Chapter 121 – 130: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 121

Chuck ignored it. He came to cast the cast. With so many people on the scene, he could just let him go with a word.

It’s just not necessary. Chuck has read the script given by Aunt Logan just now, and the filming will start next month, so hurry up and prepare.

Chuck took a general look. There were still a lot of beautiful women who came to the scene. Some were wearing tight jeans and some were wearing short skirts. Anyway, all kinds of beautiful thighs were just casual look.

I haven’t chosen a girl, a girl, but I can choose among them. Chuck thought to himself, but these actresses basically didn’t even look at Chuck. There were even a few famous women who were against

Chuck. Taunting and talking about what they were talking about, several beautiful women laughed presumptuously, and Chuck looked even more disdainful.

Chuck feels helpless. If you knew that with a word of your own, you could be the first women. What would you think?

I’m afraid I will fight to come over to fawn on myself!

Chuck also began to watch these male actors.

They are all very handsome and stylish. The male one has been selected, and the other male two to six males can choose among these people. For the others, go to the studio to find high-quality extras.

However, these actors are basically hostile to Chuck.

Chuck didn’t want to waste time. He had to hurry up to see Yvette after casting the corner. He wanted to stay alone with Yvette, and he didn’t want to do anything. Anyway, just appreciate Yvette’s figure and Appearance is enough.

Chuck looked around among the crowd, but did not see the director.

“Where is Director Erica Yannic?” Chuck walked over and asked.

He had seen this director on TV, and he was also a very talented and beautiful director, so naturally he didn’t see it.

No one cares about Chuck, and more people frown and look impatient.

“Is director Erica Yannic coming?” Chuck could only ask again.

“Ask the director for what? You are a relative of the director. Ask the director when you come?”

“Don’t look at what you look like, do you think you are the number one male? Let the director come out to see you in advance? Are you qualified?”

“That’s right, you don’t look at your position. Just like us, you can’t wait. You want to jump in the line? If you can’t act, you will be eliminated if you jump in the line.”

“What do you say to this kind of person? A waste of words! He just wants to be a director, but they are beautiful directors. What are you going to be close to? You kneel down and they won’t respond to you!”

These people were chattering with irritation and disdain in their voices. Chuck frowned when he heard them, these people!

Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to them, and walked inside.

A handsome boy stopped Chuck.

This person Chuck knew him. He showed his face in a recent TV series, but he is a man in his twenties, but he has a proud expression on his face, like the man who has made many movies and TV shows.

He raised his hand and said impatiently, “What do you want to do? Everyone is queuing here, why are you jumping in?”

“That’s right, her mother has no quality! It doesn’t matter if I get close to the director, but now I still want to jump in the line. How can such a person become an actor? What a shame for us actors!”


Several actors walked over and stared at Chuck, with that look, as if they were about to hit Chuck.

“You think too much, I’m not vying with you for two boys and three boys, I am…” Chuck said.

But this handsome actor interrupted Chuck directly, with a sneered expression on his face, “Don’t fight for two boys and three boys, don’t you still want to fight for boys one?”

“Haha, laugh to death, you still want to fight for the male one? Don’t you know that the male one has been decided.”

“You think this is the casting scene of the idiot pass, right? Choose the idiot as the male number one, then I think you can definitely do it.”


All the people present laughed, the mockery on their faces was too strong.

Chuck frowned.

At this time, a handsome young man with sunglasses walked in, surrounded by five or six people, most of whom were assistants, some of them carrying water and carrying boxes, all in the style of a big star.

And he hugged a coquettish beauty, in hot pants, showing long legs, with a white translucent t-shirt on it, and tied up the t-shirt, revealing a small waist, very charming.

“Wow, it’s the male number one An Jae Jie!”

“So handsome! He has become a big hit recently!”

“Yes, I heard that the male number one has been scheduled as soon as the script came out. I really envy you!”

“What is he doing here?”

“You’re blind, you didn’t see him bring his rumored girlfriend Wu Qianqian? He is the default male number one, which means that he has the ability to recommend in front of film investors. Isn’t the heroine vacant? He must be looking for a director to recommend Wu Qianqian is the number one girl!”

“Oh, why is this, I still want to be the number one girl!”

“Don’t think about it, I don’t think about it anymore. People An Zaijie is red. As long as he speaks, the director will definitely agree.”

The people on the scene suddenly boiled up, and many actresses were idiots.

Chuck glanced at An Zaijie. This actor is indeed suitable for the character of the script male number one, and he is just as popular.

The boy who stopped Chuck just now walked in front of An Zaijie, pointed at Chuck and said, “Brother Jie, this guy wants to fight you for the number one man!”

“Yeah, this person may be a relative of the director. Once he came, he was almost like…”

“You’re talking about a dog? You keep looking for the owner when the owner is away?”


Many people laughed.

An Zaijie took off his glasses and glanced at Chuck, showing sarcasm, “It’s just him? He got drunk, right?”

“Haha, I also think that he is completely incomparable with Jie Ge.” The handsome boy said.

He has to be flattering, he wants to be the second male number.

“My dear, let him get out of the way, so I dare to compete with my dear for being the first one. Where is the face?” Wu Qianqian said, if he became the first one, what would she do?

An Zaijie nodded and pointed at Chuck with her sunglasses, “You can go! I promise, you won’t have any chance to participate in this movie! Not even a dragon, I said!”

“Hurry up, haven’t you seen An Zaijie coming?”

“It’s shameless, nothing, where does the courage come from?”

“Be careful, Brother Jie is angry, block you out!”

Several people catered to Chuck and mocked Chuck!

Chuck glanced at him, “You speak so usefully?”

“Yes, it works for me!” An Zaijie walked over with Wu Qianqian in his arms, “You can go away while I’m still not angry, or you will never appear in the showbiz again.”

“Then you also get out of the way while I am not angry, otherwise you can’t do it as a man.” Chuck calmly.

“What are you pretending to be? You told my dear not to be a male one? Who do you think you are? Don’t soak, take a good photo of your urine!” Wu Qianqian was cold, she was angry. , Is this person shameless? I don’t have any reputation, but I dare to say that to the popular An Zaijie!

Nima’s, find someone to block you!

An Zaijie narrowed his eyes and sneered, “You don’t want to get involved anymore, do you?”

“Brother Jie, block him!”

“Yes, banning him, such a person is simply a shame in the entertainment industry!”

Everyone gathered around.

“It’s because you don’t want to mix up, you can go.” Chuck looked at him.

“Haha! Pretend to be in front of me?” An Zaijie laughed, he thought he heard a joke.

“Believe it or not, I will let you get out now?” An Zaijie’s eyes narrowed.

“You are no longer the male number one, so you are not qualified to appear here.” Chuck shook his head.

Ann’s face turned cold.

“Haha! This man is stupid!”

“I think so! Such a kind of “expulsion” An Jae-jie? This is a big pretense!”

“You, you, and you! You can go, too.” Chuck looked at the other people.

The people present laughed and laughed mockingly, they looked at Chuck like a fool.

“I think you are looking for death!” An Zaijie stared at Chuck. He felt embarrassed in front of so many people. He is a big star!

“Do not understand what I said? You can leave here now.” Chuck said.

“Fuck! Still pretending to be forced by her mother?”

“Everyone, kick this idiot out!”

“Yes, actually pretending to force us to go? So that you have a chance? Shameless!”

Several people gathered around, and the others looked at Chuck impatiently, and the sentiments were agitated.

At this time, among the crowd, a woman in black gave the work card, and Chuck took it and put it on her body directly, with three words on it.


Chapter: 122

With a scream, the audience fell into dead silence!

Everyone was stunned, including An Zaijie and Wu Qianqian, they were stunned.

The air seemed to be freezing.

“Producer? Is he a producer?”

“How is this possible? So he invested in the movie now casting?”

“Isn’t he trying to fight for the male number one?”

“He is really qualified to let us go, because he is the boss!”

“Oh my God, why the boss is so low-key? Fortunately, I didn’t taunt him just now. He shouldn’t let me go, pray.”

“Me too, neither do I.”

A few seconds later, these people were already talking subconsciously. In an instant, there was no underestimation or ridicule on their faces anymore, some were just mere promises, and even some beautiful women had already glared at Chuck.

“Are you a producer?” An Zaijie returned to his senses, and he stared at Chuck.

“So you can leave.” Chuck said.

“Don’t…” Wu Qianqian was anxious. She was going to be the number one female. If An Zaijie is not the number one male, how could she still have the opportunity to do it?

The other people whom Chuck pointed out just now turned pale, especially the handsome boy who stopped Chuck, with regret written on his face, and even begged in his eyes.

“I’m afraid you are not qualified to let me go!” An Zaijie sneered.

He is currently a very popular little fresh meat, and it is set by the film and television company. How can he let a little producer that he has never seen before?

Do you dare to drive?

An Zaijie is proud, but he is very popular! Do you dare to offend me with a small film? You don’t want to mix up, do you?

“Yes, I have never heard of you. You must be just a famous producer. What are you dragging here? Do you dare to fire Brother Jie? You forget that the entertainment industry speaks for fame. Brother Jie is the most popular recently. , If you dare to fire Brother Jie, then the biggest producer of this movie will fire you!” A man named by Chuck just broke the jar and sneered at Chuck again.

An Zaijie sneered more obviously!

Wu Qianqian was also proud, “Who are you? What a great production? I dare to fire my dear. If this movie is not performed by my dear, then this movie will be so bad that you don’t even have any panties. Give it to my dear. I apologize! Otherwise, my dear words, your production is not proper, you must remember that this movie depends on my dear, not your little producer.”

“Who is the little producer?” At this time, a strange woman’s voice sounded.

Everyone immediately calmed down, because this was the voice of director Erica Yannic!

Wu Qianqian hurriedly shut up. Erica Yannic’s reputation is very big. She didn’t dare to talk any more, but her eyes were still proud of Chuck. The director is here, let’s see what you can do with this little producer!

You have to step aside!

“Yue Dao, what’s going on?” An Zaijie sneered and became polite.

Erica Yannic has many contacts in the film industry, and he is not an actor who can offend him.

“What’s going on?” Erica Yannic asked.

“This person just said he wants to fire me! I’m the default male number one for this drama! I have discussed the plot with Yue Dao several times, and I am about to start filming immediately. What qualifications does he have to change me?” I was very angry.

Cursing in his heart

Shabi, your movie is not as famous as mine, her mother will lose you! Dare to change me? Now it’s more and more guided, see you still pretending to be forced!

Damn it, I want you to kneel and beg me!

“Then you can go.” Erica Yannic said simply.

With a smug sneer on his face, An Zaijie was stunned. He seemed to have heard it wrong, what?

Let yourself go?

“The director said to let Brother Jie go? I heard it right?”

“Yes, the number one man in this drama is tailored for An Jae-jie!”

The others were also shocked!

Let a popular star go so simply? This producer is so awesome! ?

They looked at Chuck, showing incredible!

Wu Qianqian was already dumbfounded. She didn’t expect Director Erica Yannic to say that. She thought that Director Yue would scold this small producer in public! But director Erica Yannic was biased towards this producer without asking.

“Yue Dao, are you right? I’m the one in this drama…” An Zaijie looked ugly.

“Stop talking, you have nothing to do with this drama now.” Erica Yannic shook his head.

An Zaijie was annoyed, “Yue Dao, you have to think clearly, he is just a small producer, I have never heard of it before!”

“Small producer? I think you have misunderstood. Now he has no problem changing a word.” Erica Yannic shook his head.


Ahn Jae-jie was finally surprised, can he change the director? Who is this person in front of me?

Others were even more horrified!

In other words, the director, what concept is this? Did he invest all in this movie?

The audience was silent!

“The person named by the producer just now leaves immediately!” Erica Yannic said.

An Zaijie’s face was ugly, he stared at Chuck, then turned and left with a cold snort! Wu Qianqian looked at Chuck pleadingly.

Chuck’s face was calm.

Wu Qianqian could only stomped away, and the few named by Chuck just now turned and walked outside with regret.

The others were scared after a while and really left!

“Wait!” Chuck said suddenly.

An Zaijie stopped, with a sneer on his face, huh, aren’t you stupid, knowing that I will lose you if I don’t have this movie, so come here to beg me now?

An Zaijie turned his head and sneered, “Is there anything else?”

The people present looked at each other, it turned out that this was just a distraction.

“Yes.” Chuck glanced at him, and then said to Erica Yannic, “Yue Dao, it should be okay to let him play the villain?”

Erica Yannic glanced at An Zaijie again, “The villain who was hit and killed by a car in the end?”

“Not bad.”

“No problem.” Erica Yannic nodded.

“Well, don’t go, you will be the number one villain,” Chuck said.

“What? My dignified actor, you let me play the villain?” An Zaijie was instantly angry!

The others were surprised. They looked at the script. The villain died terribly. He was still a rapist. He was chopped down and killed by a car. In the end he was stripped of his clothes by a beggar. Death…

Let a popular star play such a villain, the producer really dare to think, isn’t this an insult to An Jae-jie?

“You are very suitable for this role.” Chuck said.

“Haha, do you say I am suitable? I don’t act!” An Zaijie laughed, but the decision is up to him! Not acting!

“You can’t help me! I said you act, you have to act! And you have to act well for me!” Chuck said.

“Really?” An Zaijie dismissed, “Do you have this strength?”

“I’ve already said that, Yue Dao, let’s start!” Chuck said.

Erica Yannic nodded, and the two sat down.

“Just say it? I’ll tell you, I’m not a bird of you, I will never act! You continue to pretend to be you! I won’t play with you!” An Zaijie sneered and walked outside, Wu Qianqian They followed.

But in less than a minute, An Zaijie walked back again, the sneer on his face disappeared, and some were afraid, and the audience was stunned!

What did An Jae-jie, who was still vowing just now, come back for? Is this expression scared?

The audience was silent!

“I, I play this role, please give me this opportunity!” An Zaijie whispered.

At this moment, the eyes of the people present widened, what? Popular stars actually agree to play the villain? Did you hear me wrong?

“Yes, take off your clothes.” Chuck said.

“Huh?” An Zaijie was stunned. He received a call from his agent just now when he came out and told him to act, otherwise his acting career would be cut off. How dare he? Can only come back beggingly.

“When your character finally died, you were bare-body, so you got off.” Chuck said.

An Zaijie stayed in place, undressing in front of so many people?

“An Jae-jie shouldn’t take it off, right?”

“Sure, he is so popular. The producer has made it clear that he is going to humiliate him. I don’t believe An Jaejie is so mean.”

“I don’t think so.”

They talked a lot, and they all felt that such a red An Jae-jie could get off?

But what quickly shocked them was that the dignified popularity of small fresh meat really began to take off in front of so many people…

Chapter: 123

An Zaijie took off his clothes and took off in public. The beauties on the scene were all dazzled. They were full of shock. They were able to make a popular star undress in front of so many people. This producer is an absolute entertainment gangster!

Why haven’t you seen it before? I do not know!

This is too low-key!

What’s so good about a man undressing? Chuck was too lazy to watch, and looked down to play with his mobile phone.

“Mr. Chuck, he has already taken off,” Erica Yannic said.

“Okay, it’s him.” Chuck said without raising his head. He didn’t want to see this kind of piercing eyes.

An Zaijie lowered his head, regretting in his heart, who did he offend just now?

Wu Qianqian, who came in with him, was completely stunned, why is her dear so low-pitched?

The few people who were also called out just now also came back. Seeing the bald An Jae-jie, their jaws fell in shock.

An Zaijie put on the clothes, and many beauties on the scene despised them. They look very handsome, but they are actually enoki mushrooms…

The three views are completely destroyed!

“An Zaijie, get ready, I will agree with you when you turn it on,” Erica Yannic said.

An Zaijie nodded in shame and didn’t dare to stay any longer, because the mocking voice of the beautiful lady present made him blush!


Wu Qianqian was stunned. She hesitated and walked over, begging, “Producer, can I have a role?”

“Yes, in the script, you are the one who was forced to stand on the street,” Chuck said.

“Thank you, the producer,” Wu Qianqian said with joy, how to say this is also an opportunity to show her face!

“Then do I need to undress?” Wu Qianqian asked.

“No, just turn it on at that time,” Chuck shook his head.

“Thank you for the production.” Wu Qianqian breathed a sigh of relief and ran out in surprise.

Others are eager to try it. It is also a great opportunity to appear in a play directed by Erica Yannic!

Erica Yannic began to choose roles, one by one according to the role to play a paragraph, this is the first time Chuck watched it live, it was really interesting, even some beautiful women glared at Chuck, meaning that they can accept the unspoken rules.

To be honest, the actresses are all very beautiful and well-built, Chuck said, let them all take off their clothes, but Chuck is too lazy to do so.

How can I say that Aunt Logan is still waiting outside! These things cannot be done.

The entire casting process lasted all morning. Basically, the second male and female second have been determined, the only one is the female one, and the male one has not yet been determined.

This drama has Ahn Jae-jie as the villain as a gimmick, coupled with the reputation of director Erica Yannic, then it is impossible to sell as a literary film, but there is definitely no problem in making money.

Chuck was relieved, thinking who should play this female one?

The casting is over for the time being. Erica Yannic said that she would look for someone for Chuck to take a look these days. Chuck nodded, thinking that there are some scenes in the script that need the square, so she has ready-made ones.

When the shooting starts, you can shoot in your own square, maybe it can increase the reputation of your own square, Chuck is very happy.

The first movie he invested in is about to start shooting, and he is also looking forward to it.

Coming out of the casting scene, Chuck got into Aunt Logan’s car. She had been reading in it all morning. When she sat in, Chuck felt the fragrance and smelled particularly good. It was not perfume, but that kind of woman. Xiang, Chuck didn’t want to come down anymore.

Chuck didn’t dare to think about it, otherwise it wouldn’t work like the joke last time.

After having a meal with Aunt Logan, Chuck called Yvette. He had already seen Yvette’s message and said he had been discharged from the hospital. Chuck was anxious. He originally wanted to go after the casting was over. From the hospital, accompany Yvette.

But Yvette was discharged by himself, and he was helpless.

He asked where Yvette was. Yvette said that at Susan Sun’s company, she would start class tomorrow, so she planned to fly back overnight tonight.

Chuck asked Aunt Logan to send him downstairs in Susan Sun’s company.

“Then Auntie Logan, I might be going back tonight.” Chuck said.

Just now, Chuck has transferred most of the money in the card to Aunt Logan. This is an investment and must be given. As for who the heroes and heroines of the movie are, the director Erica Yannic has begun to look for the results, and Chuck will be notified of the results. Yes, others, after the boot, I will talk about it when I go to the side of the square to view the scene.

Aunt Logan accepted with a smile, “En.”

Chuck waved to Aunt Logan, and then went to Susan Sun’s company to find Yvette.

“This kid…” Aunt Logan smiled slightly when she looked at Chuck who was walking away.

Then he said to the person in the car, “You two will follow in this movie. Who does he want to star in? You solve it. You will warn him when An Jae-jie is not in your eyes, he will disappear forever!”


“Drive!” Aunt Logan closed her eyes.

Rolls-Royce started slowly.

When Yvette and Susan Sun saw this scene upstairs, the two of them were surprised. It was Rolls-Royce!

This license plate is amazing!

Yvette was too puzzled. How could Chuck know such a person? Why did he go out just now?

“It’s incredible, who does your husband know?” Susan Sun couldn’t believe it. She didn’t see who the person in the car was, but the license plate alone was beyond her reach.

Yvette shook her head. At this time, she saw Chuck coming in. Xiang, he was very fragrant. This was the fragrance of a woman, indicating that the person in the car was a woman.

Yvette felt lost, why would Chuck know so many women!

Everyone is richer than himself, will he not want himself?

Chuck saw Yvette and he felt relieved. The red mark on her face basically disappeared and she returned to her beautiful appearance. She wore Chuck’s favorite skinny jeans today. This figure is really…

Yvette found Chuck staring at her body. His eyes were as if he was looking at his hand in the car that day…

What is he thinking about?

She was nervous, she had been enlightened by Susan Sun, thinking about what she should do?

“Yvette, let’s go back,” Chuck said.

“En.” Yvette was ready. She greeted Susan Sun. Susan Sun wanted to show her performance and said to drive them to the airport.

Chuck has no opinion, nor does Yvette.

Going directly to the airport, the two of them went in.

Susan Sun envy, when will he find such a boyfriend?

About ten o’clock, the two returned. Yvette wanted to take a taxi back. Chuck’s BMW 7-series parked in the airport parking lot. He planned to drive Yvette back. After all, it was unnecessary. Concealed.

Yvette watched Chuck head toward the parking lot, Yvette followed, sighing, did Zelda already come to the airport to meet him?

“Chuck…” Yvette said.

“Well, what’s the matter?” Chuck looked back.

“I… Zelda came to pick you up, right?” Yvette asked.

Chuck shook his head. He didn’t call Zelda again. He thought that Yvette should have changed his mind, so should he break up with Zelda?

In fact, Chuck was a little bit reluctant. He had a feeling for Zelda, and she helped him twice. That feeling really made him unable to forget.

“No, my car is parked here,” Chuck said.


Zelda bought it for you? Yvette sighed, she followed Chuck to continue walking, but after walking for a while, Chuck was surprised, because she was driving? Why is it missing?

He remembers stopping here! Was it stolen? It should be impossible!

Yvette was surprised, what did Chuck look like? Where’s the car?

Maybe Zelda drove back. She said, “Or we can take a taxi and go back.”

Chuck saw that Yvette was relatively tired, thinking about coming tomorrow and coming out by himself, so he agreed. The two walked out and Yvette asked, “Why did you go to the capital?”

“Because I am worried about you, I want to be alone with you.” Chuck is serious, this is his true word.

Yvette was moved, but… she didn’t know what to do, after all, Chuck and Zelda were living together.

“Can you tell me, what have you encountered recently?” Yvette asked her biggest question that she had buried in her heart recently. Yeah, what has he encountered to be so good in Beijing?

Chapter: 124

Hearing Yvette’s question, Chuck smiled and asked, “What do you think?”

“I… I think you met a noble person, that’s why you have such a big change,” Yvette said.

Chuck is not a rich second generation, so there is only this reason.

“Then why don’t you think I am the rich second generation?” Chuck asked with a smile.

Yvette shook his head seriously, “I grew up with you, don’t I know if you are a rich second generation?”

This is really true, if it wasn’t for his mother who suddenly called last time and called himself five million, he would not believe that he is the rich second generation, and he is also the super rich second generation.

“If you don’t tell me, let’s go back,” Yvette said softly.

She didn’t get to the bottom of it. Maybe Chuck met the lady because of his handsome face? Zelda was the first, so the woman in the Rolls-Royce downstairs in Susan Sun just now might be the second. It doesn’t seem to be a glorious thing.

Is your husband eating soft rice?

Yvette looked at Chuck cautiously.

“I’m really a rich second generation, don’t you believe it?” Chuck said seriously.

“Don’t believe me,” Yvette shook his head seriously.

Chuck was speechless, and he took the initiative to admit that Yvette didn’t believe it.

“But I am really,” Chuck helplessly.

“Okay, don’t say anything, okay?” Yvette shook his head, “Let’s leave the airport by car.”

“If you don’t believe me, then I will transfer one million to you now, will you believe it?” Chuck earnestly.

“Huh?” Yvette was surprised. She looked at Chuck in surprise for a second, but when she saw Chuck suddenly became embarrassed, is there a million?

“Sorry, I forgot that there is no money in the card,”

Chuck was speechless. He just remembered that almost all of his money has been invested in the movie. He now has 100,000 in his card, which is not much money.

Yvette smiled, “I believe it, I believe it.”

She suddenly felt that Chuck was so anxious to prove herself, did she not want her to think about that?

She also thinks this is Chuck’s ability, at least it’s okay to know noble people, but don’t betray your body too much.

But even though I think so, Yvette is still a bit lost. After all, she has been keeping it with Chuck for the first time, and hasn’t his first been given to Zelda long ago? Even the woman in the Rolls Royce?

She is actually very disgusted with such things, but maybe because she was moved, she didn’t dislike Chuck, because he showed up when she needed someone the most. He had himself in his heart, but she didn’t know how long she could hold on. ,

Chuck is helpless, okay.

He saw Yvette tired, Chuck didn’t go on talking, but his car stopped here and disappeared. What’s the matter?

He could only go outside with Yvette, but at this time, Yvette suddenly saw a car parked on the side of the road. She knew the car, which belonged to Zelda.

Sure enough, she came to pick Chuck.

Yvette sighed, and she pulled Chuck with her hand.

“What’s wrong? Ah, why is sister Zelda here?”

Chuck was surprised because he saw the window of a car in the distance opened and Zelda was sitting in the driver’s seat, looking at this side.

He was Loganled, thinking about sending Yvette back alone.

But when I saw Zelda, it was not going to go, and it was not going to go. He could only tell Yvette that the past was fine.

“En.” Yvette followed Chuck towards Zelda with dim eyes.

Zelda in the car was even more Loganled.

She actually came here to send her friends, but she saw Chuck from a long distance, and she thought she would definitely send Chuck back. If he wanted to, then she could continue to help him, either in the car or at home.

But when she was just about to go there, she actually found Yvette by her side. She was actually very disappointed. Are the two of them out for fun?

She was about to leave, but Yvette actually saw herself, she was entangled and could only stop the car.

“Sister Zelda, why are you here?” Chuck was a little embarrassed.

It seems that the derailment is being caught, after all, it was in this car last time, and Chuck was lost…

“I came to see my friends, do you want to go back? Then I’ll take you back,” Zelda said.

“Okay, thank Sister Zelda, then.” Chuck felt helpless, so she would be sad if she refused.

Yvette sighed. She didn’t want to make a car, and would rather walk home. Wouldn’t she be a light bulb by herself?

“Yvette, sit down,” Chuck said.

Yvette bit her lip. She couldn’t refuse. She sat in and felt very bored. She sat prudently, and Chuck also sat in. Zelda asked where to go. Chuck mentioned a place where Yvette lived.

Zelda drove, and there was no sound in the car along the way.

Chuck felt Yvette’s change. He was nervous in his heart, stretched out his hand carefully, and grabbed Yvette’s hand.

Yvette struggled slightly. If this was in a taxi, she would not refuse, but in Zelda’s car, she didn’t want to do this. This would be seen by Zelda.

Feeling the struggle, Chuck had no choice but to let go. This was the first time he took the initiative to grab Yvette’s hand. As expected, women’s hands were different.

Zelda saw it through the rearview mirror. She didn’t speak and drove all the way.

Soon I arrived at the place where Yvette lived. Chuck and SongYvette went up. She was originally shaking her head, but seeing Chuck’s sincere eyes, she couldn’t refuse. The two of them went up, Chuck was happy for a while, and actually forgot to give it to Mo Zi. Yi said hello.

Seeing the two of them coming upstairs, Zelda sighed, did he have to wait or don’t wait?

Gone, what if you make a plan?

But wait, what if one policy stays at Yvette’s house?

She Loganled, hesitated for a long time, and sighed in her heart, but she stayed. She also felt that she was very low, and others ignored her, so what else did she keep?

But Zelda couldn’t help it. Her mother Manny kept urging her to take Chuck home to see. She wanted to take it, but how to take it now?

Chuck followed Yvette home, he was happy in his heart, her door opened, Chuck walked in, and saw Yvette’s small bed, Chuck looked at Yvette’s buttocks again, he wondered whether to do it What to order

However, when Yvette’s eyes were wrong, Chuck’s thoughts disappeared, and he walked over to comfort him, “What’s wrong with you, wife?”

Yvette wanted to cry, but how could he go to someone else’s house if he grew up from a nap to an adult?

She lowered her head and said, “Chuck, where are you and Zelda?”

Chuck suddenly didn’t know how to answer. Could it be that she had helped herself twice?

“Okay, I understand.” Yvette shook his head and sat down.

Chuck was guilty. He regretted the incident with Zelda, but he really couldn’t help it at the time. He regretted it.

“Wife, I…”

“Stop talking, she’s still waiting for you below.” Yvette said softly. She felt like crying, but she couldn’t cry in front of him.

Chuck remembered Zelda now. He walked to the window and saw that Zelda’s car was still parked downstairs. Chuck was silent.

“Then you rest early.” After Chuck finished speaking, he walked outside, but he walked to the door and didn’t want to leave. “My wife, I want to stay.”

Yvette looked up and stayed behind?

Yvette shook her head. If there is no Zelda below, then she should agree, but…how to agree? Yvette felt like she was a junior. He first gave up Chuck, and now he can’t bear it anymore.

“I will do nothing and just stay, OK?” Chuck walked over.

“I sleep on the sofa, you sleep on the bed, or I sleep underground, the same as before,” Chuck said.

Yvette thought that a month ago, two people still lived in the same room. She hesitated, “She is still waiting for you down there.”

“I want to stay here,” Chuck repeated. He had no other thoughts in his mind, so he wanted to sleep here.

“You are my wife. The two of us have slept together for more than ten years. I want to stay here,” Chuck said.

Yvette struggled, she looked up at Chuck, “Chuck, I am working hard now, trying to make money. One day I will be richer than Zelda, and I will definitely…”

Chuck was surprised. Is Yvette trying to support herself? What is she thinking?

“I’m sorry that I treated you so well before, but I work hard now and I will make a lot of money. You can separate from Zelda and I will continue to raise you,” Yvette said, feeling more comfortable in her heart. Think of it?

Chapter: 125

Chuck did not stay after all.

Yvette was lying on the bed, thinking about what he said earlier, was he too direct?

Talking about raising him? But he is a man, would it hurt his self-esteem to say this just now? Maybe.

Yvette sighed, isn’t he encouraging Chuck to eat soft rice? No, his meal is very hard, he is not eating soft rice.

Yvette thought so and closed her eyes. She actually wanted Chuck to stay, thinking that she would help him if she didn’t give it to him tonight, so she couldn’t let him continue to bear it.

However, Chuck received a call and opened the door just now and went out, saying that something was wrong.

Yvette was a little bit disappointed. She got up from the bed, looked out through the window, and found Chuck in Zelda’s car. Are the two of them going back to that one?

Yvette struggled. She thought she was disgusted with such things, but when it really hit her, she became ambiguous.

She was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep. She turned over and over again. She took out her mobile phone and checked the tutorial on how to help her boyfriend happy…

Yvette looked blushing, and looked down at her hand subconsciously. Is this OK? She hadn’t thought about it before, so it’s no wonder that Chuck has to look at her hands…

Chuck got into Zelda’s car. He was very depressed just now. He originally thought that he would stay at Yvette’s house for one night and do nothing. In the middle of the night, in case Yvette can’t bear to sleep by himself On the ground, let yourself sleep in her bed?

This is also possible.

After all, Yvette has changed a lot about himself now. It is also a pleasure to be able to sleep with Yvette, but…

The police station just called and said that a car was found in the suburbs, which seemed to be abandoned. After someone called the police, he found Chuck’s phone number through the license plate number and called.

Chuck now has to go to the police station to explain something to prove that he is not in the sea market these few days. He has gone to the capital, and Chuck still has the round-trip ticket.

After arriving at the police station, Zelda continued to wait for Chuck in the car.

Chuck explained the situation. When he saw his car, he was speechless. It was stolen. It didn’t matter if he drove to the suburbs. Even all the valuable things on the car, including four tires, were removed. Is this a robbery?

How the hell did this steal? Chuck really couldn’t figure it out. The police said it was stolen by a group of people who used high-tech computers to open the lock. The police will immediately investigate.

This car can only be reported for insurance. Chuck immediately contacted Charlotte and explained the situation. Charlotte explained that he would ask someone to drag the car over.

Chuck admitted that he was unlucky, but the driving permits in the car were taken away, and Chuck was speechless. He felt that this might not be a simple act of stealing the car. Otherwise, what would he do with the driving permit?

Coming out of the police station, Chuck was depressed.

Zelda was curious, and after inquiring about it, he couldn’t laugh or cry. He comforted Chuck a few words, and drove Chuck back.

After arriving home, Chuck said, “Thank you Sister Zelda…”

The two looked at each other.

Zelda looked at him, couldn’t help looking down, and asked, “Do you want to?”

Of course Chuck understands the meaning of these words, but Yvette has changed a lot about herself, so if she does this, is she really cheating?

“No, no, there was a solution just now, there was a solution,” Chuck could only say that.

“You, didn’t you just take less than five minutes? It takes time to take the elevator, open the door, and go downstairs. You’re done?” After Zelda was surprised, he felt normal.

After all, she has helped Chuck twice, knowing the time…

Chuck blushed, what is Zelda talking about!

Is he really that bad? Must fitness! Chuck vowed that this is the dignity of a man and must be upheld.

“Sister Zelda, don’t talk about it.” Chuck wanted to find a seam and got in.

Zelda smiled, and couldn’t help but ask, “Does she have a joke on you?”

Chuck was speechless, shook his head and said no, he was also nervous, what if Yvette laughed at himself?

“Well, you are normal, don’t worry, I checked it online, it’s much faster than you, don’t think about it.” Zelda said.

This “quick” made Chuck face red, is he boasting or despising himself? “Sister Zelda, don’t say anything.”

“Okay, I won’t say anything. I want to tell you that I don’t mind your time.” Zelda was serious and serious.

She deliberately checked the Internet and said that it should not be stressful. The greater the pressure, the more you look down on, then you will only fall into a vicious circle. You must know that young boys who have not contacted girls will encounter problems. After this time, they will More and more normal.

She didn’t want the young Chuck to lose confidence because of this. After all, Chuck has a good figure and has a bit of muscle, and he will be well in a while.

Chuck was a little moved. Where can I find such a good woman? He wants to go home with Zelda now, or RaZelda into his home.

“Since I don’t want to, then I will go back.” Zelda said.

But she was disappointed in her heart. She sighed. Her mother wanted her to take Chuck back to her hometown. She was entangled, what should she do?

Nothing happened overnight. Charlotte called and said that he had called for insurance. He went to the police station to tow and went to the 4s shop. After busying early in the morning, it was finally settled. The car can be picked up in a few days, Chuck In fact, Ce still had another sports car, which was parked in front of the store, and he thought that he should be driving out to play.

“How about eating together.” Charlotte said.

Chuck still has to go to school. There is Yvette’s class in the afternoon. He is about to prepare for the exam.

“Well, let’s eat together next time,” Charlotte said.

Chuck left the 4s shop and took the car to school. When Charlotte looked at Chuck who was going away, she suddenly had an idea…

Chuck arrived at school in the afternoon, just in time for Yvette to enter the classroom. Yvette looked at Chuck, “Come in, don’t be late.”

The voice is gentle, the whole class is dumbfounded, isn’t Yvette looking down on Chuck the most? Why are you talking so softly now?

Chuck was delighted. He sat on the seat, and Queenie’s eyes were red next to her. She had encountered something, but Chuck’s whole mind was on Yvette, and Queenie did not find any abnormality.

get out of class is over!

Taking advantage of no one, Chuck went to the parking lot and waited for Yvette. She also had to go to the square. Yvette walked over all the way. After seeing Chuck, she opened the car door and Chuck sat in.

When Yvette drove, Chuck took her hand.

“Don’t move, I’m driving!” Yvette is serious, and you can’t joke while driving.

Chuck had no choice but to let it go. Everyone went to the square, Yvette went to the company, and Chuck went to find Yolanda, but when he got out of the parking lot, Chuck couldn’t help touching her, Yvette’s face immediately blushed. , But Chuck has run away, Yvette has no choice but to think all day.

Chuck told Yolanda about the movie coming over here. Yolanda was surprised and pleasantly surprised, “This is a chance to show up in the square!”

Chuck nodded, but director Erica Yannic, the heroine, hadn’t called yet. He talked to Yolanda for most of the day. Seeing the time was almost up, Chuck went upstairs to find Yvette. Chuck must live with her tonight. Home, but after arriving, I saw Queenie actually crying with her arms around Yvette.

Chuck was surprised. What happened?

Yvette winked at Chuck and told him not to come in. Chuck nodded and waited and waited outside. After 11 o’clock, Yvette came out with comforted Queenie.

After Queenie saw Chuck, she lowered her head and said nothing. Yvette asked Queenie to wait. She nodded and Yvette walked up to Chuck, “What are you doing? Why don’t you go back to rest?”

“What’s wrong with her?” Chuck was concerned.

“Something happened to her house, don’t ask too much, you go back soon, I will take Queenie to my house to rest tonight.” Yvette said, it was too late, she could only do this, after all, she liked Queenie a lot.

“No, I want to go too!” Chuck said.

Yvette glared at Chuck, “What are you going to do? Queenie lives in my house and I have only one bed. What are you going to do?”

“I sleep on the sofa, sleep on the floor, you make arrangements for me,” Chuck thought happily. He didn’t want to touch Queenie, but touching Yvette under Queenie’s eyelids, wouldn’t it be a good thing?

Chapter: 126

Yvette was helpless, with a serious tone, “Don’t be fooling around!”

how can that be? Even if she is willing, Queenie is not willing, besides, Queenie still doesn’t know her relationship with Chuck!

How is this possible? A female teacher took the male student back, how much influence it spread out.

“Don’t make trouble, go back by yourself, isn’t Zelda waiting for you at home?” Yvette said.

“That house really belongs to me.” Chuck was speechless.

“Yes, did they buy it for you right?” Yvette looked at Chuck with his eyes.

Chuck sighed and shook his head, “You can do whatever you like, anyway, I am going home with you today.”

“No, Queenie and I go home without your place.” Yvette was determined.

But seeing Chuck not speaking, she was really helpless, remembering when she wanted to coax him when she was young, she hesitated and then whispered, “Chuck, stop making trouble, you will scare her, tomorrow, tomorrow you go My house is fine, is this all right?”

Chuck laughed. Is this Yvette’s compromise?

But the thoughts in his mind just got stronger and stronger. If you really touch Yvette under Queenie’s eyes, there are really only two words that can be described, that is “stimulation.”

“Today, it must be today,” Chuck said.

“I’m angry if you do this again.” Yvette was serious.

“I will follow when I am angry,” Chuck smiled.

He now knows Yvette’s temper. She won’t take the initiative, she must be forced to do it, and she can’t regress, otherwise there will be absolutely no chance today.

Chuck doesn’t have to do that, just touch her. Seeing the opportunity today, he absolutely can’t let it go and force her step by step.


Yvette sighed, and she glanced at Chuck bitterly, “How did you tell me to tell Queenie?”

“Just say I don’t have a place to live. I live on the sofa today. Queenie won’t talk about today’s affairs. Don’t worry,” Chuck said.

Yvette was silent, “Well, if she disagrees, you can go home for me immediately, have you heard?”

Chuck nodded and succeeded. Queenie has such a good personality that he will not refuse.

Yvette walked to Queenie’s side. In fact, Queenie just saw Chuck talking with Yvette, she found it strange. Now Yvette walked over and simply said that Chuck had no place to live.

Queenie was surprised. She looked at Chuck. Does Chuck want the teacher to help him and let him pursue himself today?

Queenie was a little surprised, but when she thought of her family’s affairs, she was suddenly in a mood.

She would not think about Yvette as Chuck’s wife.

“You sleep with the teacher, and Chuck sleeps on the sofa.” Yvette said.

After hesitating, she nodded. Why would Chuck buy the teacher and pull this red line?

Chuck saw Queenie nod his head, his eyes stared at Yvette’s figure, especially her round hip line, today… it should be his own.

Seeing Chuck’s wretched gaze, Yvette’s expression was unnatural, and he glared at Chuck, but he couldn’t help Chuck. He had prepared for it for ten years, so what would he see?

It’s just this look that makes Yvette’s scalp numb.

“Then go down.” Yvette took Queenie downstairs, and Chuck followed.

It’s not the first time I got into Yvette’s car, but this time Chuck is very nervous about looking forward to it. After all, it’s been more than ten years, and I’m finally going to touch Yvette today. Chuck feels that this kind of tension cannot be suppressed anymore. .

And Queenie in the car secretly watched Chuck, why did he laugh so strangely? Is that kind of thing in his mind?

In fact, when she sang last time, Queenie regretted it a little bit. She thought that she should help Chuck at that time, but… No, Chuck didn’t say anything to her during this period. Of course, it was because Chuck had less time to come to school. Is this Chuck angry because of what happened last time?


So tonight… it’s just that Queenie is particularly curious, how did Chuck convince Yvette? After all, when Yvette was in school, he was always not good to Chuck.

Maybe it’s the reason why the relationship between the two suddenly got better, Queenie thought purely.

It’s just that this scene was seen by Lara who came out of her store. She was surprised, why would Chuck’s hanging silk be with Yvette and also with Queenie? What’s happening here?

Could it be that Chuck did something to Queenie, who happened to be seen by Yvette? She knew that Yvette cared about Queenie a lot. It should be that Chuck himself was a hanging silk girl, and she really found a hanging silk girl, and the two matched them!

Lara called her cousin contemptuously. She was almost ready in the store just now, and she looked like it would open tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

But her cousin Charlotte did not answer. She was puzzled. During the day, when she called her cousin, she said that there was a problem with the car ratio and she was going to deal with it. Whose car is this?

Lara can only put her mobile phone away and take a taxi back to school, but after getting on the bus, she continues to send messages to the “Baller” and ask every day. This is her habit, but the “Baller” still ignores herself. What happened here?

Lara is a little sad…

Soon he arrived downstairs where Yvette lived. Yvette took them upstairs. Chuck pretended to have never been there before and followed in…

“Sofa!” Yvette made a loud voice, Chuck nodded, immediately sat down, pretending to be going to bed, waited until midnight, Chuck felt happy in his heart.

Queenie was taken to the room by Yvette, “You take a shower first, and when we two sleep, when we go to the bathroom at night, remember to lock the door, don’t you know?”

Queenie nodded, but, locked the door, then why did Chuck come in and call himself?

Queenie went to take a bath, and soon came out, Yvette also went in to wash, after coming out, dressed tightly, asked Chuck to take a bath?

“No.” Chuck shook his head. He was afraid that he would enter the bathroom and smell the scent of two people. He would entertain himself.

“I don’t like cleaning! Go to bed early, don’t think about it!” Yvette hummed and locked the door.

The two of them lay on the bed to sleep. Yvette was tired, so he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Queenie couldn’t sleep.

Chuck cautiously came over and twisted the door lock, but it was reversed. Chuck muttered, is it a waste of time tonight?

Chuck wanted to cry without tears.

He sighed, and fell asleep when he walked over to the sofa. In the middle of the night, Queenie got up to go to the bathroom and saw Chuck who was asleep. She blushed, because a man, young, you know everything you know about sleeping at night. , He didn’t actually cover the quilt.

Queenie watched for a few seconds and did not dare to watch again. She went back to sleep after going to the toilet in a low voice. She closed the door, thinking that Chuck should be asleep. There was no need to lock it up. She was actually a little expectant in her heart, Chuck Sneak in, then take yourself out.

But she fell asleep. She closed her eyes while lying on the bed. When she slept in a daze, she suddenly felt someone walking next to her, and she touched her hand. Queenie was frightened.

This is Chuck? ? Why is it so bold, the teacher is still sleeping next to him! Queenie felt that his heart was about to jump out.

She bit her lip and continued to pretend to sleep, but Chuck’s hand was too disgusting. He… Queenie didn’t dare to move. If Yvette wakes up, then I don’t know what Yvette will do?

Chuck was stunned. He finally met Yvette. He heard the sound of closing the door just now. He immediately ran over to open the door tentatively, but it didn’t lock. Is this Yvette giving him a chance?

Chuck just wanted to laugh, he still has a little delay? He promptly opened the door and walked in, but it was dark. Chuck remembered that Yvette likes to sleep on the left side, so he simply went to the left side and…

However, Chuck feels wrong, why is it different? Yvette has such a good figure, absolutely thirty-six d, how…

Is it wrong? Chuck felt that his scalp was numb, so he actually touched Queenie? This scared him to cry out, he stopped immediately, tiptoed out of the bed, and then prepared to go out, but one hand grabbed him.

Chuck almost called out.

Queenie is actually awake? Chuck turned his head with a numb scalp, and saw Queenie had opened her eyes. She gently got off the bed and walked over and whispered to Chuck, “I’ll help you…”

Chapter: 127

Chuck was stunned. How could Queenie, who has always been quiet, say such things to herself so proactively?

This is what Chuck hadn’t expected to kill.

Could it be that when I touched her just now, what did she have? Maybe.

Queenie cast a glance at Yvette who was sleeping on the bed, bit his lip, and touched it directly.

Chuck was terrified. The two times he and Zelda had made Chuck feel guilty enough.

When Zelda took the initiative to mention it yesterday, Chuck did not agree. He felt sorry for Yvette for that, not to mention that he was still in Yvette’s room now?

Is Yvette still asleep? ?

Chuck wanted to do something to Yvette under Queenie’s eyes, but not to do something with Queenie under Yvette’s eyes.

This is not exciting, this is frightening! !

Chuck hurriedly shook his head, but Queenie had already begun. He was trembling with fright. He kept staring at Yvette who was sleeping, for fear that she would suddenly wake up. If Yvette caught him, it would be over. It will definitely be over…

Chuck didn’t dare to come out, staring at Yvette on the bed, every move…

Three minutes later…

Queenie stood up and took Chuck to walk outside. She closed the door gently and went to the bathroom.

Sitting on the sofa, Chuck felt too guilty.

When he entered just now, he already had an idea. As soon as Queenie took the initiative, Chuck really couldn’t refuse.

However, Chuck sighed.

Queenie came out of the bathroom, the light was very dim, and Chuck could still see Queenie blushing, very shy.

The time she had just now was an indescribable time for her. Why did she feel that she suddenly became so bold?

Maybe, she thinks she really likes Chuck.

She sat next to Chuck and whispered, “I did this for the first time. It was not very good. I hope you don’t mind. I will improve next time.”

Chuck looked at Queenie’s bright eyes in the dark, so simple and deep, her eyes were shy, but her eyes were firm, as if her last words “I will improve next time”, she would really be here. To work hard.

Chuck sighed, how should he face Yvette? How to face Queenie?

“Is it uncomfortable? Are you angry?” Queenie was cautious.

When she was in the square last time, she saw the distance between her and Chuck. She was a little inferior. Once the two became friends because the family was not very good, but now Chuck has changed.

It is not that Queenie does not want Chuck to be good, but that there is a big gap, she will feel inferior.

Chuck shook his head, feeling that Queenie was simple, “No.” Chuck said.

Queenie breathed a sigh of relief. She blushed and whispered, “Actually, you just made me feel a lot, or…”

Chuck was silent.

Queenie is simple and beautiful. His body is not like Yvette’s bumpy and plump body, but his legs are beautiful and his skin is super good. That kind of symmetrical feeling is particularly charming.

Chuck has been sitting with her, how could he not know this?

In fact, occasionally, Chuck can still see something through the cuffs when Queenie wears short sleeves in the summer. Chuck has a general understanding of her figure, and also quite a deep understanding.

No way, at that time Chuck was hanging silk. When he saw the spring scene, he would pretend not to watch a saint?

Now, it’s almost the same. He will look at beautiful women. This is the nature of men.

“Teacher Jordan will wake up later,” Chuck whispered. His scalp has been tense for more than ten minutes, and his body is tight. In fact, it is not comfortable for him, most of which are suffering.

He was afraid that Yvette would suddenly wake up and lose his temper. He could imagine how disappointed Yvette would be when he saw this scene, but…

“Ah? That’s right.” Queenie felt nervous when she thought of this. She looked back at the door of the room, and she didn’t dare to speak anymore.

“Then go back to sleep.” Queenie said.

She was also afraid that Yvette would wake up. She actually wanted to pull Chuck out just now, but when she was in the dormitory, her roommate said that men like stimulation. The more nervous they are, the more stimulation, so she just was there. The room is fine.

Now I remembered that Queenie was scared. If Yvette woke up just now, would she really not know what to do? After all, it was Yvette who believed that she brought her home.

Chuck nodded and asked in a low voice what happened to her house? If it’s money, he can help, after all what happened just now…

Even if there is nothing just now, Chuck will help. Queenie shook his head, “I did what I just did, not asking you to help me.”

Chuck understands that she is very simple, “I know, tell me what’s wrong with your family? If you talk about money, I can…”

Queenie’s eyes were red, and she was already inferior. She was worried that Chuck would misunderstand and think that what she did just now was for Chuck to help her.

However, she didn’t have any thoughts on the aspect just now.

“Then let’s not talk about it, you go to bed earlier.” Chuck was helpless, he saw that Queenie was about to cry.

Chen Qingping let out a sob and held her breath. She walked into the room cautiously. Chuckxin was suspended. After more than ten seconds, there was no voice from Yvette. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Yvette was really tired. , Otherwise I wouldn’t sleep so dead, but am I a thief?

So sneaky.

Chuck just lay down to sleep, but then he became nervous because Yvette’s dumb voice came from inside, “Huh?”

It sounds like a stretch.

She then opened the door and came out. Chuck quickly closed his eyes. He heard Yvette go to the bathroom, but there was Yvette’s muttering voice inside, “Why didn’t Queenie flush the toilet? The paper is in it?”

These words scared Chuck almost out, Queenie, how scared are you? That’s right, if you flushed just now, wouldn’t Yvette wake up?

But Yvette didn’t say much. After she used the toilet herself, she flushed out and Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Yvette didn’t think about it.

Chuck thought that Yvette would go back to the room and continue to sleep. After all, it was still early, but Chuck smelled the scent of Yvette’s body. She actually walked towards her. Chuck was so scared to death. Could it be that Jordan was in the toilet just now? What did Yvette find?

Chuck complained and could only continue to pretend to sleep. Yvette didn’t see it just now.


“How old are you, you don’t have to cover your stomach when you sleep, and you have diarrhea when you want to wake up in the morning?” Yvette’s voice is very gentle, very light, and very small.

Soon, Chuck felt a blanket on his stomach. Yvette turned back to his room and heard the sound of closing the door. After a few minutes, Chuck opened his eyes and saw the blanket on his chest. , Chuck felt even more guilty…

Chuck didn’t know how he fell asleep. In the morning, it was Yvette who came to call. Chuck woke up. Everyone cleaned up in the morning. Yvette simply sat for breakfast. Everyone ate. Queenie lowered his head. Dare to look at Chuck, when she woke up, she felt more and more that she was not her last night, too bold.

Chuck couldn’t look at her even more. If Yvette found something was wrong, it would suffer.

After breakfast, everyone followed Yvette out. Chuck and Queenie got into Yvette’s car. Halfway through, Yvette stopped, took out 10,000 yuan, and gave it to Queenie. Cried.

Chuck was silent because of money.

“Why are you crying? The girl has to rely on her own,” Yvette comforted, she couldn’t get much money by herself. After all, she still had to pay back 500,000 “Ballers”, but she was very sympathetic to Queenie, so she gritted her teeth and took out 10,000. .

“Thank you teacher, I will return it to the teacher.” Queenie cried.

“It’s okay,” Yvette continued to drive, but directly sent Queenie to the bus station. The exam was about to be taken these days. Yvette told her to come back tomorrow night.

Queenie nodded, and she ran in crying. Chuck was a little worried. It would be fine if she needed money. She looked like she was not enough. Chuck sighed. Yvette watched Chuck stare at Queenie who was going away. She Snorted softly, “Do you want to chase in?”

Chapter: 128

Hearing what Yvette said, Chuck naturally shook his head in embarrassment. He was just worried about Queenie. After all, something like that happened to the two of them last night…

Chuck sighed with guilt in his heart and didn’t know what to do with Queenie, but he looked at Yvette’s eyes and Chuck decided that he couldn’t do anything to sorry Yvette anymore.

Because Yvette was finally able to change his mind, he couldn’t let Yvette down again.

“Go to school?” Yvette asked.

Exams are coming these days, of course I have to go to school.

Yvette drove, and Chuck secretly sent a message to Queenie, asking her to directly say if she needed money, Queenie returned a favor.

But Chuck was still worried, so he sent a message to Betty and asked her to help find out what happened to Queenie’s house? Betty quickly replied, “Okay, master,”

Chuck felt relieved.

After arriving at the school, Yvette parked the car.

Chuck saw Yvette’s gloomy look, and Chuck didn’t bother him, but Yvette might be too worried, so he forgot that Chuck was still in the car.

Chuck was curious. She saw Yvette holding a mobile phone with a WeChat interface and a chat history with a “Baller”. She seemed to be thinking about what to say.

Chuck remembered that when Yvette asked him to borrow money, he said that he would pay it back in ten days. Is Yvette worrying about money?

Probably not. She didn’t seem to spend much money on going to the capital this time?

Chuck is helpless, Yvette, you call your husband so well, so can you still use the 500,000?

“My wife, did I get out of the car?” Chuck said.

“Well, you go to the classroom first, don’t you know?” Yvette sighed and put away the phone.

That necklace cost her more than 400,000 yuan. She doesn’t have that much money now, but she doesn’t mean to delay time. She must pay back the money. After all, integrity is very important.

Chuck opened the door and went down, but walked to the driver’s seat of Yvette and asked, “Wife, see you being unhappy, what happened?”

“No, you go back to the classroom first.” Yvette shook his head.

Chuck was helpless and had to go to the classroom by himself.

But halfway through, Chuck’s phone rang, and when he opened it, it turned out to be Yvette’s WeChat, which roughly means that the money will be paid back at the agreed time.

It seems that Yvette is really worried about this matter, so don’t worry if Chuck returns.

Yvette’s return to honesty is important, and I will return it to you when the time is up.

Chuck was speechless and ignored her.

After arriving in the classroom, Chuck saw that Lara was handing out flyers, which meant that her store would open tomorrow, and everyone would join in, and everyone in the class was free, as long as you collected likes.

When she sang in the square last time, Lara was very popular, so her flyer came out. Everyone envied Lara even more, saying that Lara is the big boss, and he wants to treat him to dinner if he makes money.

Lara patted her chest and said that there was no problem. She was held in her arms. Lara was in a good mood, but when she saw Chuck coming in, she walked over with a hum.

“Yes, don’t say I have something good that I don’t want to hit you. You can scan this code on WeChat and collect ten likes to get a cup of milk tea.” Lara handed Chuck a leaflet with a code on it.

Chuck shook his head, so he took out WeChat, didn’t it just let Lara know that he was a Baller?

“You give it to others.” Chuck said.

“Are you sick? Ask you to scan the code and give you a cup of milk tea for free? Don’t you want to pretend to be something?” Lara was annoyed. Didn’t this prevent her from coming to the stage?

Chuck frowned.

“Chuck doesn’t have WeChat? There is no him in the class,”

“Really? I just noticed this. What age is this, and there is no WeChat.”

“What about it? You have to collect ten likes to get milk tea. Are there ten people in his WeChat?”

“Haha, I guess not. No one in our class added him. Where can he come from so many people?”

The people in the class suddenly ridiculed, they haven’t seen Chuck on WeChat.

“You don’t even have ten people, do you?” Lara was disdainful, so she didn’t dare to take out her mobile phone to scan the code? Afraid of being discovered.

Chuck was too lazy to take care of her and walked directly to her seat. Lara snorted and walked to Chuck, “You open your WeChat and let us see how many people are in it, and I will give you fifty yuan. How about the money?”

“Haha, that’s a good idea. Everyone bet, I guess, he has up to ten people on WeChat.”

“I guess seven!”



“Haha, one! He adds himself?”

The whole class roared with laughter and mockery.

“Don’t you dare to do this?” Lara sneered. She was really unhappy with Chuck. Without Chuck, would she be beaten last time?

“One hundred, I give one hundred, you open WeChat,” Lara continued.

Chuck ignored her and sat down, and the class was about to begin.

Lara disdain.

“Haha, I don’t dare to do this, how embarrassing is this?”

“Of course it’s a shame. There are no people on WeChat. Isn’t that shameful enough?”

The people in the class continued to mock, how could they miss this good opportunity?

Lara proudly gave the flyers to others, “Some people, it’s shameful, really shameful, I can’t collect ten likes…How come there are such hanging threads?”

At this time Yvette came in and Lara gave the flyer to Yvette, “Teacher, my store will open tomorrow. You can scan the code for me. If you collect ten likes, you will have milk tea tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Yvette took out his mobile phone and quickly scanned the code. This is what the students were waiting for, and soon there were hundreds of likes.

Lara smiled, “Teacher, your collection of likes is really fast, but some people are afraid to show it on WeChat, afraid of others laughing?”

“Who?” Yvette was surprised.

“Chuck, I just asked him to show WeChat to everyone. He didn’t dare. I guess he was the only one in his WeChat,” Lara said with a smile.

Yvette frowned, and she glanced at Chuck who was sitting in the corner, “How many people are in his WeChat, what does it matter to you?”

“Teacher…” Lara blushed, and she couldn’t get off the stage. Why would Yvette, who has always been arguing with Chuck, help Chuck speak nice things? The whole class was also surprised and admired Chuck even more. What’s the matter? Yolanda, the school girl, came to look for him before, but now even Yvette, the most beautiful teacher among the teachers, speaks for him?

There is nothing good about this policy, just hang a silk.

“Class is now!” Yvette was serious.

Lara walked to her seat in disgrace, and stared at Chuck with a light snort. Chuck ignored her and took out her phone directly to send a message to Lara. Are you so awesome? Chuck smiled.

“Where?” Chuck asked.

Chuck almost laughed when he saw Lara sneaking out the phone and was surprised.

“Baller, you finally paid attention to me, ooh, surprise, surprise!! I’m in class!” Lara replied.

“Class? Then take a video of the class to show me.”

“it is good.”

After Lara returned like this, she secretly filmed the video with her mobile phone, and it was soon transmitted. Chuck took a look. Lara turned the classroom around, but did not take a picture of herself. How disgusting she is ?

And finally, he patted his chest specially, which was showing off, and Chuck responded directly, “Why don’t you have any handsome guys in your class?”

“It’s all a bunch of hanging silks, there are no handsome guys.” Lara replied, she wouldn’t praise others for being handsome in front of the “Ballers”.

“Baller, where are you? I’ll go find you now. I’m very bored,” Lara continued.

But she felt the feeling of worrying about her. In the past few days, the “Baller” ignored her, she felt that she was broken in love, especially lost. She couldn’t sleep well at night, and now the “Baller” finally took care of her, she should seize the opportunity .

“You don’t need to find me. My company is doing activities now, and I want to join some groups for promotion. You can pull me into your class group. The more people, the better…” Chuck typed out. Ready to click send, he smiled.

After joining the group, I will let the whole class look at your photos, and there are all kinds of angles, so it’s hard to see you.


“Teacher, I saw Chuck playing with his mobile phone!” A classmate sneered, and suddenly stood up to report to Yvette. He was proud that Teacher Jordan was speaking for you? Well, I will let Teacher Jordan hate you again!

Chuck almost scolded her mother. He hurriedly turned off his mobile phone. The whole class turned back, including Yvette and Lara. Lara laughed, “Dangsi, playing on mobile phones in class, are you entering that kind of website? nausea!”

Yvette frowned and looked at him, Chuck was instantly nervous, Yvette was about to confiscate his mobile phone, so would the “Baller” be aware of her?

Chapter: 129

“Chuck, pay attention next time!” Yvette said and continued to lecture.

She didn’t pursue the meaning of someone playing with her mobile phone in her class, let alone ask Chuck what she was playing.

The people in the class were dumbfounded, and the boy who reported Chuck just now was even more shocked.

Lara looked at Chuck in surprise

what’s up? Teacher Yvette Jordan didn’t pursue it? You should know that people who used to play on mobile phones in her class went out directly, but Chuck was okay. The sentence “pay attention next time” passed? ?

Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, his wife is still biased towards him, it seems that the worry just now is unnecessary. Chuck glanced at the boy who reported the report and also glanced at the other classmates in the class. They were all surprised, and Chuck smiled inside.

Surprised? If you know that Yvette, the most beautiful teacher in the school, is your wife, you will probably be shocked!

“What are you still looking at? Class is in!” Yvette was serious, his voice cold.

The other students could only turn their heads and whispered something.

“Fuck, Chuck got lucky? Teacher Yvette Jordan actually protected him?”

“It’s true that his mother is unhappy with him!”

They murmured, but Yvette, who was standing on the podium, heard these words and his eyes became cold, “Is there still to be done?”

The class is silent!

“Teacher, I’m not convinced! You let me go out last time I played on the phone, why is Chuck okay this time?” A classmate stood up bravely.

Other students are not happy anymore.

Chuck is angry, this kid, Yvette is my wife, why did your mother say I’m okay? Wife must not protect her husband? Is this justified?

“Teacher, I was wrong. I will never play with my mobile phone in class anymore. I’ll go out.” Chuck could only stand up. He didn’t want Yvette to be embarrassed.

“Chuck! Sit down for me! It’s almost taking an exam, do you want to run around?” Yvette glared at Chuck, his voice a little worried.

Chuck was helpless.

“Student Wang Tao, the reason why I didn’t punish him was because he was about to take an exam. Delaying one class would affect him a little. Chuck is also your classmate. Do you think he can’t make it through?” Yvette’s tone eased, his voice Take a discussion.

This classmate could only sit down, and Chuck secretly gave Yvette a thumbs up, his wife was really good.

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief and asked Chuck to stand out. What a shame, he was his husband.

She was unwilling to say, “Well, continue to class, if anyone plays on the phone again, don’t blame me for being polite!”

Chuck chuckled lightly. He sat down, but he was curious, what on earth was Yvette’s “you’re welcome?”

Yvette said that, Chuck must not be able to continue playing mobile phones, but he saw Lara still playing secretly, probably sending himself WeChat.

That’s the end of a class, Yvette hurriedly went to the office, probably trying to find a way for half a million.

Chuck took out his mobile phone and prepared to send the WeChat message just now, making Lara so awesome! Let all classmates look at your fruit photos and see if you still have a bitter face!

But Lara actually left in a hurry. It is estimated that she was going to the store to prepare for the opening tomorrow. Chuck hesitated and clicked to send.

Lara, who went out soon, responded

Baller wait a minute, I have many groups, I have groups in the school, I will pull you in right away!

Soon, Lara really sent a few invitations, all of which were a large group of hundreds of people. Chuck hesitated and clicked to join.

They are all school groups, and several groups have more than 2,000 people. If this is to send a photo of Lara, then Lara will really “become famous overnight” in the school.

Chuck picked a fruit photo and prepared to forward it.

However, because of Chuck’s WeChat name, many students ridiculed that the “Baller” sent a red envelope.

What do you call “Ballers” if you don’t issue red envelopes!

Anyway, many people ridiculed their voices and forced Chuck to issue red envelopes.

But I didn’t expect Lara to give out a red envelope when she was suddenly angry? What does he owe you?

Are they too poor to eat? Ask others for alms, right?

Anyway, I scolded Chase, and several classmates and Lara started to scold him on WeChat.

Chuck was a little surprised to see this.

“Thou tyrant, ignore them, they are just white-eyed wolves, don’t give out red envelopes, it’s not worth it,” Lara sent a message again alone.

Chuck thought about going, and Lara was still talking to herself. He felt that doing so would punish Lara too much. If the whole school saw her pictures alone, would that make Lara collapse? It may be possible for Lara to commit suicide.

Thinking of this, Chuck decided to temporarily give up sending Lara’s fruit photos.

Forget it, let you go first.

Chuck was about to put the phone away, Lara sent a few more group links, and asked if Chuck was enough, and she still had it.

Chuck is speechless, this girl trusts herself so much?

Ignoring her, he saw that there was no class in the afternoon, so he was about to go to the square. He left the classroom and glanced at Yvette’s office from a distance. Chuck hesitated and did not go over.

He sent Yvette to WeChat and said directly that he would not pay the 500,000 yuan.

But Yvette didn’t reply, and didn’t know what he was doing.

Chuck was helpless. He took the car to the square. At night, Yvette called directly and asked Chuck to go back by car. She was not in the square today. Chuck asked what she was doing? Yvette didn’t say much.

Chuck could only go back by car. The second time Chuck went to class, Yvette was tired and seemed to have not slept all night. Chuck wanted to find a chance to ask her, but she left after class.

Chuck was helpless.

“Everyone, help me to join in, I invite everyone to sing k tonight!” Lara said loudly.

“it is good!”

“Definitely support Lara boss!” The classmates were happy, and packed their things and followed Lara to the square.

Chuck didn’t mean to join in. He went straight out. His car was not good, and Chuck didn’t drive the Porsche 911. He could only take the bus with everyone, which happened to be the same bus with his classmates.

“Hey, what is Chuck doing? Isn’t he not going?”

“Go and cheer for boss Lara?”

“The ghost knows, I didn’t like it, but I also want to drink a free cup of milk tea cheeky.”

“I guess so, I really like to take advantage of it!”

“Hey, Lara, Chuck has also joined you…” a classmate shouted to Lara.

Everyone laughed.

Lara glanced at Chuck and snorted, “It’s all classmates, let him have a drink, it doesn’t matter,”

But she doesn’t go with contempt in her heart? Pretend! Get slapped!

Chuck rolls his eyes. Can you go to the square to work? Who wants to drink your milk tea?

The car quickly arrived at the square, everyone got off, and the large group went to Lara’s shop. From a distance, it was really good. Lara’s design is very beautiful. If the taste is good, making money shouldn’t be a big problem.

Charlotte had been busy in it for a long time, and invited two employees to buy one get one free. The business was pretty good. There were some flower baskets at the door, which was a bit of an opening atmosphere.

The classmate looked at Chuck contemptuously, and said he couldn’t come again. He was really shameless for a cup of milk tea.

They ignored Chuck and went straight to the line.

Charlotte saw Chuck, she came out with the prepared milk tea in surprise, and delivered it to Chuck personally. Lara frowned, “What did your cousin do?”

“Chuck, try it,” Charlotte said directly to Chuck without commenting on Lara.

Chuck shook his head.

“Why give him a drink? He didn’t collect likes.?” Lara was annoyed.

“Lara, stop making trouble.” Charlotte sighed.

Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to him, if Lara continued, she would immediately send fruit photos to make you popular.

“Hey, don’t say I’m stingy, tell me that business is booming, I’ll buy you this cup!” Lara said.

Chuck didn’t speak, and walked upstairs, Lara was annoyed, “What kind of pretense? Be careful to be dumped by Yolanda, hello!!!”

“Are you sick?” Chuck frowned.

“Do you dare to scold me? You…” Lara was on fire?

Charlotte hurriedly grabbed Lara, “What are you talking nonsense?”

“Originally, you thought Yolanda would really like him? He must be a spare tire, and a spare tire for hard work!” Lara said, the voice was loud, and it was supposed to be for Chuck, but Chuck ignored her.

Lara disdain, “Look, I said so, he doesn’t get angry, this is a spare tire like, he was used as a spare tire, and it was beautiful. I don’t know how much green Yolanda brought him. I hate it, the top of my head is blue, hehe…”

Chapter: 130

“Lara, you are too much!” Charlotte was angry and actually said Chuck was cuckold?

Lara was helpless and curled her lips. “Cousin, what are you doing to protect him like this? He just hangs the silk. He is Yolanda’s spare tire. He is still narcissistic and self-satisfied. …”

“It’s endless, right?” Charlotte turned and left. Lara didn’t want to make her cousin angry. She hurried to comfort and said that she would never say that again, but she could stare at Chuck who was upstairs.

Spare tire, hanging wire…

The two of them went to the store to help. Lara was pleasantly surprised. The business was very good. She was busy until more than nine o’clock in the evening. After Lara calculated the bills, she was happy, and today’s turnover is 47!

And the evaluations of the students are very good, they all say that the taste is good, which is a good momentum.

Charlotte also breathed a sigh of relief. When she opened the business today, she was still uneasy. She didn’t expect it to be full until the evening. Although most of them are Lara’s classmates, this is not bad.

“Cousin, let’s go sing. It’s in the ktv in the square. I have a gold card inside. The price is the lowest for consumption, and it may be free!” Lara has to give back to classmates. Many classmates are waiting outside. .

She has to make her classmates feel comfortable, so she won’t worry about business. Besides, why not use this card? But the “Baller” card!

Free of charge!

“Well, you bring all the money for the turnover, bring more money, and settle the bill later,” Charlotte also felt that Lara should be reported back. Today, if Lara is not doing this, business will not be so good.

“No need to pull it!” Lara proudly took out the gold card she got in KTV last time. The front desk said at the time that it would be free of charge, so what money should I take!

“Take it, just in case.” Charlotte worried, this card is probably a discount card, can’t it be waived?

“Okay,” Lara had no choice but to put the cash in her pocket.

“Don’t drop it.” Charlotte urged solemnly.

“I know, cousin, clean up, I’ll take my classmates first!” Lara said.

“Well, by the way, Lara, don’t order too expensive wine.” Charlotte said.

“Well, you come soon,” Lara ran out, but after thinking of something, she ran back again, “Cousin, you are not allowed to be called Chuck!”

Charlotte was just going to pack her things, so she went to see if Chuck was still there.

“Isn’t he your classmate?” Charlotte helplessly.

“Yes, but I don’t want him to go!” Lara said, “Cousin, don’t call it, today is a good day for us to open business, don’t you want me to be unhappy?”

Charlotte sighed, he should be leaving at this point, right? After all, many shops in the square are closed.

“En.” Charlotte nodded.

“Love your cousin!” Lara kissed Charlotte, and then ran outside. Charlotte glared at her, helplessly, “This girl!”

“Boss Lara, did you make a profit today?” A classmate envied.

“Yeah, I made a profit today, why do you want to invite us to the red bar?” Another classmate also said.

Lara floated because of such a favor, yes, today’s voice is really good!

What about drinking red wine?

Anyway, a gold card is free.

“Okay, everyone go up with me, drink whatever you want!” Lara said.

“Okay, big boss Lara is generous!!”

“Yes, mighty, awesome!”

The classmates flattered, Lara was even more useful. She took her classmates to KTV to open a room and walked directly to the front desk, “Open me a big private room!”

The front desk remembered Lara, she hesitated, “Are you sure?”

“What nonsense? Come on!” Lara directly photographed the gold card, and the front desk subconsciously looked at it. Why didn’t he see that one?

Without that one present, this gold card cannot be used.

“Hurry up!” Lara urged impatiently!

The front desk is helpless, will the person wait?

She could only use the intercom to ask the minister. The minister said to make arrangements first, and the front desk could only follow the arrangements made. Someone took Lara and the others to the big private room.

However, the front desk did not see the person, that is, Chuck, among the crowd. Is he coming? Without him, this card won’t work.

After entering the large private room, I ordered a lot of drinks, too many classmates, and many people drinking. Anyway, it was Lara who was inviting guests. How could they be polite?

Eat and drink! Lara didn’t mind either. Anyway, she had a gold card, so she was free, just eat whatever she wanted.

How nice to be a good friend!

She’s pretty happy.

After a while, Charlotte came over. Lara saw that Chuck was not there. She smiled, “Cousin, come over and drink.”

Charlotte nodded and sat down. She thought she should be called Chuck, but Lara! She was helpless.

“How is it? That one didn’t come?” Minister KTV asked the front desk.

The front desk shook his head, “No, that person didn’t come over,”

Minister frowned. This card is not a membership card, but a gold card. It can only be waived if the cardholder comes here. It is not a card that can be waived by anyone who takes the card.

“Then how much did they spend in total?” the minister asked.

“I ordered seven bottles of red wine, 12 beer, and food, plus the room fee, it’s over 15 thousand, almost 20,000,” the front desk said.

“So much?” Minister frowned.

“Add five more beers in the 01 private room,” the waiter’s voice rang through the intercom, which was exactly in Lara’s private room.

“Then 20,000, Minister, do you want to go?” the front desk said.

“Come on, when I passed by down there today, I saw them. They are the owner of a shop. They are newly opened. It is estimated that the business is good to celebrate. They can afford tens of thousands of dollars. But she took a gold card and gave them It’s 5% off,” the minister ordered.

“It’s the minister.” The front desk nodded and immediately said to the waiter on the walkie-talkie, “They can do whatever they want.”

“Haha, I am really happy today, everyone took up the wine glasses to celebrate the prosperous business of boss Lara!!” said a classmate.

Everyone picked up the wine glasses, touched them, and drank all the wine.

“Boss Lara, it’s late, let’s go back!” said a female classmate.

“Yes, it’s late, it’s almost time.”

“Okay.” Lara took out the gold card, took the classmates out, and arrived at the front desk, Lara put the gold card on the table.

She laughed, Charlotte was nervous, can she really avoid the bill?

“This card is really amazing. It was so free last time. How good would I be if I had such a card?”

“Don’t think about it. Lara’s boyfriend gave this to her, and most people can’t get it!”

The students are envious.

Lara was even more proud of it, and came back in a few days, anyway, no money.

The front desk glanced at the gold card and said, “Hello, you spent a total of 23,500, and give you a 5% discount, which is 22,330. Are you cash or credit card?”

“What kind of cash or credit card? Didn’t you see that I have a gold card?” Lara was annoyed. Who is it, right? ?

“Sorry, the gold card can only be waived by the holder,” the front desk said.

“Your mother is sick? Didn’t I hold this gold card? I am not the holder, who the hell is?” Lara became angry.

Charlotte feels bad, more than 20,000, and today’s turnover is only more than 4,000.

“Sorry, you are not a cardholder, I can only give you a 5% discount!” said the front desk.

“Fuck. Are you crazy?” Lara yelled. You only sent out this card because of her mother’s own “Baller” boyfriend, now you don’t recognize it? Are you shameless?

The students were surprised, what’s the matter? does not work?

“Please be respectful!” The front desk was serious.

“Call you guys in charge!” Lara scolded!

Charlotte worried that the front desk could do the same, “Lara, are you okay?”

“It’s okay, they are pretending to be coercive with me, just ask them,” Lara said.

Charlotte nodded helplessly.

Soon Minister came over, Lara was annoyed, “Free order!”

“Sorry, you are not a gold card holder, and you can’t give you a free bill!” The minister shook his head.

“You are sick! I’m not you, am I?” Lara was furious.

“I am not, nor you, but the one you came together last time,” the minister said.

As soon as these words came out, all the students present looked at each other, who? Which one? ?

“What did you say?” Lara was annoyed, “We are all here, you don’t even admit it, are you kidding me? I want to complain to you!”

“It’s useless for you to complain to us. If that person is not there, this one is inevitable!” The minister was determined.

“Fuck! Who is that mother? You say!!” Lara stared at him! She is really too hot, these people are shameless, well, let’s see who you are talking about!

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