Chapter 112: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 112 I won’t kill you now

Fox Lee suddenly realized that it was not as simple as he thought, and he panicked.

“Grandpa, what am I going to do? I…” He didn’t want to be the toilet director.

Colin Ward looked at Fox and laughed, “Isn’t it good? I think you’re the best man for the job.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Don’t you?”

Fox glared at Colin. Before he spoke, Colin added.

“You idiot! What ability do you have to be chairman?”

“I didn’t drive you out of company for grandpa’s sake. You’d better be quiet.”

The meeting room fell into silence again.

And Colin said, “well. That’s all.”

Then Colin took Doris Lee’s hand out of the meeting room.

People looked at each other and were at a loss.

The don sighed helplessly.

When Colin had been away for a long time, Fox shouted, “Colin Ward! What the hell are you?”

“Shut up! Aren’t you ashamed?” Webb yelled.


The don pounded the table angrily, “cut it out!”


After getting in the car, Doris asked, “why can you decide on Lishi Company’s appointment? Do you have anything else to hide from me?”

Colin answered carelessly, “aw, come on. I told you everything.”

“Humph! Why did you appoint me to be the chairman? And you didn’t tell me in advance.”

“To be honest, I decided on the spot, but you are the right person. Haven’t you been the project leader of Lishi Company before? You know the Lishi Company well.”

“You decided on the spot? You don’t have to talk to Marquis Group?”

“I’m the chairman of Marquis Group. No matter what I want to do, it’s fine.”

Doris didn’t take it seriously, “you lied to me again with this joke.”

Colin ward was helpless. He told the truth, but she didn’t believe it.

They drove back to the villa.

However, as soon as they entered, they saw a dark figure turning over the wall. They were both shocked.

Thief? Impossible! Here was the villa area of Lanbo port.

At this time, another figure came out, but he did not climb over the wall but was looking for something.

After a while, the man saw the car of Colin and Doris and came step by step.

Colin and Doris were nervous because they knew this man.

He was the man who tried to kill Colin.

When the man approached, they saw him in a black sweater, his hair was messy, and his face was unshaven. He looked like a tramp.

But they knew that he was a killer.

Doris asked, “Shall we back off?”

Colin shook his head and he noticed the man’s look. The man didn’t have the look that he had to kill Colin. Colin thought the man didn’t intend to kill him at this time.

The killer went to the car and knocked on the window.

Colin was about to get off but was stopped by Doris, “Colin!”

“It’s OK.” Then he got off.

Colin looked at the killer, “kill me?”

The killer shook his head and said, “no, I’m helping you.”

“Help me?”

It was obvious that Colin didn’t believe him.

The killer explained, “Cause I want to kill you by myself, so I can get my remuneration.”

Colin asked, “Is there anyone else trying to kill me?”

The killer didn’t deny, “I help you get rid of him just now.”

Colin was on the alert. Now that this man had got rid of another killer, was it time to do it himself?

The killer noticed Colin’s look and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you now.”

“What?” Colin confused.

The killer said, “I’ll do it when that person is off guard.”

Then the killer left.

Colin was confused for a moment. That person? Gerd Ward?

Doris saw the killer go and got off the car, “are you OK?”

Colin shook his head, “don’t worry.”

They came into the villa. Doris had a drink in the living room and went upstairs to rest.

Colin was sitting on the sofa and thinking about what the killer had said. Was there anyone else to kill him? Was that employer looking for another killer, or someone else looking for a killer to kill him?

It seemed that just Gerd was not enough to protect him! It was better to find more bodyguards to avoid accidents.

At the same time, Doris said, “I’m going to take a bath. Call me if you need me.”

Normally, Doris didn’t say that. But Colin now had a hand injury, which was why she specifically said this.

Colin answered casually and continued to think about that.

When he finished thinking about it, he found that more than an hour had passed.

He was going to have a drink when he suddenly noticed some white powder on the side of the water cup on the tea table, liked the crumbs falling off the pills.

He remembered that Doris had a drink just now.

Colin frowned involuntarily.

Colin took a plastic bag, got the debris in, sealed it, and had it tested tomorrow.

Then Colin went upstairs into Doris’s room.

Colin heard the voice of water flow. At first, he didn’t take it seriously. Later, he suddenly realized that it had been more than an hour and that Doris was still taking a bath?

Colin knocked on the door, “Doris?”

No one answered.


Still, no one answered.

Colin panicked and slammed into the door.

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