Chapter 117 – 118: Mary’s Bad and Great Husband

Chapter 117: Burst into anger

“Welcome back from Meditation, grandpa!”

The members of the Chen Family stood orderly on both sides of the way leading to the meditating room and made a bow respectfully. There was a heartfelt happy, and exciting expression on everyone’s face.

Since the old grandfather had finished his meditation, the Chen Family had its key stand again and could surely scale new heights based on his connections.

After the old grandfather went out of the meditating room, the people who came for congratulating him greeted him one after another.

The old grandfather nodded smilingly.

He was very happy to see the members of the Chen Family with a good spiritual outlook. He glanced at them and said: “Good, you look spirited and energetic. This is the visage our Hua Family’s members should have.”

He said continuously: “Anything happened during the three years of my meditation?”

He looked around and didn’t saw Kris Chen. That shouldn’t happen as Kris, the one he loves most among the Chen Family children.

At that time, he felt puzzled for not seeing Kris Chen. Kris Chen shouldn’t be absent at such an important occasion as he was the firstborn grandson and loved most by the old grandfather.

When he asked about that, the expression of the Chen Family members became complicated.

Something really happened, and it was terrible!

The old grandfather had a presentiment after seeing their expression and asked: “What happened on earth?”

“Grandpa, something had come up to home indeed.”

Then Jie Liang took a step forward and said: “Grandpa, Kris’s with his wife and child has been turned out of Chen Family by us!”


“Turned out of Chen Family?”

After hearing that, the expression of him changed greatly. He was shocked that he had appointed his firstborn son as the temporary leader of the family. Who could turn them out of Chen Family?

He looked at Jie Liang with a serious-looking and said: “Tell me about the details!”

His firstborn son was modest and gentle and could handle things in an orderly way. His daughter-in-law was also virtuous. So how could Kris Chen be turned out of Chen Family?

Besides, Kris Chen was clever and quick-witted and had excellent intelligence and business capabilities. Why would they turn him out?

Seeing the old grandfather’s reaction as she expected, Jie Liang sneered in the heart but said calmly: “Grandpa, it was not long after you went for meditation that Kris Chen started to invest in the new energy field with the fund of the Chen Family arbitrarily. That would damage Chen Family’s interest, so we couldn’t tolerate him then turn him out. However, he didn’t regret his errors but became the Su Family’s live-in son-in-law after being turned out. While he was lucky anyway because the shares of the new energy he bought three years ago roared. Some time ago, the capital chain of Chen Family broke, then he bought the most potential entertainment company of Chen Family with five billion dollars.”

Then she said with bitter hatred and changed expression: “Grandpa, in times of crisis of Chen Family, he didn’t offer any help to us to pull through but seek benefit for himself from Chen Family. He is really ungrateful. What’s more, some time ago, he sullied Lei Chen’s newly-married wife while Lei got drunk…”


The young master of the Chen Family should be so unscrupulous.

The people who came for congratulating all got shocked, looking at each other speechlessly!

Kris Chen was really scum having done such conscienceless thing of sullying his sister-in-law.

That was scandal absolutely, and Chen Family would be extremely humiliated if words got out about the affair.

They all thought like that but dared not to discuss under the old grandfather’s nose as he was far-famed after all.

Some Practitioners present could sense his power of the middle period of the innate-power stage and thought that he was really formidable.

Jie Liang was shocked by the old grandfather’s strong power and became unable to say anything else.

The power of the middle period of the innate-power stage was really strong.

The hall became deathly quiet. The Practitioners who hadn’t got into the innate-power stage did felt the horrible power, which reminded them that they would always be the nonentities if they couldn’t get into the innate-power stage.

At that time, the old grandfather looked extremely angry and asked with a hint of genuine energy: “What did you say?”

Kris Chen was his favorite grandson and grew up being accompanied by him. Didn’t he know about his grandson’s personality? He didn’t believe that Kris Chen would do such terrible things.

Jie Liang was firstly shocked and became stunned and said hastily: “Grandpa, how could I dare to lie to you? You can ask them about that…”

She was scared by the old grandfather’s horrible voice and dared not to talk anymore, thus mentioned others to attract his attention.

“Grandpa, she is right. Kris just became the live-in son-in-law after being driven away from Chen Family. People of the Westriver City all know about that! It has been swirling that he sullied Lei Chen’s wife. We can all testify for her!”

Yuan Chen defended Jie Liang hurriedly.

And other members of the Chen Family all nodded after hearing what Yuan Chen had said.

The old grandfather even trembled for getting extremely angry. He glanced at his second-born son Tianzong Chen and asked: “Is that so?”

Tianzong Chen knelt down on the ground quickly and replied in guilty: “Father, it was my fault that I hadn’t supported my big bro well and let his family be such a sorehead. As Kris’s uncle, I am also accountable for what he had done. I am not a good family leader and didn’t educate my nephew well.

The old grandfather glanced at him without saying anything. He did appoint his firstborn son as the clan leader before he went for meditation. Though Kris had embezzled the Chen Family fund, he would be punished as the family rules at most but couldn’t be turned out. There was the dirty trick involved, but he didn’t want to go deeply into it. What really saddened him was that Kris became the live-in son-in-law of Su Family and sullied his sister-in-law!

Being the live-in son-in-law shamed Chen Family, and sullying his sister-in-law shamed the family tradition of the Chen Family for hundreds of years.

The old grandfather sighed heavily and speechlessly as he never thought Kris Chen would do that!

Seeing the old grandfather was extremely disappointed, Jie Liang said at that time: “Grandpa, the saying goes well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all. Since Kris can do such bad things, his parents won’t be better!”

After hearing that, the old grandfather couldn’t hold back his anger anymore, he glanced at Jie Liang and said: “You are so disrespectful to the elders. Do you know your position? They are your uncle and aunt in any case. You are not eligible to say that as a junior.”

Though the old grandfather looked gracious and he had became not so fierce like before, his rage inside him couldn’t be removed anyway as he had gone through the turbulent time after all.

Scolded by the old grandfather, Jie Liang almost cried. She just said that without consideration and should forget that the old grandfather was the most square-toed, and the first rule of the Chen Family was respecting the old and cherishing the young.

The old grandfather would have already slapped Jie Liang on her face if he was still bad-tempered like before. He had changed his temper more or less after studying the Dao for these years. Besides, he was bothered by the matters of Kris Chen’s family and was not in the mood to be fussy about her words. He pounded the table fiercely and said angrily: “Get Tianzong Chen and his wife here now. I want to ask them how they have educated their son.”

Seeing the old grandfather was so angry, Hu Li and his elder sister Lin Li who sat aside, looked at each other with a complicated expression.

They all had dealt with Kris Chen and had a good impression on him, thinking he was a capable and courageous man.

However, they never thought Kris Chen should have done such a conscienceless thing.

Such a man was nothing but a beast.

Chapter 118: Brothers and sisters

The next day, Xiluo Bay.

After dawn, people who were frightened last night were also a bit dispirited.

Something like that happened last night, and everyone had no thoughts about playing. Helplessly, the Cao family had to cancel the subsequent schedule and arranged the bus to come over early in the morning.

The collapse of the cave last night left many people with a shadow in their hearts. I am afraid that they would have nightmares for a long time when they sleep at night.

In particular, there were a few sons of rich families who were injured by the collapsed stones. Although the injuries had been treated, they still felt a little uneasy. They wanted to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination as early as possible. Any internal injuries would be a big loss.

Seeing the bus coming, they scrambled to get on the bus one by one, fearing to return to the city later than others.

Kris and Xiaorou Xu were not injured, so they got on the last bus.

After everyone got on the bus, it was almost lunchtime, but everyone was tired and had no appetite. At the strong request of everyone, the bus slowly moved toward the urban area.

Because the road in Xiluo Bay was relatively narrow, the speed of the car is relatively slow. At this speed, it would take three or four hours to get to the urban area.

It was really boring to take the bus for such a long time. A few sons of rich families couldn’t bear it anymore, so they took out poker and played “Niu Niu” ( a kind of card-playing).

Bao Cao also participated in, but he was in bad luck, and he lost for several rounds. He was so angry that he wanted to cut his hands off.

He refused to accept the defeat and grabbed it again, the first one was a flower, the second flower, the third flower, and the fourth was still a flower!

This time Bao was excited. Will it be the “five-flowered bull”? just when he opened the card carefully, a flower leaked out, and his heart beats wildly.

Fuck, it was really a “five-flowered bull”!

Just when he was planning to lay his cards on the table. A sudden brake and the cards he held was flying out of his hand, mixing with other cards. He hurried to pick up the cards and was stopped by others.

“Eh, the cards are off,

“This doesn’t count!”

“That’s right, it’s not…”

Bao stood up angrily and yelled at the driver: “How had you driven the car? Do you know that I have a five-flowered bull this round? I’ll be able to earn at least one hundred thousand for it!”

Hearing the words of Bao, several sons of the rich families secretly breathed a sigh of relief. This brake came in time, otherwise, they would lose!

The driver didn’t dare to talk back when he heard Bao’s words. He looked at him innocently and said, “Young master, I really should not be blamed. Two men suddenly came out in front to stop the car. I would hit them if I didn’t stop.


Who was so reckless and dared to stop the Cao’s buses?

Bao, who was angry already, was even more outraged. He rushed to the main driver and found two men and a woman standing in front of the car.

The two men looked exactly the same, they were definitely twins. Funnily, one of them had a slanted eyebrow, the other had a squinted eye.

The two brothers helped a girl bleeding, with a few wooden sticks tied to her feet; obviously, her leg was injured.

“Please, save my sister… she has a broken leg…”

Not only were the two brothers ugly, but also they stuttered when talked. Seen from their dress, they should be countrymen.

“Well-hearted men, please… please, …in the wilderness, no… no car passed…”

The driver sighed, but the people who took the bus were all sons and daughters of the rich families in Westriver City. It was impossible to let the three of them get in the car.

“Go away, don’t block the road!” the driver shouted at the two brothers.

“Don’t… don’t…, please, do me a favor…”

Seeing the driver not opening the door, the two brothers were anxious and dragged their sister to the car window to beg.

“It’s not that I don’t carry you, but that the car is full, and I really can’t overload it!” the driver said impatiently.

At this time, several girls couldn’t stand it, stood up and accused the driver: “Why are you so cruel, didn’t you see the little girl hurt so badly?”

The driver’s face was blushed. These sons and daughters of rich families are really hard to serve, who should I listen to?

In desperation, the driver opened the window of the main driver and asked, “What the hell do you want?”

The two brothers were stammerers, and they stuttered intermittently. After talking for a long time, everyone finally heard what they said.

It turned out that the three of them were brothers and sisters and villagers near Xiluo Bay. When the younger sister was grazing, she accidentally rolled down the hillside and broke her leg.

It’s just that it was wilderness here, and no cars passed by. In desperation, they had to stop the two buses.

With the two brothers’ description, everyone learned that the elder brother named Damao Xiong, the younger brother Ermao Xiong, the younger sister Xiaomei Xiong.

Looking at the simple brothers and sisters, many people on the bus became sympathy.

“Driver, open the door of the bus and let them on,” Lan said to the driver after learning the situation.

Saving a person’s life is better than building a seven-win Buddha. The little girl was bleeding. If she was not saved early, she might be in danger of life.

The driver nodded and pressed the button to open the door.

At this time, the two brothers, with a happy expression on their faces, nodded to the driver again and again: “Kind man… Thank you, man…”

With that, they took their sister to the door.

At this moment, Kris stood up from the seat: “Don’t open the door first, in my opinion, let them call an ambulance.”



Lan looked at him, puzzled.

Kris smiled and said: “You see, the car is full, and there is no place for them to sit.”

Should this be a reason?

Didn’t you see the little girl hurt so badly?

Why are you so cold-blooded!

As soon as Kris finished speaking, everyone in the car was a little angry.

“How can you do this, so remote here, before the ambulance comes, the little girl can’t stand it.”

“Yes, that’s right…”

Hearing that, Kris sighed helplessly. Actually, it was not that he was cold-blooded or that he had no sympathy.

Instead, the three of them appeared too abrupt.

Where was the village in the wilderness? Kris was looking at the scenery along the way. There was no village in this place besides the mountain. This showed that they were all telling lies.

And Kris took a closer look at the injured sister. Although she pretended to be painful, her eyes betrayed her. There was no pain in her eyes at all, but a hint of joking.

This showed that she was pretending to be.

There were also many doubtful points in the two brothers. Although they were dirty, their skin was very fair.

We would like to ask, how can a redneck who is farming all day long have such white skin?

Although he didn’t know why they stopped the car, the first thing while going out is to be safe first!

He knew very well that whatever he said, these people in the car would not believe, so the reason was not important at all. The first thing is not allowing them to get on the bus.

Isn’t it just to be a wicked person, he had long been a wicked person in their eyes.

However, what Kris didn’t expect was that the silly woman Lan stood up from the seat and said, “It doesn’t matter. I gave up the seat, and they have a seat to sit on.”

Lan sounded a little dissatisfied, obviously, she misunderstood Kris.

She had thought Kris was a real man, but seen from this trivial thing, her understanding of him was still too superficial.

Kris laughed bitterly. How did this woman become the criminal investigation chief? With such obvious doubts, how should she couldn’t see any of them?

However, Kris had determined, and he said to the driver with a cold face: “Drive, keep driving, and don’t open the door.”

As soon as his words finished, everyone in the car was blown up.

They were looking at Kris like enemies, if the eye contacts can kill people, Kris would have already been killed by everyone’s eyes!

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