Chapter 119: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 119 Police Took him Away

After Colin left, those who remained in the hotel were in no mood to continue anymore. So, they split up.

Belle came with John. Belle always knew that John was planning to deal with someone, but she never knew who it was. Now that she knew about it, she couldn’t help but feel torn by it.

Colin and she were classmates and also, Colin had helped her company went through difficulties. Moreover, he deliberately didn’t tell her. Probably, he didn’t want anyone to misunderstand that he did it for the sake of a classmate. His kindness couldn’t be forgotten.

As for her relationship with John, even though they are a couple, but it was a relationship that was based on mutual interest. Both of them just happened to need it. After all, there wasn’t any special intimate relationship.

John and Lenard, both of them planned to frame Colin, which made her feel that both of them were treacherous villains. Especially Lenard, who was Colin’s best friend!

Belle hesitated whether she should tell Colin about this to avoid Colin being harmed by John.

At the same time, she also considered another thing. John had such villainous behavior. If she’s together with such a person, she felt that she could be deceived anytime!

As she was thinking about this, John parked his car in front of a convenience store and said to Belle, “I need to buy a pack of cigarettes.”

Seeing John left, Belle hesitated for a moment before taking out her phone.

In the end, she decided to tell Colin about this matter, so he could be prepared. He wasn’t only her classmate but also someone who had helped her family so much. She didn’t want to be such an ungrateful person.

Belle dialed Colin’s number, but the line kept getting busy.

In fact, when Belle called, it was when Colin was on the phone with Nina.

Belle finally decided to send a text message. She tapped her fingers quickly on the screen.

“Colin, there’s….”

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, John’s voice was heard next to Belle and surprised her.

Belle looked up and saw John was standing next to the car window and looked at her with a smile.

John glanced at her phone and smiled, as he asked, “Are you sending a text message?”

Belle hurriedly turned off her phone, shook her head, and said, “No….. No…..”

However, before she could finish speaking, John opened the car door, and covered Belle’s mouth….

“Hmph! Hmph!…..”


Lanbo Port Mansion

Colin walked out as he heard the sound of the police siren. All the lights faced towards him so Colin stretched out to block the lights.

Immediately, a group of people came out from the row of police cars. One of them approached him with a piece of paper.

Since the lights were flashed towards him, Colin was still adapting with it, so he couldn’t see clearly who that was. He could only hear that person said, “This is an arrest warrant. Please cooperate with us. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Take him away.”

After the statement was made, one policeman came up and immediately put a handcuff on Colin.

Colin was still confused about the situation. He was grabbed by a group of policemen into the police car and was brought to the police station.


At the same time, a low-key luxurious RV was being driven steadily on the road.

Doris woke up in a daze and feeling that she wasn’t in the hospital. After looking through the window, she saw the street lights and became slightly confused.

Baker and Eva who sat on the sofa, both got up after seeing Doris woke up.

“Mom, Dad?” Doris blinked, “Where are we?”

“Are you awake? Do you want to drink?” Baker asked with a smile.

Doris nodded. After sleeping for so long, she felt a bit thirsty.

Eva quickly handed a glass of water to Doris, “Drink slowly.”

Doris nodded then drank the water, before asking, “Where are we going?”

“Your mom wants to go to the capital to have fun. It happens that our family rarely has fun together, so we use this opportunity to take a trip.” Baker replied with a smile.

Eva nodded, “That’s right. I’ve been thinking about it for a while but we never have a chance.”

After Doris nodded, she didn’t see Colin, “Where’s Colin?”

Baker answered lightly, “He still needs to deal with something.”

Doris seemed to feel something wrong. No matter how busy he is, they should bring him along. Otherwise, it would seem like they exclude him from this.

Eva went along with Baker’s words, “He has something to do and couldn’t get away with it. Can’t he take care of himself well?”


After arriving at the police station, Colin hadn’t spoken yet and he was taken into a cold room by a few policemen. After throwing him inside, they closed the door and left without saying anything.

He waited for a long time and nobody had come up to say anything as if they were just catching him and locked him up without a reason.

Colin was speechless. What did they want?

The next day at noon, finally someone came.

He’s here to deliver lunch.

It was a bowl of rice with vegetables and double-cooked pork.

His lunch was delivered through a small space on the door. At the same time, the policeman also said, “The chief specially ordered to add a few more slices of pork for you.”

As Colin reached out to receive it, he asked, “Mr. Policeman, can you tell me the reason for my arrest?”

On the other side, he was a young policeman, who spoke tightly, “Well, you’ll know it by then.”

“I must know the reason, right?” Colin was speechless.

The young policeman said, “Don’t worry. I won’t spout nonsense.”

Who wants you to talk nonsense! Tell me the reason!

The young policemen finally sighed and said, “Hey! We also didn’t know where that bodyguard of Marquis Group has gone. We couldn’t find him. But he is also powerful. A dozen people also couldn’t get close to him.”

After speaking, the young policeman walked away leisurely.

Colin blinked as he held his lunch for a long time, before finally deciding not to eat it. What if his lunch was poisoned?

Colin thought about what the policeman said. The bodyguard should be Gerd and he had sent Gerd away. And also he said that a dozen people couldn’t even get close to him. Recently, it seemed to be only that day where they met a group of people in the hospital.

Perhaps, Gerd had beaten up someone, so they reported it to the police. Then, finally, they found out about Colin and didn’t find Gerd. So they arrested Colin, who was considered to be the mastermind.

However, if they caught someone, wouldn’t they interrogate that person?

Why does it feel weird?


At the office of Martin Group

John looked at his assistant and asked, “Has he been arrested yet?”

“Yes, President Martin.”

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