Chapter 121 -122: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 121: Steal the credit

Bao Cao looked nervous, but seeing the four women dressed neatly, he was relieved.

Fortunately, they were not defiled, otherwise he would die, and Tianba Li would be the first not sparing him.

Bao relieved, and then began to untie the four girls.

Lan Yu was very surprised. She did not expect that the one came was Bao: “What about the brothers and sister?”

You know they had guns in their hands, and the gunshots were so intensive just now, obviously there was a gun battle.

Could it be that he rushed to save her among bullets?

Bao smiled and said, “You were caught by them, and I was anxious, can’t care much, so I rushed out in danger of death. But Tianba and Kris were kind of courageous, helped me to attract their attention, so the brothers and sister were defeated”

After a pause, he continued: “Lan, it’s a big credit for you to take them to the police station later!”

Seeing Bao, Lan moved inexplicably in her heart: “Bao, thank you, you are really… very brave!”

Lan did not expect Bao daring to face the brothers and sister and was surprised.

Mary, on the side, saw Bao came instead of Kris, inevitably felt lost.

At the same time, on the bus.

In addition to old injuries, Kris now had new injuries. The blood was running out from the wounds and can’t be stopped. Because of excessive blood loss, Kris’s face became pale, and his hands and feet became cold.

“Kris, don’t sleep. Hold on, you will be fine!” Tianba’s eyes were red, cheered Kris, and kept him from falling asleep.

If he fell asleep, it was really over.

At this time, Mary walked on the car and found that Kris was lying on the ground full of blood; she was shocked: “Kris, what’s wrong with you!”

What the hell is going on, doesn’t Bao say that he has knocked down the three gangsters? Why is Kris injured?

Seeing the gurgling blood, Mary was so scared and burst into tears.

Kris wanted to reach out to wipe the tears in on her face, but due to too much blood loss, he no longer had the strength to raise his hands, had to force a smile to make her feel at ease.

At this time, Bao also came over and said with lip curling, “It is that he wanted to be in the limelight, flaunted his superiority. He who did not have the strength provoked the gangsters, isn’t it normal to be injured? Besides, if it wasn’t he who made trouble, I would have subdued the brothers and sister much more earlier.”

He attributed all the credits to himself, and by the way, he distorted that Kris was injured because he wanted to be in the limelight.

Hearing Bao’s words, Mary cried even more.

However, his words angered Tianba Li, who pointed at Bao’s nose and cursed: “Shit, if you talk nonsense any longer, I will tear your mouth!”

This guy was really bad. When a few women were taken off the bus by the two brothers, he was scared like a quail. If it were not Kris, his wife would probably be insulted. Now that the gangsters were subdued, he took all the credit and called black white here.

If it were not that Kris was seriously injured now, he must teach him a good lesson.

Kris heard that Bao took the credit and slandered him, which made him extremely angry. He was about to speak, but felt black in the eyes and passed out.

“Come on, drive fast!” Tianba shouted at the driver. The driver was so scared that he started the car quickly…

Fifth People’s Hospital.

Tianyao Chen sipped the chicken soup stewed by his wife and felt uneasy. He did not drink after a few sips.

A few days ago, he suffered a heart attack. After the operation by Xi Lan, he had almost recovered. He can get the stitches taken out in a few days and be discharged if there were no major problems.

Because Xi became the fifth hospital president, he didn’t have to go back to the first hospital. From a director, she jumped several levels in a row and became the head of a hospital. All of this was due to Kris, so she was very grateful to him.

However, she had not seen Kris these days. She had to take care of his parents instead of Kris. As long as she had no work, she would go to the ward to see them.

At noon that day, when Fang Gu was chatting with Tianyao, they heard the door knocked.

“Yes, Xi Lan is coming, I will open the door!” Fang thought it was Xi, and went to open the door happily.

As a result, she had not gotten to the door when the door was banged open from the outside, and then a group of fellows in suits rushed into the ward, led by Yuan Chen!

“Oh, are you deaf? Didn’t hear the knock on the door?”

As soon as he entered the room, Yuan shouted at the couple.

After that, he looked at the ward. These two old wastes actually lived in such a good ward, with complete home appliances were complete. At first glance, it was the top VIP ward.

“What do you want to do?” Tianyao said in a cold voice: “If you want Kris, go out and find him, he hasn’t come here these days!”

This guy should be Yuan. He yelled in the face of his uncle and kicked the door. He was lawless.

Yuan sneered and said, “Who wants your son who is not as good as a beast, I came to you today!”

“What do you want to do?” Fang Gu changed his face and quickly warded off Tianyao.

“Put up a desperate struggle.” Yuan smiled coldly, said to the men in black: “Hurry, tie these two shameless old wastes for me!”

“Dare you ?”

Tianyao held his chest, his face flushed. He pointed at him and said, “I am your uncle, how can you talk to me like this? Where is the education of the Chen family? Where are family rules? You actually dare to bring people here and make trouble. Get out quickly!”

However, his words didn’t help much, because the fellows had come around and taken control of both of them.

At this time, Xi hurried over when she heard the movement. She walked to the ward in high-heeled shoes quickly; looked at them, her face changed. She scolded: “What do you want to do? This is a hospital, I will call the police if you don’t let go of them!”

Yuan followed the voice to see and found a stunning woman in a white coat standing there, and his eyes were lit up suddenly: “Isn’t this president Blue? Long time no see this is Yuan of the Chen family. Do you remember me?”

Westriver city is of medium size, and it was only a few days after Xi was promoted to the dean, but sons of rich families like Yuan had gotten the news for the first time.

“I don’t remember.” Xi said coldly: “Let them go. Uncle Chen’s wounds haven’t been cured, and there can’t be any accident.”

In the face of so many people, she said she didn’t know himself, which made Yuan lose face and embarrassed.

Damn, isn’t she just a president? I will ride on you sooner or later!

Yuan thought in hatred, and immediately said in a cold voice: “It is impossible, our old mater wants to see them!”


Old master?

Tianyao was taken aback: “Have father finished the retreat?”

“Please pay attention to your words, you are no longer a member of the Chen family!”Yuan said coldly: “When knew what Kris did, and Grandpa was so angry that he ordered me to take you back. He will ask you face to face, how did you teach such an evil creature like Kris!”


Did father really say that?

At this moment, Tianyao felt his heart begin to ache again.

Father, why don’t you believe in Kris? How could he possibly do bad things? He is the one who brought up by you!

However, before he could say this, he was dragged from the hospital bed by a group of fellows and dragged out of the door…

Chapter 122: You Have No Right

At the same time, Kris Chen, who was in a coma as being wounded, slowly opened his eyes.

He licked his dry lips and whispered, “water… I need some water…”

“Kris, you are revived!”

Sitting beside him for a long time, Mary Su stood up surprisedly, picked up a cup on one side when she heard that Kris needed some water, handed him, and fed him water carefully.

After drinking two glasses of water, he felt his sore throat relieved somewhat.

“Oh, dear, why are your eyes swollen?” Kris looked at Mary’s red and swollen eyes from crying.

He said fondly: “My darling wife, I have come to my senses, so you don’t have to worry. Everything is fine.”

Kris was very depressed in the heart, but he didn’t show it. Just a few days, he got two shots in the same body parts, and the pain was so bad.

“Who is worried about you? I just have sand in my eyes…” Mary wiped away her tears and said unconvincingly.

You were injured seriously, why did you still try to be brave?

She was really scared at the thought of Kris rushing out despite his own life.

“Kris, we all know that you and Tianba Li saved us.” Mary felt silly to believed what Bao Cao said. She should have known that he was so afraid of death that he wouldn’t risk his life to save others.

She sighed and said quietly, “Why were you fighting desperately? Didn’t you know they had guns? If anything should happen to you, I don’t want to live…”

It seems that Mary thought of something. She blushed and stopped talking.

Hearing what she said, Kris felt warm inside and said, “You are my wife. I’d risk my life for you.”

When he finished these words, both of them felt warm inside. But he soon broke the cozy feelings, sat up in bed painfully, and asked, “Wife, where are we?”

It couldn’t be a hospital with such a luxurious decoration, nor could it be Sue’s house. “This is Tianba Li’s house. He called a doctor to save you,” Mary said softly.

Kris nodded and wrote his thing down in his mind silently.

“Erm, where’s Tianba Li?”

“He is greeting visitors in the hall on the first floor!” Mary said softly, “tomorrow will be his 70th birthday. Some people came ahead of time to celebrate Mr. Li’s birthday as they are not free tomorrow.”

Mr. Li, whose original name is Shixiong Li, has retired since handing over the family business to Tianba Li a few years ago.

He’s no longer in charge of the company, but, in Westriver City, what he says carries a lot of weight.

This is a big event, so many families will send people to celebrate it.

Hearing her words, Kris said instantly: “I have to visit him now. Otherwise, it will be too impolite.”

He and Tianba Li remained good friends. It was disrespectful if he didn’t visit a friend’s grandfather in such an important moment.

Enduring the pain, Kris got out of bed slowly.

Seeing he looked pale, Mary handed him hurriedly and said worriedly, “you’d better lie down in bed and have a rest.”

It worried me that you were injured seriously and still hadn’t a good rest.

When he had steadied himself, Kris patted her hands and managed a weak smile, saying jokingly: “I’m OK. I don’t need help. Don’t look at me like this, I could kill another shark!”

“Huh, you brag!” Mary rolled her eyes and then froze for a moment as she recalled the scene that Kris fought against a shark bravely.

When she came back to earth, Kris was savoring her dumb looks, which made her turned red.

Looking at Mary blushed, Kris was in a good mood and thought: I believe she will fall in love with me soon.

Thinking of this, he was feeling a good bit better and was full of energy.

At this time, a lot of people have been sitting in the hall on the first floor.

These people are Westriver city’s prominent personages, who came ahead of time to celebrate Mr. Li’s birthday as they are not free tomorrow.

An old man sat at the seat of honor with white hair and a ruddy complexion, who is just about Shixiong Li.

Unexpectedly, he is seventy years old with a ruddy complexion, who definitely kept in good health in the right way.

Kris found that there were acquaintances among them when he approached from the stairs.

His high school classmate, Hai Wang. Those people who gave Mr. Li gifts are all social celebrities. As they were classmates for three years, Kris knew Hai through Tha, he wasn’t qualified.

That’s interesting. How did he get in?

As soon as Kris went downstairs, the sharp-eyed Tianba Li saw him. Mr.Li was very happy to see kris revived, “Kris, you finally woke up. That’s great. Come on, sit down!.


Following the sound, Hai Wang looked at one side, suddenly surprised and thought: Why is this pal here?

Li’s family is one of the best big family in Westriver City. How is he a smelly loser qualified to attend Mr. Li’s birthday party?

He couldn’t understand. He had a chance to be here, thanks to his adopted elder sister. But for she is too busy to come, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to present a gift.

After he arrived at Li’s house, he was so excited in that he could give him a gift, which was a great honor. He can show off this thing to his relatives and classmates for a long time.

To his surprise, Kris was also here. But when he saw Mary by Kris’ side, he suddenly knew the truth.

Oh, it turned out he was accompanying his wife to give presents.

That’s it! Otherwise, this live-in son-in-law, who relied on his wife, was not qualified to give Mr. Li gifts.

But this pal was certainly not short of luck as his wife was so pretty with beautiful appearance, slender waist and standing chest, which attracted his eyeball wholly.

But he was told that they had not even held hands although they had been married for almost three years. What is the difference between him and a monk? Haha! He’s nothing but trash.

Present people looked at Kris curiously as Tianba Li greeted him affectionately.

Mary smiled and nodded at Tianba Li. Then she went to Hai’s side and said, “Long time no see, Hai!”

“Do you know each other?” Tianba Li said with some surprise.


When Kris was about to speak, Hai sneered and said ahead: “The live-in son-in-law of the Su’s family. What a loud name! I guess the whole of Westriver City’s people know you!”

Damn it, it’s so humiliating to be in this genteel place with such a crumb. That’s just dragging me down.

Hearing Hai’s words, Kris frowned and thought, “What the devil is, Hai? He didn’t like me at the last reunion, but I didn’t provoke him. Why would he say such words?”

The people around could not help laughing up their sleeves when they heard what Hai said.

They thought he was an important person, but it turned out to be Sue’s useless live-in son-in-law.

“Kris, who is he?” Mary pulled his arm and asked softly.

Kris patted her on the back of the hand and said, “Don’t worry, he’s just a clown.”

Since he quarreled openly, there was no need for Kris to give him face.

Hai thought: “Yo, how does this stinky live-in son-in-law have the nerve to challenge himself? Is he crazy?”

Mr. Li was talking to someone else. Hearing their words, he couldn’t help looking over.

“This young man should be Kris mentioned by a grandson,” He thought.

He piled up his beard and looked at him with interest.

Thinking of his grandson’s words, he would like to see if Kris is qualified enough to be friends with his grandson.

“You’re such a jerk! You don’t have the right to call me a clown!”

Exasperated, Hai said, “Do you think you’re somebody? You’re just a sucker. If you didn’t rely on your wife, you wouldn’t be here! Pooh! Without Su’s family, you are not even a dog!”

“Haha,” Kris said sneeringly: “Your tone doesn’t sound like you’re here to congratulate Mr. Li .”

Hearing Kris’ words, Hai held his head high and said proudly, “I came to present the gift in place of my adopted elder sister. Do you know who she is? I’m afraid to say it to scare you!” scared out of you!”

Adopted elder sister?

So the pal was just an errand.

This pal was thick-skinned as well as high and mighty, but he was just an errand. How could he be so superior?

Hearing Hai’s words, Kris looked at him playfully and said, “Yo, it seems that she is a great woman. I wonder who she is even more.”

“I tell you,” Hai said coldly, “you have no right to know who she is!”

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