Chapter 123: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 123 Issue the arrest warrant

Upon hearing that, John recovered his sense, “You, you… How did you get out?”

Colin smiled slightly, “I don’t violate any laws, why can’t I get out?”

“The one that violated the law, I think everyone is also clear about it. Do you need me to say it out loud?”

“But, it’s also fine to explain to avoid a misunderstanding, right?”

“There is a total of 35 manufacturers of the thermal protection board in Tianbei City and all of them are under Martin Group, then they produced this kind of ordinary boards that are banned by the law. After that, they sold it to the other enterprise at the price of the flame-redundant boards, which also includes Martin Group themselves.”

“It seems that Mr. Martin’s memory isn’t quite good! It’s obviously you who violated the law!”

When John heard these, he couldn’t help but shake his head, and his mind was panicked.

The audience suddenly realized.

“I didn’t expect the Martin Group to be so treacherous!”

“That’s right! It’s the life of so many people! They really have no conscience!”

“Treacherous! Immoral!”

The audiences criticized the Martin Group and John one after another.

John’s heart was pounding and still couldn’t figure out where it went wrong.

“Bullshit! You must’ve escaped. It was your crime and you framed it on us. The police station isn’t a place that you can get out of easily.” John roared hysterically, “Even if we don’t talk about this, you’re also involved in a fight.”

“I escaped?” Colin sneered at him, “Perhaps, you haven’t figured out your situation, have you?”

John was stunned when he heard that and immediately yelled, “Colin! Even if you don’t commit any commercial crime, you are involved in a fight. The police will never let you go!”

Colin snorted and ignored him.

At this time, a middle-aged man who had been standing beside Colin came up, and said, “Colin didn’t violate any laws and he’s not involved in a fight. We, policemen, won’t just randomly arrest people.”

“What?” John widened his eyes, “Policemen?”

The middle-aged man smiled lightly and took his ID from his pocket, “Hello, Mr. Martin. My name is Jason Brown. I am a policeman.”

John was stunned at the scene.

Jason continued, “Mr. Ward didn’t violate any laws. Besides, Mr. Ward was the one who requested to stay at the police station for a day. As for the commotion at the entrance of the hospital,

it was a legitimate defense and was not a fight.”

“Bullshit! Who would request to go to the police station himself if he didn’t do anything? Is there a problem with your brain?” John shouted angrily. He rolled his eyes and continued, “Are you fake? You are not a policeman at all, right? Colin was the one who hired you to act, wasn’t he?”

“Right, you must be fake!”

Seeing that he didn’t believe it, Colin smiled, and said, “You are the one who has a problem with your brain, not me. Who would’ve disguised as a policeman without any reason? Do you think I want to be arrested?”

John’s expression turned gloomy, looking lifeless.

Upon seeing him, Colin said lightly, “Actually, I also respect you a lot, since you dare to do such a treacherous thing. It’s praiseworthy. But if it’s your father, he probably wouldn’t have the guts.”

“Mr. Alan Martin has always been cautious and doubtful. If he’s the one that decided for today, then he wouldn’t have let you appear. After all, if something went wrong, it wouldn’t have anything to do with Martin Group, right?”

“So, in order to let Alan get rid of his doubts and approve your idea, after I noticed your plan, I deliberately requested to be held in the police station.”

After listening to Colin’s explanation, John’s eyes almost popped out.

Colin has known about his perfect plan all along? Moreover, Colin turned his trick to use it against him!

Certainly, Colin is someone hideous. His mind is darker than anyone’s.

But even so, John still couldn’t figure out how Colin found out about his perfect plan?

He had always kept his plan hidden and didn’t do anything that could give out his trick. Moreover, in order not to let Colin pay attention to the purpose of the thermal protection board, he also specifically asked Crystal Group to draw Colin’s attention.

It was also the time when Colin was involved with the hospital commotion and was locked in the police station. That’s when the Martin family was relieved.

They thought that since Colin was arrested, there wouldn’t be any way for him to notice the problem of the thermal protection board. But he deliberately went there to let you put your guard down.

It’s estimated that nobody would’ve thought that Colin would take advantage of the hospital commotion and made such a clever move!

And Nina was also shocked at that time.

Even during this time, Nina still thought that Colin was indeed someone capable but he didn’t go as far as discussing his move with others.

However, seeing this scene today, really shocked her deeply. Colin wasn’t only a rich second-generation, who was occasionally strong, occasional strong-willed, and somewhat capable, but also, someone wise and profound that could control the situation as a whole.

At this moment, Nina’s heart couldn’t help but beat faster.

And at the same time, Jason took out the handcuffs and directly approached John, “Mr. Martin, please come with us.”

John shook his head in panic and saw Nina at the same time.

Nina was still in a daze when she was suddenly seized and strangled on her neck.

There were several bottles of wine on the stage. John took a bottle and smashed it. Then he seized Nina who was the closest to him, as he used the broken shards and pointed it on Nina’s clear neck, and roared to Jason and Colin, “All of you, stay away from me! Otherwise, I’ll kill her!”

Colin frowned, looking righteous, “John, let her go!”

Jason also didn’t dare to come forward since he’s afraid that John would do it, “Calm down, John!”

When everyone in the audience saw it, they were all dumbfounded.

Then it turned into chaos. They stepped back one after another. Some of them directly ran outside. All of them were afraid that John would turn impulsive and would grab anyone to threaten the police. When one of them really became a hostage, he might get fucking injured anytime!

John’s eyes flashed as he saw the commotion. Then, he fiercely pushed Nina and ran away.

Nina was pushed towards Jason. Jason caught her and pushed her to Colin, then, he went after John.

John rushed towards the door with powerful steps.

In order to buy himself more time to escape, John saw a confused little girl who stood by the door, and immediately carried the girl, then threw her behind his back, regardless of anyone behind him.

The little girl cried out of shock.

Jason was shocked as he saw this and quickly dashed over. Then, he stretched out to catch the little girl. To minimize the damage, he rolled on the ground with the little girl in his arms. He then stood up, hurriedly giving her comfort, before continue chasing John.

John didn’t go to the elevator but directly ran by using the stairs. Fortunately, the level wasn’t high, so it didn’t take long before he ran out of the hotel.

Jason also chased him by using the stairs but he was too late. John had already escaped in a car.

In the hall, Colin caught Nina and said, “Please take care of everything here,” before running out.

He was outside the hotel when he saw Jason standing there with an irritated look, then approached him.

“Now you can issue the arrest warrant, right?”

Jason nodded, “I’ll notify the police station immediately and asked them to prepare the pursuit.”

The video in the hall was irrefutable evidence that no one can avoid.


John drove far away before giving a phone call to Lenard. There was a panic in his voice, “There is a problem. Our plan was known to the police. Now the police are planning to arrest me. You have to hide quickly. After a while, we will discuss the countermeasure together.”

Lenard’s breath was steady and without the slightest panic, “Oh, why should I hide?”

“Nonsense, we’re in this together….” John was about to explain, then suddenly he stopped what he was about to say. He suddenly had a bad feeling and seemed to realize where the problem was.

Then, at that moment,

“It’s you?” John said in disbelief, “Why? I am clearly helping you out!”

Lenard calmly admitted, “….it’s me.”

John found it hard to believe and with limitless anger, “Why? I’m the one that helps you! You fucking go….”

Lenard was very calm, with a stable voice, “I think you’ve made a mistake here. Now that I don’t have to hide anymore. Actually, since the beginning, it was all just a game. A game to go against the Martin Group.”

“Damn you! Did I offend you? You even put a fucking scheme on our Martin Group?” John was so angry that he punched the steering wheel.

John was very angry. He was fooled since the beginning and he even willingly get into the scheme that was designed by the others!

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