Chapter 111 – 112: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 111: Is she really pregnant? (1)

After hearing her words, Xiaoyan Du understood. She said to the two of them, “You two just change your number plates, and I’ll revise your registration records afterwards.”

Both of them agreed. Then Venus followed Xiaoyan Du into the b-ultrasound room.

After the ultrasound, Venus returned to the Ye family. It would take a few days for the results to come out, so Xiaoyan reminded her that she would call her then.

Back in her room, Venus took out her drawings. She wanted to design something to earn money and pay back the one million she owed to Kerry as soon as possible.

For some reason, she suddenly felt dizzy. Her eyelids became a little heavy and her stomach churned in a way that made her almost nauseous.

She put down her pen, poured herself a glass of water and drank it, and then lay down on the bed, falling asleep soon.

When she woke up, she looked at the watch on her hand and saw that it was less than half an hour before she had to go to work.

She got up from her bed immediately, dressed as quickly as she could, and then took the car to get to the office. By the time she got to her seat in the office, it was less than half a minute before work time.

Venus was relieved in her heart. The company had the strictest management system, one of which was that its company employees could not be late for work or leave early. According to the regulations, any employee who was late more than three times in a row in a month would be fined.

The company’s management believes that if people aren’t disciplined, no matter how capable they are, they can’t make achievements.

Venus was told to be in the conference room for a meeting in 10 minutes. She sorted out the files and then arrived at the conference room.

Meiling, who was presiding over the meeting this time, sat at the very front. She swept her eyes over the crowd, saying, “Thank you all for your hard work during this time.”

“Our company has received a planning case about the cooperation with Feng Shang’s magazine. I’ll have secretary send you the details of it later.” Meiling continued.

“Feng Shang has always done business with us. This year they still need to select an excellent fashion designer as the person to be the feature page of next month’s magazine. I hope you will continue to work hard to get this opportunity.”

Meiling knows how to boost morale. Although she is strict with everyone, she doesn’t deny anyone’s ability in any way. She once said that encouraging her staff constantly would they work harder.

By the time the meeting was over, Venus returned to the office and looked over the information about Feng Shang. The Feng Shang magazine was very influential in the city. If she got a chance to be interviewed by it, it would have a profound effect on her career.

Venus made up her mind that she would definitely try her best to get this opportunity this time.

In addition to achieving her dream, there was another reason. Feng Shang is a famous fashion magazine based in Pairs with branches all over the world.

Venus thought that if she was featured in the pages of the magazine, her brother might see her and he might contact her.

Venus was particularly careful with her works this time. The theme was open-ended, which required the designer to create something that expressed their personal style.

Venus thought about it, and then she started drawing on paper. She thought about many elements of the theme. But despite these ideas, she couldn’t decide on the theme of her works.

Soon, it was lunchtime. She turned on her computer and bought a delivery of Sichuan noodles.

As she waited for her take-out, she was still pondering the theme of this time. It was then that she smelled seafood and then she felt sick.

Venus looked over her shoulder and saw that Xinyou Qiao just happened to be placing the takeaway on the table. She gently opened the package, and there were five crabs neatly arranged inside.

Watching her skillfully peel the shells of the crabs and eat with relish, Venus felt Venus was feeling nauseous. She ran to the bathroom immediately.

Xinyu looked at Venus with a pained expression, and wore a cold smile. She had overheard Mrs Qin mentioning that Venus was feeling a bit ill after drinking the seafood soup. She thought at the time that Venus was allergic to seafood, so she specially bought seafood today.

Chapter 111: Is she really pregnant? (2)

Xinyou Xiao quickly finished her lunch, and she immediately headed to the bathroom. She had purposely ordered seafood today, but she didn’t expect Venus to vomit just from smelling it. She was curious as to what the reason was.

When she arrived at the door of the restroom, she found Venus lying on the washbasin vomiting. Xinyou was shocked.” Is she pregnant?”

After vomiting for a while, Venus turned on the faucet of the washbasin and rinsed her mouth with water. Looking at her pale face in the mirror, she cheered up and went out.

She really didn’t have any appetite after the take-out was delivered. She ate some, but eventually threw up again.

After a quick lunch break, Venus got back to work. She concentrated on designing her work again.

Just then, the phone on her desk suddenly rang, Venus picked up the phone and asked, “Hello, this is the Fashion Design Department.”

Meiling’s voice sounded on the other end of the phone, “Venus, come to my office now.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there,”

Venus got up and went straight to Meiling’s office. She knocked on the door as she was accustomed to doing. She waited until she heard Meiling’s permission before she opened the office door.

Meiling heard footsteps, looked up and said, “Venus, I hope you get the chance to work on this design.”

“I will work hard on this design.” Venus was a little surprised.

Hearing her say so, Meiling gently nodded.

Venus was under a lot of pressure, but was even more determined to work hard.

“What’s wrong with you? Your face is pale.” Meiling asked.

“I’m fine. It’s just some diarrhea.” Venus said.

“Take care of yourself.” Meiling said coldly.

“Thank you, I will.”


Xinyou was a little bored, holding the magazine in her hand, and eventually threw it aside.

She wasn’t interested in this magazine interview. Her goal was to marry Kerry Ye. As long as she could have her wish, she would be very rich in the future.

She wasn’t even interested in being a fashion designer. What she needed to do now was to find a way to make Kerry divorce Venus and let Kerry fall in love with her.

Just then, a cell phone rang in her ear, but it wasn’t her phone. She followed the direction of the ringing and noticed the phone on Venus’s desk.

Xinyou looked around, and then picked up Venus’ phone. She looked at the caller ID. It was an unfamiliar number. She pondered for a moment, and finally answered it.

“Hello? Is this Miss Mu?” A man’s voice sounded on the phone.

“Yes, I am. Who is this?” Xinyou answered.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Sun from the downtown hospital. You came to our clinic yesterday, do you remember?” The man said.

Hearing him finish, Xinyou frowned and said cautiously, “Yes, I remember.”

Dr. Sun paused briefly, then spoke, “Through the ultrasound you did, we have determined that you are more than two months pregnant.”

After hearing Dr. Sun’s words, Xinyou was shocked. She felt so bad that she almost suffocated

“Venus is pregnant?” Xinyou thought.

“Hello, Miss Mu, are you still listening?” the doctor asked.

Chapter 111: Is she really pregnant? (3)

Xinyou Qiao tried to remain calm and said, “I know. Thank you for calling me.” Then she hung up the phone.

She was very sad now. She thought the doctor’s words over and over again. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

She looked at Venus’s phone and suddenly thought of something, then she opened the call log and deleted the number she just answered.

When Venus returned to her seat, she didn’t notice anything wrong and continued to draw, but she felt that there were eyes staring at her, then she gently turning her head to the side just in time to see Xinyou’s hateful gaze.

Venus’s look was cold, and she immediately turned back and ignored her.

Now Xinyou was in deep fear that Venus’ pregnancy would make Kerry nice to her.

“If Kerry knows she’s pregnant and won’t divorce her, what should I do?” Xinyou thought.

She thought of many possibilities, each of which would do her harm and no good.

Although Kerry was cruel to Venus, once this child was born, he might be kind to Venus.

“If Venus uses this child to deal with me, then all my efforts will be in vain.” Xinyou thought.

So no matter what, she couldn’t let Venus have this baby.


Kerry was in his office concentrating on the plan in his hand when someone knocked on the door.

“Please come in.” Kerry said.

Then Henry Zhang walked in and said respectfully to him, “I’ve investigated it clearly. According to Dr. Sun, Miss Mu is pregnant.”

Hearing the word ‘pregnant’, Kerry clutched his pen tightly, “You said she’s pregnant?”

“Yes.” Henry repeated

“How long has she been pregnant?” Kerry asked coldly.

“I heard from the doctor that it’s been over two months.”

Obviously, Kerry was a bit angry. He said coldly, “I know. You let Secretary Liu to tell Venus to come to my office.”

“Yes, sir.” Henry nodded and said.

When Henry walked out of the office, Kerry broke the pen in his hand into two halves angrily.

“It’s only been almost two months since I married her until now, and she’s more than two months pregnant. The father of the child is definitely not me.” Kerry thought hatefully.

Kerry had investigated Venus before and knew that the only man she had ever been with was her ex-boyfriend Zihang Lyu. Maybe the child’s father was Zihang Lyu.

Chapter 112: Which fucking man? (1)

Kerry Ye looked ruthless to the extreme. At the same time, only to hear a ‘Pa’ sound, the potted plant on the window, instantly fell to the ground, falling into countless pieces!

The landline on the desk rang again, so Venus Mu picked it up, and the voice of Secretary Liu came, “Miss Mu, please come to Mr. Ye’ s office immediately.”

As soon as Venus heard this, she frowned and spoke, “Okay, I’ll come right away.”


After hanging up the phone, Venus was a little annoyed. Why did he want to see her?

Thinking about it, she couldn’t figure it out, with unease inside her. Her instinct was telling her that it would not be a good thing…

Looking at Venus’s back, Xinyou Qiao looked nervous. Had Kerry already known that Venus was pregnant?

If that was the case, would he let she keep the baby, or would he let her abort it?

Taking the elevator directly to the top floor and looking at the heavy iron door panels, Venus hesitated for a while and then knocked the door.

“Please come in.”

Hearing the instructions from inside, Venus pushed open the door and walked to him with unhurried steps, asking in a calm tone, “Mr. Ye, are you looking for me?”

Ever since she came in, Kerry kept his eyes on her. Looking at her still calm face, he was tapping heavily on the table, with an indifferent tone, “Guess why I want to see you?”

Feeling his overly stern gaze, Venus felt stiff, thinking he was being an asshole again. Every time he started in this way, then he would be finding fault!

Venus really thought about it carefully, and then she wondered if she had, again, recently upset Xinyou? But after thinking about it for a while, she was sure she hadn’t offended her these days.

Unless it was about the food poisoning…

Suddenly Venus thought of something. Could it be that Kerry wanted her to apologize to Xinyou?

Thinking about it, this was the only possibility.

Venus then said, “Are you asking me to apologize to Xinyou for something? I’ve said it before, unless you give me a public apology first, otherwise it will be impossible!”

Venus said resolutely, but she never imagined, at the moment he was full of anger and her attitude was nothing but pissed him off.

Seeing that she pretended to be a dummy, Kerry was sure that she didn’t tell him the truth. He learned from Henry He that Dr. Sun had already informed Venus. How cunny she was!

Looking at her too calm face, Kerry was a little impressed with her, feeling that she really knew how to act, for he nearly believed her.

Kerry stared at her, with a sneer. His tone was still arrogant, “Venus, don’t pretend in front of me. You are not able to do so.”

When she heard his arrogant tone, Venus snorted disapprovingly and she coldly said, “Kerry, you don’t have too many other things to do, right? Is this your fun to find fault?”

What? Find fault?

Kerry stood up, with a look as if he wanted to kill her. He then stepped forwards, “I do not have time to listen to your nonsense! Tell me, the baby inside you belongs to which fucking man?”

Venus was unexpected and she looked full of resentment. Staring at his arm, she suddenly had the urge to go forward and bite off his flesh!

Just about to put it into action, she heard his words so suddenly that her brain went blank and looked incredulous, “You said, I’m pregnant?”

Hearing her words, Kerry was a little surprised. didn’t she know this? Did the hospital not have time to inform her? Or was she feeling guilty, afraid of his rage?

Having figured this out, Kerry viciously twisted her chin, looking at her face, which was getting whiter and whiter due to the pain, his inner anger rising, “Don’t give me an excuse! You should know this better than me! Tell me, who?!”

Venus’s face changed dramatically, for it was really hard to accept. Was she really pregnant?!

Chapter 112: Which fucking man? (2)

She soon realized that he had said she was having some bastard’s baby.

This asshole, even if he didn’t want to admit it, he didn’t have to insult her! He should know better than anyone else that whose baby she was having.

“Which bastard do you think?” Venus Mu roared.

Looking at her angry face, he felt she was the most hypocritical woman in the world, so he pinched her chin with even more force, his tone with some coldness, “How do I know? Don’t you know?”

“You!” Venus felt exasperated, for she didn’t expect Kerry Ye to be so dick! Even if how much he despised her, wouldn’t he even recognize his own child?

“I don’t know the bastard, either!” Venus yelled.

Kerry’ s tone was full of teasing and what he said was quite hurting, “Right, you whore has been fucked by countless men, so it’s possible to not know the father…”

Venus gritted her teeth hard and she turned around resentfully, wanting to leave straight away, but he grabbed her arm and threw her straight to the ground!

There was a pain in her elbow and she clenched her teeth to endure it, her tone full of coldness, “What more do you want?!”

Kerry viciously strangled her neck, yelling, “Tell me, who?!”

Venus felt pain in her chest from lack of oxygen and she stared at him, saying, “I… I don’t know…”

Kerry saw that she was not telling him the truth, so he reached out his hand to strangle her hard, “Is it Zihang Lu?!”

Venus’s neck was getting red, and the severe lack of oxygen caused her eyes to gradually become blurred and out of focus…

Feeling her stiffness, Kerry finally regained his sanity and he instantly loosened his arm. Looking at the messy look of her desperately gasping for air, he said no mercy, “Is it Zihang?!”

Venus felt her throat dry up and the large amount of oxygen made her retch. She quickly ran to the washbasin and vomited into the pool and she could even vomit her intestines out.

When she felt she couldn’t vomit any more, she reached out to the switch of the washbasin, holding the water and gargling, feeling the violent fluttering in her chest.

She was still alive, and she had truly felt that he was really trying to strangle her to death!

Venus took out her cell phone to check the call records, confirming that there were indeed no missed calls. With a momentary hesitation inside, she turned around and decided to go to the hospital herself.

At that moment, she found Kerry standing behind her, so she looked a bit guarded.

Kerry looked cold, looking at her condescendingly, his tone indifferent, “I learned from your attending doctor that you’re already more than 2 months pregnant. What more do you want to tell me?!”

Since she was pretended to be a dummy, he just chose to tell her himself, and he’d see what excuses she could come up with!

As expected, Venus looked shocked and incredulous as she stared at him after hearing his words, her tone filled with anger, “You’re lying! How could I be more than 2 months pregnant! Kerry, even if you wanted to frame me, you shouldn’t slander me like this!”

Kerry snorted, as if he really wanted to kill her, “You weren’t a virgin when I fucked you, so what’s impossible about that?”

Venus stiffened and her brain went blank.

Since her marriage, she only had one man, Kerry, and if it was really before her marriage, it would only be that night at the hotel…

Venus turned pale, with dark pupils filled with fear. If it was true, then what would Kerry do to her!

Kerry had already noticed her changed expression, and he suddenly knew everything. He went forward and grabbed Venus’s hair, growling, “Now you know it, right? Tell me, who?”

Venus looked terrified and she tried to remain calm as she spoke, “I don’t know!”

Kerry grabbed her hair much harder, causing Venus to cry, but he only felt sarcasm and yelled, “Is it Zihang?!”

Venus struggled hard and denied, “No!”


“I really don’t know!

Chapter 112: Which fucking man? (3)

She really didn’t know, and she now regretted very much that she shouldn’t have been there! At the time, after that thing had happened, she shouldn’t have just run away. At least, she should remember what he looked like!

However, now, Venus Mu looks calm again, even if she was really pregnant, it’s a pre-marriage thing, so why did he say ‘cuckolding’?

And could he promise that he hadn’t had any other women before marriage?

Besides, the marriage was his plot and it wasn’t she who made him marry her? And did he forget his shitty thing with Xinyou Qiao?

If she did have a child, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for her. For Kerry Ye’ s temper, he could never allow such thing happen to him, so to speak, she might be able to end the marriage with him!

Venus suddenly felt some happiness, trying to ignore the pain from her scalp, her tone very calm, “I really don’t know whose it is. It’s not yours anyway, so what’s the point of knowing this?”

Looking at her as she regained her calmness, Kerry looked full of scrutiny and his tone carried an obvious sarcasm, “So?”

Venus said coldly, “How can it be considered a cuckold if the pregnancy happened before marriage? You haven’t lost anything since we got married anyway, so let’s just get divorced!”

‘Let’s just get a divorce!’

Kerry sneered. She said it so easily and she wanted to leave away after such dishonor?

Kerry grabbed Venus’s hair, pulling her to the washbasin. He then filled it with water, directly pressing her head into the water.

The cold water got into her mouth, nose and ears, making her so awful. She was fiercely struggling, but was cruelly stopped by him. Venus felt her eyelids getting heavier and heavier, and finally she lost consciousness.

Kerry completely lost his mind and he kept pressing her head into the water, completely ignoring her struggle. Suddenly feeling that she stopped struggling, he lifted her head out of the water, but found her face pale terribly.

Touching her nose, not feeling the breath, Kerry was shocked, so he immediately picked her up and stepped into the lounge to put her on the bed, and then immediately dialed Dr. Han’s number.

“Come to my office within twenty minutes!”

Dr. Han frowned and asked with dissatisfaction, “From my house to your office needs at less than an hour, 20 minutes is simply impossible!”

Kerry looked pale and shouted, “I don’t. If you can’t get there in 30 minutes, I’ll just burn your house!”

Dr. Han quickly picked up the medical kit on the table and sprinted downward at marathon running speed, keeping getting more information, “Who got hurt this time?! Miss Mu again?!”

Kerry said coldly with a frown, “You’re right!”

“This time again…” said Dr. Han, with a deep sigh of discontent, “Why keep making me so busy? What happened this time?!”

“You will know when you come.”

Dr. Han quickly started the car and the silver-gray sports car immediately sped forward like an arrow. The car increased to its maximum mileage, and he asked with a heavy tone, “What is the reason? You tell me in advance so I can think of a strategy before I get there!”

After hearing his explanation, Kerry spoke up, “Drowning.”


“Shit!” Dr. Han cursed, instantly shifting from the accelerator to the brake, and the car came to a quick stop. A screeching sound occurred as the tires rubbed violently against the ground.

Kerry looked startled, asking, “What happened?”

A car accident?

Dr. Han made a direct U-turn and quickly raced back, his tone full of anger, “I didn’t bring my oxygen tank, so I need to go back again. Follow my instructions and try to save her!”

Kerry came to the side of the bed, looking at the unconscious Venus and said, “Then tell me.”

“You now take Miss Mu into a supine position, so that her head can be tilted to one side. Place a pillow under her shoulder. Tell me after finishing this.” Dr. Han said in an orderly manner as he concentrated on driving.

Kerry spoke, “Okay.”

Dr. Han made a quick turn and continued, “Pinch both of her forearms near the elbow joints with both hands and straighten the upper arms over her head and you will see Miss Mu’s thoracic cavity passively expand to form an inhalation, and after 2 or 3 seconds, put both her arms to the lower part of the thoracic contour and compress the rib arches in an anterior direction for about 2 seconds…”

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