Chapter 118: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 118

After reaching their destination, Nina followed Colin to get off the car while looking shy and walked into the hotel.

She noticed that Colin didn’t go to the front desk to book a room, instead, he took her directly to the elevator.

Nina’s heart was pounding. Did he book the room already?

It turned out that Nina thought too much.

When he arrived at room No. 1108, Colin didn’t have the card key, instead, he directly kicked the door.

Nina was dumbfounded on the spot and embarrassed.

There were several people inside the room and Nina recognized all of them.

There were Barr Martin, John Martin, Belle Moore, and Lenard Wang.

All of them looked at Colin and Nina in shock.

Colin didn’t care too much and strode inside looking angry.

And Lenard stood up in a panic and asked, “Colin, why are you here?”

Since he didn’t expect that Colin would come, he looked messed up when he stood up in a panic. He also accidentally knocked over the wine glass beside him.

Seeing this, Colin became more convinced of something and his anger rose in an instant, “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I disturb you guys?”

Lenard explained in panic, “No, no, I just met them….”

Colin didn’t hear Lenard’s further explanation. Instead, he grabbed Lenard’s collar, and said in anger, “Lenard, you are really good! I fucking thought you as my brother and yet, you stabbed me in the back!”

“Don’t forget. Everything that you have now, I fucking gave it to you!”

Seeing this, John and Barr immediately got up to ‘stop the fight’.

“Mr. Ward, don’t be agitated. Let’s talk it out!”

“That’s right! We’re all friends. Don’t damage our good relationship.”

Each of them pulled Colin and Lenard away from each other.

Colin still wasn’t satisfied with it and continued to curse, “Lenard, I really misjudged you. You’re such an ungrateful person. I’m so fucking blind!”

“I’m being sincere to you, and you? You fucking stabbed me in the back!”

“Ungrateful person!”

Colin became angrier as he spoke. Finally, he flipped the table in front of him, causing all the plates and wine glasses to break into pieces on the floor.

Lenard also became angry after hearing what Colin said, then he shouted, “Right, I stand here today, it’s all because of your kindness. I am ungrateful indeed!”

“But you, do you ever think about why I would do this?”

With Lenard’s shout, the room suddenly became quiet.

Colin looked at Lenard with a gloomy face, “Fine, then explain why are you doing this?”

Lenard pointed at Nina, “You gave me money, status, and I worked myself to bone for you. But it doesn’t mean that I’m willing to give you the woman that I love!”

“It’s not like you didn’t know about my past. After the Sichuan earthquake, I lost both my parents. The Chen family adopted me and Sister Xu supported me financially. That’s why I can graduate from university.”

“And Nina is the person who was always by my side at my most difficult times. She’s the one who gave me warmth. She’s my supporter and my beloved woman.”

“And you, you humiliated Sister Xu, chasing her away, and even took away my most beloved woman. Do you think I’m a holy person that can continue to tolerate it?”

As Lenard said this, his body was shaking.

Colin became more confused as he heard about it. What’s this all about?

Did Lenard and Nina know each other before? Why didn’t he know about this? They never talked about it when they met?

Nina was also dumbfounded. Why didn’t she know that she and Lenard had known each other for a long time?

Other people in the room also had different expressions.

Belle was completely shocked.

Colin turned out to be the chairman of the Marquis Group!

He’s the chairman of the Marquis Group!

When her family company was facing difficulties before, was Colin the one who gave the investment in favor of his classmate?

At this moment, Belle’s mood was turbulent.

John and Barr also let out a smile.

At that moment, Lenard spoke again, “Since we’ve come to this extent today, let’s part ways. I don’t want Lishi Company anymore. From now on, we won’t have anything to do with each other anymore.”

Colin sneered upon hearing this, “Lishi Company? I can’t stand the sight of them!”

Lenard looked indifferent and seemed to plan to say something.

At the same time, several security guards came to the door, “What happened?”

“What are you doing?”

John was standing near the door since he grabbed Colin just now. The guards happened to come and asked so John hinted to the guards with his eyes that Colin was the one who made trouble.

The security guard got the hint, as he immediately looked at Colin and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Colin glanced at the security guard and didn’t understand it.

John took a step forward, acting like a mediator, and persuaded, “Mr. Ward, we are friends here. If there’s any problem, let’s talk about it and don’t be angry…”

Barr received John’s hint said, as he stepped forward, “That’s right. if there’s anything we can discuss it. You don’t need to mess around…”

They sounded as if they’re persuading Colin. But actually, they were saying that Colin was the one who created the mess and confirming that it was Colin who made trouble.

Upon hearing them, the security guard sternly said, “Please leave, Sir.”

Colin glanced around coldly and fixed his gaze on Lenard. He snorted at Lenard, turned around, and left.

Lenard also gave out a cold snort, which was considered to be his last bicker with Colin.

After they came out of the hotel, Nina completely returned to her sense. She still had a lot of doubts in her heart. As she saw Colin who was lost in his thought, she didn’t dare to ask more.

Inside the car, Colin stayed still. Nina called him cautiously, “Chairman?”

However, Colin was immersed in his thoughts and didn’t respond.

Did Baker mean that he needed to go against Lenard? But…

“Chairman?” Nina called him out again.

Colin then returned to his sense, and said lightly, “I’ll send you home!”

Colin started the car, then drove Nina home, before returning to the hospital.

When Colin arrived at the hospital, he noticed that Doris wasn’t inside the ward anymore.

Colin asked the nurse and the nurse said that Doris was already discharged since afternoon. Besides, after she woke up, she didn’t feel anything abnormal, and also didn’t feel discomfort anywhere.

Recalling that the doctor said as long as she wasn’t too excited, it wouldn’t be life-threatening, Colin felt slightly relieved. Then he drove home.

As soon as he arrived in his mansion, Colin received Nina’s phone call.

“Chairman, we’ve got the result of the temperature protection board quality test. One of them is a fire-retardant board. The other one is an ordinary board that was painted with color. This ordinary board doesn’t meet the standard and it’s forbidden in our country.”

After Colin finished hearing it, an idea flashed through his mind. Suddenly, everything seemed to come around.

Then, Colin made some plans before entering the mansion.

However, Doris wasn’t there.

Colin wondered if Doris was picked up by Baker and returned to his mansion?

When he was lost in thought, the sound of police sirens was heard, and at the same time, the flickering lights flashed the mansion.

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