Chapter 115: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 115 It’s the Crystal Group

Gerd immediately stood in front and guarded Colin and Doris on his back.


Seeing this, the security guards stepped back.

It’s not because they’re terrified, but because Gerd was being too oppressive. He could make everyone feel the fear with just him standing there, let alone when he took action.

Colin snorted at them lightly. But at the same time, Doris fainted without any warning.


Colin’s heart jumped as he quickly reached out and held Doris.

“Dori? What’s wrong with you? Doris?”

Doris was completely unconscious.

The members of the Lee family were also startled when they saw it. She’s just fine a moment ago, how could she suddenly faint?”

Colin didn’t care much anymore. He carried Doris instantly and told Gerd, “Go start the car.”

Gerd nodded then glared at the security guard to warn them not to act recklessly before he quickly stepped out.

The security guards were frightened by Gerd’s glare and didn’t dare to act rashly.

Colin carried Doris as they walked outside.

Fox yelled, “Stop them! She’s definitely acting! She does it on purpose, you scammer! Quickly stop them!”

The security guards hesitated upon hearing him, whether they should stop them or not?

At this moment, Colin suddenly turned around and said coldly, “Fox, if something happens to Doris, I’ll kill you immediately!”

Fox was completely intimidated by his words and dared not speaking anymore.

Moreover, the old Lee also turned pale now.

Nobody knew about Colin’s identity but he knew it clearly. He knew that Colin deliberately concealed his identity, so he didn’t tell anyone about this. He also had the upper hand on this, so he thought, can the Lishi Company be benefited from Colin?

After all, at this time, It’s not uncommon to raise the price after the deal. Therefore, he gave the Lee family another escape route.

But this incident happened, Colin wouldn’t compromise. More surprisingly, Doris fainted.

If something really happens to Doris, seeing how Colin cares about Doris, then the Lee family….

As expected, when Colin carried Doris as he walked out of the meeting room, he said one last word.

“It’s over”

The old Lee felt a jump in his heart and his face turned paler, as he couldn’t stop trembling.

This time, it’s completely over.

There’s nothing much to say about the status of Marquis in Tianbei City. Not only did he failed to get any profit this time, but also he had let the Lishi Company suffered a complete loss. As long as Colin is willing to, the Lishi Company won’t be able to recover.

Colin carried Doris and left.

The rest of the Lee family members looked at each other.

The old Lee stood dare in a daze.

Without Gerd and Colin’s vicious stare, Fox then had the courage and walked up to the old Lee, “Grandpa, why did you let them go? Look at how they hit me!”

“And also, Doris must be faking it. They deliberately did it since they couldn’t give you so much money.”

The old Lee suddenly turned around and glared at Fox and roared, “Get out of here!”

Fox flinched and slightly aggrieved, “Grandpa…”

“Don’t let me repeat twice!” The old Lee looked terribly gloomy.

Webb pulled Fox away to let him shut up.


On Colin’s side, the three of them finally reached the hospital entrance, but there were a group of people there.

Moreover, this group of people was wearing mourning clothes, while holding the mourning sticks in their hand. They wailed as they screamed and blocked the hospital entrance. In addition to that, someone was burning the paper money for the dead and caused a cloud of smoke.

Colin was very anxious, “What’s wrong?”

Gerd replied, “Demanding compensation from the hospital.”

Colin frowned as he put Doris on the back seat and got off the car.

He approached someone with the mourning clothes and asked, “Excuse me, what happened? Can you…”

Before he could finish speaking, that person glared at Colin, “Go away, it’s none of your business!”

Colin’s expression turned dark, “Please give us the way. There’s a patient in my car and need emergency treatment.”

His voice was loud so everyone around him heard him and looked over.

One fat woman who wore mourning clothes among them looked at Colin and yelled, “If there’s a patient, go get a treatment! What are you doing here? This hospital has killed my father and yet you still come here to get treatment? We stayed here to save another patient’s life!”

“Go away!”

“Hurry up and leave!”

Everyone in the crowd was chasing Colin away.

Colin was quickly driven out of the crowd.

Someone among the onlookers cursed, “This family is so fucking shameless. They clearly knew that the old man was eighty years old and had a heart attack. But they still fucking blamed the hospital. They clearly want to extort money.”

“Keep your voice down. If they hear you, they’ll beat you up.”

As Colin heard these, he finally understood the situation. He got into the car and instructed Gerd, “Drive toward the entrance. Just ignore them!”

Usually, he wouldn’t care about this thing. After all, whoever was right or wrong had nothing to do with him.

But now Doris was unconscious. And the nearest hospital needed twenty minutes from here. He couldn’t afford to waste another minute.

Gerd obediently drove the car and horned. Then the car charged inside.

When everyone saw the car, they couldn’t help to curse. But when they saw the car charged in without stopping, each of them dodged.

The car smashed and crashed the paper money that they burned. Finally, they stopped at the entrance hall.

The onlookers were shocked by this incident.

While the crowd that caused the trouble cursed out.

“Damn it! They almost killed me!

“Who the fuck are they? Don’t they have eyes?”

“Shit! Are they fucking in a rush to reincarnate?”

“Stop him! He needs to explain it to us!”


The crowd thought of rushing over Colin’s car.

After Colin carried Doris out of the car, he immediately rushed in. As soon as the hospital staff saw this, they rushed over and sent Doris to the emergency room.

The crowd was rushing over outside and thought of taking an action.

But when Gerd got off the car, as he stood there and stared at them, they instantly became well-behaved.

Colin sat on a stool outside the emergency room and waiting for every minute. At the same time, he gave Baker a call. After all, Doris is their daughter so they should be notified.

He didn’t know how long had passed, when Colin’s phone rang.

It’s from Nina.

“Chairman, I’ve found out. It’s the Crystal Group who purchased the Lishi Company.”

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