Chapter 121 – 122: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 121: This man was so annoying (1)

Kerry Ye pinched Venus Mu’s chin indifferently. Looking at her pure and elegant face, he said coldly, “Don’t play tricks in front of me. You can’t escape today!”

After saying that, he directly sat on her body and ruthlessly pressed her lips. There was no mercy on her at all.

Venus frowned deeply. She tried her best to push him out, but found that he didn’t move at all. she felt her lips were painful. She couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

Was he serious?

Now her legs were extremely inconvenient. If he really wanted to violate her, she would never be able to resist!

“Kerry, please don’t…”

She only wore a dress today. Venus found that it was better not to provoke him.

Kerry was taken aback a little. He felt he had an illusion just now that her tone was so gentle just now, which was completely different from her usual intransigent image.

However, even so, he showed no mercy to her. The only thing he wanted to do now was to vent his desire. That was all!

Kerry smiled evilly. He stretched out his hands and grabbed hold of her arms, and then Venus took a deep breath….

After a long time, it was finally over…

Venus looked at her dirty dress. She was so angry that she frowned deeply and said in a strong dissatisfaction, “Why are you so cruel! My god!”

Kerry smiled and said indifferently, “You cheated on me. You should be glad that I am still willing to touch you…”

Venus retorted coldly, “Since you don’t want to touch me, why do you still come to me? Did I force you to touch me? “

Kerry slowly dressed up. He glanced at her indifferently,” Venus, don’t forget that I bought you with money. You have no value but your body.”

Venus rolled her eyes in anger. Looking at her leg in plaster, she couldn’t calm down at all, “Since you’re done now, can you leave now?”

After hearing her words, Kerry crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at her, “Venus, don’t talk to me in such a tone of order. Who gives you the right to refute me? You are not qualified to do that!”

Venus was so angry that she laughed. She stared at him coldly and said in disdain, “Don’t I even have the right to speak? Why are you so annoying?”

“You should have know this. Don’t question me, don’t refute me, don’t provoke me, you’d better remember it. You are just my plaything! “

“Ha ha…” Venus stared at him in disbelief, took a deep breath and asked coldly, “Then what do you allow me to do? What do you want me to do?”

Kerry sneered as usual, “Eat, sleep and go to the bathroom.”

Hearing his words, Venus’s mouth twitched, “Are you kidding?”

“No kidding.” She asked in reply.

Venus felt that she was going crazy. What he said was totally unfair.

This man was so annoying!

“It’s not fair at all!”

“So what? It’s rule.”

Venus said, “Since it’s unfair, I won’t abide by it.”


Venus didn’t expect him to agree her directly this time.

As expected, he continued, “After you pay back the one million, I won’t stop you even if you want to leave here.”

How could she pay him back one million now?!

Damn it!!!

Venus decided to close her eyes. She had already seen his shamelessness. She didn’t want to continue to humiliate herself, so she directly turned over and lay down. Suddenly she remembered that her dress was dirty, and she could only sit on the bed helplessly.

Chapter 121: This man was so annoying (2)

Seeing that she calmed down, Kerry Ye stopped talking. He tidied up his suit, turned around and left directly. Before leaving the room, he suddenly said, “Stay away from Kevin Ye.”

When the door was closed, Venus Mu quickly took off her dress and threw it on the ground. The sticky stuff on her dress made her feel sick.

She really wanted to take a shower at the moment, but considering that her legs were still in plaster, she could only give up. She took out a tissue from her bag, carefully cleaned her body, and then lay on the bed to tightly cover her body.

The air was still filled with that dirty smell, which made her quickly cover her head.

Perhaps it was too stuffy, Venus poked her head out of the quilt and found the glass of water on the desk. It was left by Zi Xiao just now.

A second ago she thought she was lucky to know such a good man as violet, but the next second, she was suffering humiliations by Kerry.

Venus jumped off the bed and walked slowly to the desk. She picked up the glass and looked at the clear water drops in it. Tears suddenly streamed down her cheeks.

Her parents, her brother, and many warm memories of the past flashed through her mind, which recorded all her laughter.

Kerry walked out of Venus’s room and was about to go downstairs to the living room. However, he saw that Kerry and Xinyou Qiao was chatting happily. Kerry was very gratified.

“What are you talking about?” Kerry walked directly to the sofa next to the two of them.

Kerry glanced at him and said gently, “I’m telling some interesting things on the trip. I don’t think you’ll be interested in them…”

His brother had always been interested in work. He would never listen to such boring things.

Kerry smiled and said indifferently, “I’m usually very busy and hard to have a holiday. If there is really something interesting, I’m willing to listen.”

Kerry was stunned. He smiled and said, “Okay.”

It seemed that his brother had become sentimental after so many years.


“Miss Qiao.”

A familiar voice came from behind, which made her stop. She turned around gracefully and saw Zihang.

Xinyou frowned and asked in confusion, “Zihang Lu?”

Zihang was not surprised at all. With a strange smile on his face, he said in a meaningful tone, “Miss Qiao still remembers me? Good. Let’s talk about our affairs.”

After thinking for a while, Xinyou suddenly became impatient when she thought of the past thing. She said coldly, “I have given you one hundred thousand. I think we have nothing unsettled!”

Facing Xinyou’s cold face, Zihang didn’t feel surprised at all, “I was entangled with Venus according to your instructions, but after that, I was slightly injured by Kerry. Don’t you reimburse me for the medical fee and mental damages…”

In the face of Zihang’s shameless request, she didn’t expect him to be such a shameless person!

He didn’t make it, but now he was so brazen to ask for the medical fees. It was really hateful!

Xinyou said in anger, “You haven’t completed the thing I told you before! But I still paid you the remaining fifty thousand as promised!”

Zihang smiled evilly. “Miss Qiao, in order to complete your plan, I was punched by Kerry. You saw it at that time. It’s for you. Do you want to deny it?”

“Zihang, I’ve seen lots of people like you who are shameless, but I warn you, I won’t give you money! If you dare to badger me again, I’ll definitely make you regret!”

Chapter 121: This man was so annoying (3)

Zihang Lyu’s face sank. He said coldly, “You’re threatening me? If you don’t give me money, I will tell Kerry what you did.”

Xinyou was suddenly scared, but quickly returned to calm and said disdainfully, “Do you think that with your relationship with Venus, Kerry will believe your words? You’re so ridiculous.”

“I’ll ask you one last time, will you pay me?”Zihang gloomily said.

“No way.”

“Fine, I hope you don’t regret your choice.” Zihang smiled darkly.

Zihang’s words caused Xinyou to be worried. When she was thinking how to deal with Zihang, she saw he walking straight behind her. When she noticed that he walked toward Kerry, she was very worried.

But Zihang was already in front of Kerry, so Xinyou couldn’t stop him any longer and hurried forward.

Kerry looked indifferently at Zihang, who was blocking his way, and asked, “Mr. Lyu, What’s up?”

As Zihang lookea at Xinyou, he noticed that she wore a disdainful expression.

“Mr. Ye, I want to take up some of your time. There’s something you need to know.” he said.

“I’m sorry. I have to go to a meeting soon, so I don’t have time to talk to you.” Kerry coldly answered.

Faced with Kerry’s reaction, Xinyou disdained Zihang and said, “Mr. Lyu, if there’s nothing else, please leave and don’t disturb our work!”

Kerry directly overtook him and took a step to leave.

Zihang knew that Kerry couldn’t listen to him, so he said loudly, “Does Mr. Ye still remember what happened at the Tingyu Restaurant that time? Aren’t you curious what the truth is?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Zihang saw Kerry turn around, but the next Kerry punched him and then he fell to the ground. Zihang felt great pain in his face all of a sudden.

Kerry looked at him condescendingly and said coldly, “Don’t try to challenge my patience. Henry takes Mr. Lyu away.”

Henry heard the order and quickly had one of the two bodyguards drag Zihang away.

Zihang couldn’t escape. He felt like his arm was about to be pulled off by them. He looked back and saw Xinyou’s smug look. He was furious, so he shouted at Kerry, “Kerry, It was Xinyou Qiao who paid me to go after Venus.”

Hearing his words, Kerry stopped in his tracks. On the side, Xinyou yelled, “Zihang Lu, stop lying.”

Zihang continued to yell, “Xinyou Qiao gave me 100,000 yuan. She told me to go to the Tingyu Resturant, tricked Venus out and raped her. I just didn’t expect you to come in time and I got beaten up by you.”

Kerry looked gloomy, which made Xinyou try to conceal her panic,

“Kerry, this is all his nonsense. You must never trust him! He used to ask me to be his girlfriend at school, and I never said yes to him, so that’s why he slanders me.” She made up reasons and cried on purpose as she spoke.

Kerry put a hand on her shoulder and comforted her, “I believe you.”

Xinyou gradually calm down. Then she glared at Zihang resentfully.

Kerry turned around, walked up to Zihang and ordered, “Teach him a lesson.”

At Kerry’s command, the bodyguards who were holding Zihang started beating him.

Zihang kept making screams. Facing the bodyguards, he didn’t have any chance to escape and could only let them beat him.

After a short while, he was beaten black and blue. Xinyou looked at him and suddenly she was terrified inside. She had witnessed Kerry’s cruelness. She was just wondering what Kerry would do to her if he found out what she had done.

She kept reassuring herself that he would never know, but Kerry’s punishment for Venus always came to her mind.

She was worried and scared, and she swore she would never let that day come.

Chapter 121: This man was so annoying (4)

“That’s enough.”

Kerry opened his mouth when Zihang Lu was almost beaten to death. He looked at Zihang, who was black and blue all over, and said flatly: “If this happens again, I’ll cut your tongue off!”

Then, Kerry turned around and walked away without looking at Zihang again.

Zihang looked after Kerry as he left. His face contorted with anger. He roared: “Kerry!! You are easily manipulated by a woman when you are running such a big company!! This is so freaking hilarious!!”

When Kerry walked back to the company, Zihang managed to stand up, but he was tripped and he fell on the ground violently.

Zihang was racked with agonizing pain. He looked up furiously and saw it was Xinyou who tripped him. Xinyou rested her hands on her hips and looked at him condescendingly. She smiled mockingly and said: “Zihang, look at how pathetic you are! I warned you not to mess with me! But you didn’t listen, and this is what you get!!”

Zihang wiped blood from the corners of his mouth. He stood up with great efforts and said coldly: “Now I see how shameless you can be. It’s too bad I’m still alive, because sooner or later, I will tear your mask off and show everyone what kind of person you really are!!”

Xinyou wasn’t concerned with his threat at all. Because she thought Zihang had no power and ability to do what he wanted when he was in such a condition.

She said: “Is that so? Then I’ll be waiting.”

“Yeah! Just wait!” Zihang said.

Xinyou looked at him with undisguised contempt, and then she turned around and walked back to the company.

Zihang’s legs were shivering nonstop. He was filled with bitterness and hatred, and he wished he could destroy the whole world.

“Kerry!! Xinyou!! Just wait!! I swear to take my revenge!!!”


Xinyou went back to the company feeling anxious. Although Kerry trusted her just now, she was still worried that Kerry might get suspicious. So she decided to talk with Kerry.

She walked to Kerry’ s office, and she had already mentally rehearsed what she would say to Kerry. She knocked his door.

“Please come in.”

Xinyou then half opened the door and found Kerry was standing in the office with his back to her. She summoned up more courage and walked in.


Her soft voice disrupted Kerry’ s train of thought. He turned around, looked at Xinyou’s pretty face and asked: “Why are you here?”

Xinyou was displeased by Kerry’ s question, but she concealed her displeasure and asked: “Kerry, did you believe what Zihang said? Do you think I did that thing?”

Kerry was confused. He asked flatly: “Why are you asking this?”

Kerry was indeed thinking about this incident. He was doubtful about what Zihang said. In his mind, Xinyou is kind and sweet, and she would never do anything despicable.

Besides, Zihang is Venus’s ex-boyfriend. He had pestered Venus for so many times, and that’s why Kerry decided to teach him a lesson this time.

Although Kerry didn’t care about Venus anymore, Venus was still Kerry’ s wife, so Zihang was actually destroying Kerry’ s dignity when he pestered Venus, and that, Kerry couldn’t forgive.

But the only thing he didn’t understand was why would Zihang frame Xinyou. Was it possible that Zihang really tried to harass Xinyou before, just like Xinyou said?

Xinyou was rather nervous when she saw Kerry’ s expression. She had no other option but to make a lie. She said: “The reason why Zihang framed me was because of Venus. Zihang was very nice to Venus.”

Kerry listened, and he didn’t say anything.

“When Zihang learned Venus was going to get married with you, they had a big quarrel with each other. Then Zihang found me suddenly and said he wants me to be his girlfriend……”

Xinyou said cautiously while observing his reactions. “I learned later that Zihang asked me to be his girlfriend out of the intention to piss Venus off, because he hated Venus for betraying him. And in the end, Venus was still married to you.”

Xinyou said the last sentence feeling angry. She was of course lying. But when she initially learned Kerry and Venus were getting married, she was truly angry. She was so jealous of Venus when she thought Venus, an ugly duckling, was becoming a swan. She couldn’t even sleep at that time. She thought she was as good as Venus, and she should be the lucky one, and she is the one who truly deserves Kerry.

Chapter 122: Revenge, Kerry’ s gift (1)

“Zihang Lu might either hate or love Venus Muslim. The reason why he wanted blame it to me was that he once wanted me to replace Venus in his heart when we met by chance. But I refused him. How could I scramble for the husband of my good friend? What kind of people did he think of me? ”

When it comes to this, Xinyou mightily wrung her thighs and immediately the tears rolled down her face. She pretended to cry, covering her face with hands and saying, “Kerry, to be honest, I like you so much that I even had planned to meet with Zihang’s requirement. Will you think badly of me? “

Seeing her sobbing with much sadness, the previous doubt in Kerry’s heart disappeared. Kerry sighed, gently hugged Xinyou and comforted her,”Xinyou, II” I’m sorry to let you go through this. “

Hearing this,Xinyou knew that she has achieved her goal and showed a smug smile secrectly.She appeared to be generous, “It doesn’t matter. I won’t blame you, Kerry…”

“I believe in you.”

“Well.” Xinyou showed a sweet smile and meekly leaned on the arms of Kerry, feeling his hot temperature, his voice with a touch of worry, “Kerry, you beat Zihang so badly this time, what if he comes to revenge us?”

Hearing this, Kerry suddenly felt reasonable. He took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Henry’s number, saying with a touch of cruelty, “Henry, go to send “a big gift” to Mr. Lu.”

“Yes, I see.”

Kerry hung up the phone, looked kindly at xinyou, and asked, “Don’t worry, he won’t come to trouble you.”

With the affirmation from Kerry, Xinyou felt a huge relief. She felt sweet in her heart, as if she had been tasting the honey. She said shyly, “I believe you, but what is the big gift you said for Lu Zihang?

Kerry’s ice-blue eyes turned a little gloomy, and his voice is a little magnetic. “You don’t have to know about this,” He says, “I’m afraid it will terrify you.”

Hearing him so say, Xinyou immediately felt her back spine cool, then obediently shut her mouth.

She knew that Zihang this time was absolutely miserable…

Zihang was seriously injured, so he first went to the hospital to bandage up the wound. When he arrived home, finding the door half open, and inside vaguely heard someone talking. Zihang thought that there was a thief in!

Not waiting for his reaction, he suddenly felt pain on his neck, then lost his consciousness and collapsed down the ground without any strength.

After he woke up again, he found that there was nothing left in his house, and even he was bare lying on the ground.

Zihang was shocked. He was about to struggle to rise to his feet, only to find he was attached tightly by a rope.

At this moment, outside the door came two men. They stared at Zihang with cold eyes, saying without any compassion, “Zihang Lu, now, have you known what consequence you will get if you annoyed our boss? You should know yourself well, or you won’t know how you die someday.”

Zihang suddenly goggled. As early as two people appear, Zihang has recognized the two men, because his injury was also caused by them!

“What do you want to do!” Seeing them getting closer, Zihang couldn’t help being a little nervous.

When the two men came to him, they directly pulled out Zihang’s palms and looked at his long white fingers. They said in a regretful tone, “Long Yi (a nickname), which one do you think is better to cut down?”

The man known as Long Yi glanced contemptuously and spoke in a cold voice, “Long Er, (the other man), don’t say so much. Hurry up. let’s complete our mission and go back !”

Rebuked by Long Yi, Long Er directly took out his knife attached to his waist belt, which was so shinning that Zihang couldn’t look into it with some pain in eyes. At this moment, Zihang almost brought his heart into his mouth.

“Don’t do that! Please, I beg you. Please let me go! I will pay you plenty of money! Don’t cut down my fingers. You can’t do that!”

A painful scream echoed through the room, causing the two of them to frown. They picked up a towel and put it in Zihang’s mouth, saying, “Don’t scream, what a goddamn fool!”

Zihang was gagged and could only groans and as he looked at the bloody little finger on the floor. He was drenched in cold sweat because of huge pain and was almost fainted.

Looking at Zihang lose his consciousness, Long Er just wanted to kick him with a scolding, but was stopped by Long Yi, saying, “Well, Mr. Zhang has told us that don’t kill him in case of bad reputation for our young master, so just give him a lesson.”

Hearing what Long Yi said, Long Er nodded his head on the spot, and spat fiercely at him, and left.

Long Yi looked at Zihang again, came forward to untie the rope for him, and also left…

Chapter 122: Revenge, Kerry’s Gift (2)

When Zihang Lu woke up, he found he was sent to hospital. From the doctor, he knew it turned out to be his kind neighbor, who saw him and called 119.

Zihang looked at the wrapped fingers, only to find he lost one of them. Recalling what happened, his heart shook wildly.

He held the doctor, asking “Doctor, why did not my finger be connected? Is it said the broken finger can be connected?”

Lifting the eye frame, the doctor sighed with regret, “Sorry, Mr.Lu. Owing to the delayed time, your finger lost flexibility so it can’t be connected.”

After listening, Zihang felt his brain was about to explode, staring at the broken finger blankly and laughing sadly.

“Kerry, you are fucking cruel to me. I shouldn’t have annoyed you! But you have treated me like this. I also won’t let you down. You will regret to do so. “

And so will the bitch Xinyou. I will let you two pay the price.

“Mr. Lu, are you all right? The doctor was frightened by his laughter, and said with concern to Zihang.

Hearing what the doctor said to him, Zihang gradually was restored to reason, and said, I’m all right. Doctor, you can go busy first.”

The doctor nodded and seemingly wanted to say something but finally didn’t. Zihang frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

With some hesitation, the doctor finally said, “Mr. Lu, please pay for the cost of your medical treatments, adding the cost of accommodation in total of 118,000 yuan.”

Hearing this, Zihang’s eyebrows winkled immediately. He just had planned to find an acquaintance to go back to take some money when he recalled that there was nothing left in his home. He asked, Doctor, may I use your phone?”

Hearing his request, the doctor knew what Zihang wanted to do, so he gave his phone to him.

He thought of Yiyao Mu, and at this time only she could help him. So he instantly dialed to Yiyao, and after two rings, Yiyao’s voice went through the line.

“Hello, who is speaking?”

Zihang was delighted and said, “Yiyao, it’s me, Zihang. Where are you now?”

After he finished, with a pause, Yiyao took a breath, and said, “Zihang?”

Feeling there was something wrong with Yiyao’s voice, and hearing some strange sound go through the line, he didn’t care so much about it, but to raise money firstly. He couldn’t wait to continue, “Yiyao, I’m in the hospital now. Can you bring me some money?”

After that, only hearing a sudden sound “ah…” but with huge enjoyment, Zihang finally knew what was happening on the other end of the line.

How dare Yiyao Mu betrayed him and find another man! A slut!

“Yiyao Mu! What are you doing now! Are you be with another man now? Don’t you feel sorry to me by doing so?!” Zihang burst into huge anger that gathered in recent days. This time he couldn’t help venting it out altogether.

If in the past, Yiyao would ease off his fury with tender voice, but this time, not knowing why, Yiyao sneered, saying, “Zihang Lu, how dare you shout at me! Do you want to die?”

Zihang took a breath mightily. And he couldn’t believe Yiyao dare say that to him. What was going on now?

Not waiting his answer, Yiyao continued to say, “Zihang Lu, who do you think you are? If it wasn’t my father who admired you and arranged you to work in the company, you would just be a poor man now.”

“Yiyao Mu, you…”

Yiyao interrupted him, and said, You are right. Just now I was having sex with a man… If previously you were not the boy friend of Venus Mu, I would not notice you at all. I just wanted to scrambled the man of Venus.

Knowing the truth, Zihang was deeply taking his breath with his eyes glaring, and almost broke down.

But Yiyao was still talking, “If you had stayed with me with obedience, there wouldn’t be any trouble. But now you are so stupid that you annoyed Kerry Ye! Do you know his power? You went to againt him just like throwing an egg at the rock. It’s really ridiculous!”

Hearing that, Zihang finally understood Changrui Mu was afraid to offend Kerry Ye because of him. So Changrui Mu hurried to distance himself to him.

Zihang interrupt Yiyao, bear the fury in his hear, and pretend to hoax Yiyao, “Even if we break up, now I’m in trouble. So can you lend me some money due to our previous relationship?”

Chapter 122: Revenge, Kerry’ s gift (3)

However, after hearing his words, Yiyao Mu mockingly said, “You’re such a wimp! But this time you should know yourself! I don’t have money, and even if I do, I will never give it to you!”

“Yiyao, are you going to be this cruel?”

“Oh, to tell you the truth, I never have any feeling for you! I just want to make Venus Mu look bad! My last warning to you, don’t call me again, or show up in front of me, otherwise I will never let you go! Goodbye…”

After Yiyao finished speaking, she directly hung up the phone. Listening to the constant busy tones, Zihang Lu was sad.

He repented that he hadn’t even found Yiyao’ s true face before! He taunted Kerry Ye for being cheated by a woman, but he, in the end, was the same!

Yiyao, how could you do this…

Zihang was now in a dilemma. He was being urged to pay the medical bills every day, making him anxious. He wanted to borrow some money from colleagues, but he found that they all shunned him. Helplessly, he went to Changrui Mu, but was directly rejected outside the door.

In the end, with the help of his neighbors, he paid off some of his debts, but he still needed to pay a lot of debts. The hospital also gave an ultimatum that if he didn’t pay off the medical bills, they would sue him.

Having no choice, he sold his house to pay off his debts. But, the rest of the time he had been living in a hotel and wandering around, but now the spending everywhere was very high, so if he didn’t find a job soon, he would die.

Changrui had asked someone to give him a letter of resignation, so he could no longer go to Mu’s Group. Thinking of Mu’s family’s desperation, there was more and more resentment inside him.

He thought with resentment that one day all those who messed with him he would not let them get away with it!

Somehow, he actually walked to Tingyuxuan restaurant where the incident happened, and he wanted to leave, but he just happened to see a job advertisement, which turned out that they were hiring a supervisor. Though the salary was quite good, he didn’t think he should take it.

He used to be the sales manager at Mu’s Group and his salary was more than five times that of here, but now…

He was going to turn around and leave, but suddenly a plan flashed in his mind and he finally took a step into the dining hall.

“Hello, may I help you?”

Zihang pointed at the job advertisement on the door and spoke, “Hello, I’m here for the position of supervisor.”

After the man going through Zihang’ s resume and a brief interview, he was kept as a restaurant supervisor. Looking at the uniform handed over by the interview department, Zihang changed his expression and a meaningful smile appeared on his face.

Xinyou Qiao, just wait, I’ll soon let others know who you were.

Ye’ s Mansion

Today’s weather was nice. Looking the sunshine out of the window, Venus decided to go out for a walk. Now her leg was recovering well and she believed that in a short time, she could throw away her crutches.

There were a few lively birds hovering in the sky, flying freely in the direction of the garden, which gave direction to the aimless Venus, who then walked towards the garden with her crutches.

Just at this moment, there was a sudden ‘poof’ sound coming, Venus’s first reaction was that something had fallen into the water. Next to the swimming pool, she stopped to see, only to see a familiar figure quickly moving through the swimming pool.

Kevin Ye felt someone was watching him, so he looked up, seeing Venus standing beside him. He smiled, “Sister-in-law! It’s rare to see you out for a while.”

Since he had greeted her, it was not easy for Venus to pretend not to see him, so she spoke, “Hello…”

“Don’t be so polite… We’re at least brother and sister… By the way, how’s your leg?” Kevin asked kindly.

Venus was surprised inside, for she didn’t expect Kevin to be such a kind person. He was completely different from Kerry, so she felt much more at ease inside.

But she guessed that maybe he didn’t know that her brother’s name was Tianye Mu, or he wouldn’t be able to treat her honestly. Thinking of this, she was somewhat lost inside.

From the bottom of her heart, she didn’t want to be disliked by Kevin.

Kevin didn’t seem to notice her thoughts, so he entered the water and started to free dive. His familiar posture was full of energy, which made Venus hesitate to leave.

Just as she was about to turn around, there was a muffled sound from the pool, so she stopped and saw Kevin’s body swiftly going downwards. A few seconds later he was gone, only to see some bubbles coming out.

Chapter 122: Revenge, Kerry’ s gift (4)

Venus realized the urgency and she even forgot her leg still injured, directly throwing away the crutches and jumped into the water. The dry plaster became extremely heavy because of water.

Fortunately, Kevin Ye was not far away, so she clenched her teeth and came to his drop-off point. After taking a big breath, she dived into the water.

Soon her hand touched his waist, so she used the buoyancy of the water to lift him up, until his head was out of the water…

Venus found his eyes closed tightly, with no reaction at all. With his entire body all on top of her, she was difficult to move.

She tried to hold up his body, yelling desperately, “Help! Come on! Help!”

As the swimming pool was a short distance away from the villa, so soon the patrol found them. Seeing the situation, they were hurriedly saving them. With their help, Venus and Kevin were quickly saved.

John came running in a panic and saw that Kevin was unconscious, so he immediately sent someone to call Dr. Han and arranged a nanny to take Venus to change clothes.

After arranging everything, he immediately called Kerry Ye, who was in a meeting. But after hearing about Kevin’ s condition, he immediately announced that the meeting was postponed and then rushed back.

When Kerry returned, Kevin had woken up under the treatment of Dr. Han. Seeing Kerry in a hurry, he said indifferently, “I’m fine… don’t worry.”

Kerry was relieved and he couldn’t help but ask, “How did you drown in the pool? I heard that you were with Venus at that time? What the hell was going on?!”

Hearing his words, Kevin said, “I was swimming, but all of a sudden my foot cramped up. I remember I slipped and fell in the pool, and it seemed like my sister-in-law just happened to pass by and rescued me…”

After hearing this, Kerry looked stunned, for he originally thought it was Venus who pushed his brother into the water…

For some reason, Kerry was relieved to hear him say so, so he turned around to ask Dr. Han, “Is my brother okay?”

Dr. Han had already examined Kevin, but he immediately shook his head and said, “He’s fine and he needs to rest in bed for a few days. I’ve checked his body, which is not so good, so try not to do swimming or other high-intensity projects.”

Hearing Dr. Han’s reminder, Kerry nodded, still fearful. If it wasn’t for Venus, then his brother might…

Kerry then sent Dr. Han to the door and when he was about to go, Mrs. Qin came in a hurry and said, “Young master, young lady has been unconscious since she was saved.”

Kerry looked pale and turned to Dr. Han, “You can’t leave yet. Venus has fainted. Go and have a check.”

Dr. Han nodded with a serious look and went upstairs again to Venus’s room. After checking her condition, he said with a solemn tone, “Her condition is very bad and her injured leg is showing signs of infection due to the water.”

Infection in the leg?

Hearing these four words, Kerry felt heavy inside, so he spoke, “She was injured for Kevin, so please save her.”

No matter what happened before, he did owe Venus a favor for this.

Hearing that he was caring about Venus, Dr. Han was filled with surprise. Kerry finally knew to cherish her. He opened the medical kit and spoke, “Don’t worry, with me here, your wife will be fine, I’ll give her an anti-inflammatory injection first.”

Hearing the words ‘your wife’, Kerry felt a bit strange, but it was undeniable that he didn’t resent these words and seemed to have some other feelings.


After the injection, Dr. Han helped her remove the already wet plaster, only to see a centimeter-long centipede-like scar on her smooth leg, especially dazzling in contrast to her white and delicate skin.

“Your wife’s leg is quite badly injured, and in such a condition, she actually dared to go into the water to save him, it’s really courageous… It’s a pity that such a beautiful leg is ruined…”

Dr. Han was full of pity, and it’s especially harsh to Kerry, for he’s the one who made this, and if he hadn’t removed the plaster today, he wouldn’t have even known she was hurt so badly!

For the first time in his life, Kerry began to reflect whether he’s been a little too hard on her…

Kerry didn’t realize in the slightest that he began to reflect himself for Venus and he didn’t even think that it actually meant that his feelings towards Venus were starting to change.

Due to the timely discovery, Venus soon woke up, and when she opened her eyes, she saw Kevin who appeared in her room. She had a surprised expression on her face.

Kevin looked at her with a straightforward look, and when he saw her waking up, his tone was filled with kindness, “You finally woke up.”

Feeling his worry about her, Venus gradually recalled what had happened. She began to ask, but she found her voice became a bit hoarse due to her illness, “What happened to me?”

She remembered she jumped into the water to save Kevin and she screamed as loud as she could for help. Then they were rescued by a patrol, but the rest, she couldn’t recall.

“You saved me, but it made you wound get worse. Dr. Han had given you an anti-inflammatory injection, so what you need now is to rest.”

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