Chapter 122: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 122 Tings turn around

John slowly straightened up, pointed the stage under his feet, and said to the business celebrities in Tianbei City, “Today, I want to show everyone what would happen to anyone that offended the Martin Group in Tianbei City, including Marquis Group!”

Everyone was surprised when they heard about it.

Does it mean that what happened to the Marquis Group today was because of the Martin Group’s doing?

If it’s true, who else would dare to offend the Martin Group in the future? Even the Marquis Group had been schemed by the Martin Group. Wouldn’t the other companies have less ability to resist it?

This Martin Group was rather too arrogant, weren’t they?

But even so, nobody said anything.

If the Martin Group had really overthrown the Marquis Group, then from now on the leading company in Tianbei City would be Martin Group. Everyone is smart, who would be so stupid to offend the Martin Group?

John was very satisfied with seeing everyone’s expression.

Earlier, Alan still planned to let Lenard handle this matter. Now, his persistence was indeed correct. How can he let Lenard do something that could gain the prestige of Martin Group? If that really happened, when the Crystal Group becomes the leading company in Tianbei City in the future, the Martin Group will be strained down.

“I dare to talk this way since I have the evidence, otherwise, how would I dare? Don’t you think so, Assistant White?”

Nina’s heart skipped a beat, evidence?

After John finished speaking, the big screen in the hotel lit up.

It was a video. A construction site appeared in the video with security guards blocking it.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t know…”

The cameraman and a group of people broke through the security barrier and charged in, then said, “I am someone who was about to buy the house. I originally planned to buy a house in Lanbo Port but someone informed me that the house in Lanbo Port is damaged. We didn’t believe it. So today we are doing some tests to see if the houses in Lanbo Port are damaged or not.”

“If it turns out to be true, I hope that this video can be used as evidence and not let the developers get away with it!”

As Nina watched it, her heart sank to the bottom.

In the video, someone set a piece of asphalt felt on fire and threw it to the outer wall of the building.

Nina couldn’t bear to watch it when she saw this scene. Because she already knew what happened next without having her to watch it.

That building was the one that used the ordinary board. So, the whole building would be burnt even when they only ignited it a little.

John watched as the black smoke slowly emerged in the video and smiled proudly. Today, the fate of Marquis would be the same as that building, burned down, then disappeared from Tianbei City.

Since then, the Martin Group will be the boss in Tianbei City.

Everyone fixed their gaze on the video at the moment.

However, five minutes later, the building wasn’t on fire. The asphalt felt had been burned out, leaving only some black marks on the wall and nothing else.

“Uh, it’s not burning, was it?”

“That’s right! What’s the matter, Mr. Martin?”

“You must be mistaken, right?”

John was posing proudly, as he had seen a bright future, but he didn’t expect this scene. He was frozen for a moment and frowned before saying, “It’s not a mistake! The thermal protection board that Marquis Group used wasn’t flame-retardant. This video must be a careless mistake. This is not the Lanbo Port neighborhood.”

“Please wait a minute, everyone. Let’s change to the video of the building of Lanbo Port neighborhood.” As John spoke, he took out the phone to make a phone call to Lenard.

When he was just about to dial the phone, the video had been changed into another neighborhood.

John smiled as he saw this. He assumed that Lenard had noticed this so he had arranged for someone to change it into the one from the Lanbo Port neighborhood.

It’s the same way in the video, the asphalt felt was thrown to the outer wall.

It only took a second for the fire to grow bigger and even black smokes were surging.

After seeing this, John laughed out loud, “Have you seen it? This is the evidence. Marquis used the poor materials to build damaged houses, it’s….”

Before he could finish the words, the following comments made John unable to laugh anymore.

“Why do I feel familiar with this neighborhood?”

“I feel familiar too!”

“Ah, I remember it now. Isn’t this the Martin Residence?”

“Right, it’s the Martin Residence.”

Nina felt something wrong when she heard those voices and looked up.

“This… not the second phase of Lanbo Port.”

John’s mind was blank.

“No, it…it’s impossible….”

John was confused. He had clearly planned everything well. It should be the Lanbo Port residence that was burned. How could it be Martin Residence?

Just now he was still ranting about how the Marquis Group used poor materials, but in this video, it was shown that his company was the one that used poor materials. Wasn’t he slapping his own face?

John shook his head and defended, “No, it must be a mistake.”

Nina had calmed down and let out a sigh of relief.

She had seen that the one construction site that was burnt wasn’t Lanbo Port but Martin Residence.

Martin Group and Lanbo Port started the construction almost at the same time. The construction period was also similar. The residence that was built was also similar, except that the Martin Residence was completed a month ago.

The audience responded.

“It’s the Martin Residence, right? The problematic one is the Martin Residence!”

“That’s right. It’s your company that used poor materials!”

“Lanbo Port is fine. There is something wrong with Martin Group for sure. Mr. Martin, could you explain it to us?”

John shook his head and refused to admit it, “No, it’s wrong.”

“The video is here. How could it be wrong?”

John felt agitated and panicked. What the hell is going wrong? It was obviously planned by him. The materials that were used by Marquis were provided by them. How could it be okay? And now, the problematic one belongs to his family!

John didn’t know where it went wrong and couldn’t understand it.

At this moment, an unconcerned voice came from the door.

“Everyone seems to be lively!”

Everyone looked towards the door after hearing the voice.

Nina was overjoyed when she saw that person. Her uneasiness finally disappeared.

Colin walked up from backstage steadily with three or four people. He approached John and pointed at the scene in the video,” Does this mean burning and prosperous?”

John was stunned the moment he saw Colin. How could Colin come out of the police station?

Everyone even held their breath when they heard Colin’s remarks.

The atmosphere in the hall was frozen.

After a while, whispering voices and murmurs were heard.

“Is this the chairman of Marquis Group?”

“He doesn’t look someone useless!”

“Such a young chairman!”

“Damn it! Are they blind? How could they regard a man with such qualities as a good for nothing?”

“If he’s good for nothing then he would be too good for us.”

“I say, he’s quite handsome as well!”

At the same time, Flora who was in the crowd had to cover her mouth in amazement. There were butterflies in her heart, is it really Colin?

Colin is really the chairman of Marquis!

Her mind subconsciously recalled the scene when they met up recently. Her heart started to skipped faster, especially when she thought of the night when Colin was drunk and spent the night at her house. Her heart skipped even faster.

But when she thought of Doris, Flora calmed down a lot. Colin is her best friend’s husband, and yet, she’s still….

Her mood was like riding a rollercoaster, going up and down.

After an unknown time, Colin looked at John quietly, and said, “What happened? Are you so surprised after seeing me?”

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