Chapter 120: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 120 I was poisoned?

After receiving the update, John immediately went to Alan.

“Colin is already at the police station.”

Alan was surprised, “How can it happen?”

“Dad, isn’t this our purpose?” John smiled, “The next plan will be smoother.”

Alan nodded when he heard those words. He was very satisfied with his son. But when he thought of the last problem, he said, “John, in the end, you have to appear. Don’t you think it’s better to let Lenard handle this?”

John shook his head and said patiently, “Dad, let’s think. We’ve done all of this from the beginning till the end. Now, only the final crucial step is left. If we let Lenard handle it, everything will be settled by then, and he will become the biggest winner. And we will gain lesser benefits. Do you want to see Crystal Group become bigger and overcome us, Dad?”

Alan frowned. Naturally, he wasn’t hoping for this, but he couldn’t help but say, “Make sure that the plan goes well and make sure that Colin won’t be released by then.”

“No problem. Just two days will be enough.” John said without any concern.

Alan nodded, “I don’t want to interfere too much. You need to be aware. Don’t make any mistake in the final crucial step.”

“Don’t worry! Our plan will go smoothly. Letting Crystal Group obtain Lishi Company was to divert his attention before. He won’t take notice of our company. Even when he’s in jail right now, he is still furious about Lenard betraying him.”


The Summer Palace in Jing City

There were only Baker and Doris strolling around. As for Eva, they had gone to the Forbidden City since the morning, so she felt tired and couldn’t walk anymore. In the end, she returned to the hotel.

It was the first time for Doris to come to the capital city. So when she saw The Imperial Palace and Forbidden City, she was so excited and didn’t feel tired at all.

Baker noticed nice scenery in the nearby garden and said to Doris, “Doris, let’s go there. I’ll take a picture for you.”

Doris agreed as she nodded and went over to get her picture taken.

When her picture had been taken, Doris leaned over to look. Since she thought it’s quite good, she nodded, and smiled.

“My daughter is really pretty.”

Doris let out a rare cutely manner. She looked up and said proudly, “Of course”

But Doris suddenly thought of her family’s behavior recently, “Dad, why do I feel like the way you look at me is like looking at someone who’s leaving? It wasn’t because of blood sugar this time but I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, did I?”

He couldn’t blame her for thinking that way. She’s fainted twice for no reason and her parents immediately took her out to have fun after she’s discharged from the hospital. They didn’t say anything, so naturally, she would assume this way.

Baker frowned slightly after he heard it, “What nonsense is that?”

“Then tell me, why did you suddenly take me for a trip and even you always comply with me? I was just being discharged from the hospital, it’s normal for me to think this way, right?”

Baker was silent for a moment while looking at Doris and sighed in the end, “Actually, it’s not because of the low blood sugar but it’s because of an unknown poison.”

“I was poisoned?” Doris was shocked. How could she be poisoned?

Baker nodded and said, “I didn’t tell your mother about this. Your mother thought that you’ve been diagnosed with an abnormality in your heart so you couldn’t have a significant mood swing. That’s why we thought of taking you on a trip.”

“The doctor has warned that since this poison is a chronic poison, you can’t have an extreme mood swing, otherwise it will lead to a stupor.”

Doris suddenly felt everything was unreal. Wouldn’t such things as being poisoned only appear in TV dramas? Could it also happen in real life?

“But it’s also good to bring you out to have fun. If you stay in Tianbei City, your mood swing will be too severe.”

“Why is it?” Doris was confused.

Baker said after thinking for a while, “Because Colin needs to handle something recently. I’m afraid that your mood swings will be too severe that it will affect his decision.”

“What… is he doing?”

Baker smiled a bit when he saw her expression, “You need to wait for him to tell you directly!”


Tianbei City

The second phase of the Lanbo Port project under Marquis Group had finally been completed today.

Marquis Group organized an internal party to celebrate the completion. But for some reason, the other business celebrities were also attending, including the top executives of Martin Group and Crystal Group.

It was originally an internal gathering. With this level, usually, the chairman wouldn’t attend. But suddenly so many business celebrities also attended and the top executives of various companies were also attending.

At this time, Nina was inside the office of Tianbei Hotel’s general manager.

“Haven’t you found out where the chairman is?”

Some people inside the office shook their heads.

Nina was also very anxious. There wasn’t any problem in the beginning, but now a lot of top executives were also attending. They had to invite Colin to attend but they couldn’t contact Colin at all, and also they had no idea where he is.

In the hotel lobby, Adam was holding a glass of wine and chatted with those uninvited top executives with enthusiasm. His face was all smiles and completely didn’t look troubled.

However, after the guests entered, Adam rubbed his forehead, “Damn it! Why are there so many people?”

The host who was standing on the side of the main stage also wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. Oh my God! I thought it was only a small banquet but there are so many people here!

After he’s prepared, the host cleared his throat, and walked to the main stage calmly, while holding a microphone, “I’d like to welcome all the guests to the celebration party for the completion of the second phase of Lanbo Port project….”

After the host made a long opening speech, then said, “Next, let’s invite our general manager of Lanbo Port, Ye Kui, to give a speech.”

Ye Kui sorted up his tie after hearing it and prepared to give the speech on the stage.

At the same time, someone unknowingly shouted in the crowd, “Where’s the chairman of Marquis Group? Shouldn’t he be the first one to give the speech?”

Ye Kui’s stopped his step.

The crowd also began to comment.

“That’s right! How come a general manager is giving a speech before the chairman?”

“Where’s the chairman of Marquis Group?”

“I’ve never seen who the chairman of Marquis Group is!”


As the host saw the people giving comments, he looked at Nina for help.

Nina’s expression was gloomy. Before she could speak, someone in the crowd shouted.

“How come we never saw the chairman of Marquis Group? Are you looking down on us? Everyone has come here today.”

Nina frowned. So, they deliberately come here to find fault and also nitpicking the relationship between Marquis and the other companies!

The host was having cold sweat all over his face and didn’t know what to do.

Nina had to go to the stage herself, she took the microphone, and said, “I do apologize, everyone. Today, our chairman…..”

Before she could finish speaking, suddenly someone interrupted her.

“Colin won’t come today!”

Everyone turned to the voice.

John was wearing a silver suit while walking naturally with a smile on his face, as he was walking step by step towards the main stage.

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