Chapter 121: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 121 Violate the law

John stepped onto the main stage and elegantly took the microphone from Nina’s hand. Then, he faced the crowd, pretending to be mysterious, “Everyone, aren’t you curious about who the chairman of Marquis Group is?”

“That’s right. Since the beginning, the chairman of the Marquis Group has never exposed himself. It’s normal for everyone to be curious. Because I know who is the chairman.”

Everyone held their breath and was all ears.

“Don’t cross the line, John!” Nina suddenly scolded him.

John didn’t care about Nina’s anger at all. After smiling, he said to everyone, “Actually, everyone must’ve been heard about the chairman of the Marquis Group. He is…..”

Everyone became interested and looked at John, as they wished that he could say it quickly.

“He is Colin Ward!”

“Colin Ward?”

“Where have I heard this name?”

“Me too, it sounds a bit familiar!”


The crowd discussed among themselves.

Nina subconsciously squeezed her hands tightly. She had understood now, the reason why these people somehow suddenly appeared in the internal celebration party of Marquis.

John smiled and continued while holding onto the microphone, “All you feel familiar, right? Right, some of you might actually know him.”

“I assume everyone knows about the top beauty of Tianbei City, Doris Lee, right? If I say, Doris’ good-for-nothing husband, everyone should understand, right?”

Everyone was suddenly enlightened and shocked at the same time.

“It turned out to be that crap, Colin Ward!”

“It couldn’t be, right? Damn it! Is it real?”

“How can someone useless be the chairman of Marquis Group?”


Everyone didn’t quite believe it. How could someone crappy like him be the chairman of Marquis Group?

At the same time, a woman in the crowd was already shocked that her mouth was agape.

As a partner company of the Marquis Group, Flora will naturally attend this kind of celebration party. It’s just she didn’t expect that the man she once fantasized about marrying, turned out to be Colin!

At this moment, Flora felt that her brain was overwhelmed.

No wonder that Colin helped out when they encountered difficulties at Marquis that day. And, no wonder that the chairman sounded like him, because it was him indeed!

Also, previously, Colin told him that the chairman of Marquis is married and loves his wife very much. After thinking about it, wouldn’t it be true? Colin loves Doris very much.

As she thought of Doris, Flora somehow felt complicated.

Nina glared at John angrily, “John Martin, this is Marquis. Please get out!”

If she let John continue, she didn’t know what would happen. Moreover, Colin was missing again. If something happens, it will definitely be difficult to handle.

Upon hearing it, John spoke out righteously as planned, “Assistant White, are you afraid? You’re afraid that I’ll expose the true color of Marquis next, right?”


Everyone was dumbfounded.

What true color?

But, is John really that bold? By directly provoking the Marquis Group.

Nina’s heart was thumping since she didn’t know what John had planned to say. But she’s sure, it wasn’t something good, “John! What are you doing?”

John chuckled, “Assistant White, are you anxious? It seems that you’re really nervous. I’ll expose all of the law violation that Marquis Group has done!”

“Violate the law?”

The following wouldn’t be good anymore.

“What law violation? Mr. Martin, speak clearly.”

All of them were people in the business world and they would like such commotion the most. Especially, both companies that are confronting each other, are the two biggest leading companies in Tianbei City, Marquis Group and Martin Group.

“John, this is not the Martin Group. Don’t go too far!”

“Right, this is not our Martin Group indeed.” John turned to look at Nina, then let out a creepy smile, “But it won’t be long before turning into Martin Group.”

John pointed at the tip of Nina’s nose and said in a voice that only both of them could hear, “Including you, because I will be your new master.”

Nina looked straight at John, slightly startled, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

John ignored her question. He turned to the business celebrities in the audience and said loudly, “Didn’t everyone curious about why the chairman isn’t here? I’ll let you know. He’s now being arrested in the police station because he has violated the law.”


This is really shocking news.

Nina was also shocked by it.

After trying to contact him for so long, he wasn’t found anywhere and apparently was in the police station.

The audience was enthusiastic.

“He’s in the police station? What has he done?”

“This is such hot news, right?”

“He’s the chairman of Marquis Group! Since he was being held in the police station, his violation must’ve been quite serious, right?”

“It can’t be, right? Why does it feel like a lie?”

Those who knew something didn’t quite believe it, so they doubted, “It can’t be! What did the chairman of Marquis Group do?”

“That’s right. I remember that recently Marquis Group has dealt with several properties under Martin Group. Is he doing this especially for revenge?”

“I’m not sure!”

John knew that everyone wouldn’t believe it but he wasn’t panic at all, even he already knew what to do.

“I have evidence”

After hearing this, the people who were talking at once became quiet.

However, John shook his head, and sneered twice, before saying, “For the second phase of Lanbo Port project, the thermal protection board that they used, wasn’t a flame redundant, but the ordinary board that has been banned by the law. The completed residential buildings are dangerous. Isn’t this violating the law? Won’t he be held in the police station?”

Everyone was in shock and even more surprised than before.

“Is this real?’

“Damn it! How can we live in such a damaged house?”

“It’s unethical. He’s not a human.”

If what John said is true, then living in such a damaged house would only harm people’s lives. It could be considered a commercial crime.

Especially those who lived in Lanbo Port, as they thought of how their lives were threatened anytime, each of them became dissatisfied. They yelled to ask for an explanation, either proved that John was wrong, or to demand compensation, and so on.

Nina, who stood by the side, trembled. She remembered that two days ago Colin took her to the second phase of the Lanbo port project and gave her two pieces of thermal protection board to be checked for their qualities. One of them was the banned ordinary board which didn’t meet the national standards.

After she thought about it again, has Martin Group started planning to frame Marquis from the beginning? Colin also found out about it that day, but it’s too late.

But now, how could she admit this in the public? Nina suddenly said anxiously, “John, don’t talk nonsense! If you talk such nonsense again, I can sue you for defamation!”

John didn’t even care about Nina’s threat. He still smiled slightly.

“Assistant White, whether it’s true or false, I think you should be clear about it. You’re just bluffing now!”

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