncomfortable because the banquet was held to celebrate Mary’s success, and how could her credit be split by Hai and now he even became the limelight instead of her in the end.

Now that the Su family had reached a preliminary agreement with Huanyu Group, Hai would definitely continue the success in negotiating with the company tomorrow. Then he would own all the credit at that time.

Mary signed in her heart. Anyway, she was not a man, so she just could not get grandma’s partiality and love.

“Grandma, now that today is a happy day, this meal is on me.” Hai said elatedly: “Everyone must eat well and drink well, or you will just embarrass me.”

“Waiter, serve the wine,” Hai shouted to the waiter in the distance.

Two waiters in chest-length skirts came over with menus after hearing Hai’s words. “Here is the menu, Sir. What kind of wine would you like?”

“Take the menu away.” Hai pushed the menu away and said: “You are so fatheaded. Today I’m pleased, just bring me the most expensive wine in your restaurant, and serve one bottle on each table. I only want the most expensive wine.”

“Yes, Sir. Just a moment, please.”

Not for a while, a row of waiters wearing chest-length skirts carried many bottles of wine and came over. Everyone was surprised at this scene.

Hai stood up and raised his glass: “Today is the day when our Su family get great success, and I’m here to give a toast to everyone on behalf of my grandma.”

The status of Hai was very high, and clearly, the elderly lady of the Su family intended to cultivate him to become the heir of the family. So it definitely was an excellent time to curry favor with him.

So everyone raised their glasses, and they continued to say a compliment to Hai, the lively atmosphere of the scene also reached the climax.

There was no doubt that Hai became the focus of everyone. He became a little drunk after drinking a few rounds of wine. He called the waiter to come over after checking the time and realizing it was getting late. “I will check out by card.”

Hai took out his bank card with an action that he thought was quite handsome, then he took a look at Xiaorou, who sat beside him. Of course, he could not let go of such a good chance to show himself now that beauty was near him.

“Oh my god, it’s the Chief Wanfu card of the Commercial Bank!” Seeing the bank card Hai just took out, someone who knew the real worth about it immediately shouted.

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