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Chapter 115 – 116: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 115: The truth of that night (1)

Hearing Venus Mu’s question, Hao Nangong seemed to dodge her gaze, “Has anyone mentioned this to you?”

Venus snorted and her tone was cold, “Is it necessary? I just want an answer.”

“Venus, listen to me, things aren’t what you think.” Hao wanted to calm her down.

“So what do you want me to think? Hao, do you know how much it pained me when I found out about all this? I trusted you so much, but look at what have you done to me!”

Venus was somewhat agitated, her eyes filled with endless disappointment, which caused Hao’ s inside unease grew more and more.

Hao quickly came to her, forcing her to look into his eyes, showing his sincerity and determination, “Venus, believe me. I never wanted to hurt you. Maybe what I did before was a bit inappropriate, but that’s because I love you!”

Who the man was that night, Hao knew better than anyone else, but he was planning to never tell her.

Zihang Lu thought that the man that night was him, but Zihang didn’t know that he couldn’t even get there that night because he almost got into a traffic accident, but since they all thought it was him, he was going to just admit it.

Love her?

Venus sneered. How great the word love was and anyone said so to her. Zihang said he loved her, but he ended up sending her to another man’s bed.

Now Hao said he loved her, just as she had just learned that he was the one who had taken away her virginity, bringing her so much pain.

How selfish their love was.

“Hao, don’t say ‘love’. I don’t think I have the charm to make the honorable young master Nangong ‘love’ me. How can you love me? Why do you love me?”

Hao frowned, sensing that Venus wouldn’t so easily compromise this time, so he spoke, “There’s one thing that you probably don’t remember already. Three years ago, in a dark alleyway, you once saved my life.”

After hearing his words, Venus tried to recall what he had said, suddenly feeling that she remembered something about it. With astonishment, she asked, “It was you?”

Seeing that she remembered, Hao was very happy and cautiously nodded before speaking, “That’s right, because you left in a hurry, I didn’t disturb you, but over the years, I’ve always silently watched you.”

Venus looked startled and then asked, “Why? I told you I don’t need you to thank me and you don’t have to do this at all! Even if it had been anyone else at the time, I would have made the same choice!”

Hearing her say so, Hao smiled bitterly before speaking, “I know, but you have attracted me, making me more and more fascinated by you.”

Venus didn’t reply, for she really didn’t know what to say.

“I’ve noticed that you often feed those stray dogs on the road and also volunteer at the local charity house. You’re really a very gentle and kind woman, and that’s why I’ m so into you.”

Venus lowered her head, with a smile and said, “How do you know it’s love? Maybe it’s gratitude or pity?”

Venus used to believe the love at first sight, but after these events, she began to realize that using the name of love to achieve the aim was not love, but selfish possession.

Hao raised his eyebrows and his tone was soft as if a cello was playing, “I never use love as a bargaining chip. Venus, you should know me, I don’t have to do this.”

To speak of understanding, Venus couldn’t say she understood anyone right now. When she thought something was round, but it turned out to be square.

When she thought her friendship with Xinyou Qiao was pure, the truth was wrapped in deceit and filth.

Venus’s look was mixed with coldness and there was no warmth in her smile and her tone became indifferent, “Hao, do you know? My life is a mess now and all my experiences have become meaningless, and your existence is like an oasis in the desert…”

Hearing her description, Hao frowned, but he didn’t stop her.

“Whenever I hurt, you always give me warmth, so I’m really grateful and happy to know you, but now you’re telling me that what I see is fake, and the reality is so bad!”

Every word Venus said seemed to exert all her strength. Her eyes became red and she was about to cry, making her unable to see Hao’ s face.

Hao felt nervous and he stepped forward to wipe away her tears, but was pushed away by her.

Hao looked pale and hurriedly explained, “Venus, I apologize to you for this. You can blame me, but please don’t ignore me!”

Venus looked determined and shook her head, speaking, “Hao, from now on, it’s better that we don’t contact each other and for this, I will never forgive you!”

Chapter 115: The truth of that night(2)

Venus Mu turned around and walked away just after talking, but felt a warm chest leant on her back but made her freeze.

Hao Nangong exhausted all his strength. He suddenly felt a strong uneasiness in his heart. He told himself that he could not let her go. Because he felt that once he let go, they would never get together again.

“Venus, stop being so cruel, okay? I apologize for what I did. You cannot give up on me, or I will fall apart.” Hao tried so hard to explain and apologize, as if he was olding on to the last trace of hope.

Venus trembled, she closed her eyes and pushed him away. She replied with a cold tone as usual, “Hao, don’t make me hate you.”

Hao trembled as well, looked full of shock. He hesitated for a long time, and finally said with unwillingness, “

Look full of shock, he finally hesitated for a long time, finally is unwilling to say, “good, Wei Wei, I listen to you. “Okay, Venus. I will listen to you.”

If that is what you want, I will learn to grant your wish.

Venus dared not to turn back her head, directly ran out. She stopped until she could not see the outline of that villa.

At this moment, the sky had cleared up. And the warm sunshine came out through the clouds, shining on Venus’s cold and numb body, which made her shiver all over.

If you wanted to ask what despair was, Venus thought, she already had felt it.

The world is wide, but the people who had been supporting her all the time had disappeared. She was left alone once again.

Venus took a taxi to get back to Ye’s villa. She went upstairs in a hurry and fell into her soft bed. The dizziness in her head grew stronger.

Venus stared at the ceiling and recalled what happened just now. A myriad of thoughts crowded into her mind. Her tears burst out as if the water had broken the dike. The tight string in her heart finally broke, causing her to collapse completely, crying like a lost child.

Why was the reality so unbearable! Not only confiscated her love, but also let her lose the friendship!

Kerry Ye and Zihang Lu kept bullying her, even Hao, who had always been looking after her with gentle and kindness, turned out to be the one who hurt her the most.

Maybe she was too immersed in her own thoughts, that she didn’t notice that someone came into the room, until a familiar sarcastic voice came behind her, “Oh, what’s so sad about crying?”

Venus stopped crying, wiped out the tears on her face. Her face was cold and her voice was obviously hoarse, she said, “What are you doing here?”

Xinyou Qiao’s face was full of complacency, with obvious irony. She said scornfully, “I’m here to comfort you. Look at this little crying face. How sad it is!”

Xinyou’s face was full of sarcasm and irony, but Venus’ face was full of indifference. She stood up directly and did not show any weakness, “Xinyou, you should see your hypocritical face, how disgusting of you!”

Xinyou sarcastically smiled, her tone did not show any weakness, “I am disgusting? That’s right! I wish I could make you sick! Now I’m laughing and you’re crying anyway! “

Venus frowned, and her tone was full of disgust, “You think you got nothing to fear now? You think you can really deceive others with that hypocritical face? Try not to forget that your ugliness will be exposed in front of everyone one day. Things will turn into its opposite if you pushed too far.”

Hearing her curse-like speech, Xinyou scoffed, and her tone was full of coldness and arrogance, “Please don’t think I will be afraid of you after hearing what you just said. People are selfish. What’s wrong with trying so hard to get what you want?”

“This IS not wrong!” Venus denounced loudly, “But even if you want something, you have to get it by your own skills properly, not by such dirty tricks!”

Xinyou looked cold, and she said full of disapprovingly, “It doesn’t matter! I am getting closer and closer to my life goal! But you, with your fragile heart and naïve personality, what do you get now?”

Venus smiled coldly, even if her retort came up to her mind, she actually couldn’t say a word. Facing the reality, she really couldn’t refute at all.

Venus couldn’t say that she was a kind-hearted person, but she had never done any harm to others, and she had never done anything bad to satisfy her own selfish desires!

But in the end, just as Xinyou said, what she got from being like this?

All her got was betrayal and humiliation.

Xinyou instead, always used her and harmed her. But everyone was praising her gentle and kind, compared with Venus’ vicious, she was simple and her existence was like an angel.

Wasn’t it ridiculous? When your explanation was regarded as sophistry by others, when your pain was regarded as deserved by others. Who should she be looking for to judge all of this?

Chapter 115: The truth of that night (3)

Venus Mu clenched her hands and then slowly released them, for she had learned to accept it, to accept all the torments that life had thrown to her, as she had once read in a book,

“If you can’t change all the pain that life gives to you, then try to learn to accept it, with all its evils.

She didn’t quite understand it at that time, but now she could truly understand it.

Xinyou Qiao looked fierce with grimness, and her tone was full of disgust, “Just like now, you have become the devil that everyone talks about, but I have become the angel that everyone embraces and sympathizes with. You should understand this kind of fallout very well, right?”

Venus looked indifferent, not caring what she was saying and said, “Since you feel so sure, why do you need to come to me to show off? Regardless of what you say, we haven’t changed our identities so far, have we!”

Hearing her words, Xinyou was furious inside. She was right and this result really pissed off.

She could bully her in any way she wanted, but that was the only thing she couldn’t change!

No matter what she had done, Venus was still Ye family’s young lady, while she was nothing!

“You don’t have to be proud of yourself, Venus. I wish you a long life, and I’ll torture you as long as you’re here!”

Xinyou had completely lost her mind. Unbelievable!

Venus felt tired, so she grabbed her arm and pushed her straight out of the room, saying, “I’m tired, go back to your own room!”

Xinyou was furious, saying more vicious words, “Venus, you bitch, you’re pregnant with a bastard’ s baby, and you still don’t leave Kerry Ye! What a shame!”

Venus looked sullen and her tone was cold, “How can I be compared to you? Willing to be a mistress to someone, and still show off in front of me!”

“You! You fucking bitch. I’ll kill you!”

Xinyou raised her hand to slap Venus’s face, but she didn’t expect to be pushed by Venus and she, unprepared, quickly retreated backwards, but she sat straight on the ground due to a twist of her foot wearing high heels.

Xinyou was in great pain, and the pain from her right foot made her groan.

“You’re so delicate!” Venus’s tone was full of sarcasm, and when she saw Xinyou crying, a touch of unease rose inside her.

“Venus, you really don’t know how to behave yourself! Why keep hurting her? How vicious you are.”

Until Kerry voice came from behind, Venus instantly understood that Xinyou had once again set her up, and snorted inside. She could never guard down.

“I’m vicious? It’s not once or twice anyway, so what difference does it make if it’s one more time?” Venus snorted and said in a clear voice.

For something like this, it made no difference if it’s two or three times, because the ‘stain’ was already deep inside someone.

And yet it’s something you couldn’t wash off no matter how much you wanted to!

Just like the first trap set by Xinyou, everyone thought it was her who push her down the stairs, so from then on, no matter what she did, as long as Xinyou played the role of the victim, then no matter how she proved it, she would always be the devil.

Looking at Venus, who didn’t know any remorse in the slightest, and he became sullen, “What did you just do?”

Venus sneered. How ironic it was that the president of Yehuang International, who controlled the fate of countless people in his hands, was now being fooled by a woman!

Chapter 116: Kerry, I Can Not Understant You (1)

Before Venus said anything, Xinyou, who was still sitting on the ground, said in a soft voice: “Kerry, it’s not her fault. It was an accident. I was too careless.”

Anger flickered in his eyes. He walked to Venus, grabbed her arm, and said in an angry voice: “Venus!! Have you no shame?? How can you keep doing this to Xinyou when she is always trying to defend you!! Don’t you have any feelings of guilt?”

Venus smiled sarcastically. She found it ridiculous that she was believed to be the one who should feel guilty after what Xinyou did.

“Kerry Ye! Are you deaf or something? Didn’t Miss Qiao tell you she fell because she was too careless? Why are you blaming me for her carelessness? Don’t you think you should feel ashamed of yourself?”

Venus was very serious, and Kerry was further irritated. He wore a cold expression and said in an icy tone: “You can not fool me anymore. Do you still remember how many times have similar things happened?”

Venus thought about it and said sarcastically: “Yeah. It has happened so many times.”

She had been framed for so many times.

“Then, apologize to Xinyou, right now!!”

Venus smiled and said determinedly: “Never!!”

“Venus!!!” Kerry clamped his teeth together. He could feel he was gradually losing his rationality. He grabbed Venus tightly and he wished he could tear her apart.

Venus broke into a cold sweat, but she would never bend the truth, not even she die!

Kerry’ s rationality went out the window, and he pushed Venus angrily. Venus moved backwards rapidly, and then, she stumbled over something and she fell on the ground heavily on her back.

She screamed. And a sharp pain shot up her right leg. She, again, broke into cold sweat. She managed to stand up, and the pain in her leg was so agonizing that she lost her consciousness very soon.

Before she completely lost her consciousness, she could feel her leg was numb.

Kerry arched his brow when he saw Venus in this state. He walked to her, and found she was soaked by sweat, and her breath was getting weak.

He held her up, and rushed towards the stairs, and at that time, Xinyou called towards him : “Kerry, my foot hurts, and I can’t stand up!”

Kerry remembered Xinyou was still lying on the ground. He shouted down the stairs: “Henry!!” And then, Henry walked up the stairs and said respectfully: “Yes sir. How may I help you?”

Kerry looked at Venus’s pale face, pointed at Xinyou after thinking for a few seconds and said: “Take Miss Qiao, we need to go to the central hospital.”

Henry nodded and said: “Yes sir.”

Kerry then rushed downstairs, and the car was already waiting for him when he got outside. He put Venus on the back seat and said to the driver: “We need to wait for Miss Qiao.”

A few minutes later, Henry appeared at the gate and walked to the car. He said to Kerry: “Sir, Miss Qiao wants me to tell you that her leg has only a minor injury and she doesn’t need to go to the hospital.”

Kerry’ s brow furrowed and he sighed inwardly. He then said to him: “Ask Mrs Qin to take care of her.”

“Yes Sir.”

Kerry then said to driver: “Let’s go now.”


Xinyou looked after the car from the window as it drove away, and when it disappeared from view, she turned around with disappointment. Her face set with resentment, and she clenched her fists tightly.

She thought to herself: “Kerry, do you still care about Venus? We are both injured, and why did you hold Venus in your arms, not me. Kerry, I really don’t understand you……”

Venus woke up again because of fierce pain. She looked around, and found she was surrounded by a group of doctors. A doctor noticed she was awake, and asked her: “How do you feel now?”

Chapter 116: Kerry, I Can Not Understant You (2)

Her leg was killing her and she wished she didn’t wake up at all. She said in a hoarse voice: “My leg…hurts so badly…”

The doctor nodded and said: “Doctor An, get the anaesthetic prepared.”


Venus bit her lip so hard that blood oozed out of her lip, but she didn’t notice it at all. She sweated profusely because of the pain in her leg and her clothes were soaked. How she wish she could lose her consciousness again.

She stared at the ceiling with blank eyes. And she felt a raging fire was engulfing her heart. She said to herself: “Venus Mu! You should always remember the pain you are currently going through was brought to you by Xinyou and Kerry! You will never forget this feeling, because you will take revenge!! You must take revenge!!”

She was racked with the pain, and then she felt a needle being pushed into her arm, and then, she lost her consciousness again.

When she woke up again, she found herself lying on a bed. She tried to sit up but a man stopped her in a hurry. “Madam, your right leg just had a surgery, and you can’t walk now.”

Venus looked around, and found it was Henry, and there was no one else around. And she sighed with relief.

Henry explained: “Master Ye went back to the company last night after your surgery, for an urgent conference.”

Venus didn’t care at all. She wished Kerry would never appear in front of her ever again. She was in such a terrible mood that if he showed up, she would absolutely take her revenge.

Venus tried to move her body, and her face changed when she realized she couldn’t feel her leg at all. She said in disbelief: “I can’t feel my right leg!! What happened!!!”

Henry answered calmly: “Please don’t worry. You just had a surgery on your leg, and the effects of the anaesthetic have still not worn off.”

“A surgery?” This word reminded Venus that she was surrounded by a group of doctors. So she was must on the operating table.

“What’s wrong with my right leg?” Venus stared at her leg, which was in plaster, and asked coldly.

Henry thought about it and answered: “Your right leg was fractured. The doctor says that you can’t walk recently, and if you have any needs, just tell me. I’ll help you with them.”

Venus laughed dryly, and said in a cold voice: “I see. You can go now.”

Henry left the room.

She was alone in the room. She looked at her ugly thick leg again and smiled mirthlessly.

She pushed Xinyou on the ground and what she got as a consequence was a fractured leg. It was indeed a huge cost to pay. She was seriously doubting that she was a cat in a human body and she had nine lives as well, or she would have died long ago because of what Kerry did to her. Last time he broke an arm of hers, and she bled so much, but she recovered. This time it was a leg, and she woke up again.

What about next time? Is he going to break her neck? It would be a relief for her if he really did it. She would prefer death than living like this!

The door was suddenly opened when she was deep in thoughts. Venus shut her eyes tightly in an instant and pretended she was still in a coma.

She could hear steps getting nearer to her. And then, she could feel it was him. She even felt his long and hard gaze, and she shuddered in horror. She wish she had a knife so she could put an end to his life.

Kerry looked at her coldly, and he noticed her eyelids were fluttering. He said in a harsh tone: “Open your eyes. I know you are awake.”

Just like she expected, Kerry’ s attitude was still terrible, as if her fractured leg was all her fault, and he had nothing to do with it.

Chapter 116: Kerry, I Can Not Understant You (3)

Venus then opened her eyes, after realizing Kerry knew she was awake. But she didn’t look at Kerry; instead, she looked out the window.

She didn’t want to look at his face because she knew she would again be seized by a strong desire to take revenge when she saw him, and she also knew she would only incur more damage if she tried to do anything against him when she was in such a condition. So she could only avoid him.

Kerry didn’t get angry when he saw Venus’s cold reaction, which was rather rare. His brow furrowed when he saw her leg in plaster, and he asked: “What do you want for lunch?”

Venus didn’t answer him. Kerry’ s face darkened, and he cursed her inwardly and left the ward, banging the door violently behind him.

Venus didn’t care how angry Kerry was. She only wanted to recover soon, and how did Kerry feel was not her business.

Some time later, a nurse walked in with a lunchbox.

She placed the box on the nightstand and said: “Miss Mu, Mr Ye asked me to buy you some lunch. You are badly injured so you can’t eat anything with strong tastes. And I bought you some soup. You can drink it while its hot.”

The nurse was so nice and sweet. Venus was not in a good mood but she managed to put a smile on her face to be polite. She said gently: “Thank you very much.”

The nurse got a little bit shy when she heard this. Her eyes were sparkling. And she said admiringly: “Miss Mu, Mr Ye asked me to do this. I’m so jealous of you for getting married with such a wonderful man.”

Venus was slightly displeased when she heard this. She didn’t want to hear anything about Kerry at that time. She changed the subject by saying: “Did you have lunch? We can have lunch together.”

The nurse shook her head and said: “I’m on duty, but thank you. My mission is complete, so I’ll go now. Don’t forget to eat your lunch while its hot.”

Venus nodded and said: “Thank you. I will.”

The nurse blushed and smiled innocently. “You are welcome. I’ll go now.”

The nurse left. Venus grabbed the food and forced herself to eat some, even though she had no appetite at all. Then her stomach got uncomfortable, and she put her lunch aside.

Venus couldn’t move at all. If she got bored, she would think up some new ideas for the interview next month, which would be carried out by Fengshang Magazine.

Compared with the other patients, Venus was living a very quiet life. She had no friend, no family, so no one would come and visit. But she wasn’t bored at all. She was already used to this kind of life, and frankly speaking, she enjoyed this tranquility very much. She was at leisure, and all she did was sleeping and eating.

She felt thirsty all of a sudden, and she saw there were a few bottles of water on the nightstand.

She doesn’t like bottled water, but she didn’t want to bother He Zhang, so she grabbed a bottle and drank some. Then, she felt her stomach was exceptionally uncomfortable, and soon the pains in her stomach were becoming worse. Her brow furrowed and she vomited violently.

He Zhang was at the door. He heard the noise and rushed into the ward. He saw Venus was in great discomfort, and then rushed out and called for doctors.

When the doctor arrived, Venus was already in a coma. The doctor gave her a checkup and was certain that Venus was suffering from acute gastritis, and she needed a surgery right away.

So Venus was again pushed into a surgery room. He Zhang’s face was contorted with disbelief. He called Kerry and told him what happened.

Kerry was at his company at that time—King Ye International Company. His face darkened when he heard what happened to Venus. It was her second time to be in a surgery within a few days. And he felt ill at ease.

He couldn’t understand his feelings. He knew Venus was only getting what she deserved for all the evil deeds of hers. So why was he feeling so nervous? What was bothering him?

Xinyou noticed Kerry’ s change. She also heard He Zhang’s call and learned Venus was again having a surgery. She felt so happy. She wished Venus would never recover so that she could carry out her plans without this setback.

She put her coffee down, and managed to conceal her happiness and put on a concerned look, and asked nervously: “Kerry, how is Venus?”

Kerry waved his hand and said: “Don’t worry. She is in the surgery room now and she will be fine.”

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