Chapter 119 – 120: Mary’s Bad and Great Husband

Chapter 119: Robbery

“Kris Chen, how old-blooded you are!” Bao Cao pointed at Kris and yelled, “No wonder you’re so miserable and inhumane. I’m ashamed to be in the same car with you.”

Fuck. Kris was thinking about changing Lan Yu’s attitude towards him, and this guy just offered the opportunity. If Kris didn’t make good use of it, it would be a waste.

Most women were loving and sympathetic, just like seeing a poor little pet.

Although Lan was not that sensitive, she was still a woman.

As expected, Bao’s words made Lan look at him with more softness.

At the same time, Shen Chu, who was on the side, sneered, “Are you insane? Can’t you see the girl is covered in blood? It’s remote here, and there’s no car passing by. If you leave them here, you’re the most ruthless person in the world.”

Bao and Shen’s words were like sparks dropping into a barrel of oil, making the crowd instantly boisterous!

“That’s right, how could the Su family have such a cold-blooded person as their son-in-law?”

“He is selfish, and it’s a shame to be in the same car with such people!”

People sitting in the car were all accusing Kris, and their fingers were almost poking his face.

Kris, who was magnanimous and was good at raising energy, couldn’t stand this anymore.

He clenched his fist tightly and said angrily, “Are you all dummies? If I’m really cold-blooded with no compassion, then why did I risk my life to save you last night?”

His words made the crowd unable to speak. They looked at each other, embarrassed.

Indeed, if it wasn’t him, they might…

Just at this time, Hai Su sneered, standing up from his seat and said coldly, “You should be grateful to others’ help. Kris, I know your intention.”

He stepped out, “I was wondering why a cave collapsed without even a sign, but now It seems that you are the one who set up all this!”

As Hai’s words fell, everyone began to doubt.

Yeah, it’s too suspicious. Why didn’t it collapse sooner or later, but collapse after Kris said something?

Shit, it must be his fault.

Feeling the suspicious gazes of the crowd, Kris laughed, “Stop it. You all never have your own judgment. The four walls of that cave were all hard Granite. Do you think I’m strong enough to make it collapse? Tell me, how?”

People all had their bottom line, and now, Kris had already pissed off.

Hearing his words, everyone was stunned.

That’s true. Hundreds of people were in the cave, and it’s impossible for him to do any trick.

Seeing that everyone was starting to hesitate, Hai snorted coldly and said, “Cut the crap. We’ll save these three. If you don’t agree, just get out of the car. Anyway, it’s a shame to be in the same car with you!”

At this time, Mary Su, who was sitting next to Kris, pulled his arm, bit her lips, and said: “Kris, why don’t we help them? They are so pitiful…”

Mary was kind-hearted. Seeing Xiaomei Xiong, who was covered in blood, she was sympathetic and couldn’t go away without helping them.

Kris took a deep breath, patted the back of her hand, and shook his head gently.

Mary was about to say something when Bao suddenly called out, “Stop persuading him. You’re wasting your time. It’s my Cao family that organizes this outing, and we rent the cars. I do whatever I want. I want them to get in the car.”

Then Bao walked to the main driver seat and pressed the door button.

However, the moment the door opened, Damao Xiong rushed into the car, pulled out a dagger, and put it on Bao’s neck. And he then shouted, “All of you, don’t move!”

The moment Damao held Bao, Ermao Xiong walked up to the car with a scornful mouth.

He pulled out a gun from his pocket and stammered, “All… All of you… behave yourself. I… We’re robbers… We’re robbers!”

Ermao was funny, with his appearance and his way of speaking, but none of the people in the car wanted to laugh.

They were all terrified. Looking at the gun pointing at them, several women in the car were scared to cry out.

Looking at the two brothers who worked well together, it was obvious that they had been doing this for many years.

He sighed inwardly. What the hell is going on? Why did he run into robbers all the time?

What an unlucky year.

Seeing the crowd trembling like quails in fear, Ermao couldn’t help but laugh, “Big… Brother, these rich… rich people are too… too stupid. We easily cheated them all.”

He just mentioned that they were from rich families, which showed that this was a planned robbery.

When Damao heard his brother’s words, he smiled and nodded, and tightened the dagger on Bao’s neck, frightening Bao to beg for mercy, “Please don’t kill me. Please…”

“Coward!” Damao sneered and shouted at the crowd, “All I want is money… not your life. If you don’t want to die… give me your money!”

“…Otherwise, don’t blame me…,” Ermao said as he shook the gun in his hand.

At this moment, the dagger in Damao’ s hand was close to Bao’s throat, scaring Bao so much that he kept sweating and he said in a trembling voice, “Sir… we’re out for a trip… We don’t take any money with us…”

Bao was terrified, feeling the coldness on his neck, so he didn’t dare to speak loudly at all, for fear of cutting himself.

But he was right. Nowadays, no one would go out with cash.

“Damn it. How dare you… How dare you speak like us…!” As he said, Damao’ s slapped Bao’s face, and a red slap mark emerged.

Bao hurt, and he tasted some blood in his mouth. Then he spat out two teeth.

“You… you deserve this!” Ermao spat on him, then took out a POS machine and passed it in front of Bao and said, “… Idiot, the time has changed. Who the hell still…still use cash? Just swipe your card. Just… I’ll start with you. Every… Every… every… every… one, 100 million!”


A hundred million each?

There were about 30 people in the car, and the total was 3 billion. Damn it. Were they too greedy? They might just stop robbery after this, for the money was too much.

The people in the car were dumbfounded at Ermao’s words. How could they have so much money?

Though their family was quite rich, 100 million was still a huge amount of money.

However, now they had no choice but to follow their orders.

Bao had already passed out because of the slap. Seeing that he didn’t react, Damao sneered and slide the sharp dagger across his neck.

The wound was not deep but cut his skin. But the skin on the neck was sensitive. With severe pain, Bao sobered up, feeling the pain on the neck, and he was scared to death. He didn’t dare to waste any time, so he gave all the money he had on his card.

The others saw Damao really did it, also scared. They, one by one, took out their bank cards.

Seeing Ermao took out the POS machine, Kris signed, “Really professional.”

This made him think of the bank robbers from not too long ago. They were completely not at the same level by comparison.

“Hey, bro. Quite professional!” Kris thought about it and asked, “But aren’t you afraid of leaving evidence if you guys use a POS machine? You know, the POS has a record of the transaction, and later you’ll be found.”

“You don’t know it!” Ermao sneered and said, “Our…POS machine, was assembled by experts… It doesn’t leave any evidence… evidence…”

Chapter 120: Get Shot

“Son of a bitch, you… You … You set me up.” Ermao Xiong came back to his senses and looked at Kris Chen with unkind eyes and said, “Just… Cut the fucking crap, hurry up, and swipe the card…”

Ouch, these two brothers were simply too amusing. They were overjoyed when they saw his funny face.

“I… I’m warning you guys, don’t… Don’t fucking play… Don’t play tricks on me, if you pay me one penny less… I’ll take his life…” Before Damao Xiong finished speaking, he frowned and rushed in front of Hai Su in several steps, then he placed his dagger on Hai Su’s neck.

Hai Su was so frightened that his phone was nearly falling off from his hand.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to call the police, I… I just didn’t have my bank card with me, and I wanted to transfer through mobile banking…”

“Fuck you…” Damao Xiong snatched his phone and then smashed it in his face, “You think I’m a little… little kid?”

There must be a transfer record if they transferred money through mobile banking, the police would definitely find him through the record. Fuck it, this guy couldn’t be a good guy with that thievish-looking.


Hai Su screamed continuously, and his nose was smashed into bleeding.

“Don’t beat me, don’t beat me, I really didn’t bring my bank card.”

However, Damao deemed that Hai Su was not someone good and didn’t stop at all.

The others who saw the bloody scene were so scared that they pulled out their hands which were reaching into their trouser pockets to fine their phones, Damao was really too cruel. They couldn’t withstand beating as much as Hai.

At this time, Lan Yu was so regretting what she has done, and she felt even more resentful. These three siblings were actually so cunning, they actually faked someone’s leg being broken in order to win everyone’s sympathy.

Lan Yu regretted deeply, Kris had saved her from danger so many times, why didn’t she trust him? Thinking of what had happened these days, Lan Yu repented, yet it’s too late to blame herself for being single-minded.

Apart from Lan, Mary Su was the one most naturally ashamed and regretful. The sorrow in her heart almost overwhelmed her. Why did she always question him at critical moments? This made Mary guilty.

Now that what has been done couldn’t be undone, Hai is beaten so hard that he looked like a pig. That must be hurt.

Now, in the car, people were all stunned. They took out their cards one by one and swiped cards so compliantly. There were twenty or thirty people in the car, and they finished swiping in a short time.

Ermao Xiong grinned in satisfaction, and after putting the POS machine away, he gazed at Mary and Lan, suddenly his eyes lit up, and he even drooled.

“Wow… What a beautiful … Chick!”

Ermao was taken by her beauty and couldn’t help but walk over and grab Lan’s hand, caressing it lightly.


Ladies from rich families, just like a princess, her hand’s so soft.

Ermao was so disgusting, Lan was about to vomit, and she struggled to shake off his hand, but he held it tightly.

Ermao grinned strangely, “You are quite… Quite hot, but don’t… Don’t move. If my gun goes off, it won’t be… It won’t be funny…”

Looking at the black muzzle on Ermao’s hand, Lan’s pupils shrank, and she felt so aggrieved.

Considering that she was a big senior follower of Mount Emei, whose strength had reached the early period of the innate-power stage, yet she would actually be bullied like this, she’d have fought back if it wasn’t for fear that his gun would accidentally go off and hurt someone else.

But with so many people in the car, she didn’t dare take any risks.

She couldn’t help but cast her gaze towards Bao Cao, hoping that he would come to rescue her.

But to Lan’s disappointment, Bao Cao had already been scared out of his wits and sat there obediently and not even daring to breathe, he was so afraid that Damao would again put a knife on his neck.

“Brother… Brother, I also have a… There’s a pretty girl here too!” Damao laughed, slanting his eyes towards Xuan Song, who was sitting next to Tianba Li.

Xuan Song was very pretty, plus she had a temperament like a big sister, which could further inspire a man’s desire to conquer her.

Damao couldn’t help but swallow when he looked at her, fuck it, this girl was too charming, he must conquer her fiercely today so that she could know how good was him.

At this time, Ermao suddenly let go of Lan and walked to Damao and muttered something. When Damao heard his brother’s words, he suddenly delighted, and he repeatedly said, “Good… Good…”

Then it was seen that Damao pointing at the four women Mary, Xiaorou Xu, Lan, and Xuan Song successively, and said to Xiaomei Xiong under the car, “Little sister, come here quickly, today, big brother and second brother are going to be inside some rich girls, you come up and guard these rich young men, we’ll be back after having some fun.”

Hearing his big brother’s words, Ermao scratched his ears in joy and pointed his gun at some women, saying, “Didn’t… Didn’t you hear my… Did you hear my big brother’s words? Get out of the car… Don’t, don’t make me shoot you…”

Today was so damn lucky a day, not only did they make a big fortune but also could be inside beautiful women, it was so lucky.

        Several women were terrified, especially Xiaorou and Mary, their faces even turned pale. Although they were extremely reluctant, their lives were in other people’s hands, they couldn’t say no.

        Lan was the last one to get off the car, when she reached the door, Bao suddenly yelled at her, "Lan... Don't be afraid, I'll find a way... To save you."

He covered the wound on his neck, he was so afraid that his voice even trembled as he spoke.

Lan turned her head to look at him, she was touched that whether he really had the nerve to save her or not, it was also courageous for him daring to say that.

After the four women got out of the car, they were tied by the brothers to a tree by the side of the road, a tree that two or three men couldn’t encircle with arms, and it was just the right place to tie them up.

The men in the car watched the four women being tied to the tree, all of them were genuinely remorseful, and some men grabbed their hair in pain and felt ashamed of their incompetence.

It was all their fault if they had known that, they should have listened to Kris and shouldn’t have let them get on the bus.

However, there’s no coming back.

Through the car window, they could see the disgusting expressions of the two brothers and the four women’s greatly shocked faces.

But at this time, Xiaomei Xiong in the car was anxious.

They planned their action meticulously, and their timing was impeccable, so they have no more than half an hour.

Originally there was enough time for the three to retreat after swiping their cards, but she didn’t expect her brothers couldn’t walk an inch further when they meet beautiful girls.

The longer they delayed, the people in front of them would definitely get suspicious when they didn’t see a car catch up, they would be in trouble at that time.

Thinking of this, Xiaomei opened the window and poked her head out, “Big brother and second brother, you two hurry up…”

Seeing Xiaomei’s head poking out of the window, Kris stood up abruptly.

A good opportunity, if you don’t make a move at this time, how long do you have to wait! Kris was extremely powerful after he had eaten Dragon and Tiger pill. With the help of inner energy, he smacked her so heavily that she was being knocked out of the window.

With a bang, Xiaomei fell heavily on the concrete floor, a large mouthful of blood spurted out of her mouth. At the same time, the agile Tianba Li also stood up and rushed up to pick up the gun that had fallen from Xiaomei’s hand.

After Xiaomei spat out blood, she passed out without incident.

“No… Not good, brother, Xiao… Xiaomei, something… Something happened!” Ermao stammered out when he saw the fallen and unconscious Xiaomei.

“What!” Damao rushed over and saw his unconscious sister and shouted to the sky, “How dare you hurt my little sister… I will kill you!”

Their parents died young, the three siblings grew up with each other with incomparably deep affection.

After Damao said that, he pulled out a gun and shot at the car.

The car windows were shattered, and glasses splashed onto their bodies. The people in the car were dumbfounded. They were all well-bred lords and ladies who hadn’t experienced this kind of event. They were so scared that they even fell to the ground and trembling with fear.

No, couldn’t stay in the car, the space in the car was too small, people in the car would be in trouble if they still didn’t get off. Thinking of this, Kris rushed out without considering the consequences.

As a result, the moment he rushed out of the car, a bullet pierced through Kris’s shoulder ruthlessly that made his body stop.

A piercing pain followed, damn it, this shot actually hit the previous wound, he got wounded twice in the same position. Although Kris’s determined and assertive, he also kept gasping due to pain.

Blood instantly stained his clothes. Seeing this scene, Tianba Li was so angry that he shouted, “Kris, I’ll save you!” Afterwards, he rushed out of the car like a cannonball and punched at the two brothers’ temples fiercely.

He’s a well-experienced man and has extremely cunning martial arts ability. The two brothers were knocked into a coma after just one punch.

Although he’s only at a fulfilled period of the acquired stage, but the temple was one of the weaknesses of people. These two punches did not kill them, he’s already withheld some efforts.

“Kris, you must hold on, it’s okay…” Tianba panicked, he finally made a brother with great difficulty, he couldn’t see his brother gone.

Without the sound of gunshots, everyone in the car stood up from the ground. When they saw that Kris had been shot and fallen to the ground, everyone was dumbfounded.

Just at this moment, Bao Cao saw the right chance for himself, he rushed off the car quickly and ran over to the tree where the four women were tied up, “Lan, don’t be afraid! I’m coming to save you!”

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