Chapter 123 – 124: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 123: Kerry changed his attitude to Venus (1)

After hearing Kevin Ye’ s words, Venus Mu nodded and suddenly remembered something, so she asked, “Are you okay?”

He felt her concern and Kevin’ s heart, which had been cold for a long time, seemed to be suddenly shined.

“I’m fine.”

Kevin quietly looked at her face and his tone unconsciously was tender and soft.

When Venus felt it, she was startled, so she spoke, “Good.”

This was Venus’ s sincere words and she did hope that Kevin was good. After all, he was the first one here, who remained friendly her.

Since that day, Kevin often came to chat with her. The reason why he did so was he didn’t want her to feel lonely. Venus felt his kindness and she was in a good mood.

This day as usual, Kevin brought coffee to Venus’ s room, but when he was about to knock the door, he suddenly heard Xinyou Qiao’ s voice, “Kerry Ye, Kevin really cares Venus. He every day goes to see her and chat with her…”

Kevin glanced at her, just in time to notice the flash of coldness in her eyes, but the smile on her face was as usual. She calmly asked, “Are you going to work?”

Kerry noticed the two cups of coffee in his hand, and he nodded gently and asked, “How is she?”

Kevin said frankly, “Much better. Yesterday afternoon, Dr. Han came and said that the swelling in the leg has gone down. Fortunately, the inflammation was controlled.”

Hearing him say this, Kerry didn’t have too much reaction. Instead, Xinyou on the side looked heavy, for she saw that Kevin’ s caring for Venus was only because Venus happened to save his life this time.

But his attitude would directly affect Xinyou’ s plan!

If Kevin stood in the middle, she still had a way to drive Venus out of here, but if he chose to side with Venus, things would get tricky…

If Kevin chose to support Venus, considering Kerry’ s attitude to Kevin, he might put aside his prejudice against Venus for the sake of his brother. After all, his hatred was all because of Kevin!

What should she do next?

Xinyou was in a state of anxiety and she absolutely couldn’t allow that to happen. Then no matter what she did, Venus would never be punished like before, so how could she continue?

It seemed that what she could do was…

Seeing Kevin enter Venus’ s room, Xinyou said to Kerry, with a smile, “Kerry, since we came to Venus’ s door, why not go inside?”

Hearing her say so, Kerry didn’t object, so they went into her room.

Seeing the two of them, Venus’ s first reaction was to frown, but she didn’t say anything but take a sip of the coffee that Kevin handed over to her.

“Venus, are you feeling better now?”

Xinyou tried to be nice and she forced herself to have a gentle tone.

Venus knew Xinyou’ s asking was not because of caring about her, but she pretended to be grateful and said gently, “I’m feeling much better, thanks to Kevin’ s care.”

“You’re my sister-in-law and taking care of you is something I should do…”

Venus couldn’t accept him to say so. Why did she think that was a bit so strange?

“Why she always pretended to be a good girl? This is disgusting…” Xinyou thought inwardly.

Seeing the interaction between the two, Xinyou felt as if she was bitten by a viper, painful inside. She said with a smile on her face, “Venus only has one brother left now and she hasn’t seen him for several years. She is now lucky to meet such a considerate brother Kevin.”

Hearing Xinyou mention her brother, Venus trembled, but she quickly recovered and allowed her to continue.

Xinyou wanted to continue, but she didn’t expect to be interrupted by Kerry, only to see him suddenly say, “It’s almost time for work, so we’re going to the office first.”

Interrupted by him, Xinyou was a little unhappy, but she didn’t dare to do anything too obvious, so she spoke, “Chatting makes me forget the time. Well, goodbye, we’ll go to the company first.”

Until getting into the car, Kerry said, “No mentioning Tianye Mu in front of Kevin, got it?”

Xinyou was trembling inside when she heard him say so. She knew Kerry very well. Though he said in a clam way, he was already dissatisfied. She was too anxious this time.

Chapter 123: Kerry changed his attitude to Venus (2)

Xinyou Qiao answered with aggrievance, “Venus Mu and I are good friends… It’s rare to see someone treat her so well after so many years. Don’t be angry, Kerry.”

Since she admitted her fault, Kerry Ye eased his face and spoke, “I’m not angry. I just don’t want any more accidents to happen to Kevin Ye, do you understand?”

Xinyou nodded and said, “Sure.”

She was obedient seemingly, but inwardly she didn’t think so. She had to let Kevin know that Venus’s brother was Tianye Mu, but she needed to do it without Kerry’ s notice.

Focusing on the newspaper, he was somewhat sad about what had just happened. He had a feeling that it was not completely unintentional for Xinyou to say that.

If she did it on purpose, Kerry felt a slight tremor inside and then his brain automatically ignored this possibility. He would never be fooled by a woman like Zihang Lu said…

“Kerry, I feel like you’ve changed. You seem to have become suspicious of me. I’m really sad.” Xinyou pretended to look sad, her tone with bitterness.

Kerry looked at her with a calm look and said, “Of course not. Don’t think too much.”

Hearing his words, Xinyou couldn’t help but purse her lips and spoke, “How? Kevin has suffered so much in the past and he almost had an accident again two days ago, I’m just sad for him…”

“It was Venus who saved him two days ago.”

Xinyou resisted the urge to roll her eyes and then said, “Venus probably did it out of guilt. After all, it was her brother who made Kevin suffer so much. It still has something to do with her.”

After hearing Xinyou’ s words, Kerry frowned. He looked into Xinyou’ s eyes, with his ice-blue eyes glowing, whose tone was much lower, “How do you know?”

Xinyou was confused and asked, “What do you mean?”

Kerry explained directly, “How do you know that Kevin’ s suffering has something to do with Venus? What else do you know? Who told you these things?”

Three questions that Kerry asked in a row made Xinyou went blank. She cursed herself for being so careless that she said this out.

Faced with Kerry’s suspicious look, Xinyou forced herself to calm down and searched in her brain for an explanation that made sense, so her tone was extremely slow, “I once heard that Mrs. Qin and someone was talking about this, so I got to know this. Kerry, you believe me, right?”

Faced with her explanation, Kerry didn’t believe her immediately this time. A seed called ‘suspicion’ began to fall into his heart.

If Xinyou said someone else, Kerry might believe, but she said it was Mrs. Qin. Actually, everyone worked in the Ye’ s house had been staying more than 10 years, who were known by Kerry well.

Kerry would never let someone who liked to gossip stay in the house and he had already arranged someone to always keep an eye on everyone’ s move, so if anyone dared to talk about this in private, he should have already been told…

So, this could only mean one thing—Xinyou was lying.

With this in mind, Kerry began to reflect on himself. He may have trusted her too much in the past and he should look at her from another perspective.

Knowing that the relationship between Kevin and Venus got better, Xinyou realized that she couldn’t let this situation go on, or her plan would be ruined, so she felt it’s time to talk to Kevin.

She followed Kevin, finding him in the garden lying on an iron chair and resting with his eyes closed, not looking for Venus as he usually did.

Xinyou felt it was the time to go, so she came to him and leaned against the lush palm tree beside him, and said in a gentle tone, “The environment here is pleasant and it’s a good place for resting.”

Kevin was with an eye patch on his face, so she couldn’t read his expression and he asked, “Xinyou, why aren’t you at work today?”

She shook her head, but she realized that he couldn’t see her, so she spoke, “I’m feeling a little uncomfortable today, so I took the day off. I see that you and Venus have been close lately, I wonder how much you know about her?”

Kevin, after hearing this, moved gently to take off the blindfold and his dark eyes were filled with puzzlement, his tone low and gentle, “We are very suitable to each other, so we see each other more frequently. I find she is a kind girl.”

Xinyou snorted inside after hearing his comment, but her face didn’t show anything. She just spoke, “I heard that the reason why Kerry married her is all because of her brother. She always let people love her.”

After hearing her words, Kevin seemed to understand her intention, “So?”

Chapter 123: Kerry changed his attitude to Venus (3)

Seeing Kevin Ye bewildered by her, she was cheering inside, but she kept saying as if she knew nothing, “Actually, Kerry Ye and Venus had a bad relationship. I asked Kerry the reason and he said it’s because Venus’ s brother.”

After saying this, Xinyou had been carefully watching Kevin, trying to read his mind, but she found he was calm, as if there was no difference at all, which caused Xinyou worried.


The reason why Kevin was calm was because he had already investigated Venus and he knew she was Tianye’ s sister, but now he was curious why Xinyou, who was her best friend, suddenly revealed such information to him.

Kevin said, “I’m just curious, why do you mention this to me? Isn’t Venus your best friend, and you’re not worried that I’ll do something against your friend?”

Xinyou looked stunned, for she didn’t expect Kevin to think of this. It seemed that now she should be straightforward since she wanted him to stand on her side. There was no need to waste any time.

Xinyou smiled, her tone elegant and charming, “Tell you the truth, I actually like your brother earlier that Venus. Kerry married her because he wanted to use her to find Tianye, but what he likes is me.”

After hearing her words, Kevin began to laugh. Staring at her, he was still gentle, “So you want to use me to let my brother and Venus divorce each other?”

In fact, he was quite impressed with Xinyou’ s courage, for she dared to be so brazen. This courage was not everyone could have, but it also reflected a fatal weakness.

Why was she so confident that he would help her?

And what she said about being in love with his brother. In his perception, if his brother really liked her, then it was impossible for him to be in such an awkward position.

Was she now a mistress? Or a confidante that couldn’t be introduced to others?

His brother was extremely responsible and judging by the fact that he had never introduced her to him, Kevin knew she really did think too highly of herself!

Now that she had been straightforward, Xinyou didn’t want to continue denying it, so she just nodded and said, “Kevin, you don’t know how much pain your brother endures every day for you, living with a woman he doesn’t like!”

Oh…for him? Xinyou was so naïve!

Or maybe she didn’t know her brother at all!

Perhaps even Kerry himself didn’t notice that he did have some feelings for Venus, at least more than Xinyou, but he just hadn’t noticed yet.

If he really disliked Venus that much, there was no way he could have married her and let her live in the house!

Even if he wanted to use her to find Tianye, then all he had to do was to keep Venus imprisoned and watch her every move, while revealing some news about her to the outside to draw Tianye out. How would he need to risk his marriage?

Besides, he already knew how the two had gotten along before. Though his brother had often found fault with her, he timely took Venus to the doctor as soon as possible after her injury.

According to his brother’s character, if he extremely hated someone, then that person might have long died anyway. Ye’ s house was heavily guarded, he could just declare that their marriage was sweet, so no one would notice Venus…

Xinyou didn’t know what Kevin was thinking, but she should offer some benefits to him while he was considering.

“Kevin, I know that you might have a hard time accepting this result, but I don’t mean to ruin the relationship between the two of you. I just thought that you would find out about this sooner or later anyway, so I might tell you in advance so that you can be prepared.”

Kevin smiled calmly after hearing her words, and spoke, “Miss Qiao, thank you. But I’ve always been a reasonable person and there is indeed a hatred between me and Tianye, but Venus is Venus and Tianye is Tianye.”

What he said caused Xinyou’ s body to stiffen. She stared at him in disbelief. Did he mean that no matter how close Venus was with Tianye, what he hated was Tianye and had nothing to do with Venus?!

Kevin gave her a meaningful glance, while slowly lowering the blindfold, with a calm and relaxed attitude, “But what Miss Qiao said really makes me think again…”

When she heard his words, Xinyou waited quietly for the rest, but after waiting for a long time, even she suspected that Kevin was asleep, she still didn’t wait for his words, so she turned around and left furiously.

Hearing the sound of footsteps getting farther and farther away, Kevin took out his phone from his pocket and quickly dialed a number, and when the phone was connected, he said, “Awen, look for Tianye’ s position and inform me as soon as you have any news.”

Hearing Awen’ s response, Kevin hung up the phone and gently rolled over to continue closing his eyes.

In fact, what he didn’t say just now was that it was really a misfortune for Venus to meet such a superb ‘best friend’ like Xinyou, who was framing her all the time, betraying her every minute. Venus could never avoid her every trap…

Chapter 123: Kerry changed his attitude to Venus (4)

With his understanding of Venus Mu’s straightforward nature, meeting Xinyou Qiao must have made her suffer a lot.

After a period of recuperation, Venus’s leg was basically healed. She was unwilling to stay at home, so she first went to the hospital for reexamination to make sure that her right leg was fully recovered. Then she took a taxi directly to the office.

When she got out of the car, passing by the entrance of the company, a violent argument drew her attention, only to see a middle-aged couple dressed in shabby clothes, who were tangling with the security guard. The atmosphere seemed to be getting more and more tense.

Only to see the middle-aged man trying to protect the long belt in his hands, whose old face full of was full of anxiety and his tone was a little nervous, “This kind-hearted man, please do me a favor… I’m really looking for my daughter… My daughter works in this building, please inform her for me…”

The middle-aged woman next to her grabbed the security guard’s sleeve and cried out snottily, “I haven’t seen my daughter for a long time… Please let us see her!”

The security guard’s look at them full of contempt and disgust, saying maliciously, “This is not a place you can enter just because you want to! The people here are all distinguished and noble. How can they be your daughter? I think you’ re liars, and if you don’t go, I’m going to call the police…”

Faced with the strong security, both of them quickly let go of their hands, but the urgency on their faces didn’t change at all, “Please inform her, please? Our daughter is really in this…”

“Stop, OK?… If you don’t leave, I’m going to do it!” The security guard showed a fierce expression, while raising his baton in his hand, making a gesture to hit.

The middle-aged couple’s eyes were filled with fear. When the baton was about to fall on the two of them, just at this moment, someone stopped him.


As soon as the security guard stopped, he turned to look back. When he found that the one standing behind him was the Mr. Ye’ s wife, he was weak in the knees and he said with a nervous face, “Young lady, how are you? Are you here to work?”

Venus’s marriage to Kerry caused a stir at the time, even was reported by the local Times news, so it wasn’t surprising that the security guard knew he.

Venus didn’t want to show her superiority, so she took a deep breath and said in a serious tone, “You go back to work. I’ll handle it here.”

After hearing Venus’s words, the security guard was simply going to cry, for he thought he was going to lose his job that he had used connections to get… He nodded his head and left in a swift movement.

Seeing the security guard leave, the middle-aged couple was suddenly relieved. Looking at the young and beautiful Venus, they said gratefully, “Lady, you’re such a good person. Thank you so much!”

Facing the sincere thanks of the two, Venus really felt a bit overwhelmed. She carefully pulled them up from the ground. Thinking of what she had just heard, she asked, “Excuse me, where did you come from? Did you come here looking for someone?”

Hearing that Venus took the initiative to ask them and having a good impression of her just now, the couple no longer hid it and a touch of expectation rose within them. Perhaps the girl in front of them could help them find their daughter…

“We came from the countryside. My daughter went to college and never came home, and then I heard from a classmate who came home years ago that my daughter had graduated and was now working for a big company, so we asked that classmate to ask around and found out that my daughter is working here…”

When the middle-aged man was saying, he couldn’t help but begin to cry, and the woman looked very sad, wiping her tears with her sleeve.

“My daughter hasn’t been home for more than four years. We are worried, but also miss her. We didn’t have enough money before, so we can’t go. Now is the autumn harvest, so we two sell all the crops to get the money. It’s not easy for us to find this place, but just now the guard don’t let us in…”

The middle-aged woman choked with sobs when she said this. She could only keep wiping her tears with her sleeve. Looking at the couple, Venus felt endless heartache.

Her parents had long passed away and there was no way she would ever be able to enjoy this extreme affection in the future, but this simple couple in front of her did so much for their daughter!

Venus was biter inside as she comforted the couple and said, “Don’t worry, as long as your daughter is really in the company, I’ll help you find her!”

Hearing that Venus was willing to help, the couple were overjoyed, expressing their gratitude.

“But there are thousands of people in the company, what is your daughter’s name? Or do you have a picture of her? So, I can help you find her as soon as possible to make you reunite!

Chapter 124: Xinyou gave herself away (1)

After hearing Venus Mu’s words, the two fell into silence, but the middle-aged man began to say, “We are poor in that countryside and we don’t have a photo studio, so my girl hasn’t taken a picture since she was a child.”

The man’s face was filled with guilt and the middle-aged woman raised her head and continued, “My daughter’s surname is Qiao, her name is Xinyou, but we can’t prove anything else.”

Xinyou Qiao?!

Hearing this, Venus simply couldn’t believe it at all, but the old couple were both simple people and they did have some similarities with Xinyou. Maybe because of years of hard work, it was not easy to find out.

Sensing the nervousness between the two, Venus was busy consoling, “Don’t worry, we do have a girl named Xinyou in our department. She is 24 years old this year, I wonder if she is the same age as your daughter?”

Hearing Venus’s description, the old couple nodded incessantly and said with an excited face, “That’s right, my daughter is indeed 24 years old this year, so can you find a way for us to meet her, lady?”

Although she still had doubts, Venus didn’t want to upset the couple, so she took out her cell phone and dialed Xinyou’ s number, speaking directly, “Come to the entrance of the company right away, I want to see you.”

“Really? I never expect you to look for me. Why can’t you come up and say? Besides, why should I listen to you?!”

Hearing her harsh tone, she desperately held back her desire to hang up, and said in a calm tone, “Come and you’ll know. I’ll wait for you.”

After saying that, she directly hung up the phone. Seeing the expectant look on the old couple’s faces, Venus felt extremely, for she really couldn’t believe that Xinyou, who was always proud and arrogant, would have such a background!

It’s not that she despised the couple, on the contrary, if Xinyou was really their daughter, Venus felt sorry for the two, because judging from Xinyou’ s personality, the meeting will definitely not end happily…

Of course, at the moment, everything was only based on Venus’s guesses. When she came, Venus would have an answer.

It was then that the middle-aged couple was staring at the door and they got excited and finally walked straight forward. They were so excited that they were chocking with sobs, “My daughter, father and mother have finally found you!”

Venus didn’t expect Xinyou to really be the child of this couple. Thinking about this scene, she suddenly understood her a little bit. She used to complain that she always put too much value on money and even went so far as to do things that violated her morals, now she really understood her.

Xinyou had wanted to know what exactly Venus was looking for her for, but she didn’t want to be pestered by a couple dressed in poverty.

But when she looked carefully at their faces, she deeply frowned and her tone was full of displeasure, “What are you guys doing here? Who the hell told you I was here!”

Xinyou’ s tone was full of accusations, which was undoubtedly like a pot of cold water, instantly putting out the couple’ s hope and excitement.

Father Qiao’ s face was embarrassed, but he was still patient, “Xinyou, why not come home to see me and your mother all these years. We really miss you, so that’s why we asked your classmate to bring us here…”

Mother was also happy, dark rough fingers pointing to the bag on the ground and said with a gentle face, “We brought your favorite pickled duck eggs that you loved to eat as a child…”

Without waiting for them to finish, they were directly interrupted by Xinyou, “Enough! How could you come here without permission? You just don’t want to make it easy on me, do you? I’ve earned my day with my hard work and you want to ruin it, don’t you!”

What she said really surprised the two, for they didn’t expect their daughter, who had always been strong and well-behaved, to have changed so much since she came to the big city, which made it hard for them to accept!

“How would we want to destroy you? Your father and I miss you, so we come here. We’ll leave right away…” Facing her daughter’s big change, she was really too sad and tears instantly dripped down.

Xinyou had no reaction at all, sneering and said arrogantly, “Now that you’ve seen me, go back right away! Don’t ever appear in front of me again. If others know that I have such a shabby background, then all my previous efforts will be in vain!”

Venus looked full of anger, and she didn’t want to get involved at the beginning, for it was their own family business, but seeing Xinyou even treating her own parents so badly, she really couldn’t stand aside.

“Xinyou, how can you treat your own parents so bad. How can you?”

Faced with Venus’s help, Xinyou looked mockingly at her, her tone indifferent to the extreme, “Venus, you asked me to come down for this?! Don’t you have anything important to do?”

“Xinyou, how could you…”

Facing Xinyou’ s accusations, her mother wanted to stop her. After all, they were the ones who asked Venus to help.

“You shut up!” Xinyou snapped in anger, saying in cold-blood, “How can you accuse me? Look at the poor life you’ve brought to me! You can’t even buy a new dress all year round! I don’t want to live this kind of life…”

The two lowered their heads in the face of their daughter’s accusations.

Chapter 124: Xinyou gave herself away (2)

“Xinyou Qiao!! How can you talk to your parents like this? They gave you your life! Maybe they don’t make lots of money, but still, it was them who brought you up! Don’t you have gratitude at all?”

Venus didn’t want to start a quarrel with Xinyou. But she felt sorry for Xinyou’s parents and she couldn’t tolerate Xinyou’s greed for money.

“Venus!! Who are you to tell me what to do? You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and how can you understand my sorrow! I don’t want your sympathy, and I don’t want you to mind my business!”

Xinyou then looked at her parents, and took out some money from her handbag and thrust it into their hands.

She then said coldly: “This money is enough to support your life in the countryside. Don’t come to me again. I have done enough for you!!”

She then left without looking back again.

Her father looked after her sadly as she walked away. He then felt blood was racing through his veins. All of a sudden, he grabbed his chest and fell on the ground heavily. His body shivered nonstop.

Xinyou’s mom was greatly frightened. She knelt beside him, and cried: “What happened!! Help!! Someone help us!!”

Venus arched her brows. She checked his body and found he was still breathing. She called an ambulance in an instant, and soon, the ambulance arrived, and Xinyou’s father was taken onto the ambulance. Venus also followed them because she was worried.

They arrived at the hospital. Xinyou’s father was directly pushed into a surgery room because what he had was a heart attack.

Xinyou’s mother had never been to a big hospital like this one before. She was so confused and frightened and the only thing she was capable of was crying. It was Venus who filled the formats and paid the money.

Luckily, Xinyou’s father was out of danger after the surgery. He was transferred to a regular ward. But the doctor told Venus that the patient should be given constant care within twenty four hours. So Venus was still too worried to leave.

Xinyou’s mother was relieved when she learned her husband was fine. She said to Venus with gratitude: “Venus, thank you so very much. I can’t imagine what would happen without……”

Before she finished, Venus said: “Please don’t worry. Xinyou’s dad is a good person, and he will be fine!”

Xinyou’s mother nodded. She then remembered something suddenly, and took out the money Xinyou just gave her, and thrust it into Venus’ hands. She said: “Take the money. I know it is not enough, but we will think of a way and pay you back later.”

Venus was so touched when she saw the money. She gave the money back to Xinyou’s mom and said: “Please, keep the money. You don’t need to do this.”

“No, you have to keep it. I heard the doctor said the surgery alone costs tens of thousands yuan. I don’t know much money do we have here, but you must keep it.”

Venus shook her head and said determinedly: “Please. Xinyou’s dad is out of danger now, but his heart disease is till not cured. Keep the money for him. Maybe he will need it someday.”

Xinyou’s mom was so touched. Tears streamed down her face. She choked: “Venus, you are such a good kid. We are an unlucky couple. Even our daughter hates us……”

Venus sighed heavily and comforted her. She was not Xinyou, and the only thing she could do was to take care of Xinyou’s parents for the time being. She hated Xinyou for being so impersonal, but there was nothing she could do.


Kerry was seated at the dinner table. His brow furrowed when he noticed the seat opposite his was empty. He said in a displeased tone: “Venus is still not back? Where is she? She wants to keep all of us waiting?”

Xinyou felt happy when she heard what he said. She wanted Kerry to hate Venus, so she wanted Venus to keep doing these things to annoy Kerry.

Kevin wiped his mouth slowly and said calmly: “Oh, I almost forgot. Venus called me and said she is not coming back tonight. She asked us not to worry about her.”

Kerry was not happy.

“She is not coming back the whole night? Also, why did she call Kevin instead of me? What was she thinking?” Kerry thought to himself. “What a bloody woman!!”

Kevin looked at his big brother with a calm face. He now could see things with more clarity, which was quite surprising.

They finished the dinner in silence. Kerry went to his study after dinner, saying that he had something to deal with.

Kevin then noticed Henry drove away, which surprised him a little, and he of course knew Henry’s purpose to leave at that time.

The next day, Kerry asked Xinyou to go to the company herself, because he was busy with something. Xinyou was not happy, but she pretended to understand him, and she took a car and went to the company.

Chapter 124: Xinyou gave herself away (3)

Kevin Ye was at home watching TV when he received a message. He took out his cell phone and read the message, which read: Kerry has arrived at the hospital.

Seeing this message, Kevin laughed and put away his phone and continued watching TV. When he talked to Venus on the phone last night, he knew that she was in the hospital, and his brother also happened to be there.

To take care of Xinyou’s father, Venus had rented two rooms for her and Xinyou’s mother at the hotel across the street from the hospital last night. Venus was relieved to know that Xinyou’s father was in stable condition in the morning.

Since she was familiar with the vicinity of the hospital, she went to fetch food for them from the hospital canteen. After they ate, she went to fetch water for them. Only what she didn’t expect was to run into Kerry in front of the hospital room after fetching water.

“What are you doing here?” Venus’s brow furrowed.

Kerry noticed the people in the ward. Henry Zhang had investigated that she had nothing to do with the old couple. But she not only paid their medical bills, but she took care of them all night.

“Who are they?” Kerry asked.

Venus just ignored him and carried the hot water into the house.

“Mr. Qiao, it’s time to take the medicine.” she said softly.

Although Venus wasn’t going to pay any attention to Kerry, the old couple in the room couldn’t ignore him. Xinyou’s father, who was lying on the bed, said to his wife, “You go invite him to come in.”

“Please come in.” Xinyou’s mother looked at the well-groomed Kerry and said.

Kerry entered the room, watched the couple, and then looked at Venus.

Sensing some awkwardness between them, Venus introduced Kerry to them, “This is my boss Kerry Ye. He knows I’m in the hospital, so he comes here.”

Hearing Venus’s introduction, they didn’t doubt it. Xinyou’s father said, “Hello, Mr. Ye, nice to meet you.

So they talked together for a while. Xinyou’s father then told Kerry that they came to the city to find their daughter but he had suffered a heart attack and was saved by Venus. He expressed his gratitude for Venus.

They complimented Venus so that she would impress Kerry. Even though Venus knew it was futile for them to do so, she was still touched by their kindness.

Kerry listened quietly. He had mixed emotions. His seemed to have changed his views about Venus now.

The couple kept talking while Kerry remained silent.

“You can tell me her name and I can help you find her.” He said suddenly.

Kerry was actually a little unsure of what they had said. He had read the recruitment documents at the time and there was no staff of his company from rural areas. He was very suspicious of the two.

“I have found my daughter. We’ve seen her too.” the old man said.

After listening to his words, Kerry’s confusion deepened. If he had found his daughter, why didn’t she come to take care of him, but Venus took care of him?

“Doesn’t she know you’re in the hospital? You tell me her name and I’ll tell her about it.” said Kerry.

Hearing Kerry’s words, Xinyou’s father sighed deeply.

“My daughter’s name is Xinyou Qiao. I didn’t want her to worry about me, so I didn’t tell her my illness.”

Xinyou’s father said a lot, but Kerry didn’t pay attention to what he said. He only heard the name- Xinyou Qiao.

Kerry thought he had misheard, and asked again, “Did you say your daughter’s name is Xinyou Qiao?”

Xinyou’s father didn’t understand what he meant, and said with great certainty, “That’s right.”

Kerry thought back over it. He was sure there was only one woman named Xinyou Qiao in his company. He remembered that Xinyou had mentioned that she had a father who was a professor in university and a stepmother who had kicked her out of home”.

Venus was reluctant to say more and pretended not to notice Kerry’s look. “I’m going downstairs to get some supplies. If there is something wrong, call the doctor.” she said to the old couple.

Chapter 124: Xinyou gave herself away (4)

Venus walked past Kerry. She suddenly felt it was impolite to walk away, so she said, “I’m fine here, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Venus said those words on purpose. Actually she was going to tell him to get out of here. She didn’t want to waste time talking to him.

Kerry understood what she meant. He said, “Okay, I’ll leave right away.”

Venus sighed with relief. She turned around and left the hospital room. She needed to go downstairs to eat some food first, and then go to the nearby supermarket to buy some supplies.


“Venus, your boss is here again.” Xinyou’s father lay on the bed with a kind smile on his face, reminding Venus, who was drawing designs.

Venus looked up and was surprised to see Kerry walk into the room, and then said, “Why do you come here again?”

“I just happen to stop by the hospital.” said he.

Venus looked at the nutritional supplements that Henry had placed on the table. She didn’t know what to say.

When it was time for lunch, Venus had planned to go downstairs to buy lunch. Just then, the door was opened suddenly, and two men in chef’s uniforms walked in with trays carrying lunch.

Seeing such a nice meal, the old couple was filled with shock.

“This is from Mr. Ye. I hope you enjoy it.” Venus said to them.

Then Venus went straight downstairs to the fast food restaurant. She ordered pasta and a glass of hot milk. To her surprise, Kerry sat down across from her.

“You’ve been eating this for the past few days?” Kerry asked, frowned. “Why don’t you eat the lunch I prepared?”

Those meals were prepared by him from a western restaurant. He didn’t expect that she would rather eat these fast foods than the food he prepared, which made him feel a little angry. As for why he was angry, he didn’t know.

Venus paid no attention to his words. She was now immune to Kerry’s words. No matter how he treated her, she could maintain calm and prevent herself from being affected by him as she had been before.

“I think these non-nutritious meals are better for me.” Venus said coldly, and then took a sip of milk.

Kerry’s face darkened. Then he asked, “Is that couple’s daughter really Xinyou?”

Hearing him mention Xinyou Qiao, Venus lost her appetite. She put down her fork, stared at Kerry, and scoffed, “Why don’t you investigate it yourself? Why come to ask me?”

She knew Kerry wouldn’t be kind to serve them dinner. It turned out that he wanted to know this. Actually, Venus was a little curious how he would feel when he knew this.

Kerry’s brow furrowed in displeasure at Venus’s words, “Venus, do you have to talk to me like that?”

“How do you think I should talk to you?” Venus scowled, “As for the facts, you just investigate it. Don’t ask me about it.”

Kerry’s hands crossed unconsciously. If things were true, it only meant that Xinyou was too calculating. He used to trust her too much, but now he didn’t want to believe that she was that kind of person. His lips pursed subconsciously as he thought about Xinyou’s recent behavior.

Actually he had investigated it. He knew that the old couple came from the rural areas. They did have a daughter, and her name was Xinyou Qiao. The reason he’d come to ask Venus was simple. He just didn’t want to believe it.

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