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Chapter 116: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 116 Mr. Xu. Let’s talk about business!

Colin didn’t respond.

No matter what information he received now, it wasn’t as important as Doris’ condition. Perhaps, it was about Lenard of Crystal Group who once again snatched the property that Marquis Group was about to acquire.

Not long after that, Baker arrived.

“What happened?”

Colin raised his head and was silent for a while. He knew that Baker had already aware of his identity so he had nothing to hide anymore and talked explained the situation briefly.

After Baker finished listening to him, he didn’t look as serious as before, and even said calmly, “Doris will be fine.”

Colin looked at Baker hesitatingly when he saw Baker came alone, “Where’s Mom?”

“It’s better not to let her know so she doesn’t have to worry.”

Colin nodded. That’s right, seeing mother-in-law’s personality, if she knew something happened to Doris, she would definitely curse it out.

After silent for a while, Baker asked again, “What’s with the commotion outside? There’s a crowd.”

“They are demanding compensation from the hospital.” Colin replied, “Just now, they stopped me and not letting me in. Then, I charged inside.”

Baker frowned slightly, “Don’t they know anything about a legal procedure? Since their family member is gone, so they could just hold up another patient and let the family member of someone else die? They have no conscience!”

At the same time, a doctor came out of the emergency room.

“For this moment, the patient is not in danger anymore. She has been transferred to the general ward. You can visit her later. But before that, please both of you come to the office with me.” The doctor said to Colin and Baker.

Baker and Colin looked at each other and followed the doctor to his office.

Inside the office, the doctor solemnly said, “We have done a comprehensive examination on the patient just now. There’s nothing wrong with her body. The only thing is we found a toxic substance in her blood.”

“What?” Both Colin and Baker were shocked, “What kind of toxic substance? Can you cure her?”

The doctor then replied, “We currently still don’t know what kind of toxin it is. I’ve also sent the data to the capital. We have to wait for their test result before knowing it.”

“But don’t worry. This toxic is affecting slowly. As long as you keep the patient from being too excited, she will be fine.”

“What happens if she gets too excited?” Colin asked worriedly.

“It might increase her heartbeat. The worst scenario will be like today, she’ll be unconscious.”

Colin and Baker were feeling dejected.

Baker then asked, “When will she wake up?”

“She’ll wake up anytime.”

After both of them came out of the office, they arrived at Doris’ ward.

Colin sat by her bedside while looking at Doris. He was deeply worried and anxious.

She’s poisoned, how could it be?

Suddenly, a memory came flashed on Colin’s mind. Could it be because of the powder that day!

At the same time, Colin’s phone rang again. It was also Nina.

Colin wasn’t in the mood to know any update right now and didn’t want to deal with company issues. He just wanted to look at Doris, so he hung up the phone without hesitation and turned off his phone.

Baker, who was beside him, frowned slightly when he saw it, and said lightly, “Doris is fine now. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Colin nodded and said nothing.

Baker continued, “Since Doris is fine now, you have to cheer up. There will be a lot of things you need to handle later.”

Colin understood what Baker meant. But if he didn’t see Doris wake up, didn’t know what toxic substance was it, he would still feel uneasy and he had no interest to pay attention to other things.

“I know you’re really worried about Doris but now there’s also an important thing that you need to do.”

Colin raiser his head in surprise, an important thing to do?

“But I think that the most important thing right not is keeping my watch on Doris.”

Baker couldn’t help it, “You think you can cure Doris’ poison by sitting here?”

“You should do what you’ve got to do! They still need you now, otherwise, the play won’t be complete.”

“You should vent your anger when you feel angry. Don’t keep it to yourself!”

“I hope you can look carefully at the next problem that you’ll face. Sometimes, it is different from what you see on the surface.”

These words still made Colin puzzled, but he already knew what he needed to do now.

He turned on his phone and gave a call to Nina.

Nina didn’t ask much and said directly, “Chairman, the powder that you asked me to check is a poison with an unknown substance,”

After hanging up the phone, Colin went to the doctor’s office again and asked for Doris’s blood sample. He then went outside to find Gerd.

Colin gave the blood sample to Gerd, “This is Doris’ blood sample. Help me bring this to the capital and find my…. Dad. Ask him to find the best doctor to conduct a test on it.”

Colin didn’t receive it and shook his head.

Colin looked anxious, “Please help me! I only believe in you.”

Gerd looked at Colin indifferently and said lightly, “You’re sending me away with an excuse.”

His tone was firm.

Colin was taken aback. Indeed, he was going to send Gerd away with an excuse, so he could leave Tianbei City temporarily.

After his intention being known by Gerd, Colin straight-forwardly said, “Because I have some things that I can’t let you know for now.”

Upon hearing that, Gerd looked at Colin coldly, “My mission is to ensure your safety.”

With Gerd being here, he could ensure his safety. But as long as Gerd was here, he wouldn’t be able to do the next thing. Not only that, but his parents at the capital would also find out all the things around him.

If they knew that he’s willing to throw his life for a woman, they would definitely disagree.

Gerd seemed to have understood something, and said, “Master will not agree.”

Colin looked up to Gerd, “I’ve said that I only have trust in you. Don’t you trust me?”

“I trust your dad.”

After Gerd’s remarks, Colin suddenly said with a cold expression, “Fine, you want to ensure my safety, right? Then I’ll just die now. You won’t be able to stop me.”

Gerd frowned, right, if someone wants to die, he can’t stop it.

“Are you threatening me?”

“Right!” Colin admitted it naturally.

Gerd didn’t budge and immediately reached out to take the blood sample, then disappeared from the hospital.

Colin let out a sigh of relief before driving home.

When he reached home, he sat in the living room and waited slowly.

Three hours later, a dark shadow sneaked in and walked in front of Colin.

“Are you in a rush to seek death?” The black shadow asked.

Colin looked up at the assassin who he happened to have met twice in front of him, and said, “Have a seat.”

His purpose to send Gerd away was to wait for this assassin. Since Gerd was gone, as an assassin, he naturally wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity, right?

The assassin chuckled as he sat on the opposite side, and asked, “Do you really want to die?”

Colin shook his head and asked, “I don’t know your name.”

The assassin was slightly doubtful to see Colin’s calm attitude, as he frowned and replied, “Xu Lang.”

“Hello, Mr. Xu. Let’s talk about business!”

“Are you talking about business with me?”

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