Chapter 115 – 116: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 115: Rescue

When saying that, Kris’s gas was sunken to Dantian (a position below the belly), so the voice was so loud that the people inside were startled.

Later everyone came to their sense and knew that Kris was back!

They will be saved!

At this time, everyone suddenly remembered what Kris said before.

It turned out that he had not tried to please them with claptrap.

But this place was really unsafe.

“Kris, I am here!”

At this time, Tianba Li’s voice came out from inside.

“Okay, wait a minute, I will rescue you!”

Saying that Kris found a sharper rock, climbed up it, and dug in the crack desperately.

He took the dragon and tiger pill. He was as powerful as an ox originally, and now he became a practitioner. With the aid of internal force, this crack was soon passable.

“Come on, Tianba, get out of this hole!”

Kris tore his coat into strips of cloth, tied them into a rope, and dropped it through the hole.

With the help of Kris, Tianba and his wife were rescued from the danger first.

Seeing Tianba and his wife leaving, others in the cave shouted, “Kris, save me, please…”

“Kris, save me first…”

“Kris, my wife is pregnant, save her first…”

From time to time, stones fell from the top of the cave. Soon this cave should collapse completely.

At this juncture of life and death, everyone wanted to be saved out first, because the longer they stayed there, the higher the risk.

Bao struggled out of the crowd, looked up, yelling: “Kris, this is Bao, you save me first… If you save me, I will give you a lot of money…”

Dignity and face were all thrown away by him at this time, he just wanted to live now!

Kris smiled coldly: “Bao, you said before, who asks for help is the son of bitch!”


Bao’s face turned into liver-colored; he didn’t expect that Kris actually raked up the old matters.

This is bullying!

It would be fine if no one is here now, but now there are hundreds of people in this cave, and Lan is also by his side.

Seeing him speechless, Kris did not bother to take care of him. He then said aloud: “Don’t be noisy, everyone, I won’t stand idly by; the pregnant woman in the cave comes out first, then the injured, the ladies third, the men last! “

Everyone was agreed with what Kris said. After saving the pregnant woman and the injured from the cave, Kris looked at Lan and said, “Why are you still standing there stupidly? Hurry up!”

Hearing this, Lan was surprised and happy; she didn’t expect him to save her first!

She hurried over to grab the rope.

Kris pulled her out without much effort, but the big stone was uneven, and she was wearing high-heeled shoes, suddenly she can’t keep balance and be about to fall forward.

Very fast, Kris held her thin waist and hugged her.

Lan also subconsciously caught on his neck.

Seeing this, Bao in the cave was very angry, but he didn’t dare to say it out, fearing to annoy Kris; if Kris is not coming to save himself, he will be over!

Lan did not know that Cao was jealous; she was very shy at the moment.

Unexpectedly, Kris hugged her in front of so many people, and she felt the big hand around her thin waist, still kneading constantly.

His big hands seemed to be magical, and her strength was gone.

Fortunately, now the light was dim here, and no one saw the expression on her face, nor does anyone see Kris’s blamed hand.

“Keep your feet.” Kris came to her ear and said softly.

Lan felt that her heart was beating rapidly; her pretty face was hot; she pushed away Kris in embarrassment and left the big stone with hands covering the face.

“Oh, it feels so good!”

Kris also smelled his hand, as if her temperature remained on the hand.

Immediately, the rest of the people in the cave was rescued by him, except for Bao.

When there was only Bao left in the cave, Kris sat on the big stone and gasped.

At this moment, he felt that his two hands were hurting. If he had taken the dragon and tiger pill and became a practitioner, he could not have saved these hundreds of people at all.

After resting for a while, Kris looked down at the crowd looking up at him, and pointed to the woods on the coast of Mary Su: “Everyone goes to rest there, as long as you keep away from this cave, it will be fine.”

What Kris was saying now was authoritative for them. They have escaped from death. Without the help of Kris, they would have to die inside.

Refute him?

Don’t be ridiculous, they almost die in it. Who dares to question Kris.

Everyone left, only Lan stood still.

Kris rubbed his arm, looked at her, and said, “Why are you still here?”

From time to time, stones were rolling down from this mountain. If hit, people will be crippled if not die. She was really having no sense of a thing’s importance.

Lan bit her lips and said shyly: “Kris, Bao…Bao hasn’t come up yet, please save him!”

Although in the shark attack during the day, Bao left her to escape, which disappointed Bao. But in any case, he is her nominal fiancé. If she goes without helping him, she will be blamed by people.

At the same time, Bao, in the cave, was also very angry.

Kris was apparently revenging him.

At this moment, a few large stones fell from the top of the mountain behind him, hitting the ground with a “bang”, scaring Bao a lot.

He couldn’t bear it anymore. The top of the mountain was several meters above the ground. If such a big stone hit him, he will be smashed into a patty. He didn’t want it. He didn’t want to die!

Bao was panicked and shouted: “Kris, I beg you, please save me, it was my fault before, I beg you to save me, woo… I don’t want to die…”

The place where the stone was hit was just a few tens of centimeters from the heel of his foot. If he moved a little further, he would definitely be hit on the head.

He was scared, he was really scared, even more, scared than being caught by Changkong Yin and brought to the branch of the Sun and Moon Holy Cult. If he was still fooling at this time, maybe the big rock above his head will fall down in the next moment.

Today, only Kris had a rope in his hands, and only he can save himself.

Hearing his panic cry for help, Kris drew closer, smiled, and turned his head to look at Lan: “Why should I save him? Isn’t your fiancé very powerful? He had killed a shark before, how can such a little cave get him trapped!”

With that said, Kris turned to leave.

Seeing this, Bao burst into tears and quickly shouted: “Kris, Kris, don’t go, please don’t go.”

He screamed with tears: “The shark I killed was fake, and it was someone I arranged to pretend to be, which was for the purpose of being cool. Kris, I beg you, don’t leave the dying unsaved. I don’t want to die… oooo…”

Seeing Bao howling and crying, Kris almost burst out laughing, thought this boy is really timid, and actually cried.

You don’t need to talk about killing fake sharks? Everyone saw the truth behind it. You really treat others as fools?

But this time, Kris wasn’t so kind. Bao provoked him over and over again. He was not his father and need not to accommodate him.

Just let him stay in the cave. Clapping his hands, and Kris turned around and was about to jump off the big stone.

At this time, Lan took off high-heeled shoes and climbed up to the big stone barefooted. She knew that Kris had determined not to save Bao.

She quickly grabbed Kris’s arm and begged: “Dear Kris…I know you’re the kindest…Please pull him up, I beg you…”

Chapter 116: The Old Man of Chen Family

Kris would never be known how brave Lan Yu was to say that.

Anyway, he didn’t want to save Bao Cao!

What Bao did in the day almost led to a disaster. How could Kris forgive him for making mistakes over and over again?

This time he was determined to bet on his idea, not soft-hearted no matter how Lan persuaded.

Seeing her fiancee clutching Kris’s arm coquettishly, he began to lose his head with jealousy. She had never talked to him like that since they knew each other.

However, at such a life-or-death moment, he didn’t dare to say anything.

Lan realized that Bao had thoroughly riled him from Kris’s indifferent look.

In fact, she was very angry with Bao, who always did terrible things. But anyway, she couldn’t let him die in the cave.

Seeming to think of something, Lan gritted his teeth as her exquisite face, neck, and ears suddenly turned red.

When Kris turned around to jump away, he felt a cold sensation on his face with a refreshing fragrance.

He was stunned to look at Lan, who was shyly lowering her head.

What? She kissed him just now!

His heart did a flip, making it sure again that he didn’t make any unreasonable demand this time.

Lan was indeed a beautiful woman, especially when she showed a pouting expression like a little girl for the first time that he had never seen before. Suddenly he felt drained and licked his dry lips. He said embarrassedly, “This time, I didn’t mention that …”

Lan raised his head, looking at him with her beautiful eyes covered with misty mist. She bit her lips and said, “Kris, Please, please save him.”

Kris gave a wry smile, thinking that he had no choice but to be soft-hearted no matter how stubborn himself was since the woman had done like that.

With a sigh, he threw the rope down to save Bao.

After that, Kris looked disgruntled as he jumped down from the huge stone, finally disappearing in the darkness.

As soon as he arrived where Mary stayed, two women were standing there waiting for him. Mary looked happy to see him back, “Kris, you are so cool!”

She was extremely excited to be told that it was Kris who saved all of them.

She was a little stunned at first when they came to thank her one by one.

Was he still her good-for-nothing husband?

How could he change so much as if nothing in this world could defeat him?

Kris forced a smile and said, “Just a piece of cake. It’s very late now. Go, have a rest.”

So many things had happened today, making him exhausted.

Mary heard the tiredness in his tone, so she immediately asked Xiaorou to sleep.

It’s not long before Kris fell asleep. However, at this time, the phone suddenly rang and kept vibrating in his pocket!

Fuck, who is bothering me during my sleeping?

He couldn’t figure out why everyone’s phone wasn’t signaled except his. Was his emulation phone better than their iPhones?

Kris took out his phone impatiently to find it was a message from Rui Liu.

“Brother, have you checked the photos I sent? It’s Teacher Du who asked me to do that. She also wants to be an entertainer and asks me to recommend her to you. Do you think whether she has the ability to enter the Fantasy Entertainment Group or not?”

What? Lei Du wanted to be an entertainer?

Kris was stunned to know it. Why did such a lofty person want to be a star?

He was once the monitor in their class, knowing Lei very well.

He knew that Lei had always looked down on the entertainers. In her words, they were as poor as the low-status people in ancient times. He had never forgotten the pride in her voice at that time though so many years had passed.

Actually, Lei became sexier in these years. As a beauty, her temperament was more attractive after being a teacher for these years.

He touched his chin, thinking it seemed to be hopeful for such a style of a female star like Lei that hadn’t been seen in the entertainment industry.

Now accomplished women and sexy women were the most popular with people. Lei’s career as a teacher was a stunt itself. Maybe she would really get famous one day.

After considering for a while, Kris reached a decision and replied, “I agree. Tell Xue Mi tomorrow, and she’ll arrange an interviewer for Lei.”

Now he could not sleep.

He suddenly remembered the Moluo Fruit that caused Xuan Song’s poisoning was planted on the hillside ahead.

The Moluo Fruit could be used to refine many kinds of magical pills.

Thinking of it, Kris stood up and walked toward the hillside ahead.

Following the moonlight, Kris finally found the Moluo Fruit he had been wanting.

The Moluo Fruit was similar to wild pineapple except that the pulp of the moro fruit was red.

When he walked into a look, out of his expectation, over 20 Moluo Fruit trees made Kris very excited.

Haha, so many trees! What a huge win! So cool!





Something important happened in the Chen family today!

The old man who had been in hibernation for more than three years now appeared!

The old man was Kris’s grandfather, the previous owner of the Chen family.

It had been three years since he was in hibernation!

The patriarch being its leader to the Chen family as the old man to the family.

After his hibernation ended, all of the Chen family hurried back, together with many tycoons and politicians.

The old man was absolutely the most famous one of the legends in Westriver City.

The Chen family, originating in the late Qing Dynasty, didn’t flourish until it was passed on to the old man. Finally, it became the top family in Westriver City.

However, eight years ago, the old man turned the family authority over to Kris’s father, Tianyao Chen.

After that, people no longer focused on the old man. During these years of hibernation, the old man had deeply indulged in Taoism.

No one knew that the old man devoted himself to the Taoism in order to eliminate the hostility in his heart.

Taoism stresses the importance of nature and destiny. The old man had not only experienced countless business difficulties for decades but also made something on conscience, which caused him very uncomfortable. Therefore, he decided to find a way out.

Three years ago, he had a good friend named Zhen Yuan, a monk of Shaolin School, who clearly knew that he did everything for dedication to Taoism. So Zhen recommended him to join Wudang School.

The Shaolin school had long been linked to Wudang School because the founder of Wudang School, Sanfeng Zhang, was originally a monk of Shaolin Temple.

For Zhen’s sake, the Wudang School made an exception for the old man to practice Tai Chi Kungfu that was only allowed for its followers.

Tai Chi Kungfu containing many meaningful principles, was created by Master Zhang, the founder of Wudang School, when he was 100. What’s more, he had experienced ups and downs for decades, enough to have deep feelings. Especially after the practice, he completely indulged in it.

Three years raced by, with an achievement, he decided to finish the hibernation then.

As the Chen family’s key head, that the old man’s hibernation ended had been publicized by the followers of the Chen family and caused a sensation all over Westriver City. People all came to congratulate.

At the moment, the Chen Family was given a lavish feast in the estate, having everything from that of flying in the sky to that of swimming in the sea.

As everyone was looking forward to seeing him, the old man came out of the hibernation chamber.

He wore a white robe, with the white beard on his kind face combed carefully like an awesome immortal in the picture.

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