Chapter 117: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 117 Hotel?

Xu Lang’s gaze looked scornful and mocking, “I am a professional assassin. It’s different from an ordinary occupation. I have my work ethic. No matter how much money you pay, I won’t revert and kill my employer.”

In a normal situation, usually, someone would pay double or triple to let the assassin kill the employer. He was also aware that Colin could definitely afford to pay him but he wasn’t an ordinary assassin. He also had his principles.

Moreover, this condition had reached his bottom line. He even detested such kind of people. So, Xu Lang was already thinking about the way to kill Colin.

“Have thought of how you want to die?”

Colin shook his head, “Not yet”

Xu Lang smiled, “I’ve helped you think of several ways. Do you want to hear it?”

Colin wasn’t interested in how he would die so he hurriedly said, “I’m not asking you to kill your employer.”

If it’s not killing the employer, then what is it?

Colin said lightly, “I’ll give you twenty million. Before you kill me, you have to help me do something. I’ll pay you a five million deposit in advance.”

“What is it?”

“You’re the only one who saw the assassin that came into my house yesterday. I want you to bring him here. He has to be alive.” Colin said seriously.

The powder was discovered after the assassin came yesterday and Doris happened to drink the water. So it’s natural to assume that she’s poisoned by that assassin. He needed to know what kind of poison it is and whether there’s an antidote.

Xu Lang was slightly surprised, “He has to be alive?”

“Right. He must be alive.” Colin nodded.

“It’s troublesome to bring someone alive. I need more money.”

Upon hearing his remarks, Colin didn’t say anything. He lied down on the sofa, looking like someone who’s about to be slaughtered.

Xu Lang frowned when he saw this. After hesitating for a while, he said while gritted his teeth, “Deal”

After saying this, Xu Lang got up and left.

Colin let out a sigh of relief with cold sweat on his back.

He wasn’t as calm as he looked just now. Since he was facing an assassin who intended to kill him, he’s just betting on people’s greed.

Fortunately, he was right.

If this matter is resolved, then the remaining matters will be simultaneously solved too.

Baker told him that some things were different than what he saw on the surface, what could it be? And then, the play wouldn’t be complete without him?

He would deal with it one by one.

The thing on the surface, was it Crystal Group? Lenard had interfered with Marquis’ acquisition twice. He seemed to go against Marquis on purpose. Was that a misinterpretation?

The play needed his appearance and also needed him to be angry.

In the end, Colin had a headache. Forget it, let’s do it step by step!

“Assistant White, help me investigate the latest situation of Crystal Group.” Colin gave a call to Nina, “I’ll give you five hours. I hope you can give me what I want to know at four o’clock in the afternoon.”

At four in the afternoon, Nina brought some data to Colin’s office, then handed over the data to Colin.

“In addition to the recent acquisition of Xinxi Group and Lishi Company, Crystal Group spent almost all their powers on the building materials. There are 35 manufacturers on the temperature protection board in the city. Crystal Group has hired 15 manufacturers on short-term.”

“But our group doesn’t have any relation with temperature protection board manufacturers. So, on the second phase of Lanbo Port project, all the 35 manufacturers were used, including 15 manufacturers that belong to Crystal Group.”

“There’s one thing that made me feel uncertain. The cost of the temperature protection board that was produced from manufacturers that they hired was quite expensive. But the price that they offered us wasn’t much different from the other manufacturers, which doesn’t seem to earn much.”

Colin frowned slightly after hearing about this. After pondering for a while, he asked, “What about the other 20?”

“The other 20 manufacturers are hired by Martin Group.”

Colin understood immediately after hearing it, then he got up, and said to Nina, “Let’s go to the second phase project of Lanbo Port.”

Both of them hurriedly drove to the second phase construction site of Lanbo Port.

After arriving, Colin saw that there were a lot of temperature protection boards on the construction site. The construction of some buildings had been completed while some of them were still in progress.

The foreman of the construction site previously had received a phone call from Nina. So when they saw Colin and Nina, they immediately rushed over.

The leader was a middle-aged man in his forties, called Kevin Reed. He called Nina and then handed out a safety helmet for Nina and Colin.

After Colin put on the safety helmet, he ran directly to the pile of the temperature protection board. He noticed two places were piled with the boards. One of them was very few, while the other one was piled with many.

In other words, they used the one on the lesser side almost all the time, while the other side was almost useless.

Colin frowned and pointed at the side that was piled up high and asked, “Do you also use the one on this side?”

Kevin hesitatingly looked at Nina, “It’s….”

Nina frowned, “Just answer when you’re asked.”

Kevin nodded immediately. Although he didn’t know which superior is he, Nina had said so, he must be someone important, then he said quickly, “We use both of them.”

“Since the company usually purchases a bit more than the budget and for in case of emergency. After the project completion, the remaining ones will be shipped to another project. So all of them won’t be wasted and the shortage of materials could also be avoided.”

Colin hummed as he heard his explanation. He casually walked in front and broke a small part of the board. He also did the same on the other side. Then, he held both of them to compare on his hand.

However, Colin didn’t really understand this material, so he said to Nina, “Take it back and check the quality of both.”

“Yes,” Nina took both the small pieces and put them in her bag.

Colin stood up, looked at it for a while, then asked Kevin again, “Why this side is used more than the other side?”

Kevin was taken aback when he heard it. He avoided the gaze in a panic, then he laughed awkwardly before saying, “The workers just took it randomly when they used it. They also don’t pay much attention to that side.”

Colin squinted his eyes, as he felt that something was wrong with Kevin. But he didn’t show it but he kept it in his mind.

After he finished dealing with the problems today and returned to Marquis, it’s already seven o’clock. The employees got off work already.

Colin thought for a while. Instead of getting out of the car, he asked Nina, “Are you free tonight?”

Are you free tonight? This question sounds like….

Nina didn’t dare to think too much and immediately replied, “Yes….”

“Then, come with me somewhere.”

“Where… Where are we going?”

Colin replied ignorantly, “Hotel”

Hotel? Nina suddenly felt hot on her cheeks.

To be honest, Nina used to look down on Colin. She thought he was just a rich second generation who always spent money. But a lot of things happened later that changed her perspective on Colin. Especially, after he helped her solved her family debt.

At that time, Colin didn’t only pay back all the money for her family but also spoke for her. He knew about all her grievances and even he was scratched by Stuart in her stead. All of these couldn’t help but moved Nina’s heart.

So she thought, if he really wants to make a move on her, then she should be….willing to.

When Nina was imagining all sorts of things, Colin sent a message to her cellphone before driving to the hotel.

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