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Chapter 113 – 114: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 113: Who was the Man That Night (1)

Kerry followed Doctor Han’s instructions, and he repeated the procedures for a few times. And then, Venus spitted some water out, and sunk back into unconsciousness.

Doctor Han sighed with relief when he heard what happened. He was so angry, and he shouted: “Miss Mu is gonna killed by you sooner or later. She is such a beautiful woman, and how can you treat……”

Doctor Han wanted to express his disapproval of Kerry’ s behavior. But Kerry hanged up the phone before Doctor Han could finish himself, which bugged him a lot.

Kerry put his phone aside. He knew from Doctor Han’ s reaction that Venus was out of danger. But he was not in any way relieved. He had never met a woman who could drive him crazy the way Venus did. In his opinion, Venus is not only a vicious woman, but she is such a wicked schemer, and it seemed there is no moral line that she would not cross.

If it was someone else who did these things, Kerry would have long destroyed her.

What was even crazier was that Venus got pregnant with someone else’ s child!! Kerry was determined to take revenge on Venus for bringing shame on him. He would at least make Venus suffer, if he couldn’t kill her.

Kerry walked back to his office. He called Henry and said: “He, I need you to do something for me, right now.”


“Miss Qiao, are you here to look for Director Ye?”

Xinyou, who was standing in front of Kerry’ s office, was slightly frightened by this sudden voice. She turned around, and put a smile on her face to conceal her awkwardness, and said: “Secretary Liu, is Director Ye in the office?”

Secretary Liu looked rather calm, and she said: “Yes, he is. I’m here to give him the business proposal that was just drafted.”

Xinyou glanced at the blue documents in her hand, and said softly: “Okay. I’ll leave you to your business. I just remembered I have something to deal with. I’ll go now.”

Secretary Liu nodded. She knocked the door and walked into Kerry’ s office.

Xinyou patted her chest to calm herself down. She walked to the elevator, and then she saw a handsome man dressed in a white coat walking out of the elevator and going into Kerry’ s office.

She got onto the elevator. As the elevator went downwards, a giant smile crept over her face. Because she could tell Venus was terribly abused from the noise came out of the room and the fact that a doctor was summoned.

She found it rather exciting that Kerry believed Venus’s child is someone else’ s.


Doctor Han walked directly into the lounge room. And he felt so sorry for Venus when he saw her pale face. He walked to her and give her oxygen which she desperately needed. And soon, the color returned to her cheeks. Seeing that Venus was in a better condition, Doctor Han grabbed his medical kit and left.

He walked back to Kerry’ s office, and saw Kerry was studying the documents. He didn’t bother him, and left immediately. Because he knew he was in no position to mind their business, after all, they are married. And he could only wish Venus some good luck.

After Doctor Han left, Kerry raised his head and looked at the lounge room, and then looked away.

Some undefinable time later, Venus regained her consciousness. She opened her eyes, and she remembered she came to Kerry, and then they quarreled with each other, and then he pressed her head into water and she lost her consciousness.

Venus sat up. She removed the oxygen mask from her face and the drip from her arm. Blood oozed out of her arm but she didn’t give it a damn.

She got off the bed, but she found she couldn’t even stand steady. She leaned against the wall and took a rest, and then she left the room slowly.

There was no one in the office, and Venus sighed with relief. Kerry is probably in a conference, she thought. She grabbed her bag and went downstairs.

She was going to figure out whether she was truly pregnant or not.

Chapter 113: Who was the Man That Night (2)

Venus arrived at the Central Hospital, and walked directly to the gynecology outpatient clinic.

The doctor there was no longer Xiaoyan Du. It was a middle-aged woman, and Venus guessed she was Doctor Sun. Doctor Du mentioned her earlier.

“Hello, are you Doctor Sun?” Venus walked to her and asked in a soft voice.

The middle-aged woman looked Venus up and down and said: “Yes. Are you here for a checkup? Tell me your symptoms first.”

Venus shook her head and said: “No, doctor. I was here two days earlier and it was Doctor Du who gave me a checkup. I am here only to confirm the result.”

Doctor Sun looked at her and asked: “Didn’t we call you and tell you the result? Do you have any problem?”

Venus got suspicious in an instant, but she managed not to show her suspicion through her facial expression. She said: “Oh, a friend of mine answered the call, and she didn’t pay much attention to it because she thought it was a scam call. Can you please check the result for me?”

Doctor Sun said: “I see. Fine, tell me when did you have the checkup, and your registration number.”

Venus told her and said: “Thank you so very much.”

Doctor Sun found her result soon, and said: “No.32. Venus Mu. Is that you?”


Doctor Sun looked at the result, and a warm smile spread over her face. She said: “Congratulations. You are two month pregnant!”

Venus broke out into a cold sweat. She couldn’t believe Kerry was right. She couldn’t believe she was really pregnant with another man’s child.

Venus found it hard to accept, not because of the kid, not because of Kerry, but because she didn’t even know who the father is.

If she was really two-month pregnant, the father could only be the man she slept with that night. But she had no idea who he is, and where he was.

Doctor Sun noticed Venus’s weird reaction, and she thought she was only too surprised. Being a doctor, she couldn’t help giving Venus some advice. She said: “You are still very young. And having a child is not an easy task for young people like you. Here are some things you need to bear in mind. First, don’t eat anything raw, and don’t eat cold food……”

Venus wanted to ask the doctor how long would it take if she wanted to have an abortion. But she checked herself when she heard what the doctor said. She didn’t want to disappoint the doctor, and she found the word “abortion” too cruel to be uttered.

Venus dragged herself out of the hospital. She walked along the street alone. The sunshine was warm and glorious, but she felt cold and numb.

This child reminded her of that night, the night marked by shame and humiliation, the night when she lost her virginity to a strange man, and the night when she was betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, Zihang Lu.

Zihang promised to love her, protect her, and take care of her forever and ever, but turned out, what he said were downright lies, and Venus witnessed he was having an affair with her cousin, Yiyao Mu!!

Venus felt disgusted when she remembered everything Zihang said, and she went down and puked violently. Tears were also streaming down her face.

Even the sky seemed to be touched by her sadness. The brilliant sun was clouded all of a sudden, and soon, heavy rain poured down. The rain soaked her in an instant, and it flew into her mouth together with her tears. She sunk into utter despair.

She now found it ridiculous that she even planed to allow him to take her virginity that night. Who could have thought she was tricked by him into losing her virginity to a strange man. She suddenly remembered Zihang told her that he was giving her to someone in Nangong Family. So, maybe Hao Nangong knows that man well?

Then, Venus stopped a taxi, and asked the driver to take her to Zihang’s place. She needed to ask Zihang who on earth was the man slept with her that night.

The car arrived at the neighborhood Zihang was in. Venus paid the driver, rushed to Zihang’s house and knocked his door without hesitation.

She used to come to this place a lot. Especially on holidays, she would come and cook for him, and do his laundry. She just wanted to be a good girlfriend. Now looking back, Zihang was only regarding her as a housemaid, a housemaid who never complains and who is free of charge.

“Who is it? Is my sweet Yiyao back?” Zihang said from inside the room, and then, the door was opened.

Chapter 113: Who was the Man That Night? (3)

Zihang Lu looked incredulous, and there was a hint of hesitation in his voice, “Venus, why are you here?”

Venus showed a cold look with all over the body revealing a trace of alienation, saying with a light tone, “I just wanted to ask you a question.”

Zihang listened and did not answer immediately. He noticed that Venus was wet all over by the rain. He wondered whether she was cold or not, because her shoulder kept shaking.

Zihang reached out to her and tried to pull her closer to the room, but Venus slapped him away with one hand. She angrily said in a voice with undisguised disgust, “Don’t touch me!”

It’s too dirty!

Venus did not say out that sentence. Thinking that she needed to ask him about that thing, she temporarily couldn’t annoy him.

In the face of her extreme reaction, Zihang felt a pang and suddenly became gloomy. He said, “Venus, why are you doing this? Now you have been the young wife of Family Ye, but your temper is getting worse.”

In the face of his sarcasm, Venus felt a sulk raise up from her heart, but was suppressed by her, and her tone was deliberately softened, “I didn’t mean to disturb you, I just want to as the other night…”

Before Venus finished speaking, Zihang reached out, pulled her into the room and threw her a white towel, saying, “Dry your hair first, or you’ll catch a cold later.”

In the face of his sudden concern, there were no waves in Venus’s heart. She put the towel beside, and didn’t take a look on it.

Now, the whole room was all to Yiyao Mu’s taste. Have a look at the pink wallpaper, orange sofa. These were all decorated according to Yi Yao’s preferences.

She didn’t expect that at the beginning she specially arranged the room in accordance with his preferences, but now his room has been arranged in accordance with the likes of Yiyao. This proved that he didn’t love her more than Yiyao.

Seeing this scene, Venus was unavoidably a little uncomfortable, but now she had a sense of strangeness, which was brought by the long time. She could be sure that she was completely not into him.

Noticing her gaze, Zihang raised a smug smile at the corner of his mouth. He thought that Venus would feel uncomfortable, so he said, “Venus, is Kerry Ye good to you?”

Hearing his words, Venus sneers from the heart. Whether Kerry was good to her was none of his business! What right had he to ask?

Venus looked indifferent, said in a light tone, “It’s ok.”

Seeing her a completely unaffected appearance, Zihang clenched his fists, and he was sure that he couldn’t completely ignore her. Whenever Yiyao wasn’t with him, he would always think of her appearance.

At the beginning, he chose Yiyao because of his infatuation with Yiyao’s body, and also Yiyao’s identity.

Now, the Mu’s Group was under the control of Yiyao’s father, so Yiyao could give him more than Venus. Yiyao couldn’t just be a wife’s job. As long as he played up to her, she would play an important role in his future development!

The only thing that Yiyao was not as good as Venus was Venus’s gentleness and kindness. Yiyao never made a meal for him, and she would not give him a laundry suit, which only Venus could do.

But if he was to choose again, he still wouldn’t change it, because Yiyao could give him too much, and Venus could give him too little.

She didn’t want to stay here longer, so she asked directly, “I wonder who bought me that night.”

Zihang was a little absent-minded, and said,” You want to know the person who paid you for a night.”

Venus nodded.

Zihang looked flirtatious, staring at Venus after the rain. Her thin clothes were stuck on her body, revealing her vaguely but perfect outline, which make Zihang look deepened.

He did not notice that before. The figure of Venus was unexpectedly sexy with protruding chest and raising booty. Compared with Yiyao’s too thin figure, Venus made his blood boil unexpectedly.

He took a couple of steps forward, came up to Venus, and said, “Venus, you don’t need to care about that. Even after that night, I didn’t say I didn’t want you. Why you …”

Hearing his shameless words, Venus suddenly felt a pain in her liver. She stared at him with a cold look and said coldly, “Zihang! I don’t care about the past, I just want to know what was the name of the man that night? I want to know his name!”

Hearing her repeated mention of the incident that night, Zihang looked a little embarrassed.

Chapter 114: Hao Nangong, I can’t forgive you (1)

It was true that Zihang Lyu had set her up that night, and he did regret it afterwards. “Venus should have given her virginity to me.” Zihang Lyu thought.

But he could only think this. The man was Hao Nangong that night, and his orders were not something Zihang could disobey.

Zihang no longer concealed it and said directly, “The man was Hao Nangong that night, but I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t dare to disobey his order.”

Venus did not listen to his ramblings. The words Hao Nangong kept appearing in her mind. It was as if her heart had been stabbed by a knife and it was bleeding.

“Hao did this. Why? Why would he do this?” Venus thought.

Venus remembered that Hao had expressed his love to her and he happened to save her many times. At that time, she wondered why he saved her in time every time. It turned out that it was all designed by him in advance.

Venus was desperate. It was hard for her to accept this fact. If it was anyone else, she wouldn’t be so sad. However this person who had always set her up was Hao Nangong, who she had always treated as a good friend.

“How could he do this? Does he see me as a doll?” Venus said to herself.

Zihang Lyu keenly sensed Venus’s sadness. He leaned close to her, hugged her waist, and spoke softly, “Venus, what’s wrong with you?”

Venus’s body struggled violently and said indifferently, “Zihang Lyu, What are you doing? Get away from me.”

Zihang, however, ignored Venus’s words. He put his hand inside Venus’s clothes and touched her delicate skin.

Venus struggled desperately, but her body was pressed down by him. She was unable to move at all. She yelled at him, “Stay away from me. If you don’t let go of me, I’ll call for help.”

Faced with her threat, Zihang didn’t care in the slightest. He leaned down and smelled the lemon aroma on her body and exclaimed, “Venus, I just find you so beautiful.”

Venus gritted her teeth. She said threateningly, “If you touch me, I’ll have Kerry kill you.

These words clearly worked.

After Zihang heard this, he stiffened.

But not waiting for Venus to take a breath, Zihang sad disdainfully, “If I fuck you, you may tell it to Kerry. But I’m not afraid. Even if he wants to deal with me, he’ll loathe you first. After all, you’ve given him a cuckold.”

“Zihang Lyu, you’re so shameless.” Venus stared at him, her tone full of disgust.

He held Venus’s arms with his right hand and lifted them above her head, then he used his left hand to unfasten Venus’s buckle.

Looking at his disgusting face, Venus tried to resist the urge to vomit. Suddenly, she realized that her legs were movable, so she lifted her legs with all her strength and kicked at his manhood.

As expected, Zihang looked pained. He roared, “Venus, you’re trying to kill me?”

Venus took the opportunity to push him down to the ground and quickly ran for the door, just as she was about to open it, someone opened the door before her.

It was Yiyao Mu that opened the door.

When Yiyao appeared, the two people in the room were both shocked.

After Yiyao saw the disheveled Venus, she was very angry. She roared, “What the hell are you guys doing? Venus, why are you here?”

Seeing that it was Yiyao who opened the door, Venus felt that her trouble was coming. She snorted, “Why don’t you ask your husband about this?”

Hearing her words, Yiyao noticed the flustered Zihang. She questioned in an angry tone.”Zihang Lyu, you’d better give me an explanation, or I’ll have my father kill you.”

Zihang’s heart tightened. He didn’t doubt her words in the slightest. Yiyao’s father very loved her and he believed that her dad would definitely punish him harshly then.

“Venus came to find me. She said she was unhappy and wanted me to comfort her, but I didn’t cheat on you.” Zihang made up reasons.

Chapter 114: Hao Nangong, I can’t forgive you (2)

After hearing Zihang Lyu’s words, Venus was furious. She hadn’t realized that Zihang Lyu was such a despicable person before. He was full of lies to deceive Yiyao Mu and slandered Venus.

“Why are all the men around me so bad? Am I too stupid?” Venus thought bitterly.

Yiyao Mu chose to believe Zihang’s words and slapped Venus in the face.

“Venus, you slut. You’re already married, but you’re here to seduce Zihang.” she shouted.

Venus glared at her coldly and slapped her, too. “Yiyao Mu, you chose to believe Zihang Lyu? You’re so ridiculous.” Venus laughed, “I wouldn’t seduce a scum like him.”

Hearing her words, Zihang’s heart sank and said coldly, “Venus, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of woman. Since you hate me so much, why did you come to my house to find me?”

Originally Yiyao was a little hesitant about Venus’ words, but after hearing Zihang say so, she now smiled coldly and said, “Venus, Then how do you explain why you’re here looking for Zihang?”

Venus didn’t want to waste any more time with them and immediately headed for the door. Suddenly she felt a stabbing pain in her scalp, and then she saw Yiyao’s face distorted with rage.

Yiyao grabbed Venus’s hair. She said angrily, “Since you dare to come, do you think you can leave here easily?”

Venus looked cold and also went forward to grab her long hair. Looking at her pained look, she mocked, “You like to pull people’s hair, right? Then I’ll let you feel it too.”

Yiyao was so angry inside. She now wanted to ruin Venus’ face. She yelled at Zihang in the room, Can’t you see she’s pulling my hair? Come help me.”

Zihang was hesitant, but in the end he walked towards them.

Seeing Zihang walked toward them, Venus was on guard. She knew she couldn’t let Zihang help Yiyao, or they would deal with her together and then she would definitely be in big trouble today.

Venus suddenly pulled Yiyao’s hair and pulled her back. Yiyao burst into tears in pain. Venus noticed the vase of flowers on the desk, and then she threw it to the floor.

Zihang was shocked and hesitated to go forward to help Yiyao.

Venus seized this opportunity, lowered herself and picked up the broken piece, pointed it at Yiyao’s neck and said, “Don’t come over, or I’ll cut her neck.”

Yiyao was scared. She couldn’t believe that Venus had changed so much since she had married Kerry.

She used to be tolerant no matter what people did to her, but now she was trying to kill her.

“Oh my god, why did she become so cruel?” Yiyao thought.

Faced with the crazy Venus, Zihang stopped in his tracks. He looked at her warily and said, “Venus, she’s your cousin, you can’t hurt her.”

Hearing Zihang’s words, Venus laughed coldly.

“Cousin? I don’t remember I have cousins. Since you angered me first, I can only treat her mercilessly.” she said sarcastically.

Yiyao was scared to death. She had lost her previous arrogance. Her eyes were streaming with tears and fear, “I know I was wrong. I apologize to you. Please let me go.”

Even though Yiyao apologized to her, Venus didn’t forgive her. She knew that Yiyao wanted to get rid of this and said that on purpose, so Venus was more alert. She had noticed what the two wanted to do. She used the pieces of the vase to gash Yiyao’s neck.

“Zihang Lyu, you better stay where you are, or I’ll slit her throat.”

Hearing her words, Zihang could only stop where he was, not daring to go any further.

Venus then pulled Yiyao along and headed for the door. When she reached the door, she violently pushed her and quickly ran out.

Yiyao was pushed to the ground. Zihang helped her up. Yiyao was filled with resentment

“You go get her back. Otherwise, I’ll have my father deal with you later!” she roared.

Zihang listened to her instructions and got a little tired of her inside, “I’m not her family’s bodyguard. Why should I take orders from her?”

But he still had to go down after Venus.

Chapter 114: Hao Nangong, I can’t Forgive You (3)

Yiyao Mu stared at those fragments with a look full of anger. She said ruthlessly through her teeth, “Venus Mu, once I catch you, your face will be ruined!”

Venus ran directly to the side of the road, and suddenly saw Zihang Lu catching up. At the moment she hid in the roadside green belt.

Zihang looked at the disappearance of Venus, cursed in his heart, turned around and went upstairs again.

Venus was sure that he had gone upstairs, quickly took a taxi, and left directly.

When she was sitting in the car, Venus’s heart was beating wildly. What happened just now swept over her mind just like pieces of power point that took on repeatedly in her brain. If she was not vigilant, she would suffer a big misfortune.

Of course, she would owe all these trouble to Kerry Ye. Without his destruction and torture, she would not grow so fast.

Venus raised a sarcastic smile, but she was very calm at this moment.

She now accepted the injustice of fate, and the more cruel it was to her, the faster she would grow, and these physical and mental tortures were taken as the price to pay for growth!

“Miss, where are you going?” Asked the taxi driver, who was sitting at the wheel.

Venus said without thinking, “Jiangnan Lidu Villa.”


Venus looked out of the window of the scenery, but the heart turned over unceasingly. It was the time to have a word with Hao Nangong.

When Hao received the phone call of Venus, he was more than excited and cannot restrain it. There still were several days before the appointed date when they met each other. Unexpectedly, Venus contacted him, which made him a little flattered.

Anyway, it was good news for him that Venus had reached out to him.

At this time, Heng Du got the news across to him, saying that Venus had been waiting in the living room. Hao picked up the shirt, and directly went down the stairs.

When seeing on the sofa of the sitting room, what sat was the woman that he often read aloud in his heart, now causing him heart beating faster.

“Venus, here you are.”

Venus turned around and saw the handsome Hao. She do not know whether it was her illusion. She felt that he was thinner than a period of time before, but then on the second thought, whether he was fat or thin was nothing to do with her.

Trying to nip out the last trace of sympathy, Venus looked at him coldly, with a tone of indifference, “Today the reason why I come to you is to confirm one thing.”

Staring at her serious face, Hao felt tight in his heart, but still pretended to be calm and carefree, sipping coffee little by little, and his voice seemed very gentle, “Go ahead. If I really know something about it, I will tell you.”

Venus nodded and asked directly, “Is it you who stayed with me in Room 1026 of the CK Hotel the other night?”

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