Chapter 113 – 114: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 113: Trapped dragon situation

The photos from Rui Liu were all relatively private photos from all angles.

I had to say that Lei Du was really a beauty.

In high school, she was the goddess teacher recognized in the school. Countless male teachers were admiring her.

But to Kris’s surprise, why should Rui send him so many photos of Lei?

Just when he was puzzled, he was seen by the man next to him.

“Eh, Kris, why is there a signal on your phone!”

Hearing that, Bao jumped out, looked at Kris’s screen, and immediately yelled, “Okay, I didn’t expect your mobile phone to have a signal. You secretly hid in the corner to see pictures of the beauty. You’re really skeptical, why didn’t you call an ambulance when the sister-in-law was unconscious just now?”

When he finished saying, he looked at him with a disgusted look and said, “I understand, you must be admiring the beauty of the sister-in-law. I really didn’t expect you to be such a person; there was a signal, but you did not make a call; you are actually peeking things like this. You are really disgusting!”

As soon as Bao finished speaking, the girls around could not help but took two steps backward, looking at Kris with disgusted looks.

Unexpectedly, Kris was actually such a person. When he risked saving people today, they were a little touched. Now it seemed that he was all pretended as Bao said.

Kris turned off his mobile phone and did not bother to explain. Never ever argue with a sucker, because that would make people unclear who was the real sucker.

He stood up and patted his butt, which had dust on it, then he went to the entrance of the cave to go for a blow. At this time, the rain stopped, the dark clouds in the sky also dispersed, and the bright moonlight sprinkled on the sea, which improved Kris’s mood.

But at the next moment, Kris frowned and exclaimed: “Bad!”

“Fuck, you sucker. You get surprised and frighted too easily!” Bao was shocked by the word “Bad”, and thought that something was wrong.

Kris ignored his words and looked at the cave instead. He took a deep breath and shook his head, “No, we can’t live in this cave tonight.”

Everyone was confused at this remark!

What is he saying?

Can’t live in this cave? Where do we live?

Kris pointed to the bay hundreds of meters away, and to the mountains surrounding it, and said seriously: “Look, this Xiluo Bay is surrounded by mountains. Doesn’t the zigzag bay like a dormant water dragon?”

Tianba Li, Mary, and others looked in the direction he pointed, and it was really like a water dragon, especially, the moonlight sprinkled on the water like dragon scales.

Kris sighed: “This is actually a typical trapped dragon situation. From the perspective of Geomantic omen, this place is very unlucky. Before, we were attacked by sharks, which was not only because of blood bags.”

Hearing what he said, Tianba was surprised: “Kris, do you still know Geomantic omen?”

“Hoho.” Hai Su sneered: “He knows nothing if he knows Geomantic omen, will he sit around in our Su Family and wait to die?”

When the words came out, the audience laughed.

Tianba looked at Kris, although the light in the cave was dim, but according to his tone, it was not like a joke!

He asked, puzzled: “Kris, as you said, is this “dragon trapped situation” related to the cave we stayed in?”

Kris didn’t care people’s ridicule, and said lightly: “Of course, you stand in my position and see, is the hill in the bay very round, like a dragon holding a ball?”

Tianba immediately walked to Kris’s side, and at first glance, it really was.

“As the saying goes, the hungry tiger comes out in the mountain, and the trapped dragon ascends to heaven. Tianba, look at the mountain on your right. Doesn’t it look like a tiger?”

Tianba looked around, and under the moonlight, the mountain range really looked like a tiger going downhill, which made him frightened and sweated.

After that, Kris pointed to this cave again: “The mountain where the cave is located is right in the position of the tiger’s head. This cave is the mouth of the tiger. Say, when the hungry tiger coming downhill sees a trapped dragon, what will happen? They will be fighting with each other; can we be well in the mouth of the hungry tiger? So this cave cannot be lived in!”

As soon as the words finished, everyone couldn’t help but look out from the cave and found that it was as good as Kris said. At one time, everyone looked at each other, and they were at a loss.

At this time, Hai couldn’t help but jumped out and said: “Kris, you are not talking nonsense here. What time is it now, and you are still engaged in feudal superstition. Why is the hungry tiger coming downhill? What is a trapped dragon flying to heaven? Stop nonsense. Everyone is tired after playing for a day and needs rest!”

As soon as Hai finished his words, and Bao followed and said, “Hai, is the live-in son-in-law of the Su family crazy? It’s 0202 now, and he is still engaged in feudal dross. Is his brain burned out due to suffering too much wrong in your family?”

“Our family didn’t treat him badly, let him muddle along; maybe this guy is too boring doing housework at home, make himself a complainer.” Hai hurriedly defended.

Kris did not speak but said to Tianba: “No matter if there is any danger, I can’t live here tonight, Tianba, for safety, do you want to go out with me to find a place to rest?”

Tianba has actually been moved, but he looked back at Xuan Song, who was unconscious and said with a helpless wry smile: “I…I don’t want to go, there is no shelter outside, I’m afraid my wife be cold there.”

He actually wanted to go out with Kris to find a place, but his wife is now in a coma, and he really could not do that.

Kris nodded, knowing his trouble, but did not persuade him. He looked at the crowd and said, “How about you? Is anyone out with me?”

To tell the truth, Kris actually did not want to ask these rich children at all, but he asked for the sake of his conscience.

But obviously, no one was willing to go out with him but looked at him one by one as if he was a fool.

Is this guy mentally disabled? Just after the rain, the temperature dropped suddenly. Who knows whether it will rain in the middle of the night? Besides, this is the seaside. Who knows if there will be anything like sea snakes?

“Kris, stop bothering,” Mary walked to Kris and said in blushing.

From Mary’s point of view, what Kris said about the trapped dragon situation and the hungry dragon going downhill situation were all fabricated by him. He just wanted to sleep with her privately.

Recently, the two’s feelings have heated up so quickly that Kris couldn’t help but want to… Thinking of this, Mary’s heartbeat accelerated, and her pretty face also became hot. Fortunately, the light was dim at this time, and everyone could not see it.

But when she was shy, Mary also complained, just after the rain, it was wet everywhere, what’s more, the wind at the seaside is so strong, if she goes out with him, she will catch a cold.

“No, bother, why should I be bothering?” Kris said and felt a little depressed.

When Mary just wanted to speak, a graceful figure came out of the crowd: “I…I will go with you!”

It was Xiaorou Xu!

In fact, Xiaorou was very sorry. Not to mention that Kris saved her in the danger of death, she was almost disadvantaged Kris just now. If she does not support him this time, he may really be disappointed with her.

Besides, she is with selfishness…

Hearing Xiaorou’s words, everyone was stunned, and then the crowd exploded.


There is no mistake?

Is Miss Xu going to go with this live-in son-in-law?

This is too unscientific, why should the goddess go with this waste?

It’s not just them, the Xu family did not feel easy!

Kris was just the Su family’s live-in son-in-law, but Xiaorou was the mistress of the Xu family. Whether the identity, status, or money, they were not of the same level.

Besides, Xiaorou was so pure and noble that she didn’t even have a boyfriend. Wh at the hell is if she goes with him, a married man!

“Miss Xu, don’t be blinded by this guy, he is complete nonsense!”

“That’s right, this guy is nothing good seen from looking. You think he has a signal on his cell phone, but he doesn’t call for an ambulance, and he hid in the corner, watching the beauty alone. Can such a person be believed in?”

Just when everyone slandered Kris, Bao went to Tianba to add fuel to the fire, “Mr. Li, you must not let this guy go. It must be that this guy’s pill does not work, so he is making excuses for fleeing away; you must not be fooled by him!”

Chapter 114: The cave was collapsed

Bao Cao’s words were recognized by everyone, so they said: “Yes, Mr. Li, don’t be deceived by this guy.”

“Yes, Mr. Li, Bao is right, he just deliberately made excuses to slip away.”

Hearing what they said, Bao looked at Kris with a smug look and then smiled at Tianba Li flatteringly.

However, to Bao’s surprise, Tianba didn’t even look at him.

Hearing their words, and Kris was steamed up.

These guys were bullying him again and again. He did not bother to argue with them, but they seemed to be teasing without end?

He looked at them coldly, without explanation, and sneered: “I have already said it, believe it or not; it’s just a matter of time; by then, don’t cry and call me to help you!”


At this very time, this guy was still putting on an act!

Actually, treat everyone like a fool?

For what Kris said, they would not believe at all.

Bao smiled more ironically: “Oh, even I jumped into the sea from here and be killed, I won’t let you come to help!”

“Okay, remember what you said, don’t beg me shamelessly then!” Kris said lightly.

“Who begs you is the son of bitch!” Bao sneered disdainfully.

Hearing that, there was a smile on Kris’s face, and he said, “Very well, it seems that I am destined to see another son of bitch today.”

“Fuck, if you say one more word, I will tear your mouth!”

Humiliated in the face of so many people, Bao could not stand it. His eyes were spitting fire, and he was about to rush to Kris.

At this time, Lan stopped Bao.

Bao looked at Lan in disbelief: “Lan, why are you stopping me? Do you believe in his lies?”

Questioned by Bao, Lan felt a little uneasy. She turned her head and said, “I just want to tell you, this outing was organized by your family. Do you want to take the lead in fighting?”

Although she said so, for a moment, she actually wanted to go out with Kris. Considering the influence, she chose to stay with the people.

Although she was an older female apprentice of Mount Emei, don’t forget that her current status is a policewoman, who did not believe in magic. So many people live in this cave, how could there be something wrong?

Kris glanced at Lan without saying a word, and then said to Tianba Li, “Tianba, I will go first.”

“Good!” Tianba nodded and watched them disappearing into the night.

A few tens of meters away from the cave, Kris came under a larger coconut tree under the moonlight and built a simple residence with dead branches and leaves.

Although ugly, it was able to protect him from wind and rain, already good enough.

At this time, Mary and Xiaorou Xu, who were standing by and watching, we’re a little embarrassed.

Although Mary was shy in her heart, with Xiaorou there, she was calm.

Even if Kris wanted to stay with herself privately, he would not act recklessly in her presence.

“Okay, it’s done. Although it’s a little ugly, it can shield the wind and the rain anyway!” Kris clapped his hands, stood up, and said happily to the two girls, “Come in.”

Hearing that, Mary was stunned for a moment, then said angrily: “Why did you only make one place to live.”

She looked at the residence made by Kris, which was with narrow space, and it would be crowded for the three to live in.

Huh, this lady-killer actually harbored ulterior motivation!

Xiaorou, who was standing by, was also shy in the heart. Kris only set up a residence, then she… had to huddle with him?

She was shy and scared, and she wanted to return to the cave but scared when she saw the woods in the black.

Kris laughed and said with a smile: “It’s dark here, it’s good to be able to make one. In addition, the beach is windy at night, and crowding together can make us warmer.”

When said this, Kris also a little timorous. In fact, there was a bit selfishness. With two beauties accompanying him, how could he make another residence?

Mary was ashamed and angry: “Do you want to sleep between we two, kissing and hugging? Huh, you are dreaming!”

After saying that, she held Xiaorou’s hand and said, “Go, let’s go to sleep and let him stay outside.”

Before Xiaorou responded, she was pulled in.

Kris let out a smile and was about to sneak in, but heard Mary’s voice coming out from the inside: “K… Kris, I know you are the kindest; you are guarding us outside, ok?”

The voice was so sweet, and Kris’s heart was melted.

He and Mary have been married for almost three years. He had never heard her speaking to him so gently?

However, Kris didn’t want to miss such a good opportunity, so he said pitifully: “Do you really so hardhearted to let me shiver in the cold wind outside?”

“Oh, Xiaorou has not gotten a boyfriend yet. It’s not good for you to sleep with us?”

Hearing that, Kris smiled bitterly, and now he was tricked by himself. But given his wife said so, what else could he do, so he had to stay outside.

Fighting against sharks during the day cost him a lot of energy, plus the wounds on his body. He also felt very tired and couldn’t help sleeping.

When Kris opened his eyes again, there was already mist on the sea, and he was awakened by a cold.

He quickly mobilized the inner gas in Dantian and circulated it in the whole body, then he felt much better.

He took a long sigh of relief and heard the breathing of the two women. He couldn’t help but think that both of them were asleep. With such a good opportunity, why not… slip in and see for himself?

As soon as this thought came up, he couldn’t stop it.

Kris smiled wickedly and then crept to get in.

As soon as he bent down, he heard a huge roar not far away!


After the roar, the rock rolled down and made a “boom” sound.

Kris looked, following the sound, as if it came from the cave!

Mary and Xiaorou were also awakened by this huge roar, and the two of them shuddered suddenly and climbed out from the inside blankly.

“Bad, something happened over the cave!”Kris said to the two of them, “You two stay here, don’t leave!”

As he said, he hurried towards the cave.

Kris’s words made the two girls thrill, and suddenly came to awake, and storms rose in their hearts!


Something wrong actually happened in the cave!

He said that the cave would be unsafe, and something would happen, and it turned out to be true!

Why is he so magical, really can he divine?

The curiosity and shock in their hearts almost flooded, and they couldn’t help but want to follow and have a look, but when they thought of Kris’s instructions, they all refrained it.

When Kris rushed to the cave and saw the scene in front of him, he gasped with fright!

He saw that the cave was blocked by a huge stone, and there were constantly rubble and debris rolling off the mountain.

At this time, the people in the cave had been awakened long ago, all were panicked and frightened, and kept crying for help.

But now the cave was blocked, and there was no signal on the cell phone; no matter how hard they call, it could not be heard.

“Woo… Help who will save us!”

“I’m still young, I don’t want to die… Mom…”

Cries of help constantly came out from the cave, and Kris quickly moved the gravel in the middle of the gap away and looked into the cave.

At first glance, he knew how difficult the situation is. It turned out that the cave had collapsed, and there are all specks of dust inside. Many people choked.

More than a dozen family members were tightly crowded together, so there was just enough space for them to stand from which one can tell how severe the collapsed cave’s situation is.

At this time, there were crying, shouting, and sneezing inside, making Kris’s heavy-headed.

However, this time, although there were no fatalities, there were also some unlucky guys who were hit by the collapsed stones and seriously injured. If they were not treated in time, they might be in danger of life.

It’s too late to make a call for help now; what’s more, in such a remote place where there was no signal, they can’t make a call successfully even if they want.

Kris had to guard against the rolling rocks on the mountain while listening to the dreary cries and screams inside, which steamed him up.

“Shut up, there is so little air inside now. Stop crying and screaming to preserve the oxygen if you don’t want to die!” Kris shouted loudly: “Tianba? Where is Tianba?”

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