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Chapter 111: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 111 The Chairman is Doris Lee!

At the same time, Webb Lee nodded, “yes, Doris, what I just said is a little too much. Write it off.”

Doris Lee was at loss because of Webb’s attitude, and she subconsciously looked at Colin Ward.

What did Colin say to Webb? His attitude changed too fast!

“It’s OK, grandpa,” Doris replied with a smile.

Colin patted Doris’s hand and asked Webb, “Is it convenient to use your meeting room?”

“Please do as you like.”

Webb leaded Colin, which made Doris even more confused. Why did Webb do this? Even if Lishi Company had been acquired, there was no need to treat Colin like this.

Webb pushed the door and let Colin and Doris stepped in first.

People in the meeting room were not happy when they saw Colin and Doris, especially Fox Lee.

“What are you doing here? Get out! You are not welcome here!” Fox roared.

Colin glanced at Fox, “get out? Do you think you are qualified to order me?”

“Humph!” Fox looked at Colin haughtily, “I’m the chairman of Lishi Company. Here is Lishi Company’s meeting room. My territory I said the calculation.”

“Do you think you are so superior, don’t you?” Colin remarked casually.

“Better than you! Get out of here! Now!”

Colin ignored Fox and said, “I’ll announce something, and won’t take up a lot of your time.”

People were puzzled about that. What happened? Colin would announce something?

Fox was furious, “Colin Ward! Get out! Are you deaf?”

“Where’s the security guard?”

Colin ignored him again, “just now, Marquis Group completed the acquisition process for Lishi Company.”

“Now, on behalf of the Marquis Group, I announce two appointments to the Lishi Company.”



Why did Colin announce that?

Fox had a bad feeling in his mind, “nonsense! You are just a manager. What qualifications do you have?”

Colin sneered, “now, the position of chairman will be assumed by Doris Lee.”


Doris would be the chairman of the Lishi Company?

People were all confused.

“Why Doris?”

“Didn’t her father…..”

“Why her?”


Lishi Company got this situation because of the father of Doris, Baker Lee!

Doris was also confused.

Colin stood there and continued to announce things without any explanation.

“As for Fox Lee, the new position, director of toilets.”

The meeting room fell into silence.

Suddenly, someone couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing. And then the room was filled with laughter.

“F**k! The director of toilets? How dare you?”

“Everyone knows Lishi Company became what it is today because of her father. What qualifications does Doris have?”

“I’m the real chairman of Lishi Company. Doris should be the director of toilets!”

Hearing the last sentence, Colin came over.

Fox was still shouting, “you are helping Baker seize power. You want to make Lishi Company your property! No way!”

“I tell you unless the chairman of Marquis Group says it himself, or I will not…”


Colin slapped Fox in the face.

“Shut up!”

“Are you qualified to be the chairman? In less than three years, Lishi Company will be defeated by you! No, one year is enough.”

“Besides, you don’t even qualify to be a toilet director!”

“You! Where is Guard! Got him out of here!”

However, there was no movement.

The people of the Lee family also didn’t respond to him.

After all, as soon as Fox took office, he intended to take over shares. So no one helped him.

Colin looked at Webb, “come on.”

Webb sighed and went over, “Colin is responsible for the acquisition of Lishi Company by Marquis Group. Now Lishi Company is only a company under Marquis Group, which can appoint and remove Lishi Company personnel. As the person in charge, Colin is qualified.”

Colin didn’t announce that he was the chairman of Marquis Group, so Webb also didn’t mention Colin’s real identity.

Webb continued, “now, Doris is the chairman of Lishi Company.”

With that, everyone looked at Doris.

Doris was a little nervous, and everyone was stared at her. She had no idea that she would be the chairman.

Fox was unconvinced, “grandpa, I’m the chairman of Lishi Company. You are not qualified to speak now!”

Everyone was shocked.

Fox was so disrespectful to his grandfather for the sake of a position.

Webb got angry, “shut up!”

Fox ignored him and said, “am I wrong? Now, I’m the chairman, and grandpa has no position. He doesn’t call the shots!”


Another slap, but this time it was Webb.

“Bastard! You’re nothing without me!”

Everyone nodded. That was right. Without the hard work of Webb, there would be no Lishi Company now.

Webb sighed and continued, “well. Now, Colin has the final say.”

When everyone heard that, they had different thoughts in their hearts.

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