Chapter 114: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 114 I won’t give you a penny

Doris looked angry as she’s raising her hand to slap him. Unfortunately, the security guard held her wrist.

Fox saw her wrist being grabbed by the security guard, and said, “Did you intend to hit me?”

Doris glared at Fox angrily, “Right! You’d better not to give me an opportunity to. Otherwise, I’ll make you pay twice!”

“Hmph!” Fox sneered at her, “Don’t even dream of it! Do you even have that ability? Don’t say that you’re thinking of relying on that useless husband of yours?”

“Haha.. . I’d gladly tell you this, don’t think that Colin could get inside the building of the Lishi Company today.”

“Oh, really?”

The sound came behind them, attracting everyone’s attention, and they turned the gaze towards the door of the meeting room.

With a ‘slam’, two of the security guard at the door was slammed to the ground.

Colin and Gerd walked inside one after another.

Fox was startled, “You…”

Doris looked delighted.

Everyone who saw Colin and Gerd walked in was also surprised.

Especially when Gerd came in, everyone felt a sense of domination and nobody dared to gasp loudly.

Colin looked at Fox coldly, “Aren’t I inside now?”

Fox was shocked, “You trespassed into Lishi Company without saying anything and even injured some people! You fucking people, don’t think about getting out of this building today!”

Colin approached Doris and saw a palm print on her face. His face suddenly changed then he turned around and stared coldly at Fox.

“Did you do this?” Colin asked with a terrifyingly gloomy voice.

Fox didn’t care at the slightest and said proudly, “That’s right. So what?”

Upon hearing what Fox said, Colin chuckled at it, then his face turned gloomier. He walked up to Fox in several steps and raised his hand to slap him.


Colin put up his every strength in slapping him as he directly made Fox’s vision be filled with stars and fell on the ground.

Fox stared at Colin angrily, “Colin, you fucking dare to hit me! I’ll tell you….”


A slap came again.

“Colin! I…”




Inside the meeting room, only the sound of slapping could be heard continuously.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Perhaps it was because of the shock or their fear of something that nobody got up to persuade him.

Normally, Colin’s physical build wasn’t better than Fox’s. But now, it’s an exception. Since Colin was in a rage, it was incomparable to the normal times.

After Colin finished slapping Fox on the ground, the wound on his right hand started bleeding, and he still kept on slapping. He didn’t stop before he calmed down.

At this time, Fox was completely shocked. His face was extremely swollen, moreover, it was added with Colin’s blood, which looked particularly terrifying.

The Lee family members that were present finally returned to their senses and were shocked after seeing Fox’s bloody face.

“Don’t say that he was killed?”

“Oh my God, there’s blood all over his face!”

“Call the police, quickly!”

Then, someone took out his cellphone to call the police.

At the same time, the old Lee brought his sons with him and entered the office.

Webb rushed over as he saw his son was lying on the ground with a bloody face.

The old Lee also saw Fox and he didn’t need to think about it, to know who did this. So, at that moment, he looked coldly at Colin.

Colin guarded Doris behind his back and looked at the old Lee boldly, “Give me one reason.”

The old Lee sneered at him, “A reason? You’re a smart person. How can you ask such a dumb question? It’s all because of the profit. What else do you need?”

On the side, Webb looked at Fox’s condition and said in anger, “Colin! You’re too much! Why are you so cruel?”

The old Lee looked at Fox as he squinted slightly, and said in a deep voice, “Today we put the matter to an end and settle all the accounts.”

Colin looked at the old Lee and knew that he had found a new supporter so he looked confident. But he was so curious, who is his new supporter? Who would’ve such the courage to go against the Marquis Group?

One more thing, he also didn’t know whether the old Lee had disclosed his identity or not?

Colin had a lot of going on in his mind, but it was just a momentary thing. Then he asked lightly, “Fine! How do you want to settle it?”

The old Lee said lightly, “The first one, the LIshi Company will have nothing to do with The Marquis Group now. You broke into the building of Lishi Company and even the meeting room without authorization.”

“Second, you’ve attacked people and injured my grandson. Tell me, do you wish to resolve this peacefully or forcefully?”

Colin smiled at it, “Is there any difference? Either it’s settled peacefully or forcefully, I don’t see any difference. Because I won’t choose any of it!”

“You!” The old Lee became angry. Finally, as if he’s giving Colin the last chance, he said, “Eighty million. I won’t pester you any more about these two things.”

Colin then understood the meaning of it, “You want money, right?”

Eighty million could revive the Lishi Company. After all, he had invested a hundred million in Lishi Company at the beginning.

Doris was dumbfounded, “Grandpa, it was Fox who hit me first…”

The old Lee turned a blind eye on Doris and his attitude remained the same.

Seeing the old Lee’s attitude, Colin frowned slightly, and said lightly, “I have eighty million.”

The old Lee’s eyes lit up.

Colin continued, “But, I won’t give you a penny.”

“Colin, money is the best way to settle the problems.”

Colin sneered slightly and didn’t look like he cared, “You are right! So what? I have money but I won’t spend it on you, guys!”

“It’s because I don’t know what group is supporting you? Even if I know it, it doesn’t matter. In Tianbei City, nobody has dared to snatch something from the Marquis Group. Even if there is, I will let him know, anyone who offends the Marquis Group will end.”

“As for you, I believe you will regret this!”

After the words were spoken, the old Lee’s face turned gloomy, and looked speechless.

Colin glanced at Fox, then said again, “Your grandson has hit your granddaughter and you ignored it. It doesn’t matter to me. But since he hit my wife, I can’t tolerate it. He should pay the price!”

“As for the blood, it’s mine.” After speaking, Colin showed his palm to everyone.

After speaking, Colin said to Doris and Gerd, “Let’s go”

When they just took a step, Fox who had returned to his mind began to yell, “You can’t go! You are not allowed to go! Do you still think of going after hitting me? You won’t be able to go. You have to pay for it today!”

Webb also said coldly, “Stop them!”

As soon as he spoke, the security guards surrounded them.

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