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Chapter 119 – 120: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 119: The Future I Want, You Can’t Give it to Me (1)

No one could save his arm already and no matter what he did, it would never recover again. He wanted to inform his brother of this, but he didn’t. Whether he told him or not, he believed his omnipotent brother would soon know everything.

Just then, Mrs Qin’ s voice suddenly sounded, suddenly interrupting the two men’s thoughts.

“Young masters, the dinner is ready.”

Kerry Ye nodded and he said to Kevin Ye, “Let’s go.”


When they came to the table, Kevin suddenly noticed that a pretty woman with a slender figure came from the kitchen.

When the two looked at each other, Kevin quickly glanced at her and said in a gentle tone, “Is this the sister-in-law?”

Without waiting for Kerry to reply, Mrs. Qin, who was busy serving, was the first to speak, “Second young master, young lady accidentally fell down a few days ago, and is still recuperating in the hospital. This is Miss Qiao Xinyou, who is a friend of young lady.”

Mrs. Qin said implicitly, but Kerry didn’t deny what she said.

But, Xinyou felt extremely sarcastic inside when she heard these words, looking a little disappointed.

None of them present had noticed her expression, but Kevin did. He sighed inwardly, “That’s funny…”

Xinyou tried to wear a sweet smile and her voice was soft, “Kerry, is this Kevin?”

Kerry nodded, looking much more relaxed, who was in a really good mood.

Kevin, however, was feeling a little uncomfortable, for she was the first person he met directly called him so. He had to admit that Miss Qiao did have a high EQ!

Xinyou felt much smoother. She remembered what Hao Nangong had mentioned about Kevin. Now he was coming back, so it was very beneficial for her.

Maybe she could use him to kick Venus Mu out of the house! No matter what position he took, Venus and Kevin could never stand on the same side.

In Ye’ s house, everyone had their own plans, but Venus, was quite at ease.

Following the doctor’s orders, she was doing leg rehabilitation movements every day. Although it was quite difficult for her at the moment, she still tried her best, because she didn’t want to slack off for a moment and forever have to rely on a wheelchair. That was really too terrible.

Hao always came to visit her, and every time he appeared, there would be no peace inside and outside the ward, for those nurses scrambled to find the opportunity to see him, making Venus really exhausted.

Last time, because Hao was there, the nurse who gave her injection, was too hard to focus, causing Mu Venus to innocently suffer three more shots!

Realizing so, Venus set a rule for Hao. He was only allowed to step into her ward at mealtime, and was not allowed to appear for the rest of the time.

Now that it was almost mealtime, Venus had a look at her watch and her instinct told her that it was time for him to appear, and as expected, not five minutes later, she saw his perfect handsome face appearing at the door.

“Venus, how are you feeling today?”

It was always the first question that Hao asked, and according to his own interpretation, it was neither overt nor alienating.

Venus tried to move her legs, showing him the rehab effect, and said in a gentle voice, “It feels fine, I can do some simple bending movements today.”

After hearing her words, Hao snapped his fingers, as the door of the room immediately opened. Venus then saw Mrs. Liu slowly came with a food cart and the food on it was as rich as ever.

Venus sighed, unable to judge she was joyful or angry, “Hao, next time, don’t prepare so many dishes. I can’t eat this much and it’s a waste.”

When Hao heard her suggestion, he didn’t immediately refute it. Instead, he nodded obediently and said in a gentle tone, “OK, next time I’ll tell her to make it simpler.”

Hearing his words, Venus regained her usual expression and then spoke, “You haven’t eaten yet. Let’s eat together.”

Hao naturally was longing for this and the two of them ate together.

Through the window, Henry He looked calmly at the movement inside. Only did his phone in his pocket ring, he stopped watching.

“Young Master.”

Chapter 119: The Future I Want, You Can’t Give it to Me (2)

The other end of the phone came Kerry Ye magnetic husky voice, “Did Nangong go to the hospital again?”

Not daring to conceal it, Henry Zhang said, “Yes, Mr. Nangong would come to accompany Mrs. Mu to have dinner every day.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and then he said, “Henry, give my regards to the father of Mr. Nangong.”

After hearing Kerry’s words, Henry immediately understood what he meant and said on the spot, “Yes, Sir. I will do it right now.”

After dinner, Hao Nangong proposed to bring Venus out for a walk. Venus didn’t refuse his kindness.

Now Venus basically didn’t need to be supported by people, and she could just rely on the crutch to exercise muscle strength, but now what made her very regret was that she agreed that Hao nangong could accompany her.

Looking at the innumerable people around with envy, jealousy and hate look, she suddenly felt very distressed, because she had no choice but to bear these unreasonable behaviors.

In front of the hospital is a beautiful park, and until they came here, Venus felt a little better.

Looking at the unique rockery, and seeing all kinds of people around come and go, Venus suddenly felt carefree. At this moment, in front of her appeared a pure elegant lily bouquet, which made her stand rooted to the spot.

Looking up, Hao’s handsome face came into sight, and he raised a gentle smile. His voice was clear and soft, “To the beautiful Miss Venus.”

Venus look slightly shocked, but then she slightly smiled, and was happy to take the bouquet.

Seeing her gentle and charming smiling face, Hao was slightly flipped with a huge satisfaction in his heart. He didn’t imagine that Venus could smile so moving.

Venus did not know how he thought. She just gently took the flowers, and get close to them to smell. Its fragrance with elegant aroma made her relaxed and happy.

At the moment of her mind absence, warm l**s suddenly came from her forehead. Venus suddenly felt shocked and looked up at the perfect chin of Hao. She immediately forgot what to do at the moment.

Until his low, magnetic voice came to her, “Venus, don’t be nervous. I just can’t help it.”

Not waiting for Venus to reply, a heavy female voice with prestige rang out, “Hao Hao, what are you doing?”

Hao turned around slowly and saw the woman coming towards him quickly. His face was suddenly stained with a dark shadow. He slowly shouts, “Mom.”

Venus looked calm, and she quickly recalled their last meeting. She felt slightly awkward, and how would she explain that k**s just now?

Shuhua Chen came to them, looked at them coldly, and said, “I will wait for you in the cafe nearby.”

Then just turned around and left.

Venus picked up crutch, and felt the side came a force. Looking at the Hao’s fingers with clear knuckles, Venus refused his help, and also deliberately ignored the injury in his look.

She slowly moved forward, but sigh in her heart. She didn’t blame Hao. Because of her, he had to face her strong mother again.

Only with her present energy, she was tired of dealing with any unendurable accusation, which would be like cutting another bloody scar on her fragile heart…

Hao looked at her thin but straight back, feeling slightly some bitter. It seemed that his mother’s visit would let Venus close again her heart that she made efforts to open before. So this time he must have a word with his mother.

At the door of a convenience store, Venus suddenly hit a familiar figure, and the other side also didn’t avoid her look. Both of their look contained something else.

After the brief confrontation, Venus took the lead not to look at him with an ironic light flashing in the corner of her eyes. At this moment, a faint worry sounded in her ears, “What’s the matter, Venus?”

Venus shook her head and moved on, only to find Kerry’s figure disappear into the surging crowd as she passed a corner.

Venus thought Kerry extremely didn’t want to see her. Even if he was no longer with her, he also absolutely didn’t allow her to live well. She just thought why the mother of Hao suddenly visit her. Now it seemed that everything was not accidental.

When she stepped into the cafe, a famous piano melody came to her ears, and she also could feel the slight cool wind from the windows, occasionally with elegant aroma of hot coffee.

When two people arrived, Shuhua was elegantly tasting coffee. She always looked unhurried and calm. Venus got a little nervous. She had seen her force, so every time she was cautious. Shuhua looked at both of them, looking extremely calm, and coldly said, “Sit down.”

Chapter 119: The Future I Want, You Can’t Give it to Me (3)

Venus gently sat down, and then felt the opposite came a hot look. Not waiting for her to understand the meaning of it, she just listen to Shuhua Chen said directly, “Mrs. Mu, we are not the first time to meet, and in view of the last meeting, I believe you should be clear about my purpose here.

Venus looks calm, and she was about to speak when Hao directly interrupted, “Mom, there is something that we need to talk at home.”

“Shut up!!!”

Shuhua interrupted sternly, with a look of great disappointment and a tone of obvious anger, “Hao, your father has already known about this, and he is very angry now! The reason why I am here is that I hope to deal with it properly!”

Shuhua’s meaning, Venus more or less understood, and she was trying to say, if this time Hao’s father came, the result would be worse than now, right?

Family Hao was a famous family, she more or less heard of Hao’s father— Yu Nagong through the media. Mr. Yu usually do things resolutely, and would not be humane his rivals. In his words: Show mercy to the rivals is cruel to their own.

Venus was thinking if she regarded Mr. Yu as a rival. It was estimated that 10 lives would not be enough to compensate…

Then she laughed. When did she have such a sense of humor?

Hao was not like Venus so free and easy. His mother mentioned his father, which was nothing more than a stern warning. If his father really came to deal with this matter, it would be much more troublesome!

His father was not like his mother who was easy to talk, he still remembered that he was given a merciless lesson by his father because of his naughty trouble in the past.

What if the father intervened and ended up hurting Venus? He would never allow such a result!

After thinking this, the intention that he just wanted to show down with her mother was shaken…

Shuhua gently sipped her coffee, still with the strength of the invisible, tilting her head to stare at Venus, saying with a cold voice, “Mrs. Mu, you should know you have been married now, and have you ever wondered if the matter is used by some people on purpose, it will directly damage the Family Nangong’s reputation. This is what I can’t stand!”

Venus looked calm. Facing her false accusation, her voice is indifferent as water, “Mrs. Nangong, I think you misunderstand, I and Hao just are common friend, and I also never planned to destroy the reputation of Family Nangong.”

Shuhua snorted with a strong attitude of condensation, and said coldly, “Do you mean that I was dazzled by what you did just now? Don’t forget there were plenty of witnesses!”

Venus understood that she was referring to the people who were walking at that time, and she didn’t want to argue that the k**s was not allowed by her and that it had nothing to do with her.

It was meaningless to say that since Shuhua witnessed the scene on the spot. She was not blind, and how couldn’t she notice the process that happened at that time?

Now that she was accusing her with all her might, it was evident that she had done it on purpose, and if she had tried to explain it, she would have thought of a way to deal with it!

“I can only say that the k**s was a mistake. Even if Mrs. Nangong you didn’t believe me, you should believe your own son?”

Shuhua’s eyebrows raised up, and she slightly lifted her maintained delicate face. Her cold dark eyes could even make a person hard to look straight.

“I don’t care if it was a misunderstanding, I just want Mrs. Mu in front of me, in front of my son, to give me a satisfactory answer!”

Venus slightly frowned, and she was trying to maintain calm. She made it clear that the gap between them. She was really too innocent!

Was this way often used by rich people to dealing with this kind of matter? Perhaps in their eyes, money was above anything else.

Whether justified or not, can they always stand on the moral high ground and condemn people like them that they were worthless?

“What satisfactory answer do you desire? I’ve told you that I have nothing to do with your son. What else can I say to you?

Chapter 119: The Future I Want, You Can’t Give it to Me (4)

Do you have to say that there is a kind of special relationship between me and Hao Nangong? Isn’t it a distortion of the truth that the relationship actually doesn’t exist?

Then Venus was also accused of the ‘marital infidelity’, and finally Shuhua played a role of educator with compassion to teach her a lesson…

The final result would be that Venus was disloyal and unclean, a foxy woman to seduce her son. And after her criticism education, she still was the Mrs. Nangong known for her kindness and tolerance…

For her refutation, Shuhua Chen did not feel surprised. Everyone in the face of the aggrieved condemn, always needed some time to buffer, and she would teach Venus in person what was majeure!

“Does Mrs. Mu mean to tell me that my son has been pestering you all the time? Mrs. Mu, I don’t know where your confidence comes from, but on Mrs. Mu’s terms, what you have is worthy of being pleased by my son?”

Shuhua said coldly. She has always believed that her proud son was impossible to see the mediocre Cinderella. He made this mistake only because of gratitude for her rescue that year!

His son, however, mistook this gratitude for affection to Venus, and that was all.

“Mom, I do take the initiative to find Venus. Please don’t criticize her so!” Hao couldn’t stand her mother’s strong accusation of Venus, which made his feel more self-condemned.

He didn’t want to hurt her. Why his mother couldn’t understand his feelings?

Maybe she understood, but she did it on purpose. At the end of the day, in her point of view, she still could not let go of the deep-rooted opinion on well-matched marriage.

Seeing her son’s openly stand by Venus’s side, Shuhua gave him a cold glance, and her tone became colder, “Hao, since you met her, you have violated my will for three times. Are you still my son?”

Shuhua’s rebuke made Venus startled, and a shake flashed in her heart.

She never fitted into his life circle. She was just an ordinary person, and simply couldn’t do what they have done to her without any compassion.

In the face of his mother’s harsh criticism, Hao’s voice suddenly softened, with a hint of weakness, “Mom, don’t be angry, I just want you to understand me. You have always been the one who loves me the most.”

Seeing her son’s deliberate weakness, Shuhua relented a little and then began to say, “Mrs. Mu , I don’t want to embarrass you. Today, you just have to promise me that you won’t see my son from now on. I won’t mind the past.”


Before Venus could answer, Hao shouted back and he was so anxious that he knocked over the coffee in front of him. As a result, the brown liquid w*t his white shirt.

Hao didn’t care about it, but cared a lot about what his mother said. So, he said with strong will to his mother, “Mum, I love Venus, and she will be the only one I love in my whole life. So don’t force me anymore. I only hope you won’t meddle and intervene in this matter.”

Shuhua frowned tightly, rebuked with huge anger, “Hao, don’t try to annoy me. I will definitely not allow her to ruin you. It’s impossible for me to let it alone because you are my son!”

“Now that you are my mother, why you can’t understand me? You are the one knows me well, so you can understand I really love her.”

Shuhua didn’t swayed at all, and said coldly, “Just because of this, I will surly handle this matter. If you just want to have fun with her, I won’t care about it. I have investigated her family background. She won’t give you any help for your future development and more than that, she has been married!”

Chapter 120: You can’t escape me tonight (1)

“I don’t care!” Hao Nangong strongly retorted, “Kerry Ye doesn’t love her at all and he married her only because of her brother! Please give me more time and I’ll take care of this as soon as possible!”

“Oh…” Shuhua Chen laughed coldly, “Even if she divorces Kerry, I won’t allow you to marry such a slut! Hao, don’t forget that you’re Yu Nangong’ s son, I won’t let you bring shame to our family!”

Faced with the argument between mother and son, Venus Mu felt so tired. Obviously, she never interfered in any of their lives, why in the end she was wrong one!

Perhaps she was too simple, for she thought that if she remained true to her original wishes, she would get the life she wanted, but it was impossible.

“Stop!” Venus finally couldn’t endure it anymore, so she yelled.

Shuhua glanced at her coldly, her face full of disgust and her tone indifferent, “Miss Mu, have you had the answer?”

Venus didn’t care about her attitude and she just wanted to go back to the hospital now. She would rather lie in bed quietly reading, instead of facing the cynicism of the moment.


As soon as she said so, Hao looked complex, with his hands clenching together, seeming to grasp the faint hope inside his heart.

“Venus, please, please don’t push me away again, please…” Hao said inwardly.

But Venus was as if she didn’t sense his thoughts and she turned directly to look at Hao, with determination, but her tone was cold and indifferent, “Hao, I’m sorry, thank you for taking care of me this time. I hope we stop seeing each other in the future. It’s better for you and for me.”

Hao was startled, filled with incredible pain in it, his tone with a hint of unbearable hoarseness, “Venus, do you know how painful I am when you say this?!”

Venus took a deep breath and stopped looking at him. Instead, she looked out the window at the hustle and bustle of traffic, constantly cheering herself up.

“I’m longing for a peaceful life, and you know me, I really can’t stand any more, any more blows in life!”

After saying that, she once again took a deep breath and said, “Hao, please let me go, I can’t give you what you want. I just want to live an ordinary life. If you really care me, please promise me.”

After Venus said that, she directly stood up and left and she didn’t want to know his reaction. If he really cared her, she hoped that he could promise her.

She really didn’t want to be famed or wronged any more.

After leaving the café, Venus walked straight back to the hospital. Suddenly, a gust of wind came and then a very stylish Lamborghini stopped, blocking her way.

Venus froze and then she saw the window slowly roll down and she saw the face that she was familiar with.

“Get in.”

Kerry looked indifferent as he glanced at her and slowly said two words.

Venus just wanted to ignore him, so she bypassed the car and left directly, but her wrist was instantly gripped. Venus frowned, her tone full of impatience, “I’m going back to the hospital right now. Stop it, please.”

Her tone was full of resentment. She knew well that everything was due to the man in front of her now!

“Venus, I haven’t seen you for several day, so you don’t know how to behave yourself again, do you?!” Kerry coldly glared at her, his tone full of threat.

Venus couldn’t help but sneer, her tone full of disapproval, “You’re rich and powerful, what can I do to you! But I really want to know when will you end this f*****g marriage!”

She felt like she’s about to break down. She had to face the threat of Hao’s family and now she immediately had to face the threat of Kerry. When the hell was these awful days going to end?

Kerry raised his eyebrows, with eyes full of sarcasm and tone full of disdain, “So desperate to divorce me? Want Hao too much?!”

Her wrist was twisted by him so hard that it seemed to break with just a little bit of force, just like her leg, but Venus didn’t struggle, while looking at him indifferently and saying in a cold and clear voice, “Are you trying to break my hand again?! Then please do it!”

Kerry was too much, “Venus, you are now not afraid of me at all, right? It seems that you have been living a little too leisurely these days!”

Venus’s face was cold and her tone was full of contempt, “Do you want me to be afraid of you? I’m not my brother, so no matter how you treat me, you can’t do anything to him! If you feel good for humiliating me, I can’t resist, can I?!”

Chapter 120: You can’t escape me tonight (2)

Hearing her mention Tianye Mu, Kerry Ye’ s first reaction was to strangle her, but when he noticed her crutches, he suddenly stopped, his tone becoming cold, “I’ve already arranged all the paperwork. Now get in ht car right now!”

Saying this, he no longer paid any attention to her, directly into the car.

Venus sneered, thinking that maybe he felt bored this time and thought of torturing her for fun again?

Slowly getting into the car, Venus was calm inside, no, hopeless. Anyway, she knew what would happen in the future, so what was the point of worrying or dwelling on it now? It would just make her breakdown!

The car was speeding, but Venus was just quietly looking out of the window, directly ignoring Kerry beside her.

Then his cold voice came, “When we back to the Ye’ s mansion, you stay in your room and don’t walk out of the room. If you need anything, you tell Mrs. Qin!”

Venus frowned after hearing this, her tone full of sarcasm, “Imprison me again?”

Kerry snorted and spoke indifferently, “Of course not, if I told you that my brother was back and if you were smart, you wouldn’t have said so…”

“Your brother?”

Venus was surprised, trying to dig out some relevant information from her head and she suddenly remembered something.

She still clearly remembered that Kerry had married her because of her brother, and he seemed to have told her, in rage, that when he and her brother had a fight, his brother…

Thinking about this, Venus froze, but she recovered quickly.

His brother was injured by her brother, and she was sure that he would hate her, which meant that she would be in a more difficult situation from now on. She now had to face not only Kerry and Xinyou Qiao, but also Kevin Ye.

Thinking of this, Venus suddenly laughed, causing Kerry beside her to frown, his tone full of coldness, “What are you laughing at?”

She shook her head and said in a easy tone, “Nothing, I just thought of something funny.”


Hearing his question, Venus asked mockingly, “Why should I tell you? What does it have to do with you?”

Being retorted by her like that, Kerry was angry inside him. He wanted to teach her a lesson, but considering her injuries, he finally gave it up!

With her hands clutching together, she thought to herself, “What will Kevin do to her?”

The car soon drove into the gates of Ye family. Looking at the approaching villa, she felt the time had passed by so quickly, as if she had been away for more than just half a month.

They then got into the living room, finding there was a handsome man sitting on the sofa. The sunlight was on his side face, adding a bit of elegance to him.

Kerry glanced at Venus with a complex look, then he shifted his gaze to Kevin who was sitting on the sofa, and said with a clear tone, “Kevin, why aren’t you resting in your room?”

Kevin raised his head as he heard so. He was smiling politely, but he noticed the one who was standing next to him. He looked at her and said in a gentle tone, “Hello, we meet again…”

Venus looked startled. The first time she saw him, she could recognize that he was the man who had helped her in the hospital, but she never thought he was Kerry’ s brother.

Venus sighed inside. Why fate kept making fun of her?

“Hello, what a coincidence…” Venus said in a proper manner, with a smile.

Kevin looked at her thoughtfully and asked, “Brother, is this beauty my sister-in-law, right?”

Venus looked embarrassed, not knowing how to reply.

Kerry nodded after hearing his words, and he said to Venus with his face turning to her, “You are inconvenient, so go back to your own room to rest first.”

Despite the coldness of his words, it made her relief. It was better for her to stay in her own room than to stand in front of them. thinking of this, she leaned on her crutches and went straight upstairs.

Returning to her room, Venus went to her desk and picked up her sketchbook. Then she lay down on her bed and began to draw. She hadn’t forgotten about next month’s Style Magazine interview, and now she had to work hard to cope with the unknown future.

Chapter 120: You can’t escape me tonight(3)

In the living room. “By the way, I don’t know my sister-in-law’s name yet…” Kevin Ye leaned against the sofa lazily, crossed his long legs, shook the glass with his slender fingers and asked calmly.

“Venus Mu.” Kevin raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, “Her surname is mu?”

Kerry Ye was stunned and his heart was a little complicated. He wanted to tell Kevin the relationship between Venus and Tianye Mu, but for some reason, he couldn’t open his mouth anyway.

Kevin looked as if he was thinking about something.

When Venus was trying to figure it out, a slight sound came from the room and immediately attracted Venus’s attention. She gently raised her head and saw Xiaozi, who she hadn’t seen for a long time.

Xiaozi narrowed his bright eyes with a faint smile on his face, “Where have you been these days? I came here several times, but you were not there. “

Venus put down the painting book, with a gentle smile on her face, and said softly, “my leg fell by accident. I have been staying in the hospital these days.”

“Oh, I see.”

Pursing his l**s, Xiaozi said in a somewhat casual tone. He instantly moved from the air to the head of Venus’s bed, looked down at her, and muttered, “You are seriously injured this time. How did you get hurt?”

Hearing Xiaozi’s concern, Venus smiled and said in a low voice, “Nothing. I just fell down by accident. I’ll recover after resting for a period of time.”

She deliberately hid it from him. She didn’t want Xiaozi to know how terrible her life was at the moment.

Xiaozi’s eye’s flashed a trace of strange light, but he didn’t continue the topic. Then he turned around and gently waved his arm. The things in the room immediately suspended.

Venus looked at Xiaozi with expectation. She was thinking about the new magic Xiaozi would show to her.

Pursing his l**s, Xiaozi said softly, “I’ve learned a new skill recently. Do you want to have a look?”

After hearing his words, Venus was full of expectation. She quickly nodded and said, “Okay…”

Pursing his l**s in dissatisfaction, Xiaozi said in a low voice, “You looked so perfunctory. How about this? You can guess my new skill first. If you guess it right, I will perform for you… “

After hearing Xiaozi’s words, Venus looked embarrassed. Did he mean that if she guessed right, he would perform, but if not, he wouldn’t show it to her?

“Well, you give me some hints, Otherwise, how can I guess?” Venus said with hesitation.

Xiaozi thought for a while and said, “Okay, let me show you.”


With her eyes wide open, Venus found that Xiaozi disappeared in an instant, and he was not seen in every corner of the room. Just when Venus was confused, a sound of running water suddenly came from the bathroom.

When Xiaozi appeared again, he held a glass of water in his hand, which was filled with clear water.

She stared at him intently with curiosity.

Xiaozi turned the cup upside down and the water quickly flowed out. Just when Venus thought that the water would spill on the ground, a magical scene appeared. Xiaozi gently clapped his hands, and the water drops seemed to have life!

They rose rapidly. When they reached midair, with the gesture of Xiaozi, they began to rapidly gather and finally combine into a circular water ball!

Venus looked at the scene in consternation. She couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s amazing, how did you do it, Xiaozi?”

Xiaozi didn’t reply immediately. With a swipe of his finger, the original shape of the water ball dispersed again and then combined into a strip shape.

Venus was dazzled by his movements. She was eager to know how he did it.

Chapter 120: You can’t escape me tonight (4)

Water was irregular fluid that took on various shapes unless it was placed in a container. Other than that, Venus Mu couldn’t think of any way to transform it into various shapes.

After Xiaozi waved his hand, the water, which had been in the form of a strip, spread out again and then began to gather into the shape of a cup.

“Your superpower is really awesome. Those magicians definitely can’t compare to you.” Venus said in surprise.

Venus’ words weren’t meant to please Xiaozi. She really felt that way. Xiaozi performed it without the aid of tools. If she wasn’t familiar with him, she would have thought that she was dreaming!

When he saw Venus was excited, Xiaozi felt happy. He looked at her quietly.

Just at this moment, a knock came from the door. Venus placed his index finger to his mouth and immediately made a silent movement.

Xiaozi gently stroked her hands, and the water instantly returned to the glass, then he disappeared.

Seeing Xiaozi leave, Venus was a little sad.

“Please come in.” She said.

The door of the room was opened, and after seeing Xinyou Qiao appear in the doorway, Venus immediately became nervous and asked, “What’s up?”

Xinyou walked on her heels to Venus’s bed, looked at her with disdain and scoffed, “Why are you so nervous? I just want to talk to you.”

“I don’t want to talk to you, so please leave.” Venus said. She knew Xinyou was trying to set herself up again

“Venus, I guess you’ve heard that Kerry’s brother Kevin is back, you’re probably going to be in trouble.” Xinyou’s tone remained cold and arrogant.

Venus glanced at her. She said, “I don’t care whether Kevin comes back or not. It’s none of my business. “

Xinyou sneered, “Do you think you can change your situation by playing dumb? I think you know why Kerry hates you and why Kevin comes back now. “

Venu smiled mockingly, “I have to say that you know a lot of secrets.”

“So you’d better don’t piss me off.” Xinyou stroked her hair slowly and said, “I know you better than you do, and you’ll definitely have bad luck if you piss me off.”

Venus knew that angry Xinyou would get her in trouble, but that didn’t mean she’d give in to her.

“I’ve never messed with you. It seems that you’re always messing with me. How long do you think you can hide what you’ve done?”

After hearing Venus’s words, Xinyou was very impatient.

“The last time you said that justice would prevail, but you broke your leg and you’re still in bed. Don’t try to fool me with that crap. I always believe that everything has to be fought for at all costs.” she said.

Venus looked startled and did not continue to argue. She knew there was no way Xinyou would listen to what she said, so she continued to draw.

But Xinyu quickly stepped forward, snatched the drawing from her hand, took a glance at it, and snorted. “I thought you’d hate Kerry because he was mean to you. But you are still drawing his portrait.”

Venus’s brow furrowed, disgusted by her words. It wasn’t Kerry she was drawing, it was Xiaozi.

She suddenly realized that Xiaozi’s face was simply identical to Kerry’s, or Xinyou wouldn’t have mistaken them.

She suddenly felt a little sad. She didn’t want them to look the same. In her heart, the evil Kerry was no match for the kind-hearted Xiaozi.

Venus didn’t deny it. Even if she explained it to Xinyou, Xinyou wouldn’t believe it. She coldly said, “Please get out. It’s none of your business.”

Xinyou was angry. She was even more certain in her mind that Venus would never leave the Ye family. After all, she was now very well off.

“If Kerry knew that you drew him, he will definitely be very angry. After all, being liked by you is simply an insult to him!” Xinyou said ruthlessly.

Venus didn’t care. She knew Xinyou was mean.

“You worry too much. You’re unmarried, but you’re living in a married man’s house, you’re also shameless.”

Xinyou was irritated by her words. She walked up to Venus and was about to slap her, but Venus clutched her wrist. She raised her other hand again and tried to slap Venus in the face.

Venus looked calm as usual. She grabbed Xinyou with her other hand. Xinyou struggled strongly, and Venus, who had trouble moving, had to grab Xinyou’s hands with all her strength.

“Let go of my hands.” Xinyou said angrily.

“No, I won’t let you hit me in the face.” Venus scowled.

She used to be surprised at Xingou’s scheming, but now she thought through many things. In the past, Xinyou was her friend and she didn’t want to lose her, so even though Xinyou targeted her and humiliated her, she was always unwilling to hate Xinyou.

But now she knew exactly what kind of person Xinyou was, and then she suddenly realized that Xinyou was capable of nothing more than setting her up.

Chapter 120: You can’t escape me tonight (5)

Xinyou Qiao didn’t know Venus was disdainful of her in her heart or she would be furious.

She couldn’t endure the disdain of others towards her, especially the disdain from Venus.

She swung her hands vigorously, breaking away from Venus in an instant.

“I suggest you stay at home or you’ll not only break a leg.” She gave Venus a cold stare.

Xinyou always believed that if Kevin wanted to target Venus, then Venus would suffer more, and there would be no need for her to set Venus up again, and she would just watch them fight and gain the benefits.

She even felt that day would come soon, though she still would have to do something herself.

Venus had a plan in mind when she got the warning from Xinyou. She knew that Kerry would deal with her, but she didn’t need Xinyou’s warning.

“Thank you for reminding me. Since Miss Qiao has said what you want to say, now please get out.”

Xinyou gave her a cold glance, then turned around and left. Just as she reached the door, she bumped into someone. When she looked up, she found it was Kerry.

Xinyou’s heart was in her mouth now, wondering if her words just now had been heard by Kerry.

“Kerry, are you here to see Venus?” Xinyou tried to remain calm.

Kerry nodded lightly and said, “I have something to find her.”

As he entered Venus’s room, Xinou had a sense of unease. She didn’t think that Kerry was looking for Venus to talk about work. After all, Venus was injured now, and she couldn’t work at the office.

She stared at the door for a long time, and then she pressed her face against the door and listened to the talk inside.

“Miss Qiao, what are you doing?”

But at that moment, a low voice sounded from behind.

Xinyou quickly turned around and saw Kevin who was full of doubts. She pretended to be calm, “Hi, Mr. Ye. I just wanted to know if Venus is inside.”

After hearing her explanation, Kevin raised his eyebrows slightly and gently said, “Since you have a good relationship with my brother, then you just call me Kevin.”

Hearing his words, Xinyou rejoiced. She was still thinking about finding an opportunity for Kevin to get to know her, but she didn’t expect that he would now take the initiative to talk to her.

Xinyou smiled gently and said shyly, “You can call me Xinyou.”

Kevin nodded after hearing that. He said, “Xinyou, may I invite you to walk around with me? I’ve been away from home for so long, and I’m unfamiliar with this place now.”

Xinyou was a little hesitant. She just wanted to know exactly what Kerry wanted from Venus now. She was worried that Venus would say something against her.

“Wouldn’t you like to go out with me?” Kevin asked.

Faced with Kevin’s question, Xinyou didn’t know how to answer it.

“I’d love to. I’m just wondering where we’ll go first.” Xinyou said.

After hearing her words, Kevin looked at the door of the room for a moment, and then he said softly, “Shall we go now?”

Xinyou nodded. She looked at Venus’s room again, and then she followed him straight down the stairs.

She was reluctant to go out with him, but then it suddenly occurred to her that she could take this opportunity to get in good with Kevin, so she was a little happy now.

Venus never said a word after Kerry walked into her room. She was drawing quietly, ignoring Kerry directly.

Suddenly Kerry grabbed her by the wrist and threw the drawing board on the desk, nearly knocking over the glass on top. He looked at her coldly, and then began to undress himself.

Venus was little afraid when she saw him getting closer to her.

“What will you do?” she asked.

“F**k you.”

Upon hearing his words, she tried to flee the place, but he had taken off his pants.

“Kerry, I forbid you…” said Venus coldly.

Looking at her flushed face, Kerry scoffed, “You forbid me to do what?”

Venus was silent. She didn’t say what she was going to say. After a long time, she said, “I forbid you to come near me!”

“Why should I listen to you?”

After hearing Kerry’s words, she remembered that she had just used the same words to refute Xingyou. She didn’t expect that in just a few minutes, Kerry refuted her with these words.

“Didn’t Miss Qiao satisfy you?” Venus scoffed.

Looking at Kerry’s gloomy face, Venus wasn’t afraid. She continued, “My leg is broken. If you need a woman, you’d better go to find Xingyou. I’m sure she’ll be glad to please you.”

Kerry got even angrier, but Venus was very happy.

She wasn’t afraid that Kerry would be angry, but she was worried that he wouldn’t be. She had trouble with her leg, and there was nothing she could do if he took advantage of the situation to torment her, so the best way was to piss him off.

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