Chapter 12: Centurion Card Holder – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Those who hold the Centurion Card were worth at least one million dollars; those who had the Chiliarch Card were worth at least five million dollars; As for the people who held General Card, the deposit of their bank card was not less than ten million dollars!

Hai Su’s total wealth was about thirty million dollars. But most of his thirty million dollars was invested in real estate and stocks.

He had saved up for four or five years to become qualified to apply for this card. Since the card was the symbol of status and wealth, of course, it was a good time for him to show it off now that there were so many people present.

As expected, seeing Hai’s bank card, even Xiaorou Xu, could not help but take a good look at it. The Xu family was indeed wealthy, but the antiques they collected accounted for two-thirds of their property.

The rest of the family’s fund all belonged to her father. Therefore, except for buying antiques, she had less than 10 million dollars at her disposal. If she wanted to buy the ‘Heavenly City’, she had to sell the collections she purchased in the last two years for cash.

Feeling Xiaorou was looking at him, Hai was very delighted and smiled complacently.

He turned to the waiter and said, “Take the card and help me pay the bill. But I won’t pay for one specific table.” Hai pointed at the table where Kris and all the marginal people in the Su family sat since he didn’t care even if he offended them.

“Do you know why I don’t pay for this table?” Hai stood up and said to them: “You should blame it on Kris because he’s the one who got you into trouble. Had it not been for his ignorance of the rules, his refusal to offer his seat to Mr. Xu, and his neglect of distinguished guests, I would not have done this. People who don’t know about the truth might think I am stingy and mean, but today, I will teach this loser a lesson and let him know what rules are, even if my reputation will be ruined.”

A line of people immediately looked at Kris, and all of them were very angry about him after hearing what Hai said. However, Kris was not embarrassed at all, looking like he did not care about it at all.

“Well, such a hopeless man.” Hai snorted and said to Xiaorou: “Ms. Xu, sorry to let you see the joke.”

Xiaorou smiled and didn’t say anything.

After handing the card to the waiter, Hai said: “Ms. Xu, you like the ‘Heavenly City’, right? Since I have many friends, I can inquire about it for you and might help you buy it!” Of course, Hai could not let go of such an excellent chance to make Xiaorou have a good impression on him.

Anyway, he could promise to help her now, and Xiaorou had to be thankful to him no matter if he could buy it later. It was such a good idea that it could achieve his two goals at the same time.

“Thanks,” Xiaorou answered politely.

“You are welcome, that’s what I should do.” Hai smiled and was about to say something flattering when a waiter walked quickly to him and said after bowing: “Excuse me, Sir, please change a card to pay the bill.”

“What?” Hai thought he got it wrong and said: “You let me change a card to pay?”

“Yes Sir, because the balance of your card…is not enough to pay…”

Before the waiter finished saying, Hai shouted loudly: “Bullshit! I have 10.5 million dollars in my bank card, how can the balance be insufficient?”

“I’m… I’m sorry, Sir. The total amount of your consumption is 32 million dollars.”

Hearing the waiter’s words, Kris almost burst out laughing. He had noticed the wine that the waiters just served was the Chateau Mouton Rothschild dry red wine in 1945, a brand that might not be as familiar as Lafite and Romanee Conti to people. But in 1997, the Caltex auction house sold it at a sky-high price of 23 thousand dollars.

Today, more than two decades later, such a bottle of wine would cost more than one million. And now that the waiters served one bottle at each table, that meant Hai bought more than 20 bottles of the wine. And Kris only wanted to say Hai totally deserved it since he was so complacent after being complimented by others.

“You lied to me, didn’t you?” Hai was panic-stricken, he stood up and said to the waiter: “There are totally 200 people, counting in the people of our Su family and all the guests, even if the consumption per capita is ten thousand, the total consumption is only two million, how can the consumption is possible to reach more than 20 million dollars? This is clearly a fraud. Go and get your manager. I will make a complaint.”

Having no other way, the waiter had to call the manager. The manager was a young man in his twenties. He came up to Hai and said: “Hello Sir, is there anything wrong?”

“Anything wrong?” Hai pointed at the manager’s nose and said: “Tell me, how can we spend 32 million in total? You are defrauding to me! I will go for the media to expose you, believe it or not!”

The manager was not in a hurry. He still bent forward and said: “Take it easy, Sir. I’ll go and get the bill for you, then you’ll see.”

Soon, the waiter brought the bill, and the manager handed it to him and said: “Sir, here is your bill for this consumption. The total consumption of the dishes of 28 tables is half a million, and the remaining 31.5 million is for the drinks.”

“You think I’m very easy to fool? What kind of wine would cost 31.5 million?” Hai was too furious, he suddenly grabbed the collar of the manager. He said: “Today, I won’t let you go until you explain!”

“Sir, a gentleman uses his tongue but not his fists.” The manager kept a distance from Hai and continued to say: “The wine you ordered is the top “limited edition” red wine from Chateau of Bordeaux Mouton Rothschild in France. The annual production of the wine is only one thousand bottles, and the market price of it is 1.26 million per bottle. Since you ordered 28 bottles, we have already given you a discount.”

“Since when have I let you serve me such expensive wine?” Hai was very furious: “You are definitely bullying me just depending on your big business! I will make complaints about you.”

The manager looked at Hai coldly. Although he was young, he had seen many big shots in Westriver City. But it was the first time he had ever seen a man who could not afford to pay but still pretended to be rich.

Although he looked down upon Hai, he still kept smiling because of his good professionalism: “Sir, please calm down. First of all, you have asked the waiter to serve you the most expensive wine, which we have monitored as evidence. Secondly, you can rest assured that all the wines we served are from the Chateau of Bordeaux Mouton Rothschild in France. Thirdly, stop your curse and treat me with respect, please.”

As soon as the manager finished speaking, dozens of big men rushed in from outside. They were all dressed in black suits and dark glasses, tall and sturdy. They were the security guards of the Dynasty Hotel, which was the only six-star hotel in Westriver City, and no one dared to make trouble here.

Everyone in the city all knew that the owner of the Dynasty Hotel had great power and was influential even in the underworld. No one dared to make trouble here unless he was too bold.

A man stood behind those big men, who was in his thirties, dressed in Tang suit, and was playing two antiques, the lion’s heads, in his hands. It was him who was the owner of the Dynasty Hotel, Youming Zhou.

Seeing Youming show up with a security guard, all the people of the Su family all become panic. Every one of the Westriver City all knew his cruelty and brutality despite his harmless look, and if someone offended him, he would either die or suffer great losses.

Hai’s back was instantly wet with cold sweat since the man before him was the famous local tyrant in the Westriver Ciy, Youming Zhou.

The appearance of the boss made the manager straighten his back at once: “Now that the Su family is a famous third-rate family in the Westriver City, how could you repudiate the debt of the wine ordered by yourself?”

“No!” Hai hurriedly nodded and bowed, saying: “This is totally a misunderstanding! How can we default? Of course, we’ll pay, we’ll pay…”

However, he only had 10.5 million dollars, and he could not afford the remaining 21.5 million even if he sold himself for money.

What to do, what to do! If he didn’t pay, then he probably would be kicked out after being beaten to death. Suddenly, he saw the old lady of the Su family, then he crawled to her and begged: “Grandma, help me please…”

“Ah,” The old lady signed and stood up with the help of others, she walked up to Zhou Ming and bowed with tremble: “Mr. Zhou, it’s our Su family’s fault, and my grandson is too young to be sensible since I didn’t teach him well. I apologize for him here, we’ll give you the money.”

Looking at the old lady bow to her junior to apologize, the people in the Su family were all very sad. It was all Hai’s fault. Why must he order the most expensive wine and pretend to be rich now that he did not have enough money at all?

Just now, a few people of the young generation in the Su family checked the wine on the Internet, and they found it indeed cost more than one million dollars per bottle. After the old lady made the apology, Hai and other people in the family also came forward to keep apologizing because they were afraid that they would be detained in here if Youming was still unsatisfied with them.

Only Kris didn’t go there because he found it boring after seeing them at the side, then he stood up and walked to the door.

What made Kris quite surprised was the small potato who begged for cooperation at the gate of the Chen family years ago now became the big shot who had the most incredible power in the Westriver City. Fate was so unpredictable. And he thought he didn’t invest half a million dollars for nothing, and he chose the right person at that time since Youming indeed had done something great.

Because he didn’t want to be acquainted with Youming on such an occasion, he bent over and walked quietly towards the door. Just at this point, someone said something to stop him: “My friend, please stay!”

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