Chapter 111 – 112: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 111: Putting on Airs

What Tianba Li said made everyone present feel relieved.

Now that he had said so, then they had nothing to worry about. So they all stopped talking and were ready to see the big show.

Except for Mary Su, who froze there with a complicated expression. Why could Tianba fully trust Kris Chen though they had only known each other for a day? While she still couldn’t help doubting him after they married for almost three years.

“You really can cure Mr. Li’s wife?” Mary bit his lip and couldn’t help asking Kris.


Kris sighed and looked at Mary helplessly: “Since when have you seen me lie to you?”

Mary started to think about all those things that Kris had done during this period without speaking. And she found that he could easily solve any problems that were supposed to be extremely difficult for other people.

As if he could work out everything.

At this time, Tianba asked him hurriedly: “Kris, now that those fruits were poisonous, then were those roots and sap of the tress also poisonous?”

Kris nodded: “Yes, they are indeed poisonous, but everything in the world is very magical. As long as we make these materials into magical pills, they will be the antidote as if we turn foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal.”

What? Making them into magical pills?

Hearing Kris’s words, all the people present could not help laughing.

Now, they could be sure that this son-in-law of the Su family was definitely making trouble here!

What age was it now?

Making magical pills? Why didn’t you say you would even become an immortal?

At this time, Hai Su looked at Kris, sneering: “Good for you, Kris, now you’ve become an alchemist after the last time I saw you a few days ago. So what? Do you also want to learn from those ancients to fly toward the sun? Then I must have a good look at you. If you really make a magical pill, will you also become an immortal?”

What Hai said made everyone burst into laughter.

They all couldn’t help having a belly laugh, and some of them even laughed out of tears.

“Oh fuck, he’s so funny!”

“It’s almost 2020, and Kris should still believe in this kind of feudal dross. He’s totally lost his mind!”

Kris didn’t care about their laughter and discussion at all, because he thought that there was no need for him to take their words too seriously since those short-sighted people would always look at the sky from the bottom of a well and have a very narrow view.

He was intended to ask Tianba to find a pot to decoct medicine, but the sharp-eyed Kris found that there were many pots inside the cave, which were really strange. So who left so many bottles and jars in the cave?

However, Kris didn’t think too much about it. He picked up an intact pot instead and cleaned it up, then he found some big rocks to make a simple stove.

Then Kris dropped the materials into the pot and said without looking up: “Bao Cao, Hai Su, and Shen Chu, you three take off your clothes and pants!”

“What? Take off our clothes?” Bao frowned and looked at Kris, wondering what he was up to: “You don’t have any weird interests, do you?”

After Kris said that, all the people around looked at Kris differently.

Kris said calmly: “It’s raining outside, and the firewood is wet, so I have to use your clothes to make a fire.”

“Oh, so that’s it!”

At that moment, everyone suddenly realized that the clothes were about to be used to make a fire, so that the magical pills could finally be made.

But Shen didn’t agree, he stood out and said: “Why don’t you wear your own clothes? Why use ours? It’s so cold on the beach. Or do you want us to catch a cold?”

“Now that you think your clothes are more important than your sister-in-law Xuan Song’s life, then just don’t take them off.” Kris waved his hand and said: “Keep them.”

Then he started to take off his own clothes.


Bao couldn’t help scolding Kris in his heart as he thought that this guy should unexpectedly set him a trap so that Tianba would definitely be angry and teach him a lesson if he didn’t take off his clothes now.

Thinking of that, he was determined to take them off. Anyway, what’s the big deal of just taking off some clothes?

He looked at Kris angrily, thinking that if he didn’t make Xuan wake up later, then he would definitely make this Kris pay the price.

Seeing Bao take off his clothes, Hai and Shen had to do the same.

Soon the three of them were shivering in their shorts and holding their arms in the cave.

Their confounded look made everyone chuckle, especially some girls, who were very shy.

“So small!”

Almost everyone was thinking the same!

Soon, Kris began to concentrate on making the magical pills after the fire was made.

Kris was extremely careful with each step of making them for fear of destroying the whole process.

All the three people who were trembling and holding their arms beside all burst out laughter to make fun of Kris.

So he started to make magical pills now?

He was so funny!

In the television programs and novels, those alchemists all used furnace to make magical pills, while Kris should simply use a clay pot, which was indeed too false.

Bao couldn’t help covering his stomach and kneeling down on the ground while beating the ground with his hands: “Oh my God, you are really killing me. How funny you are! Kris, even if you are lying to us, please be professional, okay? You should at least prepare a furnace to make your magical pills, and now you think you can fool us with your trash pot? Can you really use it to make magical pills?”

The others could not help laughing as well after listening to what Bao said.

From their perspective, it was indeed a joke to see Kris make magical pills, and now they became even more contemptuous and started to look at Mary sympathetically after seeing Kris use such a little pot.

Oh, how could Mary, the Su family’s goddess, marry such a loser like him. What a shame!

“Who said the magical pills could not be made by a clay pot?” Kris sneered: “You, these people always look at the sky from the bottom of a well and have a very narrow view!”

Not to mention a clay pot, the real skilled alchemists could make magical pills even with a simple bowl, of course, only the low-level pills.

It was even recorded in The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions that some people could use Inner Energy as fire, heaven, and earth as a furnace to make magical pills out of the air.

Therefore, making magical pills was not limited to the instruments, but the proportion of the materials and the control of the degree of heating, which was more important and difficult.

For ordinary alchemists, the rate of making magical pills successfully was indeed low if there was no good furnace, besides, the environmental requirements of alchemy were also very high.

But Kris was not just an alchemist, but a professional practitioner.

Ever since he acquired the unique skill of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, he found that he could accurately make use of every bit of the Internal Energy in his body, which also had great power though it was inferior to the Inner Energy.

Besides, his alchemy’s efficiency would also be greatly increased when he was promoted to the innate-power stage, and his Internal Energy was transformed into the Inner Energy.

But in order to speed up the shortening of the time of making magical pills, he sank his breath to his lower belly to mobilize his most positive Inner Energy and most negative Inner Energy in his body, which was acquired from the unique skill of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, the Sun and Moon Rotation.

That was right, the Inner Energy indeed!

At that time, Kris still didn’t know that the positive and negative Inner Energy were the things that those practitioners all extremely desired. And they might be quite frightened if they knew that Kris had acquired the Inner Energy in the acquired stage.

Because the difference between the acquired stage and the innate-power stage just lay in Inner Energy. If a practitioner acquired Inner Energy, it meant that he had been in half of the innate-power stage. He would naturally be in the innate-power stage when all his Internal Energy was transformed into the Inner Energy.

Of course, none of the people present knew about those things.

They even thought that Kris was putting on air since he was very absorbed in making the magical pills.

“Hum, he’s just showing off!” Bao curled his lip with great disdain, got up from the ground and looked at Xiaorou Xu, saying: “Miss Xu, I am sure you know a lot about ancient alchemists since you came from a family that has collected antiques for generations.”

Bao paused and then continued to say: “Miss Xu, would you please tell us whether or not, according to the existing literature, the magical pills can be made with these materials?”

After saying that, Bao sneered slightly.

Kris, you were really fond of showing off, right? Now you could just wait and see how I would expose your scam!

After Bao finished saying, all the people present started to look at Xiaorou.

As the daughter of a family that was fond of collecting antiques, Xiaorou was the most authoritative one in the field of antiques among all those people.

However, Xiarou felt quite agonizing in her heart right now. What… should she says!

Chapter 112: The picture

Certainly, she had done some research on that field.

In ancient times, from the emperor and aristocracy to the civilians, all humans were extremely superstitious and longed for immortality.

And the ancient alchemists refined all kinds of magical pills in pursuit of immortality.

Of course, most of them were jugglers who sold horse meat as beefsteak, and those true experts on refining pills were not at all as go-as-pleased as Kris Chen.

To refine pills, real alchemists not only need to choose an auspicious day to burn incense and take a bath but also need to prepare various alchemy utensils, the number of which was well over a dozen that she knew.

Though feeling awkward, her occupational habit of the years didn’t allow her to tell a lie.

She took a deep breath before she said, “There is no clay pot among the alchemy utensils I had known about. Nevertheless, I think there must be some truth in Kris’s refining a pill with a clay pot.”

Though she couldn’t lie, she could have sidestepped the heart of the matter. Out of nowhere, an ineffable fidgetiness sprang up from the bottom of her heart. It seemed that what she had said might displease Kris!

However, in the last scene, she would want to see it happen!

The moment she spoke that no alchemist was using a clay pot to refine pills in ancient times, all present were thrown into an uproar.

“Even Miss Xu said that ancient alchemists don’t use clay pots to refine pills!”

“So it is. The brat must be messing about!”

“Alas, what a pity it is for Miss Song! So young as she is, her life is doomed to be taken by the guy!”

The crowd began all sorts of gossip about Kris, but Tianba Li made no response to their words as if he were deaf. Instead, he just quietly stayed by his wife’s side, looking at her with tender eyes.

Seeing everyone mocking Kris, a surge of anxiety ran through Xiaorou Xu. She couldn’t help but said in Kris’s defense, “What I say is not always true. There had been some ancient alchemists whose methods of refining pills differed from others. You…”

Xiaorou stamped her foot in annoyance, for everyone turned a deaf ear to whatever she said. How could she be so silly to just avoid the trivial and dwell on the important? Why hadn’t she just remained silent?

That’s great. She had made Kris the target of public criticism, and what would she do with that?

Will he blame me for running my mouth off?

With her mind in a turmoil, Xiaorou couldn’t help but cast her eyes at Kris. Yet Kris, who was focusing all his attention on the clay pot with a solemn expression, had no intention to respond to her.

“Miss Xu, everyone knows that you are a kindhearted lady, but there is no need for you to cover up for such a person!”

“So it is. Though he had saved your life in the daytime, you need not put that in your mind. That was what he should do!”

Hearing these words, Xiaorou was on the verge of tears with anxiety!

And that’s when Hai Su scoffed, “Stop posing, Kris! Aren’t you tired of that? Even if you should burn through the pot, you are not refining a single pill!”

The instant Hai stopped speaking, the clay pot let out a dull thud, and its body started vibrating.

The crowd got startled by the sound and began to back up, thinking that the clay pot would explode soon making what Hai had said come true.

But to their disappointment, the clay pot appeared sound and intact, and the scenario in their imagination didn’t come true.

It’s done!

A burst of joy came through Kris. Using Inner Energy could indeed shorten the time needed for refining pills greatly, though it would be somehow exhausting.

But this was hardly the time to take these issues into account.

As he slowly removed the lid of the clay pot, the onlookers could not help but crowd around him. At that very instant, the eyes of everyone present widened, and their mouth was wide open as if they had seen a ghost.

“Jesus Christ! “

Suddenly, one of the young ladies let out a cry of surprise, followed by a series of exclamations from the crowd.

There was a green-colored pill lying quietly in the clay pot.

And the moment the lid was lifted, a faint fragrance of herb and wood spread out from the clay pot. Everyone who had smelt the fragrance felt a sudden refreshment and invigoration.

Jesus Christ!

He… he had actually refined that pill successfully.

With that being the case, all present didn’t dare to make any sarcastic remarks and eyed Kris with disbelief.

At the same time, the heart of Mary Su, who was standing aside, was filled with both guilt and astonishment.

The feeling of guilt came from her distrust of Kris’s ability, while Kris’s success in refining that pill astonished her a lot. Gosh, was he still her husband? Why could he know everything? It seemed as if there was nothing in this world that could stump him!

Her heart brimming with a feeling that she had never experienced before, Mary felt as if Kris had always been cloaked in a mist of mystery, and when she tried desperately to push aside that mist, the mist got even thicker.

Meanwhile, Xiaorou almost had tears in her eyes with excitement. God had helped them! Thankfully, Kris had refined that pill!

“Tianba, I’m fortunate not to fail your expectation. I had refined the pill. Just feed it to Mrs. Li.” Kris took that pill out, gently opened Xuan Song’s mouth, and put the pill in.

“Water, take me some water! “

Tianba hurriedly handed the bottled mineral water in his hand to Kris, since Xuan, who was still in a coma, couldn’t swallow that pill without water.

Kris took the bottle of water, and carefully poured the water into her mouth. The pill was quite extraordinary to melt upon meeting water, and the liquid of pill ran down her throat into her stomach.

“Everything is done,” said Kris wearily, settling on the floor.

“Thank you for all the trouble you’ve taken, good bro!”

Just now, when all people were deriding and questioning Kris, Tianba remained silent for fear that Kris’s refining might be affected. And now that Kris had really refined that pill, he felt grateful but admired Kris more!

He was sure to take Kris as his bro upon what Kris had done for him!

It had been ten minutes since Xuan took that pill, but she showed no signs of awaking except for her complexion turning a bit more florid than before.

Twenty minutes…

Forty minutes…

An hour slipped away, but Xuan was still in a coma. With that, Tianba became very anxious and asked, “Kris, why is that? Why hasn’t Xuan woken up?”

“Don’t panic. It takes a course to remove toxins from her body, and she is out of immediate danger. Let her get a good rest, and she’ll come to herself in a few hours. “

Priceless as it was, there was still one thing about the -The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions, making Kris disaffected, which was that the book had no detailed accounts of how long it would take the pills to take effect.

It’s just like Lan Yu, who reported no physical reaction when she took that Obstacle-Breaking-Pill before and hadn’t called him until the next day.

“Oh, I see!”

Tianba nodded. Since Kris had said so, he could lay his heart back into his chest.

While he was convinced, the others were not.

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. In their mind, though Kris had successfully refined a pill by sheer coincidence, the pill could hardly be effective.

The bastard must have been fooling Tianba, and it was a pity that the first young master of the Li family was a ROM brain, turning a deaf ear to all their advice. What an irony that he would rather trust a live-in son-in-law than listen to any other people.

Of course, they only dared to think like that in their mind, and no one had the guts to speak that out.

However, there was someone who stuck his neck out.

Though trembling with cold, Shen Chu came up to Tianba, “President Li, you must not be taken in by this guy’s words. Why should Mrs. Li awake in a few hours? He must be tricking you! If his pill should be effective, then how should Mrs. Li show no signs of recovering?”

Shen was wearing a sincere expression as if he were doing that for Tianba’s good wholeheartedly.

Damn it, he was freezing.

He was wearing only his underpants, and due to the large temperature difference between day and night in coastal areas and the cold rain, he could hardly bear that coldness.

But Tianba completely ignored him. He just tenderly pulled down his wife’s lifted T-shirt and quietly hold her in his arms to keep her warm with his temperature.

Shen was given the cold shoulder despite his enthusiasm, which fueled the anger in his heart. But he dared not hold any grudges against Tianba, so he had to pin all that on Kris.

A wave of fatigue broke over Kris as his mind abruptly relaxed. Moreover, it did exhaust him to use his Inner Energy to ripen the pill. Kris shifted position and found a comfortable spot to sat against the wall.

At that point, Kris’s phone began to vibrate.

Gee, weren’t they in the zero-signal zone? Why was his phone still able to receive a message?

Not thinking too much, Kris took out his phone, only to find out that a signal bar had somehow appeared on the screen of his phone, which previously showed no coverage.

He turned the screen on and spotted it was a dozen messages from Rui Liu.

Kris frowned, wondering what’s Rui’s purpose of sending so many messages to him late at night, all of which were images.

Due to the poor cell phone signal, the image was so blurry that he failed to recognize it clearly.

Minutes later, when the image’s download was finally finished, Kris’s mind went completely blank upon recognizing the woman in the picture!

Jesus Christ, wasn’t that a picture of Lei Du, his high school headteacher?

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