Chapter 123 – 124: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 123: Mutton-fat jade pendant

Hai Wang’s words made everyone present a nod.

When he presented his birthday gift just now, they all saw the name of the giver.

This kid’s sworn sister was indeed a big figure.

The live-in son-in-law of the Su family was really stupid. Didn’t he see that others were so fearless? For that ridiculous dignity, it was unwise to sneer at each other.

This is the case in this society. Without strength and status, even if someone slaps you, you must endure and smile and provide the other face to him.

Feeling the sights of the people around him, Hai couldn’t be more proud.

“Didn’t you see it? The birthday gift was given by my sworn sister!” Hai pointed at it, unable to hide his pride.

Everyone looked in his direction and found beautiful porcelain of God of longevity, holding a peach on the side table.

Only by a glance, Kris recognized this was a genuine product. It should be an antique of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it should cost millions.

It seemed that his sworn sister was indeed quite rich.

Kris smiled coldly, and he wondered why Hai suddenly became rich. It turned out that he had claimed a rich sister.

“Yes, this porcelain of God of longevity holding a peach is indeed a rare treasure!” Kris praised.

Hearing that, Hai was even more proud. His head was up high, and he could not hide his pride: “You still have some insight!”

Seeing Hai’s arrogant look, Kris couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled: “It’s a good thing, but is this thing related to you for half a cent? You didn’t give it, what are you so happy?”

Kris’s words were just finished, and everyone turned their eyes to Hai.

This guy was also thick-skinned, holding his sworn sister’s gift, showing off here. Those who didn’t know thought he gave it.

Everyone wanted to stir up some trouble and looked at them with interest.

Feeling the looks of the people around him, Hai felt depressed, but he couldn’t get angry.

However, with his eyes rolled, he had an idea. He sneered, stood up, and said, “How do you know I didn’t bring a gift?”

With that said, he took out a delicate gift box from his pocket and walked to Tianba, respectfully said: “Mr. Li, tomorrow is the seventieth birthday of the old master. This is my regard. I wish the old master live happily and live long.”

When said that he opened the gift box, at this moment, everyone on the side stood up to coincide.

When they saw the thing inside the box, they couldn’t help but exclaim.

“What a beautiful mutton-fat jade.”

Some people couldn’t help but stepped forward and praised, “I am the first to see such a white and delicate jade!”

“Yes, it looks like the ancient jade of the Qing Dynasty.”

Those present were all upper-class characters and knew something about antiques.

Hearing their words, everyone nodded in agreement.

The price of this white mutton-fat jade must be at least 2 million. If you take it for auction, I’m afraid it will be sold for 3 million.

I thought he was just a servant, now it seems that this young man is really enterprising and did not tarnish his sworn sister’s name.

Hearing everyone’s praise, Hai smiled slightly and said,“You’re right, this jade was indeed the product of the Qing Dynasty. I know master Li likes to collect ancient jade, so I bought it from an antique enthusiast, hoping the master would like it.”

Chinese people have a natural love for jades, and white mutton-fat jade is the best among them. Even people who do not know about antiques know that this jade is a treasure.

At this time, someone suddenly asked, “How much did you spend on this mutton-fat jade?”

“Not much money!”

They saw that Hai made a telephone calling gesture and said lightly: “Only six million!”


Six million?

So to speak, he and his sworn sister spent nearly ten million on gifts?


Everyone couldn’t help but take a breath; throwing millions; it was really generous.

However, everyone understood that as long as they can win the Li family’s friendship, it was definitely worth ten million!

The looks of several people present at Hai had changed, and he was no longer regarded as a servant.

Hearing everyone’s admiration, even Mary couldn’t help but looked at him a little more and found that the mutton-fat jade was indeed very beautiful.

Hai enjoyed this attention-grabbing feeling very much, but Kris on the side couldn’t help laughing.

The laughter ran into Hai’s ears very harshly, and his face stretched: “What are you laughing at?”

“It’s okay, I suddenly thought of an interesting thing and couldn’t help but laugh.”

After that said, Kris looked at Hai and said, “Oh, by the way, you said just now, how much did you spend on buying this jade?”

“Are you deaf? Didn’t I just say it was six million?” Hai mocked: “You can’t afford so much money if you live a hundred years as a live-in son-in-law.”

“Six million?” Kris smiled and said, “This price is not as high as that.”

“Kris…” Mary on the side pulled Kris’s arm, shook her head gently, and hinted him not to talk nonsense.

Although he and Tianba were friends, after all, they came to celebrate Master Li’s birthday. He was a guest, and there was something he couldn’t say.

Moreover, the people present were all people with fame and prestige. They all said that this jade was good. If you jump out and say that this jade is not good, it simply causes them to lose face?

How can such offensive words be said?

As soon as Kris finished speaking, everyone present could not help looking at him.

What does he mean?

Isn’t this jade worth six million?

No, the texture and age of this piece of jade are very consistent with this price. Even if it is a bit expensive, according to the current white jade market, the price will rise in a few years, and the buyer will not suffer loss!

Hai said, disgruntled: “Kris, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand!”

“Am I talking nonsense?” Kris pointed to himself and laughed again.

This laughter was naked mocking in Hai’s opinion. He wanted to get angry, but when he remembered that it was at the Li family, he suppressed the anger and said in a cold voice: “Then, how much is my jade worth!”

Kris smiled and raised a finger.


“One million?” Hai was so angry that he smiled: “You sucker is pretending to know, this is an ancient jade of the Qing Dynasty, only worth a million, are you blind?”

Kris smiled and was about to speak, but angrily Hai rushed in front of Kris; he pointed to his nose and said: “Kris, you know nothing! This is what I bought for a high price, and if you talk nonsense, I will tear your mouth!”

Kris, what a sucker! This mutton-fat jade was bought from his uncle.

His uncle had indulged in antiques for dozens of years. This jade was bought from him for more than 2 million yuan. He reported 6 million yuan, just wanting to pretend!

But Kris said that this jade was worth a million, which was pure nonsense.

Kris shook his head and said, “How could the real white mutton-fat jade be so pale?”

Kris looked at the pale jade in the gift box and said: “The real white mutton-fat jade should be pure white with oily luster, and it should be soft and slightly yellowed under the light, just like congealed fat. Really good white mutton-fat jade is almost flawless, just like the fat meat of fat sheep just cut.”

With that, Kris paused, then continued, “You look at this piece of jade, isn’t it very pale, and there is a little cold light on it under the light, and it does not feel that kind of gentle touch. In addition, this piece of jade actually felt a bit thorny to the touch. Obviously, it was polished by a modern machine, so I conclude that this jade is fake!”

Kris’s voice was not loud, but everyone on the scene heard it clearly.

At this moment, everyone was stunned.

“If you don’t believe it, you can search online, there should be a lot of information related to mutton-fat jade.” Kris said lightly: “What’s more, jade cultivates people, if this piece of jade was passed down in the Qing Dynasty, then after several generation’s warm cultivations, the surface of the jade pendant should have long been smoothed, and it should not feel so unsmooth.”

As long as Kris’s words just finished, everyone took out their phone and started to search.

Looking at the information found on the Internet, which was consistent with what Kris said, everyone looked at each other. Could it be that this piece of mutton-fat jade is really fake?

Chapter 124: Acknowledge Mistakes

Hai Wang knew nothing about jade. How could it be fake that he brought this jade from his uncle. But Kris said so convincingly at this moment, he also panicked, cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

“Also, I didn’t say a million!”

Kris Chen took a step forward and looked at Hai Wang with a smiling face.

“Not a million?”

People all stunned again!

Kris stretched out one finger again and said, “I point one finger not to suggest it worth a million. I’m saying this jade pendant only worth a hundred dollars!”

“Here, look if you don’t believe me!” Said that Kris took the jade pendant and slammed it to the ground.

With a crack, the jade pendant shattered in a second!

This time everyone saw clearly that inside this broken jade actually had filaments. After they took a closer look, they found out that it’s a synthetic rubber, this jade pendant was a fake.

Su family’s live-in son-in-law said the jade pendant only worth 100 dollars, yet he still overvalued it. This kind of thing could only worth up to 10 dollars!

At this moment, everyone in the hall looked a little embarrassed. They didn’t forget how they bragged about this jade pendant before. How could they expect that they would be embarrassed after several minutes?

Hai Wang was heartbroken. More than two million dollars just fell into pieces like this.

His face was as ugly as someone in his family died.


Right at this moment, Xuan Song couldn’t help but applaud, followed by Mary Su and Tianba Li.

The rest of the people also applauded along with them, although they felt a little embarrassed.

Hmm, they so regretted, they should have known they should not say anything, they blamed this errand boy, he pretended to be a billionaire while he’s poor, now that they were so ashamed in front of Lord Li.

This thunderous applause made Hai Wang feel like his heart was stabbed with a knife. He felt he’s about to go crazy. He actually spent more than two million dollars on this piece of shit. It’s all that silly fag Kris’s fault. Since you won’t let me do my job, I won’t let you feel better either.

“Kris, you villain, what about you? Do you have a gift for Lord Li? My gift is a fake, but at least I prepared a gift. You came here thanks to the Su family, yet you can’t be here empty-handed, right?”

Hai Wang stared at Kris angrily, wishing to eat his flesh alive.

Kris smiled faintly, he looked at him and said, “Then you got me wrong, I really didn’t come here empty-handed!”

When he went downstairs before, Kris texted someone to prepare a gift.

They should be here soon!


Hai Wang was confused. Had he brought a gift too?

At this time, Mary was anxious, and she pulled on Kris’s arm, “Kris, you just woke up, where did you get a gift?”

Kris had only just woken up from the coma. Where could he get a gift?

Now he talked a big game, he would definitely be ridiculed by everyone if he couldn’t present his gift later, and his gift didn’t only represent himself, but also the Su family’s dignity.

Even if you and Tianba Li were good buddies, you shouldn’t talk nonsense.

“Kris, I think you’re just bragging, look, even your own wife doesn’t believe you. Where did you get the gift?” Hai Wang was lit up and said, “Where’s your gift? Show it to everyone!”

“What are you so hasty?” Kris took out his phone to check the time and said, “I’ll ask someone to send it over now!”

“Kris, enough, you’re a poor loser who rides a scooter to attend a class reunion, who will help you bring gifts, you won’t be looking for an errand boy to deliver a takeaway…” Hai Wang couldn’t help but laugh. This guy was really amusing when he pretended to be someone big. If it weren’t that he had already known Kris’s background, he would have really been fooled.

As soon as Hai Wang finished speaking, the housekeeper at the door shouted to the hall, “Director Zhang has arrived!”

All of a sudden, everyone was looking at the door.

It was seen a plump beauty walked in, she dressed in professional attire and stockings, also stepped on high heels.

Who could it be other than Liren Zhang!

Liren was also beautiful in a few years ago, but it was different now, she was nothing more than a saleswoman in the past, but now she’s a famous Iron Maiden even in the whole country.

Today’s Liren Group could be ranked in the top three in the country’s cosmetics industry, which showed how high her social status was now.

However, at this time, Liren looked very anxious.

When Hai Wang saw the visitor, he was confused and stood up subconsciously, he shouted, “Sister, what are you doing here?”

What the hell was going on here?

Didn’t sister say there was an important meeting at the company today? Why did she come over by herself now?

However, Liren didn’t even look at him and skimmed past him directly before placing the gift box on the table.

It was filled with the most top-grade tea leaves.

“Isn’t this… the tea leaves from that mother tree on Mount Wuyi (a famous mountain in China that listed in the World Heritage List), oh my god, this is so priceless that money can’t even buy…”

“Why did Director Zhang come personally, didn’t she ask her brother to send a congratulatory gift, why did she send another…”

Looking at the anxious-looking on Liren’s face, people present were all confused. First, it was the god of longevity, holding peach porcelain that worth millions of dollars. Now it was top grade tea-leaf from Mount Wuyi. This gift was too generous.

As everyone was dumbfounded, Liren walked up to Kris and said respectfully, “Master Chen, I’m sorry to keep you waiting due to the traffic jam. I’ve put the congratulatory gift you asked me to prepare on the table for you.”

She spoke softly, respectfully, and cautiously.

Sheesh! Watching this, everyone was dumbfounded. They opened their mouth wide as if they’d seen a ghost!

How could she… How could she call him Master Chen!

Gosh, this world was too crazy. The Liren Group CEO actually called Kris Master Chen and acted so respectful.

At this moment, everyone felt like their world had collapsed.

Especially, Mary, she felt like she was in shock. She has never been to before. This was the Liren Group’s CEO. She was actually so scrupulous when talking to her husband.

She felt she was about to go limp, what… what was going on here?

She couldn’t help but look at Kris.

Only to see Kris looked so unperturbed as if this was how it should have been.

Hai Wang, who was on the side, was scared that his face turned pale.

Sister actually called him Master Chen!

Oh my God, did he just take something wrong?

He rubbed his eyes desperately and found that this was indeed the case, fear rising from his heart.

Two years ago, he had unintentionally saved Liren from a traffic accident. Although the accident was not serious, and Liren was not injured heavily, yet when he learned that she was the CEO of Liren Company, he asked Liren to be his sister brazenly.

Showing gratitude had always been the guiding principle of Liren, so she agreed to be a sister of this the younger brother.

In the past two years, he would have been nothing if it wasn’t for Director Zhang, and he wouldn’t be able to drive a Porsche if she didn’t support him.

Moreover, during the two years he spent with Liren, he had also met many influential people, but he had never seen his sister treat anyone so politely.

Thinking of this, Hai Wang was even more scared…

“Nothing, just in time!” Kris nodded and said indifferently, “Is this Hai Wang, your brother?”

“Yes, Master Chen!” Liren returned respectfully.

She had known Kris for so many years and knew his temper. He wouldn’t have asked such a question at all if it wasn’t for something particular.

She couldn’t help but glare at Hai Wang fiercely.

“Your brother is indeed a badass! He worked under your cover and managed to bluff everyone, he’s so arrogant that he cares nobody.”

Kris’s tone was slow, and his voice was calm, but anyone could hear the discontent and anger hidden in his voice.

When Liren heard this, Jesus, Master Chen’s really angry.

What had this bastard done to make the good-tempered Master Chen so angry?

She knew Kris too well. The angrier Kris became, the calmer he sounded. Now Kris’s expression was indifferent, and his tone was faint, it meant that he’s really irritated.

Thinking of this, Liren was so frightened that her legs were shaking, her delicate and pretty face suddenly became pale.

She walked up to Kris hurriedly, “Master Chen, I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I didn’t manage my own people well and made you angry!”

“Sis, why are you apologizing to him? Isn’t he just the Su family’s live-in son-in-law, do you have to…”


The loud slap rang out in the hall, and Hai Wang looked at Liren incredulously with his face covered.

The slap was so heavy that half of his face was numb.

“Sister…you…why are you hitting me…”

Hai Wang was so aggrieved, his sister had treated him well in the past two years like he’s her own brother, she even had never spoken in a loud voice to him. But now, she actually hit him in front of all these people.


As soon as he finished speaking, Liren threw another slap at him, the other half of his face swollen as well.

“You idiot, do you know you almost got yourself into big trouble!” Liren gritted her teeth in anger and said.

This fool actually provoked Master Chen. There would be no Liren Zhang today without Master Chen! It could be said that everything she had today was given by Master Chen.

“Go, kneel down and kowtow to Master Chen and admit your mistake!” Liren pointed at Hai Wang’s nose and said.

Hai Wang had already been blindsided by those slaps. How could he dare to say no? He covered his face and kneeled in front of Kris to kowtow respectfully. He forced his face into a smile and said, “Kris… Master Chen, it’s my fault, please forgive me…”

Seeing this scene, everyone present couldn’t help but gasp heavily.

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