Chapter 113: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 113 This slap is paid back to Colin Ward!

The door was opened.

Doris Lee lay naked on the ground.

Colin Ward’s heart rate accelerated instantly. Doris had a really good figure and white skin.

But Colin didn’t have time to think about other things.

Colin patted Doris face and called her. Then he heard her breathing.

“Thank God.”

He was about to carry Doris out of the bathroom.

“Ah!” Doris shouted.

Fortunately, he hadn’t picked her up yet.

“You did what?” Doris squawked.

Colin was a little embarrassed, “you’ve been in for more than an hour. I’m afraid you’ll have an accident. I came in and saw you faint on the ground.”

“Could you go out first?”

Colin sighed and left.

Twenty minutes later, Doris sat by the bed and Colin sat on the bench.

“Eh, I’m really worried about you. So…”

“What did you see?”

In reality this question was nonsense.

Colin smirked, “dear, I’m your husband. It’s OK.”

Doris blushed, “enough is enough!”

“Well, why did you faint in the bathroom?”

“I don’t know.”

“Have you taken any medicine recently?”

“Sometimes I can’t sleep and take some sleeping pills.”

Colin had no idea, “go to bed early now. You’d better go to the hospital tomorrow.”

Doris didn’t take it seriously, “don’t worry. Maybe I’m just too tired.”

“It doesn’t take much time to go to the hospital for examination. Think of it as a physical examination.”

“But…” Doris still didn’t care about that.


The next day, when Colin arrived at Marquis Group, he immediately called Nina White and handed her the powder. “Test it. Quick.”

Nina took it. Although she was confused, she didn’t ask anything.

She was about to out when she got a call.

“What happened?” Colin asked.

“Lishi Company refused to sign the purchase contract.”


Nina shook her head.

Colin frowned and confused. What were their reasons for refusing to sign? The terms he had given were very good. Was there any other Group?

“Go to find out who has contacted Lishi Company recently.” Colin ordered.

Nina nodded.

Colin suddenly realized that Doris had gone to the Lishi Company, didn’t she…

Thinking this, Colin went out and called Gerd Ward.

Lishi Company.

Today, Doris was wearing a beige professional suit and white high heels.

As the new chairman, she must hold a meeting.

However, when Doris came into the meeting room, she saw Fox Lee was sitting in the chair of chairman.

Fox saw Doris and smiled wickedly, “the daughter of Xinxi group? Why are you here today?”

Doris frowned, “Fox Lee! Why are you sitting there?”

Fox glanced at Doris, “I’m the chairman of LIshi Company. This position is mine.”

“You are no longer the chairman.”

“Colin is nothing. Why should we listen to her? Why do you want to be the chairman? You want to help your dad get Lishi Company back? No way!”

“Colin is the man responsible for the acquisition of Lishi Company by Marquis group. What he said must take effect.”

“He is nothing!”

“Well, then you say, who has the final say?”


“Grandpa had announced that I’m the chairman yesterday.”

“What qualifications do you have? Who are you?” Fox asked.

Doris glared at Fox.

“Ok, I’ll ask grandpa.” Doris was about to go out but stopped by guards.

Doris turned to Fox, “what do you want to do?”

“I should ask you that. What do you want to do? Here is Lishi Company’s meeting room. Is it right for you to break in as an outsider?”


“Don’t you?”

Doris thought that things were not simple. Some bad idea rose in her mind.

At the same time, Fox came over and looked at her carefully.

Doris was alert, “what do you…”


Fox gave Doris a slap.

“This slap is paid back to Colin Ward! How dare he hit me? You’re his wife, you’re going to take the slap instead of him.”

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