Chapter 111 – 120: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 111

Huang Keyue was shocked. Yvette was facing her head. Is this going to kill herself?

She screamed, her face turned pale in such a moment. How could she imagine that Yvette, who had been slapped several times by herself just now, would suddenly resist?

She thought of this at all!

Seeing that this wine bottle was about to hit her head, she was about to be disfigured, Huang Keyue was so frightened that she showed fear, she instinctively held her head in horror.

Yvette has never felt so angry today, never!

This was originally Huang Keyue’s fault, but she actually beat Susan Sun and beat herself…


An indifferent voice sounded in the crowd!

“I urge you to stop, you smashed it down, you, her, you two will definitely not get out of here today! And your family and friends will suffer too! This is the consequence!!!”

Xu Zhongqing is talking!

Among the crowd, he looked over here with indifferent eyes!

With amazing pressure and indifference!

Yvette stopped!

She looked at Xu Zhongqing!

In such a moment, the scene of the Chamber of Commerce of Nuovo was silent!

The onlookers look at me, I look at you, many people are waiting for a good show, but Yvette suddenly stopped, this is scared and dare not continue, it really disappointed them!

They also want to see how angry Huang Keyue’s father looks!

“I thought it would go down, but I didn’t dare!”

“Of course not, you think she didn’t know that Huang Keyue’s father is Huang Dalong? She is probably scared to pee now.”

“Haha, a beautiful woman was scared to pee…interesting!”

There was a lot of discussion at the scene, Yvette’s red eyes stared at Xu Zhongqing, “What if I insist on smashing it?”

“It’s up to you! Anyway, I have already told you the consequences! You have a background and are more powerful than Huang Dalong, so you can smash it, but you don’t, then you kneel and kowtow to admit your mistakes, maybe it’s too late.”

Xu Zhongqing’s voice revealed calmness.

Susan Sun knew only a few million people, and he was the bottom person here.

Yvette has never seen him. Yvette has a good temperament, but the cheap dress betrayed her. This woman has no money, and she was slapped a few times by Huang Keyue and did not fight back. It only shows that she dare not fight back. She has no background and no money.

Yvette was silent.

Dare you?

She was not afraid at this time, from the beginning to the end, the big deal was beaten, Yvette felt it didn’t matter, but many things prevented her from letting go.

She looked at Susan Sun.

Susan Sun cried bitterly. She didn’t know Huang Keyue originally, but Xu Zhongqing just said that she was Huang Dalong’s daughter. She knew it and felt it over all at once.

“Yvette, don’t, don’t fight,… she, we can’t afford it,” Susan Sun smiled bitterly.

How could she think that this stupid woman was Huang Dalong’s daughter? I knew it, how could she do it?

Yvette is still silent, forget it? Forget it…

“Yvette, forget it.” Susan Sun gave in. She really can’t afford such a person!

Huang Keyue saw Yvette’s hand stopped in the air, so she didn’t dare to hit it!

The horror on her face disappeared, and the anger and sneer appeared again, “Crazy, don’t you dare to hit me? I know you dare not hit me! Let you fuck me!”

Huang Keyue raised her hand and slapped Yvette on the cheek!

Make you fucking scare me? !

Rousslaus slowly stopped at the door of the hotel. The driver got out of the car and wanted to open the door for Chuck, but he saw that Chuck had opened the door and walked out.

The driver felt helpless, this Mr. Chuck really didn’t have any air, and his personality was really good.

You know, he is the person who the hotel owner personally ordered to receive the highest standards.

Chuck looked at the interior of the hotel, there was the arrangement of the Chamber of Commerce, Chuck had some expectations in his heart, wondering what Yvette would look like when he saw him here?

He stepped on his legs and walked inside, but at this time, a Mercedes-Benz S series also slowly stopped at the door. Zabrina couldn’t help but walked out by herself. She saw the man in a high-end boutique suit at the door. The back of this man.

This Rolls-Royce came out of the same hotel as her. This Mr. Chuck, who enjoys the highest standards of the hotel, actually appeared in the same hotel as himself!

Did he come to the party too?

Zabrina was invited by Xu Zhongqing to come over. She was going to sing a song at the last time, so she didn’t refuse to come over. Anyway, if there is money to get it, why didn’t she come?

This person has a good background and a very good figure, especially this tailor-made suit, which shows his temperament, even if it is just a back, I don’t know if I have seen it before?

Zabrina went over, smiled and wanted to meet, and how to say it was the same hotel.

“Hello, I am Zabrina…”

She is very confident in these words.

I have been very popular recently. Movies, TV shows, and songs have all come out. This Mr. Chuck must know him.

“Hello.” Zabrina said, because this Mr. Chuck actually stopped.

Zabrina smiled and walked to this Mr. Chuck, “Mr. Chuck, we are in the same hotel…Ah!!! Why are you?”

Zabrina was stunned!

Because this Mr. Chuck wearing a high-end suit is actually the pervert! !

how can that be?

Zabrina is unbelievable, isn’t this person a fan of her? I deliberately attracted my attention on the plane, and then made a very annoying move, grabbing the car…

This person thinks it is a pervert, but he is in such a brand-name suit, which makes Zabrina stupefied. Is he Mr. Chuck? Is it Mr. Chuck who asked the hotel to dispatch the Rolls Royce? ?


But all this person’s actions are abnormal behaviors!

Chuck touched his nose, Zabrina actually came here to join the Chamber of Commerce? No wonder she is going to wear a dress.

“Are you Mr. Chuck?” Zabrina still couldn’t believe it, how could it be possible!

“Uh, what do you call me so?” Chuck shook his head. He wanted to hurry in and see Yvette. Yvette today is absolutely beautiful!

He couldn’t wait, and didn’t want to leave this so-called star Zabrina.

“Stop!” Zabrina walked to Chuck and asked suspiciously, “I don’t believe it, did you appear in front of me on purpose?”

“Intentionally?” Chuck was taken aback, why is she so confident?

“Yes, isn’t it? You first attracted my attention on the plane, then you got off the plane and then grabbed the car and hit up with me. Yesterday, I stayed in a hotel with me and lived next door to me. Today we appeared again Going to the same hotel and participating in the same chamber of commerce, do you still say you didn’t mean it? You…” Zabrina said a lot. Is this the way of the rich?

“Stop, I think you have misunderstood. When did I catch your attention on the plane?” Chuck was confused.

“You haven’t said yet? You drink so much Coke in front of me, drink Coke in the first class, are you not attracting my attention?” Zabrina said.

Chuck is speechless, this woman is so self-confident!

“You think too much, it’s the first time I’m taking a plane to drink Coke, so I don’t know what to drink. As for grabbing a car with you, this is a misunderstanding, not what you said…” Chuck can only explain.

Zabrina frowned, “Then you still live in a hotel with me? You still appeared here on purpose today, and you are with me…”

“You really misunderstood.” Chuck shook his head, “I lived in the same hotel because my friend booked this hotel for me. I appeared here, and my girlfriend is here.”

“You…” Zabrina was stunned, didn’t she? Is not it? But so many coincidences, but Zabrina thought about it carefully, she felt blushed and embarrassed.

It seems that when he was flying on the plane, he really didn’t even look at himself. He robbed the car because he had booked the same hotel… and he had been misunderstanding him, misunderstanding that he was a pervert…

“Also, if you don’t show up in front of me, I really don’t know who you are, and… my girlfriend is more beautiful than you…” Chuck is honest, he doesn’t chase stars, and Zabrina is really inferior Yvette is beautiful and incomparable in figure, although she is also in good shape.

After Chuck walked inside, Zabrina was stunned. She felt distressed and embarrassed. She was just thinking about it all the time?

Chuck walked into the hotel and smiled, Yvette, I have come to Beijing to find you!

Chapter: 112

Chuck walked into the hotel. He had an invitation card in his hand, so he saw the logo of the Chamber of Commerce. He couldn’t wait to walk inside, but Zabrina chased in, “Stop…”

Chuck frowned and stopped, turned his head and glanced at Zabrina, “What are you doing?”

“You really don’t know me?” Zabrina asked.

She felt that Chuck was indulging in his own desires and absolutely knowing himself. First of all, he is very popular now, how could he not know him? Unless he doesn’t play mobile phones or watch the news.

But is it possible?

Secondly, she thought about it carefully just now, and felt that Chuck had premeditated, because everything was a coincidence, how could it be possible to meet so many times in a row? Isn’t that a coincidence?

Zabrina even felt that this was a method of Chuck, deliberately misunderstanding herself, and then surprised herself by showing her identity.

Indeed, he did this, and he was really shocked just now!

“I don’t know.” Chuck is too lazy to care about her. The star thinks that everyone in the world should know her? ?

He turned around and left, but a waiter happened to come over with something, it was red wine, and it crashed into Chuck’s clothes.

The black suit and white shirt that Chuck wore were all wet. The black suit was okay, but the white shirt was red, which made it hard to read.

Chuck was suddenly helpless.

“Yes, I’m sorry,…” The waiter panicked, and hurriedly apologized, almost crying. He didn’t know Chuck, but how could he not have any eyesight at work in the hotel?

This suit is absolutely intact for tens of thousands! His salary for a year is not enough to accompany him!

Chuck shook his head, “It’s okay, I didn’t pay attention just now, it’s okay.”

Chuck sighed, it was really his fault, but if it wasn’t for Zabrina to call him…

But can’t let him go back and change clothes now?

He must not wear this white shirt, because it is so dirty and blood red. When others saw it, they thought it was a murder! It was even worse for Yvette to see.

Seeing that the waiter’s uniform was also a white shirt, he thought about letting the waiter take a white shirt and put it on. It doesn’t matter if he wears it anyway.

“It’s too late for me to go back now. Do you have more uniforms like this? If so, please give me one and I will change it.” Chuck said.

“Yes, yes! But…you…this is our waiter’s uniform!” The waiter was stunned. This person didn’t let himself lose money, and now he still wears the waiter’s uniform? ?

“It’s okay, I have done this before.” Chuck smiled. He had worked part-time as a waiter in the restaurant outside the school.

“Are you sure.” The waiter asked tentatively.

“OK, please take me over.” Chuck nodded.

“Please here!” The waiter came back to his senses, tidied up the floor quickly, and took Chuck to the staff lounge to change clothes.

Chuck just followed the waiter. Zabrina was surprised. Of course she could see that Chuck’s suit was at least 200,000 yuan!

But it didn’t even make any fire. Knowing his identity, it is estimated that the owner of this hotel could show up and apologize in person, but he did not do so. This is…

Isn’t he really perverted?

Zabrina was puzzled. She walked to the backstage of the Chamber of Commerce. She had to sing the finale at the factory. Just going in like this would not work. It would cause a commotion because she was very popular!

Chuck gave the waiter five hundred dollars before he changed the waiter’s shirt. As for this soiled shirt, he could only carry it in a bag, so he had to go back and wash it!

Looks in the mirror, it fits well!

Chuck came out of the lounge with his dirty clothes in satisfaction. The waiter inside was already dumbfounded. Are you really wearing it?

This rich second generation really has affinity!

Chuck walked into the venue. Someone checked the invitation letter. Chuck took out the invitation letter. After the reception, Chuck looked at the inside with a puzzled look. Why are there so many people around?

“What happened?” Chuck was curious.

Why does it seem that everyone participating in the chamber of commerce is surrounded, what happened?

“Oh, nothing, Huang Keyue is beating two women.” The receptionist said.

“Huang Keyue?”

Chuck had never heard of it, and he didn’t bother to hear it. He couldn’t wait to see Yvette.

He walked directly inside, but the receptionist looked confused

Why does this gentleman wear the shirt of our hotel attendant? ?

Did you read it wrong?

Chuck looked around and didn’t see Yvette. He could only walk into the crowd. Maybe Yvette was also watching the excitement.

Snapped! !

Huang Keyue slapped Yvette with a slap in the end. Her cheek immediately turned red again. A shocking slap print was so obvious.

Yvette didn’t fight back, she didn’t. On the one hand, her classmate Susan Sun cast a pleading look at her. Susan Sun’s company is still open in Beijing. If she fights back, it will hurt her company. This is Yvette’s reluctance to watch. Arrived.

On the other hand, this is the capital city. She doesn’t know anyone, so she fights back. She really can’t leave today.

Things will get very serious.

So she chose to bear it well, it didn’t matter. When she was in college, all her tuition fees were earned by her own part-time work, and she had suffered a lot of grievances long ago. It’s okay, she has resistance…

Seeing Yvette didn’t fight back, the people at the scene shook their heads. Are they really courageous?

Also, how can you be brave?

Among the crowd, Xu Zhongqing glanced at Yvette. She ignored her expressionlessly and continued to be busy with her. There was no need to watch it. If she didn’t fight back, it meant she had given up, and it also means she hadn’t made a mistake. She has no background. , So she didn’t dare to fight back at all!

Susan Sun saw Yvette being beaten without saying a word, regretting in her heart, enduring the severe pain in her stomach, she limped over.

“Sorry, don’t hit her!” Susan Sun said. She felt that she was too embarrassed and too angry. How could this be? It’s obviously her fault!


Huang Keyue raised her hand and slapped Susan Sun. She scolded, “Did you let you speak?”

Susan Sun almost fell to the ground with a cry, and she dared not speak.

Yvette supported her, and the two supported each other.

“Want me to let you go? Okay, apologize to me and say out loud that I know I was wrong, and I won’t dare anymore? Say it ten times!” Huang Keyue sneered!

“Say!!!” Huang Keyue said loudly! Her face is full of pleasure, so cool!

Susan Sun hesitated, Yvette was silent. She felt that she was wrong and shouldn’t bear it like this, but it’s all here…


Huang Keyue slapped Susan Sun, she yelled, and immediately began to say, “I know I was wrong, I don’t dare anymore…”

Susan Sun cried as she spoke. She felt that she had received too much insult, and she felt very wronged.

“Don’t you say so!” Huang Keyue stared at Yvette and pointed at Yvette’s face.

Yvette bit her lip and said nothing.


Huang Keyue slapped it out, Yvette said nothing!

“Yvette, say it, say it quickly, we can go…” Susan Sun cried.

Yvette didn’t say a word, she didn’t want to say it. She felt that she was beaten and she could bear it, but she was not wrong, and now she wants to admit her mistake, she really can’t do it.

“Okay, don’t you admit your mistakes? I gave you a chance, did you admit your mistakes, did you? I slapped you to death!” Huang Keyue raised her hand to slap again, and she decided to beat Yvette fiercely!

Yvette bit her lips and closed her eyes to accept it. She didn’t open her mouth, absolutely she wouldn’t open it!


At this moment, a voice suddenly rang, and an angry person rushed out from the crowd, Chuck, and Chuck came out. He was looking for Yvette just now, but he saw Yvette being beaten. Suddenly the fire reached its extreme!

He saw Yvette so embarrassed. He was originally beautiful, especially beautiful, but now his face is red and his clothes are torn, which makes Chuck very distressed.

“Do you dare to beat my wife?” Chuck rushed over and grabbed Huang Keyue’s hand!

“Who’s your mother? The grass mud horse!” Huang Keyue was playing happily, and was suddenly stopped by someone. She was so angry that she immediately cursed Chuck!

“Go to Nima, beat my wife, I will kill you today!” Chuck looked cold! !

He raised his hand and patted Huang Keyue’s hateful cheek heavily!

Chapter: 113

Snapped! !

Chuck slapped Huang Keyue’s face heavily!

The wide palm hit her half of her cheek, and immediately turned red, and the sound of the crisp skin and flesh beating echoed in the hall of Nuo Da!

Such a moment!

The scene is silent! Everyone seems to be wrong, what happened?

Is this an illusion?

Huang Keyue was stunned, this person actually beat herself?

how can that be?

“You, you fucking hit me?” Huang Keyue couldn’t believe it!

What greeted her was another big slap, snap!

Huang Keyue screamed and sat on the ground, grabbing a table, and all the drinks on it fell on her, embarrassed!

“My God, who is this man?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know at all!”

“This is Huang Dalong’s daughter. This is going against the sky.”

“I don’t think it is against the sky, but rather miserable.”

“Young people are very angry. These few slaps are cool, but the consequences are serious!”

There was a lot of discussion among onlookers.

Because of this scene, everyone at the scene did not expect it. They thought that Huang Keyue would slap Yvette and it would be finished. Then this Chamber of Commerce could continue, but they never expected to rush out halfway through. The young man, and he didn’t know how to beat Huang Keyue.

This is not a hero saving beauty, this is a fool to save beauty.

Yvette closed her eyes just now and waited for Huang Keyue to strike down, but she waited for a few seconds without feeling her numb face. She opened her eyes and saw a person whose back was familiar, and the voice… Also familiar, especially familiar.

He called his wife…

Yvette thought he had heard it wrong, but no. The back of the man in front of him was in a suit. She hadn’t seen him wearing a suit, but the back was familiar, was it him?

Did he sleep together since he was a child?

At this moment Yvette seemed to be dreaming, very suddenly.

No, it won’t be him.

He is still in Haishi, studying, and part-time. How could he be here? ?

Yvette shook his head blankly, but…

He turned his head, it was a gentle and distressed god, he came over and held himself, his hands are warm, is this true?

“Yvette…” Chuck really felt distressed.

Ever since he was young, Chuck has never seen Yvette like this, blushing, with a lot of slap marks, how many times have he been hit?

Chuck clenched his fists.

This voice entered Yvette’s ears. At such a moment, Yvette’s accumulated grievances broke out, and her tears flowed out of her eyes, and she couldn’t stop it.

Originally, she thought she would be very miserable today because she was lonely and no one helped her. Everyone at the scene watched her jokes. She was mentally prepared to lie down and go out today.

However, someone came over. This person is the one who has been sleeping together since his nap.

“Don’t cry,” Chuck stretched out her hand to wipe Yvette’s tears, but she blushed and it hurt. When Chuck touched her, she subconsciously backed away.

At this moment, Chuck just wanted to put Yvette in his arms and hug him tightly.

“Chuck, hurry up, this woman is amazing, I…” Yvette came back to her senses, and she wiped away the tears herself, anxious.

She didn’t know how Chuck came here, but Huang Keyue was very good here. She just found out, she didn’t want Chuck to be implicated by herself.

Chuck’s friend is Zelda. Zelda has a way in Haishi, but here is the capital!

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.” Chuck was gentle.

This gentle voice moved Yvette’s heart, and the tears that had just stopped came out again.

She shook her head crying and said in a choked voice, “Chuckzhen, you go first, leave me alone, you…”

“Her mother beat me and want to go? Fuck! The three of you can’t go anymore today! Can’t go!!!” At this time, Huang Keyue got up from the ground, her face was angry and insidious!

She recovered and touched her red cheek. She knew that she was really beaten!

And it was beaten by this bastard in front of me!

This person is really looking for death! !

“It’s over, this young man is over, Huang Keyue is angry. It’s angry!”

“It must be over, Huang Keyue has a very strange temperament. Whoever provokes her will definitely make this person unlucky! I think this young man has to lie down today!”

“Then there is a good show today.”

The people at the scene were talking babbledly. Huang Keyue stared at Chuck. She stepped over and passed a table. She took a wine bottle.

“Do you know who I am? Hehe, you don’t know, but it’s okay, I will let you know now!! Huang Dalong! I am Huang Dalong’s daughter, who is he? I tell you, half a Chinese medicine, my dad Ten percent! You may not know what this concept is, it doesn’t matter, I can continue to tell you, that is, I can die for you now!” Huang Keyue walked over with the wine bottle.


She raised the wine bottle and smashed it at Chuck’s head!

“Ah, no!”

Yvette was stunned and panicked. It would break if he smashed his head like this, and something serious would happen.

Everyone in the audience is intently!

Does this young man dare to hide? ?

Absolutely not, Huang Keyue has already said so clearly, he still dare to hide?

Under the attention of the audience, Chuck glanced at Huang Keyue, raised his hand and grabbed her wrist. Chuck runs a lot and has good physical fitness, not to mention being a man. How could he not be able to subdue a woman? ?

“Dare you stop me?” Huang Keyue was angry, she stared at Chuck, she suddenly smiled because she saw something in her eyes, haha! !

Huang Keyue reached out and uncovered the collar of Chuck’s clothes, which had the hotel logo, waiter. This guy is a waiter!

“Haha! Your clothes are pretty, what brand?” Huang Keyue laughed. Who did she think Chuck was? It turned out to be the hotel attendant here!

This is when she saw the beauty being beaten, came out and took a set of clothes, came out and pretended to be forced?

“This is. The hotel waiter’s clothes, I know.”

“Hey, really, it turns out this young man is a waiter!”

“This is really a big pretense. A waiter dared to call Huang Keyue. This is really fatal!”

Everyone at the scene stared at Chuck’s white shirt collar, and the hotel sign on it seemed to be branded, so clear that it was dazzling.

“Will you pretend to be forced? Is it too time for you to change? Oh, I see, you are used to being a waiter, so you forgot to change…” Huang Keyue really smiled and sneered.

Mom, he was hit by a waiter? ?

Chuck lowered his head to see that this was really marked. He didn’t pay attention when he changed his clothes just now.

Huang Keyue struggling to draw her hand back while Chuck was distracted, she shook the wine bottle in her hand and smiled suddenly, “Come on, don’t you want to hit me? This wine bottle is for you, I’ll call you… …”

Huang Keyue joked and beat you, do you dare? She brought the wine bottle to Chuck.

“Haha, definitely not, a waiter would dare to smash Huang Keyue with a wine bottle?”

“He doesn’t move. Is this frightening? Just like the woman just now, he never dared to do it.”

“I think so.”

The audience laughed, how could it be possible? This guy is a waiter! Dare to take the bottle in Huang Keyue’s hand? ?

“Don’t you dare? Just such a courage to come out to save the United States? Save Nima’s rescue!” Huang Keyue was proud, very cool, she liked this feeling!

Chuck glanced at her, shook his head and pushed the wine bottle in her hand.

Huang Keyue laughed, laughed!

“I dare not!”

The others are surprised! This young man is so courageous!

It’s so useless to be so stunned by a woman and dare not fight back.

“Since I have given you a chance, you dare not fight…” Huang Keyue sneered sarcastically, she was about to grab Chuck with the bottle, but!

“Your wine bottle is empty, I like to use this bottle!”

Chuck grabbed an unopened red wine bottle on the table and threw it at Huang Keyue’s head!


Red wine was everywhere, and the audience was silent for such a moment!

Everyone was stunned, he was actually smashed? ? Is this an illusion? At this moment, everyone was shocked!

Chapter: 114 – 115


Huang Keyue was holding her head, she screamed in pain, the bright red liquid flowed down her head, she couldn’t tell whether it was blood or red wine!

“My head hurts, it hurts, ah!!!” Huang Keyue screamed and rolled on the ground, embarrassed!

In the huge living room, only Huang Keyue screamed, and the others’ eyes widened. No one dared to speak!

Susan Sun sat slumped on the ground, it’s over, it’s over today…

Yvette stared at Chuck. At this moment, she was not afraid, but only touched and unexpected. You know, Yvette clearly knows Chuck’s character and will not quarrel with others easily, let alone beat others. But now you hit someone for yourself?

This was her move, and it was also her accident. Today she gave it up…

“You hit me? You fucking hit me?”

Huang Keyue got up from the ground, swayed, and almost fell to the ground again. She was shocked, how dare a waiter hit herself?

She came over holding the wine bottle, she wanted to teach Chuck a lesson! She wants to kill Chuck with a wine bottle!

Has your beautiful face been hurt by the wine bottle? She felt pain all over her head.

“A waiter actually hit Huang Keyue? I’m really tired of living.”

“Look, he is dead today!”

“Hush, you see Xu Zhongqing is here.”

“It’s really over here, it’s not a joke that he is angry!”

There was a lot of discussion on the scene, and they were all ready to watch the show.

“Let you hit me, I will kill you!” Huang Keyue walked over, as if going crazy, Chuck glanced at her and snapped!

Slapped it out! !

Huang Keyue sat down on the ground with a sigh of relief, and Chuck walked over. This woman beat Yvette so badly, and Chuck absolutely wanted her to pay back ten times!

Chuck raised his foot, Yvette held his belly with his hand, this woman definitely kicked Yvette.

“Ah, you dare to kick me? Fuck…”

Huang Keyue wanted to get up, but she screamed when she saw Chuck kicking one foot in her face.


“Kicked? You can’t go out here today!”

A cold voice sounded here!

Chuck looked over and saw a man walking out of the crowd with a cold face!

“You said?” Chuck said lightly.

“Yes, I said! If you do it again, none of the three of you want to go out!” Xu Zhongqing walked over.

A pair of eyes stared at Chuck like a poisonous tongue!

Chuck glanced at him.

“Young people have to learn to be smarter, some people can’t fight you! Big things happen if you fight! Your friend is much smarter than you, she didn’t dare fight just now!” Xu Zhongqing said slowly.

“So, did she have a chance to hit someone just now?” Chuck narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, she is smart! You know what the consequences are, but you don’t know!” Xu Zhongqing stared at Chuck like a beast!

The audience was silent!

“I asked you, did you stop her just now?” Chuck asked.

“Yes! I stopped her, otherwise she was already lying on the ground… She is smart, and you…” Xu Zhongqing said coldly, full of no doubt!

The people at the scene kept their eyes on, Xu Zhongqing came out in person. This person should wake up and know what he did?

“I advise you to stop? Huang Keyue is not something you can afford! If you provoke, your whole family will suffer!!” Xu Zhongqing continued, his tone indifferent!


Chuck just glanced at him and kicked him down! !


Huang Keyue covered her face and screamed!

The sound suddenly resounded on the scene! These people are stunned again!


Xu Zhongqing has come forward, but this person still dares to hit someone? ?

Does this person really want to live?

“I hit.” Chuck said, his tone was so indifferent.

“You!” Xu Zhongqing’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe it!

How dare this kid hit people under her nose? ?

Xu Zhongqing’s expression turned ugly, “You are over today…”

Snapped! !

Chuck raised his hand and slapped it out, and a scarlet slap print appeared on one of Xu Zhongqing’s cheeks, which was very conspicuous!

Xu Zhongqing was shocked, he was beaten?

Everyone in the room was ashamed. Was it an illusion just now? Too unpredictable!

Xu Zhongqing, a Baller with assets of over 100 million, was beaten by a waiter? ?

Xu Zhongqing held his cheeks and stared at Chuck with wide eyes, furious! “Do you dare to hit me? Does your mother know who I am? You…”

Snapped! !

Chuck didn’t want to listen anymore, he grabbed a wine bottle on the table and smashed it out. The wine bottle burst on Xu Zhongqing’s head, and the wine was spilled from his head!

Xu Zhongqing covered her cheeks with her hands, and screamed while holding her head!

His screams echoed in the hall!

Huang Keyue, who was kicked by Chuck just now, was also shocked. Uncle Xu was also beaten? How is this possible!

Chuck walked in front of Xu Zhongqing, squatted down and slapped it out, “Aren’t you hanging? Let your mother hang! Let your mother stop me, your mother is qualified to stop me??”

Xu Zhongqing was beaten and snorted, lying on the ground!

Except for Xu Zhongqing’s scream, there was no other voice, and there was no sound!

Who would have thought that a waiter would not only hit Huang Keyue, but also Xu Zhongqing!

This is a scene that everyone hadn’t expected to kill!

The air is full of horror!

“It’s over, it’s over…” Susan Sun walked over blankly.

This Xu Zhongqing must be able to organize this chamber of commerce. This person… is Yvette’s wife, is it Yvette’s boyfriend?

Susan Sun is incredible!

“Jordan, Yvette… he, it’s you…” Susan Sun came over!

“I… my boyfriend is also my old…” Yvette’s eyes were also a bit dull. Today’s Chuck overturned her previous view of Chuck. It turned out that the person who slept with herself until the age Will hit people, but also for myself…

Susan Sun shook his head, this is Yvette’s boyfriend? Isn’t it in the sea market? Why did you come to the capital suddenly? Could it be that he actually followed Yvette secretly, so worried?

Think so. Then this boyfriend is not bad.

But, it’s not bad, I got into trouble today, and everything is going to be over today. I hit two people and can’t go out today.

“Your boyfriend killed us!” Susan Sun cried. She felt that her company must be over.

Because Huang Keyue alone is not something she can afford, let alone Xu Zhongqing? !

Yvette held his stomach and was silent. She is in pain now, but not afraid, this is her husband!

“Sorry.” Yvette said, she also felt it was over, but there was nothing to be afraid of, because she was an orphan since she was a child, and today she finally felt protected.

Chuck gave her this feeling for the first time in more than ten years.

Susan Sun sighed, it’s over when it’s over, everything can’t be saved, but she asked with the last glimmer of hope, “Your boyfriend knows someone in the capital?”

Otherwise so bold?

“No.” Yvette shook his head. There should be no. He only knew Zelda, so Chuck couldn’t know other people so far away.

Susan Sun slumped on the ground with dull eyes, her face was gray and desperate, that was really over…


Chuck finally slapped Xu Zhongqing. Xu Zhongqing had passed out and stood up. Because Huang Keyue had already got up and ran outside, Chuck raised his hand and slapped it out!


Huang Keqing screamed and fell to the ground, “Ah, you hit me, hit me, I want you to die here today!”

She took out her mobile phone to make a call, and the people at the scene looked at each other. They called, and Huang Dalong came over, so this waiter can still hit someone?

Chuck walked over and Huang Keyue got up, afraid that Chuck would take her mobile phone, so she shouted in horror, “Come here, come here, hit someone, hit someone!”

The sound was too loud, and soon the hotel security rushed in!

“What’s wrong?” a security guard asked.

“The waiter in your hotel hit someone, have you seen it? This stupid guy hit me!” Huang Keyue screamed!

Several security guards glanced at Chuck and shook their heads, “Sorry, he is not a waiter in our hotel.”

“What? No, he wears the uniform of your hotel, isn’t he?? Your hotel wants to protect people, right?” Huang Keyue screamed, her mother played in this hotel, and my dad killed your hotel and asked the waiter Hit me? ?

Huang Keyue turned on the phone and dialed her father’s number!

The top floor of the night hotel!

Karen Li was staring at an acquisition document, when the mobile phone on the table rang. She never recovered, and glanced at it. The note on the screen was a “Logan”.

Karen Li smiled.

Swipe to answer.

A woman’s voice rang in the phone, “Sister Karen Li!”

“You are so much younger than me. It’s not so good to call my sister all the time! Call me auntie.” Karen Li said, her body leaned back, rare relaxation.

“It’s better to call you Sister Karen Li, be so kind.”

“Well, it’s up to you.”

“Cer is a very interesting boy…”

“He went to look for you? I only heard Betty say yesterday that he went to the capital, thinking that the capital is your place, I wanted to call you…”

“No, Sister Karen Li’s precious son has come to the capital, how could I not send someone to protect him at any time? He is now… is fighting in a hotel!”

“Fighting?” Karen Li got serious, Chuck was fighting?

“Yes, but watching the video, his fighting methods are not as good as your sister Karen Li. When are you going to teach him martial arts personally as a mother?”

“This is not anxious. He is too young. He has to go through experience. After all, fighting is all about life and death. People who are not cruel can not learn it. When he grows up, then learning fighting will be useful.”

Karen Li shook her head and said, but when she said that, she was still a little worried. After she was silent, she said, “Then how is he? Is there any injury?”

“No, how could I hurt him in the capital? Sister Karen Li can rest assured.”

Karen Li breathed a sigh of relief, “Then my son will trouble you first. It’s okay to be injured, but don’t be too heavy. I’m afraid he won’t be able to carry it…”

“I know, I’ll take a look at it now. I have never seen him before.”


Karen Li hung up the phone. Somewhere in the capital, in a Rolls-Royce car, a woman sitting inside could be vaguely seen through the window of the car. The figure was bumpy, with long hair and shawl.

Soon, there was a nice magnetic faint voice, “Go to the Dorsett Hotel!”


The driver who drove slowly drove towards the Dorsett Hotel!

Huang Keyue stared at Chuck. She had already called her dad Huang Dalong, but no one answered. She was very anxious. She called a few consecutively, but still did not answer. She panicked. What is her dad doing? ?

“Uncle Xu…” Huang Keyue ran to Xu Zhongqing who was lying on the ground. She must wake Xu Zhongqing, otherwise she would be miserable today!

Xu Zhongqing had been knocked out. Chuck hit him on the head with a wine bottle just now, and even hit him in the face, which made him unconscious.

No matter what Huang Keyue called, Xu Zhongqing couldn’t wake up.

Huang Keyue could only spray Xu Zhongqing’s face with wine anxiously, and Xu Zhongqing suddenly woke up!

“Uncle Xu, my dad can’t get through on the phone, so quickly call someone to call this idiot!” Huang Keyue was pleasantly surprised!

Xu Zhongqing was swayed up by Huang Keyue, his eyes staring at Chuck like fire, his voice was full of anger, “It’s been so many years, no one dared to treat me like this to someone Xu! What should I do? Return to you?”

This voice is full of monstrous anger!

The onlookers immediately made a look of watching the show.

“Xu Zhongqing is angry! I can’t think of this Chamber of Commerce today.”

“Of course it can’t be done. The Chamber of Commerce is organized by Xu Zhongqing. He has been labeled as a bird, so how can he still have the mind to continue presiding the Chamber of Commerce?”

These people talked a lot, and they were curious about how miserable this waiter would be?

Chuck looked at him lightly.

The gloom in Xu Zhongqing’s eyes is so strong that it is your own death! !

“You call your boss!” Xu Zhongqing pointed at a security guard present and said!

The security guard was helpless, “Mr. Xu, this is really not our employee!”

“No? What did your mother say?” Huang Keyue was angry!

The clothes in Chuck are those worn by the hotel attendants. Can she read this wrong? How can it be worn without a waiter?

This bastard was acting as if he didn’t know where he found the jacket. He probably stole it, absolutely!

The security guard was helpless and did not dare to talk back.

But how could the hotel attendant as a security guard not know? There really is no such person as Chuck, let alone such a handsome waiter?

The others looked at each other, didn’t they? How could it not be?

“Whether it is or not, it doesn’t make any sense anymore. I asked you to call your boss. I just asked you to send a message and tell him that I am going to hit someone with him today! I will be responsible for all compensation afterwards!!” Xu Zhongqing stared at Chuck like a poisonous snake, his red and swollen face was distorted to the point of hideousness.

The security guard hesitated and could only use the walkie-talkie to contact the manager. After all, how could he have a call from the boss?

Soon the manager’s voice came from the intercom, and the security guard immediately said, “Our boss is out of town, he can’t come back temporarily.”

The implication is that it doesn’t matter.

Xu Zhongqing sneered. He took out his mobile phone to call one person. This time he would call many people over!

Today he will turn this place into hell!

After the call, Xu Zhongqing sneered. This man is his old friend for many years. He is nearby. Call this kid and call ten people over!

He couldn’t wait to see Chuck lying in front of him covered in blood!

“Haha, Uncle Xu, you call, good.” Huang Keyue was excited, she stared at Chuck, and said coldly, “Now kneel down for me!!”

Chuck looked at her calmly. He took out his mobile phone and was ready to call his mother. Only his mother could do it herself.

But at this time, there were already more than a dozen people from outside.

So fast?

Everyone at the scene was surprised! A lot of people, is this going to kill people?

Chuck was expressionless, Susan Sun was desperate, she slumped on the ground, and someone came, and she might be beaten to death here today.

Yvette clutched his stomach and walked to Chuck with a pale face, “Chuck…”

Chuck saw Yvette’s appearance, and he felt distressed, “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

“I’m very touched that you can come over. And you can show up on this occasion, I’m very touched,” Yvette said softly. She worried that if she didn’t speak, there might be no chance.

Because there are so many people here, the consequences can be imagined!

“Yes, I…” Chuck was happy. His purpose of coming here has been achieved, and Yvette has changed a lot about himself.

“Centipede, you came well, used to help me get rid of this kid. Money is still the old rule.”

Xu Zhongqing sneered. This centipede was nearby when he called just now. He really came over so soon. Well, I can enjoy Chuck’s screaming voice.

Centipede glanced at Xu Zhongqing, and under the shock of the audience, he raised his hand and slapped Xu Zhongqing!

Snapped! !

The sound of crisp skin and flesh!

The audience was stunned!

what happened? The person Xu Zhongqing called, actually hit Xu Zhongqing in turn?

Xu Zhongqing touched her cheek with a look of doubt, Huang Keyue was also confused.

“Centipede, why are you hitting me?” Xu Zhongqing looked ugly.

Without saying a word, the centipede raised his hand and slapped it out again!


The audience was shocked!

Xu Zhongqing fell to the ground with a cry. The people brought by the centipede immediately punched and kicked Xu Zhongqing. For more than ten seconds, Xu Zhongqing screamed for more than ten seconds before fainting.

Before he lost consciousness, he didn’t understand that he had a good relationship with the centipede, but he called it by himself. Why did he hit himself?

The whole audience was dumbfounded!

Because everyone didn’t expect Chuck to be beaten? Why is Xu Zhongqing who just woke up?

“You, you…” Huang Keyue was already shocked, what’s the matter? She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called her father.


When it was connected, it was her father’s screaming voice. She widened her eyes, “Dad, Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

“Dad was beaten, what did you do?”

Huang Keyue was completely stunned. Her father, Huang Dalong, was actually being beaten now?


Centipede slapped out!

Huang Keyue screamed and fell to the ground with a look of horror. What happened?

“Daughter, Dad is going to do it soon, so hurry up and apologize to the person who offended you, hurry up, ah…” Huang Keyue looked at Chuck in horror as she got up and ran over. Kneeling in front of Chuck!

For an instant, the audience was shocked!

Yvette covered her mouth and looked at Chuck, who was expressionless,…husband, why did she kneel for you?

Chapter: 116

At the Chamber of Commerce venue, the atmosphere is freezing!

No one spoke, and the huge scene was silent! The needle drop can be heard!

Yvette was really stunned. This short period of more than ten seconds gave her indescribable shock. The person Xu Zhongqing called to beat him, and Huang Keyue, who was just now arrogant and domineering, actually kneeled to Chuck. Now, with fear on his face.

How is this going?

Yvette was lost for a moment.

I have watched Chuck grow up since he was a child. Until recently, Chuck has been so ordinary for more than ten years, but recently, Chuck has suddenly changed, moved out, and has a whole new look. I know the restaurant owner Zelda and even the school flower. Yolanda knew each other, and now…in this capital city.

Can actually make people kneel down!

What happened to Chuck recently?

Yvette couldn’t understand it anymore. You should know that this is the capital city, not the sea market. Can Zelda still work here?

It should not work, so what is going on?

All these questions made Yvette completely stunned. What happened to her husband recently?

This change is said to have turned upside down!

Susan Sun, who had been desperate just now, came over with his mouth in a daze. She couldn’t believe it. She thought it was an illusion in despair, but isn’t it, the solidified atmosphere at the scene is so real, how could it be an illusion?

“Jordan… Yvette… Is this really your boyfriend?”

Susan Sun’s voice was trembling.

Yvette returned to his senses and gave a gentle benevolence.

“But, doesn’t your boyfriend eat soft rice? Isn’t it impossible? How could…” Susan Sun couldn’t say it anymore.

Chuck’s face was so calm at this time. She had never seen this feeling on anyone’s face. Such a person is really useless and a soft-boiled man?

Susan Sun questioned herself.

“I said, he didn’t eat soft rice, he just…” Yvette shook his head.

Yvette felt that Chuck definitely encountered something recently.

Susan Sun couldn’t say a word when she came to her mouth, she actually underestimated Chuck?

Are you qualified?

If it weren’t for Chuck, then he might be beaten badly today.

She looked at this indifferent man from a distance. For a moment, she was a little envious of Yvette. She found a boyfriend so good.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Huang Keyue kowtows to Chuck!

She was terrified, but her father’s screams were in her cellphone. Who was it?

Huang Keyue was shocked. Her father didn’t say that he was very powerful in the capital, but few people dared to beat her father. Could it be that this person is a super rich second-generation?

This idea came up, Huang Keyue couldn’t believe it, isn’t he a waiter? how come……

Apart from Huang Keyue’s pleading voice, no one spoke at the huge chamber of commerce!


They had been beaten completely with Xu Zhongqing, and Huang Keyue was stunned for the moment she knelt!

“Does anyone know this young man?”


“I don’t know either!”

“But how could this happen? Huang Keyue actually knelt down and begged for mercy, what about her dad? Huang Dalong won’t show up anymore?”

“I guess, Huang Dalong may have caused Huang Keyue to kneel. I think this young man’s parents must have known Huang Dalong. Huang Dalong has no choice but to let his daughter admit his mistake.”

“Huang Dalong is also worth hundreds of millions, so this young man is also a rich second-generation, it really can’t be seen!”

“That’s it, it’s very low-key. In the capital circle, he has never appeared.”

The people at the scene talked a lot, and the tone has completely changed…

“Tell me sorry?” Chuck looked down at her.

He was actually curious what happened? I haven’t called my mother yet.

“I…” Huang Keyue looked at Yvette, ready to stand up and run over to kneel to Yvette, but…


Chuck slapped it!

Huang Keyue fell to the ground with a sound of horror.

“Who made you stand up?” Chuck said.

Huang Keyue crawled over on her knees in fear, kowtow to Yvette, crying bitterly, “Please, help me intercede with your boyfriend, I know I was wrong, I really know I was wrong…”

Yvette’s heart is boiling!

Last time in the city square, the manager knelt to herself, she felt nothing, but now this person with a wealth of hundreds of millions kneels to herself, she feels dazed.

“Please!” Huang Keyue saw Yvette not speaking, she cried and crawled to Susan Sun, kowtow to Susan Sun.

Susan Sun is dumbfounded!

She feels so cool!


Susan Sun raised her hand and slapped it out. Huang Keyue didn’t dare to resist, she continued to cry for mercy!

“Didn’t your mother be very hanging? She kicked me? I told you to kick me!” Susan Sun kicked out, she was also in high heels, kicked Huang Keyue, she screamed.

“Don’t hit me, don’t…” Huang Keyue begged.

“Grass and mud horse!” Susan Sun punched and kicked Huang Keyue!

She felt that she was too prestigious, she could actually beat Huang Dalong’s daughter today!

Cool! !

Under Huang Keyue’s scream, she simply closed her eyes and pretended to die. Susan Sun was tired and stopped panting. Huang Keyue was embarrassed, and even her clothes were in tatters.

Chuck walked to Yvette, “You can also hit her.”

Yvette’s face was red on both sides. To be honest, Chuck wanted to kill Huang Keyue. It would be light to beat her.

“Forget it, she has already been punished,” Yvette shook her head. She felt that today’s affairs were too much trouble, and something might happen, what should I do if a plan is unsure?

She thinks it’s better to leave here quickly.

Otherwise, things are not that simple.

Chuck was helpless, and Yvette’s character was not so cruel. After he was silent, Yvette’s face was not good, so Chuck decided to send Yvette to the hospital. She kept her hands on her belly and might be injured.

“My wife, I’ll take you to the hospital,” Chuck was gentle.


It’s been a long time since I heard Chuck call herself that. Yvette regretted and was moved. What regretted was that she hadn’t let Chuck call him before. What was moved is… He has changed so much now, and he hasn’t forgotten… I am his wife.

Yvette suddenly wanted to cry. If Chuck didn’t come over today, what would happen to him?

“En.” Yvette held back the tears, she nodded, she also felt bleeding in her stomach, which was painful.

Also, she has too many questions now, Chuck, why did you come here.

Chuck, why do you have your current strength?

Chuck, what happened to you?

Yvette especially wants to know all this.

She went to help Susan Sun, and Chuck took the two of them away, but what Yvette didn’t notice was that there was a broken necklace on the ground, which was broken when she was fighting with Huang Keyue just now…

The scene is silent!

The centipede and people also followed out…


Huang Keyue suddenly got up and chased after him, pulling Chuck to beg, “Please. Don’t let people beat my dad!”

Chuck frowned and glanced at her. The indifferent eyes fell into Huang Keyue’s eyes, causing her to sit on the ground in horror. The fear on her face was shaped…

Who did you provoke today?

“Dad, dad…” Huang Keyue was crying into the phone, but there was no sound in the phone. She was terrified. Was her father beaten to death?

She ran to the parking lot and drove, embarrassed, her dress was torn and her skin was exposed…

“Fat, what happened?”

Zabrina came out from the backstage in shock. She was going to sing the finale, but the time was almost up. She waited in the backstage. She didn’t see Xu Zhongqing who had invited herself come over to find herself. She walked out suspiciously.

I found that the scene was a bit messy, and the chamber of commerce had almost left, and on the ground, Xu Zhongqing was lying on the ground, covered in blood…

what happened?

She walked over in shock, “What happened? What happened?”

“Hey, Zabrina? You asked Xu Zhongqing to come over to sing, right? You don’t know yet, a young man appeared just now and someone beat Xu Zhongqing…” someone said.

“Young man?” Zabrina instantly thought of who, “What does it look like?”

“About twenty years old, very tall, and wearing a waiter’s shirt…”

“What? Mr. Chuck hit Xu Zhongqing?” Zabrina was dumbfounded…

Chapter: 117

“Quick! Come here!”

Chuck hugged Yvette in a panic, because she fainted when she came out, her hands kept covering her belly, and her body was covered with cold sweat. She was slapped several times by Huang Keyue just now, and she was exhausted, and she couldn’t hold it anymore.

Rolls Royce stopped at the door, and the driver waiting for Chuck inside immediately came out and opened the door, respectfully!

Chuck took Yvette in!

Susan Sun was stunned. She had been in the capital for so long, so how could she not know who owned this Rolls Royce.

She had stayed in a five-star hotel before, and the Rolls-Royce who saw this license plate was specially picked up. She asked specifically, this is the treatment only for the hotel’s VIPs!

She looked at Chuck blankly!

Could it be that he is a rich second generation? How else is it possible to have such strength?

Thinking about this, she envy Yvette even more.

“Can I go up?” Susan Sun asked in a low voice. She felt guilty that she actually despised Chuck before, would he know?

Susan Sun was a little nervous.

“Come up,” Chuck was anxious, and must immediately send Yvette to the best hospital.

Sun Shangxiang sat in. This was the first time she had taken this luxury car. It felt so good. She was a little restrained.

“Quick, drive to the best hospital in Beijing!” Chuck was anxious.

The driver immediately drove to the best hospital and looked at Yvette who was unconscious in his arms. Chuck felt distressed. He stretched out his hand to clean Yvette’s sweat-drenched forehead and hair. Her face was red and she was beaten like this. Up.

Looking at her so close, Yvette is so beautiful, with so long eyelashes and so perfect facial features…

Chuck hugged her. This is the first time he has hugged her like this since he has known Yvette for so long, and he can feel her heartbeat and breathing. This feeling is… really good.

“My wife, I won’t let anyone bully you again…” Chuck said softly in Yvette’s ear.

Yvette was in a coma and did not respond, but his eyes were moving, and tears came out from the corners of his eyes…

Susan Sun, who was sitting next to him, was moved. Where can I find such a gentle boyfriend?

Yvette, you are so happy…

“Boss, you just said, didn’t you let us take Young Master Chuck to wait here?” At the entrance of the hotel, Centipede stood with more than a dozen of his men.

One of the men asked in a low voice.

“How to wait? This Young Master Chuck called me personally and said that she was worried that she would not be able to come over in time, so she let me over just in case, such a person, in the situation just now, would you let me force me to stay? Is he down?” Centipede said grimly.

This man suddenly did not dare to speak.

But another subordinate couldn’t help but curiously asked, “Boss, who is this Young Master Chuck? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

“Yeah, I have never heard of it either. This Master Chuck must have never appeared in the capital before, so strange…”

“Well, this Young Master Chuck has a very good temperament. He is absolutely super rich and only feels like the second generation!”

Other subordinates are also full of curiosity.

When they came in just now, when their boss told Xu Zhongqing to fight, they thought they had heard it wrong.

After all, my boss and Xu Zhongqing are good friends, so they beat their friends for one person?

“I don’t even have the right to know, do you have?” Centipede gave him a glance.

These men immediately shook their heads, “It’s not the boss…”

Your boss rarely has such a solemn time!

Soon, a Rolls-Royce drove over from a distance and stopped in front of the centipede.

The centipede immediately lowered his voice and told them not to speak before he walked over respectfully.

He lowered his head and didn’t dare to look up at the car, even though he wanted to see very much in his heart…

But he dare not.

“President Logan, I’m sorry, I just came out with Young Master Chuck, but Young Master Chuck’s friend suddenly fainted. Young Master Chuck sent his friend to the hospital,” said Centipede nervously. This President Logan, but he will never be able to The existence of positive contact!

“Hospital? I see, I have worked hard…”

A gap was exposed in the car window, and a nice voice came from inside. Although there were only a few words, it was faint, like a clear spring.

“It should be.” The centipede was flattered, and even had a surprise in his heart. This one actually said that it was hard work. Is this thank you?

The centipede wanted to laugh, for this sentence, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it!

“En, drive.” The voice inside continued to ring.

The car was moving slowly, and the centipede hesitated and said, “Mr Logan…”

“Something else?”

“Does Huang Dalong need me to deal with it?” The centipede actually wanted to beat Huang Keyue a while ago, but the man surnamed Logan didn’t order to do so.

“No, Huang Dalong, I have already let people deal with it,”

“What about her daughter Huang Keyue?”

“This…I will let someone handle it.”

“Yes… you go slowly!”

As the car drove away slowly, Centipede dared to raise his head. He reluctantly looked at Rousslaus, who was going away. Some people said that they were the number one beauty in Beijing…

But he had never seen it before, but the voice was so nice.

His men leaned forward.

“Boss, it smells so good…”

“Just now this car window was opened, and the scent inside smelled so good. It shouldn’t be perfume, it should be a woman’s body scent. What kind of woman would have a body scent, really…”

“I really want to see the look of the woman in the car, is she in good shape? Absolutely, the voice is so nice and smelling…”

Snapped! Snapped! !

The centipede raised his hand in anger and slapped it out several times. Several of his men were immediately dumbfounded, and they pressed their cheeks in grievance, “Boss…”

“You fools want to die, right?” Centipede scolded, how dare they miss her? ?

“I tell you, if you want to die, don’t drag me down! Starting from today, who dares to talk about her? I will interrupt someone’s leg!” Centipede said coldly.

“Yes Yes……”

“Boss, we know we were wrong, we don’t dare anymore…”

These people immediately shook their heads in horror, because they saw that their boss’s face was pale just now… scared to pale…

Chuck was sitting by the hospital bed. Yvette had already fallen asleep. The result just now came out. Yvette’s stomach was bleeding from a kick, and Yvette’s mood was a little farther away, causing her to pass out.

The doctor had dealt with the injuries on her face and body, but her face was still red, and the slap marks hadn’t subsided. At this moment, Chuck wanted to go to death for a while!

Actually beat Yvette like this? !

Chuck touched Yvette’s hand distressedly. Chuck also didn’t know how long it was. He looked at the time very late, and he thought that Wan Yvette woke up, so at the very least, he wanted to eat something?

Thinking of this, Chuck stood up and went to buy Yvette a piece of porridge.

But he was stunned when he opened the door.

Because there are two people standing at each end of the corridor of the hospital. They are all women in suits, blocking other people. This is a private hospital. This is understandable.

But there was a woman on the corridor seat.

Chuck was even more stunned after seeing her, this woman…really beautiful.

how to say? The indescribable feeling, like the beauty that can be seen from a distance and not close to play, she wore a dress with exquisite high-heeled shoes, her hands were very beautiful, her nails without any decoration, white and her fingernails were all healthy gloss.

With a faint smile on her face, she was actually facing herself…

Chuck was surprised. He hesitated and walked over, “Hello.”

She stood up smiling, “Hello.”

This voice was so gentle, Chuck was in a daze. It was such a nice voice, he hesitated, “You are…”

When he saw this woman just now, he saw that she was definitely not an ordinary person, that kind of temperament was really perfect, noble, and indescribable.

In fact, Chuck has been thinking, who did the things today? He could only say that it was Betty or his mother arranged it.

So this woman should know her own mother.

“Call me Aunt Logan.” She smiled and said with a very gentle voice.

Chuck is shocked, aunt? Is she mother’s sister? But why don’t you look like your mother at all?

Chuck was suspicious, “You are… my mother…”

“I call your mother Karen Li sister.” She said.

Chuck was suddenly stunned. He probably recognized his mother as the sister. After all, the two were not alike at all.

“Auntie Logan…” Chuck whispered, and she suddenly nodded with a chuckle, “En.”

Chapter: 118

“If you have time to sit down?” Aunt Logan asked with a smile.

Chuck hesitated. He planned to buy Yvette’s porridge in case she woke up and was hungry.

“En.” Chuck nodded.

“This way is fine, what do you want to eat?” Aunt Logan asked as she walked.

After thinking about it, Chuck said that the porridge was ready, and he could just pack a portion for Yvette.

“Okay, come out with me.”

Chuck followed Aunt Logan to the outside, and the two women in suits blocking the two ends of the corridor also followed.

Aunt Logan took Chuck to the nearest congee shop, which was very high-end. Chuck began to ask Aunt Logan if he recognized his mother as his sister?

She smiled and nodded, “Yes, Sister Karen Li helped me too much. I told her sister should do it, and she kept asking me to call her aunt, but I think I should call her sister closer.”

Chuck suddenly felt that Aunt Logan was not too old, maybe she was in her early thirties, thirty-two, about the same age as Zelda, but her temperament was absolutely different.

Aunt Logan in front of her has a dignified and gentle temperament. When she smiles, she feels too gentle, and Chuck feels flattered.

Chuck saw that the whole porridge shop was empty, and Chuck was surprised. She usually clears the place when she eats?

But it won’t work if you don’t clear the field. She is too beautiful and will cause riots.

Chuck was worried that Yvette would wake up, so he wanted to finish eating quickly and pack Yvette back.

Aunt Logan shook her head and said don’t worry, she has already been packed. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take you to a place, would you?” Aunt Logan asked with a smile.

Chuck nodded after hesitating. Does this mean to fulfill the friendship of the landlord?

She is a friend of my mother, and Chuck certainly will not refuse.

He followed Aunt Logan out and got in the car. Chuck subconsciously sniffed when he entered the car, and subconsciously said, “It smells so good…”

“What?” Aunt Logan said.

Chuck’s face turned red after brushing, and he immediately shook his head, “It’s okay, it’s okay…”

He was embarrassed to sit tightly, Aunt Logan smiled, “What are you doing so tightly?”

Chuck didn’t even know what to say. What he said just now was really shameful, and he didn’t know if Aunt Logan heard it.

Aunt Logan asked to drive.

Chuck is also a little expecting where Aunt Logan will take him? But at this time, a Mercedes-Benz car drove over here, the door opened, and a man covered in blood came out of the car, ran over and knelt in front of the car.

Chuck was surprised.

Logan narrowed her eyes.

“Ms. Logan, my daughter and I already knew it was wrong…” The man cried and begged, yes, he is Huang Keyue’s father Huang Dalong.

He is also the number one person in the capital. When someone rushed in and beat him just now, he fought back in anger, but after the person who came, he told him a word, Logan…

Then he was shocked, and he didn’t dare to resist at all. You must know that his worth is several billion, but He Logan is still one world at a time!

Chuck suddenly turned out to be Huang Keyue’s father.

“Ms. Logan, my daughter knew that she was wrong, so I kowtowed to Young Master Chuck…” Huang Dalong cried bitterly. Kob his head in horror.

The window of the car was not opened, so Aunt Logan looked at him.

“Mr Logan, my daughter really knows that she was wrong. To express my daughter’s apology, she has opened a good room and waited for Master Chuck. Please forgive Master Chuck!” Huang Dalong said.

He really had no other way. He could only ask his daughter to go to the hotel after cleaning up, and try his best to confuse Chuck. After Chuck was favored, then the Huang family’s catastrophe could be over.

Chuck frowned. He didn’t show any interest in Huang Keyue! The figure is good, but the hips are big, but this kind of woman is disgusting!

What should Chuck do to her? Chuck is not so cheap.

Aunt Logan’s eyes flickered coldly, “What did you say?”

The sound is very cold, but it is very magnetic and very nice.

“Ms. Logan, my daughter, she…” Huang Dalong trembled, and he trembled all over.

“What do you think your daughter is?” Logan asked coldly.

“I…” Huang Dalong was speechless. My daughter is not bad, so he came up with this idea, but…

“Never mention it, or I want your whole family to disappear forever!” Aunt Logan said, her voice murderous.

Huang Dalong sat on the ground shiveringly, with a look of fear…

Susan Sun woke up, and she found that she was in such a high-end hospital. If she remembers correctly, the ward here would cost seven or eight thousand for one night!

This is where the rich and talented people come. She was a little uncomfortable, so she immediately opened the door to find Yvette.

She asked a nurse and found out about Yvette’s ward. She opened the door and went in, just to see Yvette who seemed to have just woke up.

Looking at the place where he was lying in confusion, Yvette could see that this ward was very high-end, how could he be in such a high-end ward?

Who… brought yourself here?

Yvette didn’t see Chuck, she thought Chuck brought her here? It’s expensive here!

“Yvette… Where is your boyfriend?” Susan Sun walked over after closing the door.

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. She sat up from the bed and found that her stomach was still painful and her body was weak.

“He, I don’t know, I didn’t see him when I woke up.” Yvette shook his head.

Such an expensive place is very comfortable, but she has no sense of security.

Where did Chuck get so much money to send himself in?

She feels uneasy!

Susan Sun sat down by the bed and saw Yvette, she envied, “Yvette, you fooled me so badly, your boyfriend turned out to be so powerful!”

Yvette was astonished. He was indeed very powerful recently, but he didn’t lie to her. Why did she say that?

“Xiaoxue, why did you say I lied to you?” Yvette was puzzled.

Susan Sun helplessly, “Do you know? We came out of the hotel just now, do you know what car we were riding in?”

Yvette asked, subconsciously, “Taxi?”

“You’re so good! Nope!”

“BMW? Mercedes-Benz?” Yvette thought again.

“BMW is indeed BMW, but it is BMW’s highest-end Rolls-Royce!” Susan Sun said.

“What?” Yvette was stunned, how could this be possible? Rolls-Royce is in the millions, let alone in the capital.

Where did Chuck get Rolls Rolls?

“This my husband’s car?” Yvette’s voice trembled because it was incredible.

“No.” Susan Sun shook his head.

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. He grew up with Chuck. How could Chuck be able to afford Rolls Rolls?

“What’s your expression? The Rolls-Royce we are sitting in is not a boyfriend, but you must know that this is a shuttle bus exclusively for the highest VIP of a five-star hotel in Beijing!” Susan Sun said this sentence Come, she is still incredible.

It’s not Chuck’s car, but if others can use this car, then its strength can be imagined.

“VIP of a five-star hotel?” Yvette was stunned again.

It’s the first time Chuck has come to Beijing. She can be sure, because Yvette watched Chuck grow up, and basically met every day. He has never been to the capital, she can be sure!

However, how could Chuck, who has never been to the capital, be a guest of a five-star hotel?

She found it difficult to understand.

“Yes. Your boyfriend is very strong, how did you meet him? Did he chase you in a sports car?” Susan Sun asked.

Yvette shook his head, “No.”

“Impossible, he is so capable, so he doesn’t drive a sports car? What kind of car does he usually drive?” Susan Sun is curious, at least such a person is a Maybach car!

“He didn’t drive, and he didn’t have a car.” Yvette still shook his head.

“how can that be?”

Susan Sun is surprised, such a person does not have a car? Is it flying a plane?

“Are you sure?” Susan Sun asked surely.

“Of course, he doesn’t have a car, but he does. He was driving his friend’s car recently…” Yvette sighed as he said.

He drove Zelda’s car, Zelda’s car was also five to six hundred thousand, but his own was only more than two hundred thousand. He drove Zelda, not his own…

“Also driving someone else’s car? This…”

Susan Sun was really shocked, she immediately smiled, “Then he is really low-key, and he is hiding it from you… It seems that Yvette, you still don’t know that your boyfriend is a rich second generation!”

“You, what are you talking about? My husband is a rich second-generation?” Yvette was stunned…

Chapter: 119

Chuck is the rich second generation?

Yvette was so surprised that it was unbelievable.

“Yvette, you really don’t know?”

Susan Sun was surprised, Yvette’s reaction surprised her too much.

Yvette came back to his senses and shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“Then he is low-key enough,” Susan Sun was envious, how good would it be to find such a good boyfriend?

“No, he is not the rich second generation.” Yvette shook his head, suddenly feeling unhappy in his heart.

“How could it not be? All five-star hotels in the capital used the highest hospitality standards, and Rolls-Royce came to greet him. How could it not be the rich second generation?” Susan Sun couldn’t understand.

This is Chuck too low-key, so let her think so?

But what people are doing today is obvious to all.

“He’s really not,” Yvette sighed.

“Why are you so sure?” Susan Sun was surprised.

Yvette was silent for a few seconds and said, “I… grew up with him. Can I know if he is a rich second generation?”

Chuck is the rich second generation?

When Yvette said this sentence, she denied it herself.

Yvette was an orphan brought back by Grandpa Chuck. At that time, Chuck’s family was a small bungalow, and it was very shabby. Both people borrowed money for their studies. Yvette remembers it very clearly.

In the summer when they were young, two people wanted to eat popsicles with two cents apiece, but Grandpa Chuck couldn’t afford it. In the end, his grandpa took the bottle in his house to sell it, exchanged it for one dollar, and gave it to two people. Everyone bought a popsicle…

She remembers it now!

How could Chuck be the rich second generation?

“What? You grew up with him? You two childhood sweethearts?” Susan Sun was really stunned.

Yvette nodded, “Well, I moved into his house when I was very young, and I…I am his child bride…I will take care of him when I was young…”

Susan Sun is shocked, Tong Yang? Is there a child bride in this era?

“Then when you two were very young, didn’t you just sleep together?” Susan Sun asked.

“Well, I slept together.”

“Then you…” Susan Sun couldn’t help but look at Yvette’s belly. Why didn’t she get pregnant for so long?

“We… didn’t do anything.” Yvette shook his head.

Susan Sun’s eyes widened, and since she slept together, she did nothing? She couldn’t help but leaned in Yvette’s ear and said something.

Yvette shook his head solemnly, “Don’t talk about him like that, he just didn’t understand those things at that time, it’s not a problem.”

Susan Sun was puzzled, so Chuck is really not the rich second generation?

She thought it was Chuck who spent a lot of money chasing Yvette before chasing Yvette.

But I didn’t expect that the two of them grew up together since they were young, and they knew from a young age that Chuck was definitely not the rich second generation.

It’s just that it’s not the rich second generation, so how can Chuck have such strength?

In fact, Yvette didn’t understand this.

She knows Chuck too much, but recently, she has no idea what happened to Chuck. First of all, she has lived with Zelda. Now in the capital, she can still make Huang Dalong’s daughter Huang Keyue kneel down. Yvette never thought of it.

The two women did not speak. After hesitating, Susan Sun whispered, “You said your boyfriend has changed so much, is there someone you know who is particularly good?”

Yvette didn’t know how to answer this question. She thought Zelda at first, but no matter how good Zelda is, she can’t have influence in the circle of Beijing, right?

Could it be that Susan Sun said that Chuck knew other people?

How did you meet?

There were too many doubts in Yvette’s mind.

She is worried, Chuck, where have you been?

Susan Sun saw that Yvette didn’t answer. She definitely thought that she was not the rich second generation, so she must have known other people.

Yvette wanted to make a call to Chuck. She felt that it was too unreliable to be in this place, but she hesitated for a long time before sighing.

“Yvette, don’t think too much, go to bed early, this kind of ward is not cheap.” Susan Sun said, she was going to go back to sleep.

But Yvette suddenly subconsciously touched her neck. She panicked. Why was the necklace on her neck?

“Xiaoxue, did you see the necklace I rented?” Yvette was anxious.

Although the rent is more than one thousand a night, the price is hundreds of thousands.

“No, didn’t you wear it on your neck?” Susan Sun was surprised.

“No, no.” Yvette shook his head, more anxious in his heart.

It suddenly occurred to her that when she was in the hotel, when she was fighting with Huang Keyue, she seemed to be pulled by Huang Keyue’s neck. Could it be that the necklace was broken at that time?

This is hundreds of thousands!

“Could it be dropped?” Susan Sun was also anxious.

“It’s dropped, it’s really dropped,” Yvette sighed and lost. The hundreds of thousands can only be lost by himself.

“Don’t worry, doesn’t your boyfriend know someone? Just let him pay you. You have to know that the ward we live in is close to 10,000 yuan a night.” Susan Sun said.

Yvette shook his head. Chuck is not a rich second generation, and hundreds of thousands are not thousands or hundreds. Even if he knows people, hundreds of thousands cannot be taken out casually.

Yvette didn’t want to raise this matter to Chuck, she was going to solve it herself.

She was very worried in her heart that Chuck has become so powerful, but she is still like this, then will the distance from him be getting bigger and bigger? Thinking about it this way, Chuck didn’t want to say to Chuck that if he did, he might be bored.

She didn’t want this.

“Then you plan to solve it yourself?” Susan Sun asked.

“Well, I don’t want to trouble him.”

“But isn’t he your boyfriend? What kind of trouble is this?”

Yvette sighed. She decided to leave here tonight and go to the store in the morning to settle the necklace.

Yvette got out of the hospital bed and packed her things, but she couldn’t leave like this. Chuck would be anxious. She hesitated, and finally sighed and sat back on the bed.

Susan Sun was helpless. She didn’t understand why Yvette dealt with it like this. Isn’t it right to spend her boyfriend’s money?

If you want to have such a great boyfriend, what kind of company do you start?

The two of them chatted. Susan Sun asked Yvette about his childhood. Yvette said. She remembered that Chuck has always treated herself very well, but in the past few years, she has forgotten this point. Fortunately, Chuck did not. forget……

The two talked until dawn. Chuck hasn’t returned yet, but in the middle of the night, someone sent a piece of porridge, saying that it was given by Chuck. Yvette had eaten it, bitter, and did not return overnight. Who is Chuck seeing now?

At dawn, Yvette felt that she could be discharged from the hospital. She and Susan Sun packed up, and Susan Sun was reluctant to leave. How comfortable is this ward?

Yvette sent a message to Chuck, saying that he had been discharged from the hospital, but Chuck did not reply.

She immediately took a taxi with Susan Sun to the hotel, and carefully searched for the scene of the Chamber of Commerce last night, but the rubbish had been cleaned up and there was no necklace. It should have been picked up.

Yvette sighed and could only go to the place where the necklace was rented.

When the boss heard that the necklace was missing, his face immediately became ugly, and he said the price was 480,000 yuan!

Yvette’s heart was beating, she just borrowed 500,000 yuan from the “Baller”!

Susan Sun is helpless, why is it so expensive?

“Susan Sun, I clearly mark the price! Your friend already knows the price before renting it.” The boss said, with no room for negotiation.

Susan Sun pulled Yvette aside, “Yvette, you call your boyfriend and ask him if he can solve it! Four hundred eighty thousand, not a small amount, are you sure you want to solve it?”

Yvette shook his head, but Chuck didn’t reply, indicating that he was busy.

“Oh, you can’t live with Qian? Fight.” Susan Sun urged, Yvette was silent and swiped the card directly.

The two came out of the store, Susan Sun really didn’t know what to say, Yvette was so stupid, what happened to the phone call? From nap to big, no one else.

Yvette looked at noon, thinking that he should be free, right? So she took out the phone and called Chuck, but she did not expect that she saw Huang Keyue with empty eyes. She just came out of a hotel and said in a daze, “I opened a good room to admit you wrong. , What do you want?”

Yvette was stunned.

Susan Sun was surprised and opened the room to admit his mistake? “Yvette, your boyfriend never came back last night. Is this sleeping with Huang Keyue?”

Chapter: 120

Chuck and Huang Keyue went to open the room last night? Yvette was dumbfounded, she shook her head, “No…”

Although Huang Keyue is in good shape, how can Chuck go to open a room with the woman who beat her?

It won’t!

Yvette believed in Chuck.

“Why not? That’s what she said just now. This bitch is so shameless.” Susan Sun stared at Huang Keyue. She wanted to slap her again.

If Chuck was there, Susan Sun would definitely beat her in the past.

“I believe him.” Yvette was serious.

But she didn’t have much confidence in her heart, because Chuck was now living with Zelda.

“Do you think a man would refuse to send a woman to the door? Sun Huang Keyue is a cheap woman, but she has a good body. You didn’t see her big fart…” Susan Sun said angrily.

“Xiaoxue, stop talking,” Yvette sighed. She wanted to call Chuck to ask.

But what if…really?

“I said Yvette, do you usually make your boyfriend tolerate too hard? Let her sleep even this bitch Huang Keyue?” Susan Sun analyzed.

Yvette was taken aback, but she understood what she meant. The two of them slept together for so long and did nothing. He is also a man, is it too long, so she went to find Zelda? Was with Huang Keyue again last night?

Yvette nodded.

Susan Sun was surprised. She looked at Yvette again weirdly, and leaned in her ear to say a few words. Yvette shook her head, “What? No, no, he didn’t mention it. How am I embarrassed?”

“You take the initiative, isn’t he your husband?” Susan Sun was helpless.


Susan Sun said again, Yvette blushed and shook his head, “No, I haven’t helped him.”

Sun Shangxiang pointed Yvette’s mouth.

Yvette shook his head.

Susan Sun was speechless, she pointed to Yvette’s hand again.

Yvette also shook his head.

“Oh my God, then I sympathize with your husband.” Susan Sun can’t imagine how Chuck spent these years. She just thought Yvette was saying that sleeping together for more than ten years had nothing to do. In that respect, but you can usually do other things.

But Yvette didn’t do it at all, how could he be his wife?

“I’m too much?” Yvette asked in a low voice.

“Yes, very excessive, how old is he?”

“Almost nineteen years old.”

“My God, when are you going to give it to him?” Susan Sun asked.

“I…” Yvette didn’t know how to answer. She was going to give it to him when she was sixteen or seventeen, but he never asked for it.

Shouldn’t this kind of thing be a man’s initiative? After all, Yvette was not an active person in the first place, so if she asked her to mention this, she would not do it because of love.

“Forget it, this is your own idea. You can keep these for him on the day of your wedding, but usually you have to do your best to be your wife and do what your girlfriend should do. Keep holding him, can he not Go out?” She said, pointing to Yvette’s hand.

Yvette levies.

One thing suddenly came to mind. When he was in the car that day, he seemed to have been staring at his hand. Could it be…

What did Yvette think of, and suddenly felt blushing. He was thinking about that?

Yvette was helpless, no wonder his eyes were weird.

She was also entangled. If Chuck had said so, what would she have done?

Refuse? Or… find a place where no one is, right in the car…

Yvette sighed, did he fail to do what his wife should do?

“Think of these things yourself.” Susan Sun can’t continue to say these things.

Yvette nodded, she could only go back and check the information about these things.

After all, she has no experience.

But let Yvette take the initiative to mention this matter, she couldn’t speak, to see when Chuck would look at her hand again, when the time comes…look again, look again.

But if he did it by himself, could he and Zelda break?

“Do you want to ask Huang Keyue? You can leave without asking her.” Susan Sun said.

Yvette shook her head. She was thinking about the time to pay back the money agreed with the “Baller”, how she should pay back 500,000.

She sighed.

“Then you don’t call?”

“do not fight.”

“Then we go to eat.”


Yvette took one last look at Huang Keyue, who was walking away, and looked for a place to eat with Susan Sun.

“Auntie Logan, you are planning to invest in a movie now, so let me come and see it?” Chuck was really surprised, because Aunt Logan took her to see her film company last night. Many domestic actors and actresses share Aunt Logan’s company. There is cooperation.

Chuck watched the night yesterday. Aunt Logan asked Chuck to rest for a while. Chuck reluctantly left Aunt Logan’s company and went to Aunt Logan’s house to sleep under Aunt Logan’s arrangement.

He had been thinking last night. When he met Zabrina, he was thinking about when he could invest in a movie and build the No. 1 movie in China. This is a goal.

Unexpectedly, Aunt Logan had already started to do this, and she was already the big boss behind the famous film company in China and even internationally.

“Yes, are you interested?” Aunt Logan smiled, her voice very nice.

Chuck hesitated. The minimum investment for a movie is several million, right? Large investments are in the tens of millions, and there are not a few hundreds of millions.

Although he can ask his mother for money at any time, it is not always the only way to ask for money, so he has to put pressure on himself to make money!

The five million that my mother called last time, in addition to the investment in the square, plus 500,000 to Yvette, so now there are more than two million in Chuckka, a movie by a big boss like Logan, More than one million is definitely not enough.

“Aunt Logan, I don’t have that much money now.” Chuck was embarrassed.

“Puff.” Aunt Logan smiled, “Then how many do you have?”

Chuck whispered more than two million, and Aunt Logan said with a smile, “That’s enough, enough,”

“Is it really enough?” Chuck asked tentatively.

“Enough,” Aunt Logan nodded. The investment in her movie is not that big. The cost of 30 million is mainly because she wants to bring Chuck into the industry. Even if Chuck doesn’t invest a penny, she won’t mind. She would be happy to be able to help Chuck.

“Look at the script first.” Aunt Logan handed a file to Chuck.

Chuck has never read a script before, and when he opened it, it turned out to be a literary film.

The director intends to use the famous Chinese director Erica Yannic to guide and invest 30 million yuan.

The lead actor has been booked, but the lead actress has not been confirmed yet.

Chuck looked at the script and found it quite interesting. The director Erica Yannic had heard of it. The first few movies had a good box office, and this one should be good.

This Auntie Logan started her career by herself!

“How do you feel?” Aunt Logan asked.

Chuck closed the script and nodded, “Very good.”

He decided to put all the money in the card into this movie. Chuck said so, and Aunt Logan smiled, “Okay.”

Chuck couldn’t wait to say that the money transfer is now complete. Aunt Logan smiled, “Don’t worry, do you like the heroine? For example, any actresses you like, you can recommend as an investor.”

Chuck shook his head. He doesn’t chase stars, but he does have a few favorite actresses, as well as foreign ones. He has a few favorites, such as the one who plays Sicily…

However, these 30 million investment obviously can’t invite those actresses, so we can’t use all the investment to invite actors, right?

“No? Then you can discuss with the director. Erica Yannic is very famous in literary and artistic films. Many actresses actively want to cooperate with her,” said Aunt Logan.

“Cooperate actively?” Chuck was surprised, but also suddenly. Who wouldn’t want to make a few good movies?

“Yes, the casting has already started today, you can choose with Erica Yannic later,”

“Okay.” Chuck hasn’t seen such a scene yet.

Next, Chuck and Aunt Logan ate something, which was made by Aunt Logan himself. It was very delicious. Chuck should know that this is the first time Aunt Logan made food for a man. He might be shocked…

Chuck took Aunt Logan’s car and went to the casting scene. Aunt Logan didn’t mean to get off the car and said she was waiting in the car. Chuck nodded and opened the door by herself. Aunt Logan said just like the casting scene.


“This kid didn’t bring the work card, so give me the work card and send it to him,” Aunt Logan said.

The black woman sitting in the front took the work card, opened the car door and chased after her.

Chuck saw a sign on the first floor of a hotel with casting. There were many people on the scene, including men and women, all beautiful women.

The leading actor has been selected, but the second male, male third, female first and so on have not yet been selected, coupled with Erica Yannic’s reputation, so many small actors have been attracted, and there are also famous actors.

Chuck walked over.

“Who is he? Come to participate in casting too?”

“I don’t know, maybe it is a student of film school.”

“Huh, no fame has followed us to choose a role? This is a big dream!”

The actors and actresses on the scene whispered in a low voice, with contempt, especially when a bunch of actors whom Chuck didn’t know were still coming, so they were even more unhappy.

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